5 Manifestation Necklaces to Create the Life of your Dreams

5 Manifestation Necklaces to Create the Life of your Dreams

Never has it been easier to manifest your dreams. With the many tools and practices available to us these days, reaching your goals and aspirations is possible. By attuning our energy to higher vibrations, and using particular tools, we can call manifestation into our lives. One such tool is jewelry pieces and the gemstones that adorn them. Each gemstone is harnessed with unique properties and benefits that assist the wearer in meeting their full potential and accessing their highest self.

Necklaces are a particularly great way to garner the benefits of various stones, as the jewelry is in constant contact with the skin and body, allowing it to soak up their positive energy.

Gemstone jewelry pieces, often worn in the hopes of manifestation, are elegant and powerful. Manifestation necklaces have been used by both men and women to beautify themselves and create an impact on their life and the lives of others. With varying benefits and powers, it is important to pick the right piece and the right stone for you and your needs.

This list should help you narrow down your choices and present you with some of the most striking manifestation necklaces from Karma & Luck. Choose the one that speaks to your soul! Intrigued? Read on to find out our 5 favorite necklaces for manifestation!

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Spiritual Abundance - Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace
Spiritual Abundance - Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace
The essential ingredient to your well-being is having immense wisdom –the wisdom to respect your instincts and to dig deeper into the rea...
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5 Striking Manifestation Necklaces for Men & Women

Gemstones worn as jewelry, specifically as necklaces, will aid you in attracting all of the things you desire. These five Karma & Luck necklaces, also known as manifestation necklaces, are made entirely of genuine gemstones and are guaranteed for authenticity and potency. The high level of positive energy and vibration emitted by these gemstones will improve the overall quality of your life and bring you one step closer to realizing your goals and manifesting your desires.

These stones will do their fair share of the work, but you must also try to maintain positive intentions toward whatever you desire, in order for it to become a physical manifestation. Manifesting is also something we do subconsciously. Believers claim we are manifesting our reality all the time with our expectations, ideas, and feelings.

A positive manifestation in one's life could include having a nurturing relationship with their partner, meeting like-minded people, pursuing a successful career, or getting healthier and physically stronger. Whatever it is you wish to manifest, these five necklaces can help!

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#1 Spiritual Abundance – Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace

One of the most critical components of accessing a sense of well-being is possessing great wisdom – the wisdom to trust your intuition and to delve deeper into the depths of your soul to find answers. When it comes to living a whole and content life, our beautiful "Spiritual Abundance - Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace" can be a convincing instrument for ensuring that your desires are realized.

There are many other types of sacred diagrams, but the most common is the Sri Yantra, which is utilized for contemplation and consideration of the greater philosophical elements of the Universe and all of the individual pieces that make up the total. Highly revered as one of the most potent yantras, this particular pattern is utilized to attract wealth into both the spiritual and physical realms. This magnificent necklace is made of a 26" black sterling silver chain and carries a 30mm Sri Yantra pendant.

This pendant is known for its exceptional ability to aid its wearer in contemplation and making sound and rational decisions. It is also known to impact the wearer in other areas of their life by creating an abundance of wealth and freedom. The pendant comes with a gold-plated border and a black, gold-plated Sri Yantra symbol. This adds to its beauty and value, and gives it a classic and elegant look. It is lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and makes for the perfect gift for both men and women.

Spiritual Abundance

"Yantras" are mystical diagrams that are used for contemplation and consideration of the greater metaphysical aspects of the cosmos, as well as all of the various pieces that make up the total. Believed to be one of the most potent yantras, this particular pattern is utilized to attract wealth into both the spiritual and physical realms. It is not only money that defines wealth in this context, but rather total well-being and the removal of negative influences.

For contect, the word, 'Sri', is claimed to represent riches, while the word, 'yantra', is loosely translated as an instrument. Therefore, this particular example of sacred geometry is concerned with the transmission of wealth through a particular instrument.

By simply looking at this symbol, it is clear to see why it has been revered as a sacred geometric symbol for such a long period of time. Perhaps the most noticeable feature is the nine interlocking triangles which represent masculinity (five triangles pointing downwards) and femininity (four triangles pointing upwards).

