5 Beautiful Earrings to Manifest your Every Desire

5 Beautiful Earrings

Manifestation is the act of bringing your greatest wishes and desires into reality, all with the use of your thoughts alone. By thinking positively and consistently, along with raising your energetic vibration to a higher level, you can create the life of your dreams. Our minds are more powerful than we know, and by tapping into those deeper layers, we can begin to manifest.

There are, luckily, tools that we can use to help us along the way - one of them being manifestation jewelry and gemstones. Gemstones and crystals have captivated the hearts of mankind since the beginning of time due to their natural beauty and their miraculous powers. Crystals can help in manifesting anything you wish for, including love, wealth, protection, a new home, or even a new career.

Whatever you choose to call in, gemstones can help with their inherent speck of divinity. Each crystal holds its own unique set of properties that can be individualized to a persons’ needs and wants. Wearing these gems as earrings can be a beautiful and effective way of tuning into universal energy.

Ready to call in your greatest wishes? Read on to discover our top picks for manifestation earrings, along with their benefits and properties.

Top 5 Manifestation Earrings 

With the help of Karma and Luck's empowering manifestation earrings, you can reclaim your power and become a co-creator of your life. This collection contains 925 Sterling Silver earrings with varying symbols, such as the hamsa hand, the tree of life, the evil eye, and many more.

Each one is crafted with the intention of  assisting you on your journey towards attracting happiness, luck, good health, and good fortune. The earrings are made with high-quality, authentic materials to ensure their powers are maximized. Here are our five favorite earrings for manifesting:

#1 Soulful Sound – Clear Quartz Blue Topaz Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

In quiet moments of reflection, we are able to clarify our unique purpose and rediscover our true essence. If there is ever an imbalance within the body, the divinity of the "Soulful Sound” earrings, made with clear quartz and blue topaz, will bring everything back into alignment once more.

The physical properties of the clear quartz crystal is a reflection of the crystal's aesthetic appeal. Clarity, light, reflection, and amplification are the primary traits of this purifying crystal. If you need to be reminded of how to regain creative control of your life and welcome the opportunity for good fortune, blue topaz is there to pave the way. The evil eye is also featured on these gorgeous earrings. It serves as a protective shield during our souls’ wanderings and numerous spiritual discoveries. 

These earrings are 6x12mm in size, and are expertly handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand. Thoughtfully designed as stud earrings, they are made of 925 sterling silver with an 18K gold plating for durability. They are equipped with a 5x10mm clear quartz stone, which helps to improve clarity and focus. This stone is also beneficial when it comes to manifesting one's desires.

Additionally, it has a 1.3mm blue topaz stone embossed, which is said to promote greater wisdom, boost creativity, and improve communication abilities. The bracelet also bears the evil eye symbol, which is believed to deflect negative energy and protect the wearer from harm.

The clear quartz crystal is well-known for having extremely high vibrational frequencies. The stone has the ability to declutter the mind, body, and spirit, and it can assist the bearer in aligning with their highest form. Once in touch with this higher level of being, they can reach their full potential and greatest goals. The meaning associated with this crystal is quite potent, especially for those who are setting new goals in their lives.

Clear quartz is a reassuring stone that assists us in creating a vision that is uniquely ours. Having the ability to drown out any background noise from the outside world, clear quartz allows you to visualize a path to your desired outcome, thus turning it into a reality in your mind's eye.

This variety of the quartz crystal also works to assist you in focusing your thoughts on a specific subject. It can be difficult to concentrate on a single task when you have a lot of competing thoughts running through your head, but this stone can help to simplify. Clear quartz declutters the mind, allowing more space to be created for the things important to you.

Known for its soothing and relaxing energies, blue topaz is a highly valuable gemstone that can do wonders for those who wear it. This stone has been known to have a calming effect on the nervous system, as well as providing balance to the emotional system. It has been shown to improve a person's intelligence and knowledge, while also improving their memory and brain function.

Promoting concentration and effective communication, as well as boosting mental clarity and decision-making abilities, this stone serves as  an intellectual support. A person who is feeling aimless and lost in life should wear the blue topaz, as it provides an opportunity for them to push onwards and find their purpose. This beautiful stone brings about harmony in the body, the soul, and the mind.

Clear Quartz Blue Topaz Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

#2 Sacred Sounds – Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings

The sacred sound of “OM” resonates the truth of unity throughout the entire universe. If your spirit is in need of illumination, the meaningful "Sacred Sounds - Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings'' will provide you with the clarity you seek. Clear quartz will assist you in cleansing and re-energizing your chakra field, allowing your mind, body, and spirit to function in harmony and at their highest potential. Your decision-making skills will improve dramatically, and your inner-self will be eternally grateful for the peace and tranquility created with the OM symbol.

These stunning earrings have been handcrafted in Bali from 18K gold-plated brass and 925 sterling silver posts. It carries the clear quartz stone, which helps to increase clarity and focus within the mind. Clear quartz stone is also known as the most beneficial stone when it comes to manifestation because of its ability to attract abundance. These earrings bear the universal Om symbol, which represents serenity.

The clear quartz crystal is well-known for having extraordinarily high vibrational frequencies, making it an excellent conductor of electricity. As a stone of purification, it can help people to clear away the clutter in their minds, bodies, and spirits, as well as assisting them in aligning with their highest selves, in order to reach their full potential.

When it comes to the meaning associated with this transparent crystal, it is exceptionally powerful, especially for those who are attempting to reach new life goals. Having this comforting quartz in your possession helps to realize a vision that is uniquely yours. The crystal has the ability to drown out any background noise from the outside world, which allows you to dive deeper into your inner world.

