Top 8 Powerful Protection Symbols & How to Use Them

People have always sought protection from forces we cannot control. Throughout history, we have looked to the Divine and the supernatural to shield and defend us.

The use of symbols has been a common practice in protecting us from harm’s way. If nothing else, they serve as gentle reminders of the greater powers at play.

Different cultures around the world have used a variety of symbols to protect them from evil and keep them safe from danger. The symbols may vary, but the intention remains the same.

One popular and well-known symbol is the evil eye, which is commonly worn in the form of rings, bracelets, and pendants. Many people adore this symbol for its aesthetic and trendy appeal, however, they are unaware of its historical and powerful background.

The evil eye, and many symbols like it, have great significance throughout the globe. These symbols not only defend, but also heal, and they have been said to cure diseases, anxiety, depression, and more.

Interested in learning more about protection symbols and how to use them in your daily life?

Read on to find out the history of these symbols, as well as the top 8 most powerful emblems to employ as shields.

The History of Protection Symbols

Protection crystals have been used throughout the centuries by cultures worldwide. They were used as a means to prevent bad energy, release blocked energy, and shield from evil. Although an ancient practice, the utilization of these crystals remains to this day.

Since 400 BC, people have been wearing amulets and talismans in order to keep themselves protected. The origin of crystal healing is tied to the Egyptians, but was also present in Ancient India, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Mesopotamia. The Sumerians were also renowned for their use of protection crystals in their magic formulas and rituals.

The Ancient Egyptians mined crystals primarily for the use of making ornate and beautiful jewelry. Yet, they also employed the crystals for their different metaphysical properties; specifically for health and protection. They believed these crystals would protect them not only in life, but also in the afterlife. For that reason, it was customary to bury the dead with a Lapis Lazuli scarab to serve as a safeguard.

The ancient Greeks believed that crystals were water that had frozen and would now always remain in a solid form. They used crystals and their powers for a variety of reasons, from jewelry to protection to healing.

In fact, the majority of crystal names we still use today come from Greek origins. For example, the word Amethyst in Greek actually means ‘to not intoxicate’, as Amethyst amulets were worn to prevent intoxication and hangovers.

Protective Amulets in Egypt

Egyptians wore crystal amulets not only during life, but also as a means to ensure the well-being of the dead. These protective amulets were worn in the form of rings, necklaces, piercings, and all different kinds of jewelry. They were placed on the dead to ensure safe passage to the afterlife.

The amulets also symbolized the deceased rising and waking up from the dead. These were often placed on mummies, nestled in between their bandages. The specific amulets for the dead in Egyptian culture were called 'Four Sons of Horus', and were seen as a requirement for the burying of any dead.

In everyday life, amulets were also adorned by the Egyptians. They believed that an amulet's magic could easily be understood by having a look at its shape, color, and cut. Moreover, they had a firm belief that certain materials could be rubbed on the amulet to increase and intensify its power.

Interestingly enough, in this culture, both the rich and the poor wore amulets, as they were not very expensive and could be purchased by anyone. The wealthy people in Egypt had the advantage of being able to access and enter the temples, however the poor were able to harness the power of amulets as a replacement for being physically inside the temples.

Faience is a popular material that was used in amulets by the Egyptians. It generally comes in colors of green and blue, which are the colors commonly associated with life and regeneration. The crystals and materials used represent the symbol of life, rebirth, and immortality. The amulet also often included an eye, which represented the all-seeing god, Horus, and was often made with jasper stones.

Other stones that were commonly used to make amulets and other jewelry pieces included Emerald, Feldspar, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Peridot, and more.

Aside from the beautiful stones that made up these amulets, they also included materials such as copper, bronze, iron, wood, and different types of clay. However, bronze was rarely used for amulets as it was a more popular choice for temple donations. The higher classes of Egypt would mainly wear amulets made of electrum, gold, or silver as they were known to be quite durable.

Egyptian amulets usually represented animals, symbols, and deities. They liked to incorporate shells or claws, as these items were thought to enhance the magical powers of the amulet. There were also textual amulets that consisted of written spells on a piece of papyrus or linen, which were then folded and added to the amulet by a piece of string.