There is a strong connection between the masculine and feminine, and the concept of balance in the Universe, which could be linked to the philosophical concepts of yin and yang in Chinese philosophy. The 'Bindu' is a circular dot in the center of the pattern, which is thought to represent the beginning of creation and the relationship between the Hindu god, Shiva, and his consort, Goddess Shakti. 

Spiritual Abundance

When it comes to contemplating life and the Universe, this particular design has the potential to provide a multitude of opportunities and immense wisdom. According to legend, this pattern represents the cosmic plan and can assist us in gaining insight into accessing the ultimate level of consciousness. By utilizing this pattern as a tool for self-discovery, or deeper metaphysical insights, there are numerous benefits to using the Sri Yantra.

It is also important to pay attention to and observe this symbol in a conscious manner, whether you are looking at it on a screen or wearing it on your body as jewelry. It is also highly beneficial during a meditation practice, and can help reach new levels of enlightenment.

Spiritual Abundance

Master Healer - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace
Master Healer - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace
Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being - the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity. A s...
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#2 The Colossal Strength – Scorpio Constellation Necklace

Seductive scorpio is the sign of the huntress. She possesses sufficient strength to bring Orion to her knees. Your charms are effective regardless of your physical stature, and your abilities in transformation and vision are unquestionable. " The Colossal Strength - Scorpio Constellation Necklace" serves as a reminder to Scorpios to see the silver lining in every situation, as well as an aid in finding and exploring constructive solutions to problems.

This zodiac necklace encourages manifestation and imagination. Designed and crafted in Bangkok, Thailand, and featuring a 15mm Scorpio constellation charm, this sparkling necklace is made of 18K gold plated brass and is skillfully handmade. The pendant, which has a black enamel base and 1mm CZ crystals, has a distinct appeal of its own. It features 1.5mm tourmaline stones inlaid into it, which promote unconditional love, self-reflection, and the restoration of balance and harmony in the life of the person who wears it.

Not only that, but it is also embellished with 1.5mm citrine stones, which are said to provide happiness, joy, and an abundance of light to the wearer. This astrologically-designed necklace has an 18-inch chain with a lobster clasp closure for greater ease of wear.

Scorpio Constellation Necklace

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is similar to granite in appearance. This gemstone's name comes from the Singhalese term "tura mali", which translates to "stone combined with brilliant hues". Tourmaline is available in a variety of colors, including magenta, teal blue, meadow green, vibrant yellow, and even black. It is thought that no two tourmaline stones are exactly the same color, and it has long been revered as a "magic" stone, capable of protecting whoever wears it. This stone is beneficial to use in the balancing of yin and yang forces in our bodies, such as the feminine and masculine aspects.

In feng shui, one of the most prevalent uses for this gem is energetic protection. Tourmaline aids in the creation of a protective shield around a person or space, preventing negative or unwanted energies from entering. It also serves as a grounding tool and aids in the balancing of all of the chakras. The stone has the ability to remove demanding energy and harmful thought patterns, allowing them to be transmuted into more advantageous energy and beliefs.

Tourmaline emits far-infrared radiation with a wavelength ranging from 4 to 14 microns. Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation in the far-infrared region has been shown to improve immune function and aid in detoxification. In fact, far-infrared treatment is frequently practiced in Japan by Kikohshi, who heal by mindfully placing their hands on people’s bodies. When your body is in need of detoxification, tourmaline is a powerful ally to have on your side. Due to the far-infrared rays emitted by tourmaline, the body experiences a resonance similar to that which is generally experienced by water. This type of resonance absorption aids in the reduction of stress, the increase of alertness, the stimulation of circulation, and the improvement of the immune system.

Mystical & Empowering - Scorpio Constellation Necklace

Tourmaline helps to release the tension that you may be carrying around in your body, which makes it useful in chiropractic spinal adjustments. This stone has the unique ability to bring the yin and yang energies of the body into harmony. Tourmaline is a healing crystal that promotes energy flow, making it an excellent gemstone for clearing blockages. Many people place tourmaline healing crystals over their bodies' chakras to clear the aura, remove blockages, break up negative energy, and point out specific problems that they might be carrying around with them.

