7 Blessings of Motherhood: How it Changes Us & Helps Us Grow

Mother's Day

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In the past few years, as we’ve faced a pandemic that has kept most people indoors in states of partial or total isolation, mothers have been the unsung heroes at home. Moms have played a huge part in creating normalcy and upholding family harmony, especially for children whose routines have been shaken to the core. However, all this added stress has negatively affected many mothers, working moms. For example, in 2021, the percentage of moms actively working in the United States dropped by 6.4 percent.

With so many obstacles facing moms today, it’s important to remember the incredible blessings of motherhood we get to experience in exchange. No matter their ages, children challenge and delight their mothers as they grow, bringing immense joy and connection… and, at times, aggravation and tears.

Taking on the role of nurturing and nourishing a human life gives mothers a tremendous purpose — arguably the most important job on Earth! So for all the mothers out there, especially those who have faced hard times over the last several years, this post is to celebrate your incredible strength and grace in the face of adversity. Here are just a few of the many blessings of motherhood.Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack

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7 Blessings of Motherhood

Through all the hard times and difficult moments, motherhood is a gift that flows both ways, enriching the lives of our children as they enrich us, too. In many ways, motherhood is one of the most intrinsically spiritual paths you can walk in life, and it has countless lessons to teach us.

1. True Selflessness

Those early, sleepless nights teach new moms one of the greatest lessons a person can learn — how to live selflessly. An infant’s cries for milk are pleas for survival; our children depend on us fully and helplessly. A mother knows the pain and joy of meeting her baby’s crucial needs in the most vulnerable time of their life.

As the birthday candles crowd the cake each year, a mother’s presence and guidance still takes up just as much room in her children’s lives. Our children come to us for advice, for healing heartache, and — yes — sometimes for money. Through motherhood, we come to recognize the ease with which we give from ourselves in order to bring our children happiness.

This selfless compassion gives us a new perspective on the world, inviting us to question what we really need and what we can give up in order to care for others. This is a lesson which goes far beyond our own children and inspires us to greater generosity towards the children of the world — which is to say, the whole human race.Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

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2. A Unique Soul Bond

We may not even recognize the greatest connection we can experience until we receive the blessings of motherhood. The bond between mother and child cannot be replicated  —  no two people can tether themselves together the way the womb bridges the lives of a mother and baby.

But this bond extends beyond the physical realm and honors all those who take up the mantle of parenthood. Those who come to parenthood through surrogacy or adoption build their own, equally powerful bridges with their children through their selflessness, love, and compassion. You are a refuge for your children, a fortress of protection no one else can ever offer them.Improved Endurance - Hamsa Black Onyx Bracelet

3. Profound Strength

Even as we honor the kindness and generosity of moms, we don’t always recognize that motherhood transforms women into resilient, unstoppable forces. Mothers exemplify poise and calm in the face of challenges, teaching their children to navigate the ups and downs of life, and find incredible tenacity and strength through difficult times.

The inner strength we muster to love and provide for our children is one of the greatest blessings of motherhood. Moms discover just how much they can truly overcome for the needs of their children, becoming mother bears when necessary. Motherhood is a well of fortitude in your soul unlike any other.Benevolent Spirit - Tourmaline Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace

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4. Nurturing & Guidance

This blessing extends beyond motherhood to any relationship, but the dependence of a child on a mother illuminates just how rewarding it is to care for someone. As parents, if we prioritize acceptance and love in our relationships with our children, we expand our own consciousnesses in the process.

One of the key tenets of motherhood is that we love our children without judgment. The more we embrace them and nurture their growth, the more we gain the ability to embrace and nurture ourselves. We learn to recognize when the people around us are struggling, and we open ourselves to guiding and being guided, supporting and being supported.Genuine Peace - Pink Tourmaline Evil Eye Ring

5. The Joy of Watching a Child Grow

Many moms may jokingly count the wrinkles and the gray hairs they’ve earned over years of worrying over their children, seeing these graceful, universal signs of aging as a curse of motherhood. However, it’s far from that. In a way, the blessings of motherhood are the true fountain of youth. 

Having children may not reverse the clock, but watching a child grow and discover their firsts in the world is a chance to relive the joy of innocence and childhood. Mothers get to witness the pure glee and inspiration that arises in a child when she sees a butterfly, tastes an ice cream cone, or first recognizes the stars. 

It’s something we all experience as children, but will never again see as clearly as we can see it through the eyes of a child. Children are a source of purity in our lives that underscores the beauty of growing, aging, and delighting in the world. The Intuitive Eye Gold Hematite Beads Bracelet

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6. Unconditional Love

As we mentioned above, nurturing and guidance come from acceptance and non-judgment. That’s how mothers come to know unconditional love.

Even if we created our beloved children from our own bodies, we cannot control the choices they’ll make or the paths they’ll take. We hope to guide them to good decisions, but we also know humans make mistakes — and that making mistakes is a part of growth.

Mothers await their children with open arms and unconditional love when they stumble. This not only teaches us to offer this same unconditional love to others, it teaches our children how to be open, honest, humble, and safe. Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

7. An Eternity of Blessings

We cannot know what lies ahead in this life, but while we hold on to the connections we forge with our children, our work as mothers will never end. The eternal bond of motherhood creates an infinite knot, so that even if we, or our children, pass on to another realm, the marks we’ve made on each other will live on.

The lessons we share with our children continue eternally in their minds and spirits, a part of the universal ethos of nurturing femininity that every being must harness to find true joy.

Final Thoughts

Although we’ve stopped at seven blessings of motherhood, the list could continue on and on, and each mother’s list would be unique. Every day of motherhood is a new hurdle and a new adventure.

Undoubtedly, motherhood places tests and obstacles along the way that we must learn to confront and surpass. When we do so with love and understanding for our children, we grow stronger in our spiritual drive to nourish the incredible human beings they are becoming. 

Motherhood is worth celebrating. Setting intentions in your life can help your own spiritual growth as you care for others. Strengthen your path and wrap yourself in protective energy with Karma and Luck’s beautiful fair-trade jewelry. Start your journey with our Gifts for Mom collection.You Are Loved - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree

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