The Egyptians had a firm belief and faith in the protective powers of their amulets. They consistently used them in their daily lives and carried them into their deaths. The power of an Egyptian amulet was said to be extremely potent.

There were even professional magicians, who held the title of ‘amulet man'. They were in charge of deciding which amulet a person should wear based on their specific energy and goals. After choosing the right amulet, they would then activate it by casting a spell upon it.

Aside from protection, amulets were also used for different medical conditions. Some applications include boosting fertility, preventing different illnesses, and avoiding dangerous accidents.

The people would commonly go to a priest or a temple to seek guidance and understand which protective symbol or spell should be added to their amulet. The poor were unfortunately not allowed to go to a temple, so they would choose the right amulet based on their own knowledge or by recommendations from others.

The people of Egypt had a firm belief in the wonders these amulets could do for their lives, and almost every one of them wore an amulet for different protective purposes.

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The All Powerful Evil Eye Protection Symbol

The evil eye is a commonly used protective symbol with origins in Ancient Egypt. The eye played a significant role in Ancient Egypt and is still known to be one of the most powerful symbols of all time. Its main purpose is to protect its wearer from evil and harm.

The Egyptians believed that wearing the eye would help to reflect the evil back to the sender. During ancient times, sailors would paint the evil eye on their ships, hoping that it would keep them protected during their journey at sea.

In Egyptian mythology, the evil eye is associated with the god, Horus, who was the god of the sky. In their religion, they believed that when the father and the king of gods, Osiris, died, Horus and Seth, the god of the desert, fought with one another to take the throne. During the fight, Seth took out Horus's left eye. Horus then gave this eye to his father, Osiris, hoping it would bring him back to life. As Horus sacrificed his own eye for his father, the eye was symbolized as a healing and protective emblem for the Egyptians.

In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs believed in the power of evil eyes and used to engrave these figures on blue marble for protection. Others would wear blue jewelry with the Eye of Horus and would hang decorations with the same symbol.

Apart from Egyptians, others cultures, such as the Greeks and Muslims, have strongly believed in the existence of the evil eye as well. Nowadays, the evil eye symbol has become quite popular. Even if not used for its power, it is often used as a unique fashion statement.

The evil eye can also be found throughout homes, represented on clothes, or even painted onto vehicles. The symbol is known to protect one's belongings and keep them safe from jealousy and ill will from others. It is believed that if someone thinks negative thoughts towards you, the evil eye will reflect it right back to them.

More or less, the evil eye ensures that any bad thing someone wishes upon you, will eventually happen to the person who thought it; acting as a sort of karma. The evil eye, and its immense protective power, is one of the most renowned and idolized symbols in the world.

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8 Protection Symbols & Their Meanings

There are many different types of protection symbols used throughout the globe. All of them are said to carry their own specific set of powers and properties. Some are known for protecting their owner, some are for initiating peace, while others are used for healing.

Each symbol is unique in its own right and comes with an immense amount of power and good luck to share. The symbols we know and love today have their origins in different regions and cultures of the world. For example, some come from Greek culture, some from Turkish culture, and many come from Egyptian culture.

To ensure the utmost respect, it is important to familiarize yourself with these symbols’ histories and significance before using them in your own life.

Listed below are 8 of the most powerful symbols for protection in the world. Let’s take a look!

#1 Triquetra Symbol of Protection

The triquetra is known to be an ancient protective symbol and frequently goes by the name, 'Trinity Knot'. It is a triangular symbol that comes with three interlaced arcs. The loops appear to be knotted together, which forms the triangle.

The symbol was first used during the Bronze period in Europe, and throughout some Asian regions as well. It signifies the three corners and has its roots in Celtic origins. 

In Celtic cosmology, the triquetra symbolizes the three important realms - the earth, the sky, and the sea. It is also said to represent the three states of the human body - the physical, the mental, and the spiritual states.

When used in the Christian tradition, the triquetra represents the sign of the three trinities, which include the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

Nowadays, the trinity knot can be found in a variety of different design elements. It is quite popular in Irish culture and is often used to adorn jewelry, such the Claddagh, engagement, and wedding rings.

