4 Jewelry Pieces to Harness the Healing Powers of Malachite


Considered to be a "master healer" in the gemstone world, malachite is an exceptionally powerful and beautiful stone. With its ripples of dark and light greens, it is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Not only is it aesthetically enticing, but is enriched with otherworldly powers. It is so powerful, in fact, that it is believed to boost the energy and effects of other crystals near to it. Energy is absorbed, stored, released, and regulated by this dynamic stone.

The radiant malachite stone is also claimed to improve the immune system and restore balance to the body. Wearing crystals as jewelry sends positive and impactful vibrations to the system, working to continuously create more balance within both the energy body and the physical body.

Malachite, in particular, is an incredibly effective stone at aligning the body with the higher intentions of the soul. 

Intrigued by this dreamy green stone? Keep reading to discover our top four picks for striking malachite jewelry, including their unique properties and benefits. Let’s dive into this world of green! 

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Peace of Spirit - Amethyst Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace
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The Benefits of Malachite

The benefits of malachite are numerous but some examples include its ability to create greater energy flow and equilibrium within the physical body, which may help to boost the circulatory and immune systems.

Malachite has also been used to alleviate migraine headaches, motion sickness, and vertigo. It may also increase metabolism, aid in weight loss, and relieve weariness.

This rich green gem may aid in the removal of toxins and the correction of problems of the digestive tract, bladder, and kidneys. It has also been shown to alleviate blistering and relieve burns. 

Wearing this stone has been connected to increased general health and spiritual well-being, as well as a deeper sense of serenity, clarity, and energy. Wearing a pure and potent stone of this variety opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, allowing spirit to be communicated and manifested in physical form.

This may explain why it is usually worn as jewelry, where it can be kept close to the body and enhance both the wearer's inner spirit and exterior appearance. This magnificent stone, like many other gemstones, has a chameleon-like property to it.

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Generous Enthusiasm - White Enamel Leo Card Necklace
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Top-quality Malachite comes in various colors and kinds, based on the geological conditions that led to its formation and the impurities in the gem. Other gemstones with similar variations in appearance include citrine, amethyst, chrysoprase, onyx, chalcedony, and more.

Throughout history, the stunning malachite has been revered for its extensive list of magical healing properties. Used as powerful talismans by ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greek civilizations, this green stone has been loved throughout the ages.

The Romans employed malachite as a seal to indicate ownership, while Egyptians believed it could slow down the aging process. Medical practitioners employed it in their medicinal potions during the Middle Ages, and it was  even fashioned into amulets by early American tribes.

It was dubbed the "love stone" because of its connection with the heart chakra, as well as its ability to balance emotions and rid the wearer of wrath and disappointment.

Ready to adorn yourself or your child in this energetically potent stone? Read on to discover our top choices for Karma & Luck malachite jewelry.


#1 Spiritual Transformation Malachite Bracelet

    The “Spiritual Transformation” malachite bracelet is a multi-colored piece fashioned from high-quality, genuine gemstones. This particular malachite bracelet features a hamsa hand charm, along with pyrite, tourmaline, and malachite gemstones.

    The spiritual malachite bracelet has a 6.5” stretch and is handmade in 18K gold plated brass in the far east. Long before the foundations of organized religion, the hamsa was first encountered in ancient Mesopotamia. In this culture it was used as an amulet to ward away evil.

    Cultures have evolved and altered over time, however the human yearning for optimism and protection from evil has remained consistent, explaining why the hamsa symbol has stood the test of time.

    Featured on this bracelet is the stunning pyrite stone. Pyrite is a metallic-looking iron sulfide mineral. Due to its high iron concentration and extensive distribution, it can be found in a wide range of geological environments.

    It appeals to mineral collectors and alternative therapies, such as crystal therapy, because it comes in such a wide range of shapes and variances. Pyrite has opaque transparency and a brittle feel, and it derives from the cubic crystal structure. Cubic crystals, also referred to as isometric crystals, are a common and fundamental member of the mineral family.