This deeply therapeutic crystal aids in the understanding of oneself and others, as well as the promotion of self-confidence and the reduction of fear. It draws inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and financial prosperity to the person who wears it. Tourmaline is a potent mental healer because it helps restore equilibrium to the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and transforms negative energy into something beneficial.

It has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of paranoia and dyslexia, as well as improving coordination. Tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense, slow-moving energy into lighter vibratory energy through its ionizing and absorbing properties. It connects the spiritual world to the physical plane and vice versa. This gemstone clears and balances all of the chakras in the body, as well as forms a protective shield around it.

Scorpio Constellation Necklace

The benefits of tourmaline, coupled with the healing properties of citrine, make this necklace extremely powerful. Citrine is a sunny stone that clears your thoughts of all negativity. It possesses intrinsic spiritual traits that infuse positive energy into the wearer's life and help them feel more happy and less depressed. It contributes to psychic development, as well as increased clarity and self-confidence.

Traditionally, it has been considered a gemstone of success and fortune. As a result, it has earned the moniker of 'the success stone'. Wealth and good fortune are said to flow into the life of all those who use this stone. This stone, also going by the name the “merchant's stone”, ensures that the cash registers are constantly ringing for business people.

It not only aids in the acquiring of riches but also in its preservation. If it is stored in the wallet, it can also regulate spending. It infuses the quality of generosity into you as a result of the increased earnings, allowing you to share the wealth and wisdom that it pours upon you.

Scorpio Constellation Necklace

Hematite is a powerful and therapeutic stone that can treat heart disease, liver disease, endocrine disease, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, thyroid disease, urinary issues, immune dysfunction, and renal disease. It aids in the detoxification of the body and the improvement of digestion. Citrine, also used in this necklace, does not absorb negative energies, but rather squanders them away.

As a result, it promotes a positive atmosphere in the environment and inspires new dreams. It removes negative energies from our surroundings and our interpersonal relationships. Citrine encourages enjoyment in all aspects of life and results in a happy marriage. It also bestows the blessing of parenthood, and it is commonly worn by pregnant women as a form of protection. As it is a stone of the solar plexus and third eye chakras, which enhance personal force and intent, it also increases the wearer's stamina and endurance.

This gemstone works well for professionals in various areas, including banking, marketing, sports, fitness, casinos, and the media industry. It enlightens the inner thought process of authors and artists, while also sparking their creative instincts. If the benefits associated with wearing this necklace resonate with you, then be sure to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind Karma & Luck necklace!

Scorpio Constellation Necklace

#3 Universal Consciousness – Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

You are never alone or powerless in your endeavors - the same force that directs the stars directs you as well. Astrological symbolism is strong and potent in its reminder that our drivers and motivators are found in the constellations of the zodiac sign under which we were born.

The "Universal Consciousness - Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace" assists us in visualizing our future through a variety of character archetypes, each of which is distinct and full of virtues, as represented by the necklace. Only when we honor and appreciate our actual selves will we truly manifest our desires.

This magnificent manifestation necklace has been meticulously handcrafted in Nepal with great care and attention to detail. It comes with a stunning 30mm Chinese spinning wheel zodiac pendant.

Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

925 sterling silver is used to construct the chain, which measures 24 inches in length. It also includes a beautiful carnelian stone measuring 5 mm in diameter, which brings protection, stability, and vigor to the wearer’s life.

Carnelian is a brownish-red mineral often used as a semi-precious gemstone because of its beauty and durability. It is an orange-red variation of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline quartz mineral with a crystalline structure. It belongs to the chalcedony family of gemstones. It is a translucent to opaque form of quartz that is typically coloured in tones of red, orange, brown, pink, and other reddish hues. The hue of carnelian varies according to the mineral makeup, ranging from a faint orange to an intense, almost-black tint.

Carnelian is a gemstone commonly used in jewelry and for therapeutic purposes. Carnelian was given the name, "sunset stone", by the ancient Egyptians because they believed it absorbed and reflected the sun's heat, channeling it into the wearer's body. Carnelian is still revered as a sign of life in many civilizations today. It is also employed for the purposes of protection, fortune, and intelligence.