#2 Turtle Symbol for Protection

Many people are unaware of the slow and steady protective symbolism of the turtle. However, turtles, in general, have a very long lifespan, which is why people consider them to be lucky charms. The turtle also has a hard shell, which is a sign of strength and resilience for many.

This unassuming creature of the animal world signifies a gentle power and strength that can be used for protection in one’s life.

In many cultures, turtles are known to be a symbol for protection. They help people remember that they can easily overcome any obstacles that they might face in life. Sure, they might be slow, but we all know that slow and steady wins the race.

That is exactly what the turtle symbol does for us - it ensures we reach our goals. No matter the hurdles or obstacles we face, we will stay motivated and determined to reach the finish line.

The meaning of the turtle varies slightly by culture. For example, when it comes to some African countries, the turtle is said to be a symbol of creativity and wisdom. This is owed to the fact that turtles are extremely smart and wise creatures. We can draw upon their intelligent nature to help us become more adept.

For some Native American tribes, the symbol of the turtle is believed to offer protection, fertility, and a longer life span. This notion comes from the fact that turtles tend to live quite long lives and are always protected with their hard outer shells.

The turtle was even revered in ancient Egypt. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians thought of these animals as something that could protect against evil. They thought of turtles as sacred beings and wore amulets of them for protection against harm.

#3 Helm of Awe Protection Symbol

The Helm of Awe is a protection symbol that comes from Norse mythology, and its meaning represents terror. In general, the symbol was used to provide protection against enemies and rebellions.

The Vikings used to paint the symbol on their foreheads whenever they were going to the battleground. This was a way to ask for good luck and to ensure a win over their enemies. 

This historical symbol is said to offer protection against evil and to remove any fears. The Helm of Awe is represented by eight tridents protecting the core area from any evil. It signifies that no matter what comes your way, you will always be protected.

During wars, this symbol represented defense against enemies coming from every direction, ensuring your safety no matter what. It also was believed to instill a sense of terror and fear within the enemy’s heart.

The symbol is known to assert dominance and suppress the fears in one's mind. The Helm of Awe will rid you of any fears you face and will help you to remain strong, steady, and courageous. It is also believed that this symbol has the power to create fear inside the enemy’s mind, which forces them to back away from you.

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#4 The Evil Eye Nazar Boncuk

This is one of the most commonly used and revered symbols of the world. It is a protective symbol that originated from Turkish culture. The evil eye also goes by the name, nazar boncuk. Nazar is derived from Arabic, which means sight, attention, or surveillance. The word Boncuk is known as a bead in the Turkish language. The symbol is represented by an eye and is usually represented in blue and white. 

The symbol is mainly used to repel bad energy or evil. It is used in all sorts of jewelry nowadays, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Apart from this, the symbol is seen on clothes, wall hangings, and other furniture. It is a symbol of good luck and security.

People believe that the symbol will protect them from harm, including people thinking badly of them. It is also used to prevent jealous thoughts propelled towards one.

People believe if you have the symbol near you, it has the power to protect you from any bad thing that might happen. On top of its protective abilities, it can fill our lives with prosperity and abundance. This dynamic symbol is mainly used in areas such as West Asia, Central America, and Europe, to name a few.

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#5 Arrow Symbol of Protection

In the past, arrows were used as protective symbols for shielding one from any sort of harm that might come their way. The arrow symbolizes physical defense from any evil or negative sources.

The significance of the arrow changes according to the direction it is pointing. For instance, an arrow that faces to the right or left side is known to symbolize protection, while an arrow that faces downwards symbolizes peace.

During wars, the arrow was the ultimate protection, as well as a symbol of peace. A broken arrow was representative of the idea of stopping the fight and ending the quarrel for good.

In Native American culture, the tattoo of an arrow represents strength, success in hunting, and the ability to defeat enemies during war. Native Americans hold great respect for the arrow as a way to protect their home, family, and their tribe from attacks. This symbol is an important sign of peace, as well as protection.

#6 Shark Teeth Symbol for Protection

Shark teeth are believed to be a symbol of masculine strength. In some cultures, the energy of a shark is said to be hidden in its teeth, which makes this symbol one of great power.