It assists us in visualizing a clear path to a desired outcome and then turning it into a reality. By helping us to narrow our focus on a particular subject, we can more quickly and effectively reach our goals. Clear quartz works to decrease the competing thoughts running through your head, so that you can more easily concentrate on a single task. It clears out all of the mental clutter in order to achieve a higher state of being, which can otherwise be quite difficult and distracting.

The OM symbol helps us connect with the deepest layers of our souls, and reminds us of the unity of the world. It creates greater spiritual awareness and compassion within us. The sound, "OM", holds a vibration and rhythm that aids us in relaxing our bodies, brains, and nervous systems. Meditating on the sound can transport us to subtler levels of awareness, ultimately leading to union with the Supreme or a higher power.

Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings


Divine Existence - Gold Lotus Moonstone Earrings
Divine Existence - Gold Lotus Moonstone Earrings
Each soul is a cosmos; you have to respect and honor the infinite possibilities and options for your path. Let the glowing light of our o...
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#3 Delicate Touch Earrings

Gently hold your heart in your hands with grace and compassion. When it comes to dealing with our emotions, ignoring our more delicate side is never the answer, and rose quartz teaches us exactly that. By tapping into the deeper layers of our inner self, we can transform even the darkest parts of ourselves into something beautiful. These rose quartz earrings, in conjunction with the lotus symbol, represent the beauty of the soul of the person who wears them.

These stunning earrings, which are made of 925 sterling silver, were handcrafted in India. As they contain the beautiful rose quartz stone, these earrings promise to encourage unconditional love, as well as improve friendships and romance. The stone has been set in a beautiful silver lotus charm, which represents enlightenment, new beginnings, and fertility.

Rose quartz is known as the "stone of universal love" because it symbolizes unconditional love. It helps restore trust and harmony in relationships, while also encouraging unconditional love and affection. Pink rose quartz purifies and opens the heart on all levels, encouraging love, self-love, and friendship, while also promoting deep inner healing and a sense of well-being. It is a calming and reassuring stone, and it can be used as a source of comfort for those who are grieving. Negativity is dispelled by rose quartz, and it also protects against environmental pollution by displacing it with loving energy. It promotes self-forgiveness and acceptance, while instilling confidence and self-worth in the individual.

On a physical level, rose quartz helps to strengthen and balance the heart and circulatory system, as well as to remove impurities from bodily fluids. It aids in the speedy recovery of patients suffering from high blood pressure, chest, and lung problems, as well as the healing of the kidneys and adrenals and the relief of vertigo. It has been said to be a good source of energy for those suffering from leukemia. When used in conjunction with other stones, rose quartz has the ability to increase fertility, while also protecting the mother and unborn child from miscarriage. These earrings provide a wealth of benefits to those who wear them.

Delicate Touch Earrings

#4 Divine Existence – Gold Lotus Moonstone Earrings

Each soul is its own cosmos, and you must respect and honor the infinite possibilities and options that exist for you on your life's journey. Allow the glimmering light of our one-of-a-kind "Divine Existence - Gold Lotus Moonstone Earrings" to fill your aura with radiant beauty. Moonstone assists you in finding a healthy balance between how you feel, what you want, and how you act in the world, helping us be more aligned and stable humans. The lotus is revered as a symbol of new beginnings, and it serves as an inspiration to reach our full potential.

These exquisite earrings, which have been handcrafted in Jaipur, India, are available in a size of 1". This unique pair of earrings is made of 18K gold plating and a sterling silver hook. They feature the lovely moonstone, which is believed to promote divinity, as well as balance and tenderness. Moonstone is embedded in the lotus symbol, which represents enlightenment, new beginnings, and fertility, just to name a few.

In addition to bringing more light into your life, moonstone connects with the feminine energy of the moon above us to help tap into and balance our emotions. It also aids us in seeing both the light and the dark, learning to appreciate the shadows of life. This powerfully divine stone guides us in swimming towards the depths of our soul. The healing properties of dreamy moonstone extend beyond the spiritual realm to the physical realm.

Gold Lotus Moonstone Earrings

#5 Cherished Love – Rose Quartz Pink Tourmaline Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

Just as the sun shines its warm light upon you, allow yourself to be awakened to the love around you. The stones, rose quartz and pink tourmaline, are both extraordinary symbols of genuine strength and courage in love. They aid in the process of laying the groundwork for giving and receiving love. We pave the way for love to flow freely into our lives by wearing these one-of-a-kind "Cherished Love - Rose Quartz Pink Tourmaline Evil Eye Pointer Earrings". These earrings help us to overcome past traumas, allowing us to strengthen our ability to love, spread love, and be loved.

These magnificent earrings have been created by hand in Bangkok, Thailand. They are 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated, and measure 6x12mm in size. Design-wise, these earrings can be described as studs. They feature a 5x10mm rose quartz stone, which is said to bring unconditional love, friendship, and romance to the wearer. It also contains an embedded pink tourmaline stone measuring 1.3mm in diameter, which works to promote tenderness, self-reflection, and balance.

Tourmaline Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

Manifest Your Dreams 

Are you ready to become the co-creator of your own life? Manifest your greatest desires and biggest dreams by tapping into the universal energy that surrounds us. By wearing these innately powerful healing stones, we can send the message to the universe that we are ready and open to receive all of its many blessings. If you would like to adorn yourself in manifestation jewels, visit our website today to browse our beautiful collection! 

Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

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