    Pyrite has a brassy color that resembles gold, owing to its nickname, “fool's gold”. One determinable feature that distinguishes pyrite from gold is its striated face. It can also exist in enormous form, suggesting that it is produced as a single gigantic mass with a distinct structure for each individual crystal.

    Pyrite is used as a symbol of purity, as well as a means of encouraging more inspiration and creativity within those who wear it or use it. 

    Tourmaline, also beaded onto this colorful bracelet, is the alternate birthstone for October, alongside opal. The stone was originally discovered hundreds of years ago by Dutch traders off the west coast of Italy.

    The name "tourmaline" is taken from the Sinhalese word, "turmali," which was the name given to all vibrant crystals on Sri Lanka's island at the time. The incapacity of ancient gem traders to distinguish tourmaline from other stones is reflected in this all-encompassing moniker.

    Spiritual Transformation Malachite Bracelet

    Pulsera de malaquita de transformación espiritual
    Pulsera de malaquita de transformación espiritual
    El equilibrio es la clave de todos los aspectos de la vida. De vez en cuando puedes necesitar un empujón invisible, algo que te hará leva...
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    In fact, pink and red tourmaline was once mistaken for rubies, according to legend. However, we now know that pink tourmaline is significantly more pink than ruby in hue. 

    The star of the show in this “Spiritual Transformation” bracelet is our beloved malachite. Malachite is a bright green mineral made up of hydrated basic copper carbonate; it is found in masses and fibrous aggregates.

    Copper carbonate is the basis for this mineral, and its earliest usage was as copper ore. Due to the mineral forming so close to the Earth's surface, the copper oxidizes in the air, which in turn gives it its distinct green hue.

    Malachite is most commonly found in tunnels and caves where the mineral has formed a stalactite, or has coated the ground’s surface. Malachite stone is rarely found in its transparent crystal form, however it is possible on occasion. The more common form of the mineral is opaque, but must be rubbed and polished into the recognizable stone we all know and love.

    Powers of Malachite

    The Hamsa Hand for Good Luck 

    The hamsa hand is a widely-used symbol that is thought to provide good luck and fertility in several religions and civilizations. However, its main spiritual connotation is providing protection from the evil eye.

    The evil eye is universally recognized as dangerous or negative energy emitted by someone with malicious intentions.

    The hamsa hand is beloved for its ability to bring positive energy into the world and ward against harmful energies. The eye sign, observed on some hamsa hands, is not the evil eye, but rather a defensive eye that keeps a watch out for the evil eye, thus shielding the user from its malicious effect.

    You can think of it as a sort of  "anti-evil eye", bringing optimism, while also protecting the wearer from negative energies.

    Depending on how you choose to wear it, the talisman can either bring you good luck or ward off evil. If the hand is facing downwards, the owner sends a wish to the universe for good luck and wealth.

    A hand facing up, typically featuring an eye, wards off the evil eye and protects the wearer from bad luck. The hamsa hand has various meanings throughout the many faiths and cultures of the world, however the common ground is protection.

    The hamsa hand is a symbolic way to protect yourself from evil in all its forms, and is the most global emblem of unity and protection.

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    Powerful Gemstones

    Pyrite is a powerful protection gemstone that shields and protects from all forms of negative vibrations and energy on the physical, etheric, and emotional planes. It increases memory and stimulates the intellect, making it simpler to retain critical information when needed.

    Pyrite encourages awareness of what lies beneath words and actions by allowing us to look past the surface layer of things. On a physical level, pyrite is thought to offer a variety of medicinal effects as well. This stone has the ability to purify the oxygen that goes through your body, thereby improving the general performance of your cardiovascular system.

    Your well-being and overall health are continuously improved and maintained, while also providing you with optimal strength and leadership skills. Pyrite urges you to attain your full potential.