Shark teeth are also known to represent self-trust and self-confidence, however the symbol holds different meanings in different cultures. For instance, in Hawaiian culture, the teeth are said to represent friendship.

Shark teeth were used as a symbol of strength for warriors in Hawaii. Hawaiians believe that sharks are an embodiment of god and think of a tooth as a protective amulet. It is also a beautiful way of honoring sea creatures, ancestors, and the deities.

Moreover, in Hawaiian culture, the tooth is said to protect from shark attacks. This belief comes from a legendary story about a Hawaiian man who had battled a sea god. When the man finally won, he came from the sea wearing a necklace that consisted of a shark necklace.

#7 Dragonfly Protection Symbol

The dragonfly is a beautiful creature that is less commonly known for its protective powers. The symbol represents transformation, expansion, self-actualization, and the advancement in spirituality.

Dragonflies are said to have a unique blend of both fire and water energy. This duo-energy reminds us to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our lives. The symbol also signifies the new beginnings and achievements in our personal and professional lives.

This is a symbol of transformation. It delivers the message to add more light and joy to our lives and to get rid of the dark. It inspires us to look at the bright side instead of staying in the shadows and getting consumed by sadness.

The dragonfly encourages us to take a dive into our emotions and allow our true self to come out. It symbolizes expressing our feelings and getting rid of the mask that we are wearing. It highlights our transformation into who we really are at the core. 

As dragonflies are commonly found by the water, they are representative of the emotions of our soul. They encourage us to explore our feelings and stay positive by filling our life with joy.

The dragonfly symbol is an excellent choice for anyone looking to light up their life. It will get reduce the darkness that is keeping you from prospering in the world, instead adding light and happiness to your life.

#8 Protection Tree of Life

The tree of life symbol has many different meanings and variations across cultures and continents. In general, it signifies a sense of togetherness and helps us remember the importance of community. It also represents ancestry and fertility.

Amongst Christians, the tree of life is believed to be a sign of humanity, while the Islamic culture sees it as a symbol of immortality. In the Celtic culture, the symbol signifies the three realms. The root represents the world, while the trunk highlights the mortal world, and the tree branches are said to be heaven.

The tree of life signifies the connection of the world of humans with the world of gods and spirits. It is also a sign of wisdom and protection in the Celtic culture. 

The tree of life symbol consists of a large tree with its roots spread down through the ground, while its branches are spread towards the sky. This shows the connection of everything, the bonding of the physical world we live in, and the spiritual realm that we humans are reaching for.

The tree of life's greater purpose is to remind us of our connection with Mother Earth and how we can grow and flourish in unity with nature.

Channeling The Power of Protection Symbols with these 3 Theories

In each culture throughout the world, there is at least one symbol of importance that represents protection. Today, we can use these trusted and revered symbols in our daily lives to create barriers between us and harm’s way. 

Some people choose to wear protection symbols in the form of necklaces, amulets, or any other form of jewelry. Tattoos are another common way to incorporate these symbols into our lives.

In ancient times, people believed that if these symbols were drawn with blood, it would increase their power and offer greater protection. Luckily for us, that theory is outdated, and we can now happily choose the latter-mentioned options.

The Energy Theory

Every single thing in this world is driven by, and composed of, energy, no matter what it is. This energy is known to have different names all over the world according to different cultures. Some of these examples include Chi, Ki, PSI, and Prana.

No matter the name, the idea is always the same, and all speak of that innate life force energy. The energy is known to be a fuel for different mystical or supernatural-seeming activities. These activities give birth to more energies in different symbols, as well as signs.

Such symbols have been used for centuries. Even people from medieval times believed in their power and took advantage of their benefits. These protection symbols have been in use for thousands of years now and have stood the test of time.

The evil eye symbol is known to be the Eyes of Horus and is used to protect us against evil. It is also believed to keep people from harm’s way. As this symbol has been in practice for many many years, it is said to have accumulated an immense amount of power, making it significantly more potent than other more recently adopted symbols.

This means that if one chooses to use the strength of protective symbols, they can also capitalize on their energy in a collective manner. Through the accumulation of time and energy, these symbols find deeper strength.