Carnelian is an excellent stone for boosting one's self-esteem, as it aids in the development and maintenance of a positive self-image in the wearer. Carnelian enhances one's ability to be more outgoing and gregarious in social situations. It radiates with a welcoming, friendly, and easy-to-get-along energy. This stone is also a fantastic aid for those attempting to reclaim their self-esteem after suffering a setback or disappointment. Carnelian is a powerful healing stone that can aid in every step of the healing process.

Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

It is believed to boost the body's natural healing potential, assisting the body in restoring itself to a more balanced state of health. Carnelian is also considered helpful for the healing of skin, blood, liver, spleen, and lung diseases, among other things. Carnelian is a wonderful stone for assisting in the removal of unwanted or negative energies. It can assist you in protecting yourself from psychic attacks. Although carnelian is a stone that is used for grounding, it can sometimes have the opposite impact on some individuals.

Carnelian has the potential to make one feel a little ungrounded or out of touch with reality from time to time. This is a rare occurrence, yet it should be recognized while delving into the significance of this stone.

Carnelian is most often used to boost one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also be used to treat people who are highly emotional or impulsive in nature. When combined with other stones, carnelian can aid in the release of negative emotions while also promoting an optimistic attitude towards life. This can be accomplished by removing negative emotions such as wrath, resentment, guilt, and fear from one's system.

Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

In addition to cleansing the physical body, the energy of this stone may be used to cleanse the emotional body and the energy field of a person. It can also elevate a person's ability to be creative and their level of motivation in life. Carnelian can strengthen a person's mental talents, and it can even increase their intelligence. This stone can be beneficial in the treatment of sadness and anxiety, and is also beneficial for physically inactive persons who are in need of inspiration.

Additionally, this red stone has been shown to stimulate the intellect, namely the analytical and logical thinking processes. It can also help boost a person's capacity to learn new things and improve their memory. Carnelian can assist in establishing a connection between the spirit and the physical body.

As a bonus, it can help one's willpower, spiritual growth, and awareness to grow. It can be used to bring the mind and the body together. Aside from that, it can also aid in the discovery of one's life's purpose or destiny, while also helping in the discovery of one's talents. Carnelian is noted for its power in helping form new friendships.

Additionally, this stone might assist in letting go of apprehensions about the unknown. Also, individuals who tend to be workaholics, those who are highly competitive, and those who have a tendency to become preoccupied with their jobs will benefit from this stone. It can also be beneficial for anyone who finds it difficult to make a decision or who are perfectionists.

Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

Carnelian jewelry can assist anyone who is in a position of authority in developing their self-confidence. Supposedly, it is advantageous to actors and actresses in the film industry. Carnelian is commonly worn as a gemstone in the form of bracelets, rings, and necklaces, while some people prefer to wear raw carnelian stones.

Keep a lovely, tumbled carnelian stone in your pocket as an additional option. Due to the symbolism and healing properties of the carnelian stone, it is recommended that you wear it closer to your lower chakras. However, it can be worn anywhere on the body as its energy will always radiate through the aura.

It is believed that those who are in debt will benefit from wearing a carnelian stone as it will give them more confidence in their ability to repay their debts. Wearing carnelian can assist people who are involved in sports in remaining calm and focused, as well as assisting them in achieving victory. It is said that athletes who wear carnelian, their lucky stone, have a higher chance of winning competitions.

Aside from that, carnelian is known to be beneficial for people who are facing rage issues. This calming stone will assist people in gaining control over their temper and allow them to better manage their anger, as well as their irrational behavior. This carnelian necklace from Karma & Luck is sure to steal your heart! Let it work its magic in turning all of your greatest desires into reality.

Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

#4 Harmonious Soul – Agarwood Tibetan Mala

Despite the fact that we cannot always control what happens to us, we can always control how we react to those things. Numerous practitioners of feng shui believe that agarwood contains the positive life force energy of expansion, new beginnings, nutrition, and health. The "Harmonious Soul - Agarwood Tibetan Mala" is a powerful piece of jewelry that can be carried or worn to attract good fortune and pleasant energy. It assists you in calming your worries, allowing you to feel much safer and more solid in your life,

This distinct necklace design has 108 8mm agarwood beads, which serve to generate a healing and relaxing energy within the wearer's body, as well as within their external environment. These beads also help the wearer achieve balance in all aspects of his or her life. This necklace features a colored cloud gazing and comes with a Tibetan Mala Prayer made of ceramic material. Handmade in Brunei, this manifestation necklace measures 32 inches in length and includes an adjustable clasp.

Since time immemorial, humans have used agarwood beaded jewelry as amulets to protect themselves from evil spirits. Noble households felt that high-quality agarwood might be used to bless the highland people who lived in the mountains and forests and were subjected to harmful Qi. A related practice involves giving babies agarwood bead bracelets to help them stay calm, get a good night's sleep, and protect them from evil spirits. It was also believed that agarwood had the ability to dissipate negative energy and replace it with positive energy, as well as bring luck and inner serenity to those who wore it.

Tiger's Eye Coconut Shell Agarwood

Malas, also known as yoga beads or "japamalas", are necklaces made up of 108 beads that are traditionally worn during meditation. Mala, which is Sanskrit for "garland", is a religious ornament that is frequently used to promote a spiritual practice. When people are doing yoga and meditation, it is common to see them wearing malas. They have been around for thousands of years, having been invented in India more than three thousand years ago.

They have their origins in Hinduism and Buddhism and are intended to assist you in concentrating your thoughts during meditation. Mala beads are traditionally made up of 108 individual beads. The guru bead, which is the largest and most prominent of the beads, is located in the center. It is said to be able to hold the immense energy that is generated during your practice.

On malas, there are always 108 beads in total. The number is sometimes referred to as the numerical counterpart of the sacred sound, "om", which is considered to be one of the most essential spiritual sounds in meditation. The 108 beads also serve to describe the interaction that exists between your inner and external environments.

Overhead knotting is used by those who produce traditional mala beads in order to make them stronger. This method also makes room for "japa" meditation, in which you count each bead in the sequence of the mantra being recited. Due to mala beads having such a profound spiritual significance, they are an essential part of focused meditation and yoga practices. They can have a significant impact on your approach to mental health by assisting you in concentrating your thoughts on discovering your own inner self. 

Men Necklace

Mala beads are useful in spiritual and mindfulness practices, such as meditation and yoga. They have become increasingly popular in the United States, alongside practices such as meditation and yoga. However, they are more than just fashionable necklaces and bracelets. It is said that they have a strong relationship to the mental foundation and that they can open your mind to higher levels of consciousness. Meditation is an ancient technique that has roots in Ayurvedic and yogic traditions.

In Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, "the science of life" is referred to as "the science of living". Mediation is considered to be a diversified practice in Ayurveda that can assist you in becoming a more complete version of yourself. Meditation has also been shown to have neurophysiological and neurological advantages.

Meditation is intended to help you connect with your deeper inner self, and it is also beneficial for stress reduction. Meditation on a regular basis might also help you better regulate your emotions and increase your attention span. By counting your mantras with the beads, you can strengthen your concentration and memory. Certain mala beads are specifically created to make your practice more directed and thoughtful. Each stone or wood used in a mala will impact the numerous benefits it provides. 

 Tiger's Eye Coconut Shell Agarwood

#5 Master Healer – Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

Spiritual healing comes to fruition when we deliberately reconnect with our inner self - the knowledgeable, loving, powerful, and creative entity that exists inside us all of the time. The clear quartz stone, which acts as a shield against bad energy and is loaded with powerful good vibrations, is a superb emotional aid for anyone looking for a long-term pick me up.

It arouses more positive emotions and has the ability to transform even the tiniest glimmer of happiness into something far greater than life - if you allow it to do so. The evil eye, also featured on this necklace, is an excellent companion to the clear quartz stone.

This striking necklace features a 6x20mm clear quartz pendant that aids in the creation of clarity, sharpening and increasing attention, as well as assisting in meditation. The evil eye emblem has been carved into the necklace to enhance the healing properties of the piece and to deflect negative energy even more effectively. Handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, with a modern pointer necklace style, it is a unique piece of jewelry.