    Compassion and humanitarianism are related to the pink tourmaline stone. It is worn to boost empathy and understanding of others. It is an excellent stone for healers, therapists, and counselors due to its ability to help the wearer listen better and more deeply understand their patients.

    Powers of Malachite

    It is a symbol of friendship and unconditional love, and is said to emit the greatest love of all the colored tourmalines. It is also beneficial to people with heart problems because not only does it boost love, but also gently disperses emotional distress and eliminates troubling feelings.

    It calms the negative emotions that can wreck relationships, instead creating more loving energy. Pink tourmaline is especially useful for anyone who has a hard time dealing with fear, experiences panic attacks, or are looking for a way to repair their inner disorder and despair.

    Interestingly enough, this loving stone is both a heart protector and an aphrodisiac. It instills confidence by teaching the wearer that it is safe to open their heart and fall in love. This stone encourages compassion and understanding in every interaction you have with others, while also promoting mental flexibility.

    The malachite gemstone is closely associated with both the heart and throat chakras. As a result, it might assist you in loving unconditionally, as well as accepting love into your life. It can give you the courage and confidence to say what you are thinking, thus improving your communication abilities.

    The heart chakra is responsible for the care of your chest, heart, and circulatory system, and for this reason malachite can help strengthen and improve all of these systems.

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    The throat chakra correlates to the neck, jaw, vocal cords, and respiratory system., which explains why malachite can help you breathe and speak more clearly, as well as relieve tension in your neck, throat, and shoulders.

    This stone offers a variety of medicinal effects and is well-known for its protective properties. It has the ability to absorb negative, harmful, and polluting energy from the environment, as well as from within yourself.

    Malachite can be used to help you manage any mood fluctuations and cultivate a positive view of life. It will also assist you in opening your heart to love and higher vibrations, allowing you to love more freely and take healthy risks in life.

    Seen as a protective stone, malachite is particularly revered by travelers, and is frequently worn by persons who work on planes. When digging underground, miners have also been known to carry the stone for protection.

    Powers of Malachite

    Healing Properties

    The hamsa hand, especially the open right hand, is a sign of protection that also symbolizes blessings, power, and strength. It is thought to be effective in warding off the ill-intent of the evil eye.

    It was historically fashioned from silver, and was believed to signify purity and possess magical characteristics.

    It was one of the most prevalent components of gold and silver jewelry in ancient times. The hamsa hand has also been painted or hung on the doorways of rooms, such as those of an expectant mother or new baby, for protection.

    To fend off evil, the hand can be represented with the fingers spread apart, or it can be depicted with the fingers locked together to bring good luck.

    It can also be seen with the fingers pointed up to fend off evil or pointing down to bestow blessings.

    Highly stylized depictions of the hamsa may be difficult to recognize as hands, but will sometimes consist of five circles representing fingers surrounding a central circle representing the palm.

    When the five fingers of the hamsa hand are pointing up it is used to shield the user from negativity and harm.

    It will also assist the wearer in controlling any negative emotions of anxiety, greed, hatred, or insecurity. The fingers are often spread apart as a symbol of protection against evil.

    Powers of Malachite

    Pyrite's primary goal is to provide protection. In fact, simply keeping this stone around allows you to absorb its defensive energy and shield yourself from psychic attacks or energy vampires.

    It is an excellent crystal for clearing out old energy and bringing new ideas into your life. People experiencing creative blockages frequently utilize this fool's gold as a supportive stone to clear their energetic channels. Pyrite is especially beneficial for artists, dreamers, and creative people, due to its ability to provide inspiration.

    According to some, pyrite may also boost memory, control the circulatory system, and promote good leadership qualities.

    The solar plexus chakra is most intimately associated with pyrite stones. The solar plexus chakra is located in the center of the belly and is represented by the color yellow. This sunny chakra is in charge of our self-worth, confidence, and ability to express ourselves.

    Both pyrite and the solar plexus chakra teach us how to stand up for ourselves, speak openly, and pursue our goals with unwavering confidence. By wearing pyrite, we encourage the solar plexus to balance and align.

