4 Lion’s Gate Rituals to Make You Magnetic

Lion’s Gate

Ready to turn all of your wildest dreams into reality? Welcome in the magnetizing energy of the Lion’s Gate this August 8th. Each year, this date rolls around and is considered, by astrologists, to be the luckiest day of the year.

Acting as a portal between worlds, the Lion’s Gate is officially open between July 26 and August 12, however its manifesting powers are most strong on the 8th of August.

Thanks to a serendipitous arrangement in the sky with Earth, Sirius, and the constellation of Orion all being in perfect alignment, the energies created are unique and plentiful in the possibilities they provide. 

Astrologists explain that the particular cosmic alignment of Lion’s Gate allows for a closer connection between the physical world and the spiritual. This presents us with the perfect opportunity to manifest everything we have ever dreamed of or wanted. During this time period, the sun is in Leo, which just adds a whole other layer of excitement and opportunity.

Lion’s Gate

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Leo is all about following your passions and being bold, providing the ideal environment for turning ideas into fruition. And, if all that was not enough cosmic magic, the number 8, in itself, is highly potent.

August 8 is a double 8, also written as 8/8, and can be associated with the infinity symbol. In numerology, the number 8 symbolizes success and abundance, adding to the Lion’s  Gate’s otherworldly powers. 

Curious how to make the most of this year’s Lion’s Gate? Read on to discover the best rituals for manifesting this magnetizing Leo energy. 

Lion’s Gate

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4 Lion’s Gate Manifestation Rituals 

Presenting infinite potential, this cosmic spectacle grants you the power of manifestation. Here are four easy Lion’s Gate rituals to ensure that you harness the full potential of 8/8.

Lion’s Gate

  • Lion’s Gate Manifestation Meditation

Begin by connecting with your heart chakra - from this place of love, all things are possible. Then imagine surrounding yourself in a beautiful glow of magnetizing light, visualize everything you have ever wanted being yours.

Using mantras, recite expansive prayers and imagine yourself living your most authentic truth and highest potential. 

Here are some mantra ideas to get you started, but be creative and use your intuition to guide you!

“I am happy, I am healthy, I am free”

“I am magnetic”

“I have everything I ever needed, I have everything I ever wanted”

“I am ready to live my highest truth”

Lion’s Gate

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  • Journal for the Lion’s Gate Portal 

The first step to any manifestation practice is getting clear on your intentions. The universe can only provide for you when it knows exactly what you want, so use this Lion’s gate manifestation ritual as your chance to put it all out there. Be clear, concise, and most importantly, be honest.

Before journaling, we suggest you get a short meditation practice in or give yourself space for free movement - this helps to get those creative juices flowing! 

Here are some journal prompt ideas to make the most of this Lion’s Gate portal manifestation ritual:

  • “What sets my soul on fire?”
  • “How can I use my gifts to be of the best service to the planet?
  • “Who am I in my wildest dreams?”
  • “What is my truth? Who is my highest self?”
  • Lion’s Gate Ritual Bath

Lion’s Gate Rituals

A Lion’s Gate portal ritual bath is the most soothing way to harness this powerful energy brewing in the cosmos. This should not just be an average bath, but rather be taken with intention. Make it ritualistic by adding essential oils, salts, flower petals, or herbs to heighten the experience.

Imagine the warm water cleansing your mind, body, and soul. As you soak, consider your goals and wishes. Visualize yourself living the life of your dreams. When you are done bathing, take some to meditate or journal on anything that came up during the soak. 

Lion’s Gate Rituals

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  • Design a Lion’s Gate Altar

Create a beautiful altar to honor the bold and brilliant energy of leo, or the lion. You can use this altar as a meditation space, or just use it as visual inspiration. Each time you look at this piece, you should be reminded of your innate manifesting power and be encouraged to step more fully into your power. 

Here are some ideas for your altar:

  • Include pictures of lions or other animals that inspire you to be confident
  • Yellow or orange stones, such as citrine, garnet, or ruby
  • Bold essential oils like frankincense, cinnamon, or cedar
  • Vibrant flowers - sunflowers, roses, and marigolds

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Harness Leo Energy

This August 8th, harness the potent power of the Lion’s Gate portal. Happening just once each year, this incredibly lucky day is your chance to create the life of your dreams.

Representing a day when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual is exceptionally thin, the Lion’s Gate provides you the opportunity to manifest everything you have ever dreamed of or wanted.

This year, do not let this cosmic spectacle pass you by - the power is in your hands. Try out one of the Lion’s Gate manifestation rituals above and watch your wildest dreams come true. 

Curious to learn more about the Lion’s Gate and other astrological events? Visit our blog and explore a wide range of spiritual topics. Or, shop our cosmically-aligned crystal jewelryStart your journey here: Karma & Luck Blog

Lion’s Gate
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