All of its innate advantages are accompanied by exceptional quality, as this piece is crafted from 925 sterling silver and is plated with 18K gold. The chain length varies between 16 and 18 inches, making it extremely versatile and easy to wear for anyone.

Clear quartz crystal is well-known for having extremely high vibrational frequencies. The stone has the ability to cleanse clutter from the mind, body, and spirit, and it can assist the bearer in aligning with the highest form of themselves in order to achieve their greatest potential. The significance linked with this gem is extremely potent, especially for individuals who are setting new goals in their lives.

Clear quartz is a reassuring stone that assists us in creating a vision that is uniquely ours. In addition to this, the crystal has the ability to block out any background noise from the outside world, allowing you to visualize a clear path to your desired outcome and convert it into a reality in your mind's eye. This variety of the quartz crystal is also present to assist you in focusing your thoughts on a specific goal.

Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

At times, it might be tough to concentrate on a single task when you have a lot of competing thoughts running through your head. Whether it comes from within or without, clearing out all of the mental clutter in order to achieve a higher state of being can be difficult. To battle this, many people take advantage of the powers of this stone, which help to clear the mind and eliminate any needless distractions by bringing clarity to the mind.

Clear quartz serves as a reminder to the person who is wearing it to assess their choices and behaviors in order to make decisions that are consistent with their intended outcomes. This stone, in addition to promoting mental clarity, is also extremely effective for manifesting one's intentions. Once you have a clear understanding of what it is that you want out of life, you can begin to put plans in place to make your dreams a reality by taking action. When you are ready to manifest the life of your dreams, you might want to explore channeling the energy that the stone provides to help you.

It can assist you in taking this manifestation to the next level and turning it into a reality, if you so choose. This stone has the ability to elevate the energy of the person who holds it, as well as to increase the clarity of anything they seek to manifest. While the entire quartz family is known for its ability to manifest, this clear stone is particularly effective because it has the ability to supercharge your intentions and increase the power that you already possess to bring about change in your life.

The evil eye is a curse originating in Greek culture that has been passed down through the generations and is still in use today. According to the legend, it states that if someone is envious of you, they will have the power to give you an 'evil look' and send bad luck your way. In accordance with this notion, many people actively sought protection from the evil eye as a result of their experiences. In today's world, individuals wear evil eye jewelry to shield themselves from ill luck as a symbol of protection from misfortune. The use of talismans to ward off the curse of the evil eye has been practiced throughout history by people from all walks of life.

They are referred to as "apotropaic" talismans because they have the ability to turn away or turn back harm in a group setting. Disks or balls made up of concentric blue and white circles (usually in the following order: dark blue, light blue, white, and dark blue) representing an evil eye are common apotropaic talismans in West Asia and can be found on the prows of Mediterranean boats and elsewhere. According to some versions of the folklore, the staring eyes are supposed to direct the malicious gaze back to the source. This amulet, also known as nazar, is most frequently seen in Turkey, where it can be seen in or on houses and automobiles, as well as worn as beads and jewelry.

This Karma and Luck necklace, intertwined with clear quartz and the evil eye, provides the wearer with numerous protective benefits and healing properties. Its unique aesthetic adds elevated style to any look, and exudes self-confidence. By wearing this piece, you are sure to find clarity of the mind, a more positive outlook, protection from harm, and the realization of your dreams. The “Master Healer” necklace is truly a catch, and makes for the perfect gift for you or your loved one.

Master Healer - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

Get Ready to Manifest! 

On top of being extraordinarily beautiful, gemstones and crystals provide us a wealth of benefits and powers. These mesmerizing stones are true treasures of the Earth and are revered for their immense ability to heal and inspire. With the right stones and the right intentions, you can use these dazzling necklaces to manifest the life of your dreams. Each stone provides a different set of properties, so choose the one that sparks your spirit. Whatever you choose to manifest in your life, from the small to the big, these necklaces will be by your side encouraging the universe to make it happen for you. So which one will you choose? Visit our website and shop our collection today!

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