8 Steps for Manifesting Your New Year Intentions

We are soon closing an old chapter and saying goodbye to the past year. As the new year approaches, many of us take this time to evaluate life, what we’ve achieved, and what we strive to achieve in terms of growth, security, wellness, and relationships.

Energetically, a New Year represents the closing of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This is a time for reflection, planning, cleansing the energy field of what's outdated, and setting intentions.

The best way to welcome in positive change during this time is to set New Year Intentions. Let’s discover how…

8 Steps for Manifesting Your New Year Intentions

New Year brings with it powerful shifts and countless blessings. Here’s how to bring in fresh energy and start creating the life you always wanted in the new year…

Name the Year 

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As we enter the new year, vibrationally, we are opening a new chapter. This is an ideal time to set clear intentions and make a roadmap for the direction we want to go. To start setting New Year's intentions, take a moment to contemplate and come up with the general theme for the year.

Having a theme for the year gives you a point of focus and a way to gauge if you are on track as you make decisions throughout the year.

You get to decide what the tapestry of your life will look like in the next 365 days, so use this opportunity to plan and visualize what you’d like to achieve, and manifest, and how you’d like to flow with life.

After you’ve named your year, write down some goals and intentions that align with the theme and your life purpose.

Follow Your Intuition

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This next year can be all about manifesting and attracting, rather than a year of forcing and pushing. Before you leap into the new year, take a step back and tune into your inner guidance to discover where your soul is trying to lead you for your New Year Intentions.

Your higher self always knows the best actions to take, and our intuition is the map. That’s why it’s immensely important to tune inward and discover your true heart’s desire when planning for the days to come.

Sit quietly and calm your mind so you can let the answers come through and receive guided action. This will allow you to clearly set intentions for the New year, detect what is and isn’t working in your life, what you want more of, and what you need to release.

This is how you gain greater clarity so that you can enthusiastically move forward with ease.

Get Organized

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It’s hard to bring new energy into your life when your space is filled with clutter, old memories, and energies that no longer promote growth. To invite novelty, freshness, and expansion into your life, start a new cycle by decluttering and cleansing your home. 

  • Remove all that is broken, old, unused, or reminds you of hardship and negativity.
  • Dust every corner of your rooms.
  • Organize closets and cabinets.

A clean space has a higher frequency and will help you make room for new things and new adventures in your life. This is a great preparation for setting New Year Intentions.

Space clearing exercises are a way to get ready to welcome in blessings and good fortune. It will create space for positive shifts and better things to come.

Bless Your Space

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Our living space doesn’t only accumulate energy from things, but also the energy of everyone else who passes through it. Every emotion, memory, or thought we have stays in our space and impacts its vibration. To close out old chapters and set New Year's intentions, we need to say goodbye to old energy and raise the frequency of our living space.

A powerful way to do that is to add spiritual symbols and décor that instantly elevates the vibration of the room, protecting and warding off negativity.

Spiritual symbols and crystals have a massive impact on energy flow. They act as natural protective forces and abundance attractors.

Try some of these authentic Karma and Luck decorative elements:

  • Our Ceramic Décor Collection features handmade ceramic statues and plates enriched with symbols that bring good luck, attract abundance and joy, and guard the home and those who live in it.
  • Home Blessings blend prayers and words of encouragement with authentic gemstones and ancient symbols of peace, safety, and growth.
  • Our Tree of Life Collection incorporates numerous delicate crystals to help you shield your home, multiply blessings, and set New Year Intentions.
  • Sage Smudge Sticks can be used to cleanse your home from bad energy and lift up your spirits.
  • Crystal Singing Bowls are designed to help you enter a meditative state, align your chakras, and purify your home.

Gain Clarity of What You Want

Journaling promotes introspection, brings clarity, and has an immensely therapeutic effect. By writing down our truths, our deepest thoughts, joys, fears, and desires, we get better and better at navigating our spiritual growth.

By illuminating us and promoting self-reflection, journaling helps us see things from fresh perspectives and understand ourselves and who we are striving to become. 

By writing down our New Year intentions, we can create a clear vision for the future, allowing us to truly connect with our desires, see the path to actualizing our wishes and start manifesting them into reality.

To start your journaling ritual, browse our Journal Collection with unique spiritual designs, sage boxes, and healing symbols.

Visualize What You Want With the Help of Crystals

Envisioning what you want is the first step to manifesting it. And the higher your frequency and faith when visualizing, the more potent manifestation will be. One way to raise your frequency is to use crystals to help you get centered and aligned with your desires.

Here are some ways you can use crystals in this process:

  • Hold them while meditating and setting New Year Intentions.
  • Keep them in a special spot as visual reminders for your aspirations and dreams.
  • Hold them while praying and practicing gratitude rituals to multiply your blessings.
  • Place a crystal under your pillow or by your bed to keep your vibration at all-time high and your aura protected from disturbances.
  • Keep them in your pockets or purse as spiritual self-help when you catch yourself doubting your dreams.

Browse Karma and Luck’s Minerals Collection to find stones that will resonate with your purpose, intentions, and visualization.

Set Monthly Intentions With the Moon

Astrologically speaking, every month has a unique vibration. You can use that as a chance to work on smaller bits of your yearly resolutions. Remember to celebrate the process of growth as every month ends and a new one begins.

The best time to set monthly New Year Intentions is during the New Moon Phase, which signifies new beginnings and is especially potent for calling in blessings. If you miss the New Moon, take the time at the beginning of a month to make a wish list and decide how you want your journey for the next 30-some days to look. 

Expect Good Things to Come Your Way

Mindset is the key to everything in life. The approach that we have to life, and the perspectives we choose to see, determine whether we will fail or win. While we can’t control outcomes and events, we can control how we deal with wins and losses, and we can always choose acceptance and self-love.

Perhaps one of your intentions for the New year could be to start seeing the bigger picture, the brighter side, and to have faith that everything is working out as it should. Expect miracles and blessings, and you will start seeing more of them as the year unfolds.

Final Thoughts

The New Year brings new adventures, new lessons, and new opportunities. With faith, optimism, and a little help from the spiritual realm, letting go of the old and welcoming in the new becomes exciting, with each new day being something to look forward to.

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