The Shape Radiation Theory

Another theory that explains how protection symbols work is known as the 'shape radiation theory'. It is connected with the principles of geometry and explains powers through the use of shapes and figures.

It is said that each of these figures hold different energies. They are considered sacred and are believed to radiate powerful energies known to serve and empower mankind.

When people work with the magic of symbols, they are unknowingly diving into the power of sacred geometry. Harnessing this form of geometry is believed to boost our energy, act as a shield of protection, and focus our intentions.

Understanding this theory is quite complex, but can be simplified and easily understood at a basic level. For example, if we look at the protective symbol, the Pentacle, it consists of a star with a circle around it. Now, in order to understand its energy, we must understand that the star shape has its own unique energy, while the circle also has its own. Both of them emit their energies that serve mankind.

In the case of the Pentacle, it represents different elements such as fire, air, water, and spirit. These stars connect the essence of spirit flowing through all forms of matter. It is said to bring direction to one’s life.

This theory of shape radiation, more or less, states that the shapes and figures of these symbols is what gives them their power.

The Belief Theory

Lastly, there is the belief theory. This theory comes from the motto, “it will only work if you believe in it.” This motto can be used for a variety of purposes in our life and the same goes for protection symbols. Belief is known to be a powerful, and largely unexplained, catalyst in bringing manifestations to fruition.

Some people will never believe in the power of magic or protective symbols, while many will. For those simply willing to believe, the benefits are endless.

The evil eye is a common symbol that will really only work if the intention is there. The symbol is used to protect one from jealousy and it originated from Turkish culture.

With historic significance, people today still believe and rely on its immense protective powers. People tend to wear this symbol in the form of jewelry or as a decoration for the home.

They hold firmly to the belief that the symbol is going to protect them and keep them safe from harm’s way no matter what. With this deeply rooted faith in the symbol, they manifest and guarantee its power since everything, including thoughts, are energy.

The Three Theories

All three theories stated above hold their own importance and serve as possible explanations to the power of symbols. People who believe in the power of protection symbols may not worry so much about the theories behind them, but simply appreciate them for all that they are intrinsically.

The energy theory, as well as the shape radiation theory, are both scientific. On the other hand, belief theory is all about the power of the spiritual world. We may never know which of these theories is true, but we can continue holding faith and respect for these symbols.

Increase The Power of Protection Symbols

Protection symbols hold a large amount of energy on their own, but their energy can be increased by visualizing the after-effect that you desire.

For example, if you want the pentacle symbol to protect you from the nightmares you are experiencing, you can draw the symbol on a piece of paper and hold it. You can also hold the symbol carved on metal or any other material. Next, imagine that the thing you are holding is genuinely providing you with all the protection you need.

Next, visualize the energy that is flowing through the symbol and feel as if it is being stored. Now, be sure to keep this symbol always close to you. Whenever you need protection or strength, you can come back to this symbol and the feeling of safety it supplies to your spirit.

Clearly imagine the protective and safe energy that is flowing around you. You can keep the symbol near you by keeping it in your wallet, purse, or pocket. Believe that the symbol is always there for you and will always keep you protected.

Moreover, if you require extra power, just think of it increasing, and so it will be. The process is a heavily psychological one, so you must ensure that you are focused at all times.

A powerful way to keep the symbol’s energy with us at all times is to get a tattoo of the symbol. This allows us to feel constantly connected to the power of the protection symbol.

Protection Symbols in Your Own Life

There are times in all of our lives when we feel vulnerable, weak, or scared. This is a natural part of being human, but there are ways that we can deal with those emotions and put them to rest.

One way to do that is to employ the use of protective symbols in our lives. We can do that by adorning ourselves in symbolic jewelry, tattooing our bodies, or decorating our homes.

No matter what way you choose to incorporate the symbols into your life, it does not matter so much as long as you have a firm belief in them and their powers.

These iconic and dynamic symbols have been used throughout the ages, demonstrating their true and authentic abilities - they have truly stood the test of time. Draw upon the wisdom of the ancestors by using these immensely protective symbols in your own life.

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