    Pyrite is a strong protection stone that acts on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels to shield and protect against harmful energy. It increases memory and stimulates the intellect, making it simpler to retain critical information when needed.

    Powers of Malachite

    Pyrite assists in seeing beyond the surface of things and developing an understanding of what lies beneath words and actions. In fact, pyrite is so powerful in seeing past the veil, that the Incas used pyrite in their meditation and divination rituals.

    Pyrite works by channeling universal forces to stimulate the body's sustaining energies. Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are all increased by the powers of sparkling pyrite.

    This stone permits one to recognize the purity of the universe. On a physical level, it can be used to treat broken bones and promote cell formation healing.

    It has also been used to treat bronchitis, lung disorders, and fevers, as well as to reduce edema. Pyrite is utilized to treat infectious diseases, while also protecting caregivers from infection.

    Tourmaline helps create a protective shield around a person or an area, keeping bad or unwelcome energies out. It also acts as a grounding and balancing force for all chakras.

    Using the stone, even the most difficult energy and negative thinking patterns can be transformed into more useful energy and thoughts.

    Tourmaline emits far infrared radiation with a wavelength of 4-14 microns. This far-infrared electromagnetic radiation is said to boost the immune system and aid in detoxification.

    This form of treatment is commonly utilized in Japan by Kikohshi, or healers who use the energy of their hands alone. 

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    As this stone acts to balance yin and yang, tourmaline is useful in chiropractic spinal adjustments because it relieves tension. Improving energy flow in the body, tourmaline is an excellent stone for clearing blockages.

    Many people place tourmaline healing stones over their chakras to clear the aura, eliminate blockages, dispel negative energy, and pinpoint specific problems.

    Tourmaline is a healing crystal that aids in self-awareness, increases self-confidence, and reduces fear. Inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and success are all increased when near to this stone.

    Tourmaline harmonizes the brain's right and left hemispheres and turns negative energy into positive energy. Paranoia, dyslexia, and other mental ailments have all been treated with this multi-faceted stone. Tourmaline turns thick, slow-moving energy into lighter vibratory energy by cleansing, purifying, and transforming it.

    It connects spirituality to the physical world, and works to balance and clear all of the chakras. It also provides a protective shield around the body, defending against any danger or harm.

    The regal green malachite is a potently protective stone. It absorbs negative energy and toxins from both the environment and the body, providing protection from radioactivity and electromagnetism.

    Womens Bracelet Collections

    Malachite stimulates and clears the chakras while also allowing you to tune in to spiritual guidance. It makes it possible for true love to penetrate the heart. Breaking unwanted ties and outworn habits encourages risk-taking and change, as well as teaching how to take responsibility for one's actions, thoughts, and feelings.

    Malachite can help you relax your inhibitions and create empathy for others. It has been said to aid in the treatment of mental health concerns, as well as improving struggles with dyslexia.

    This stone enables you to process and digest data, as well as let go of harmful memories and past traumas. With its mesmerizing green ripples, it incites inspiration and deeper dreams.

    Malachite helps with physical ailments as well. It is a stone that has been used to treat mood swings and cramps. It also aids in labor and menopause, as well as menstrual disorders such as PMT and cramps.

    The nervous and immune systems are strengthened, and also high blood pressure, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, growths, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen, and parathyroid are all treated with malachite. It finds cancerous tumors and fixes the DNA and cellular structure that causes cancer.

    It can be used to treat all types of cancer by boosting and stimulating the immune system. Malachite also promotes the discharge of poisons from the liver, adding to its detoxifying qualities.

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    Uplifting Protection - Gold Plated Pearl Evil Eye Necklace
    Uplifting Protection - Gold Plated Pearl Evil Eye Necklace
    The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love. Our lovely "Uplifting Protection - Gold Plated Pearl Evil Eye...
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    Spiritual Transformation Through Malachite 

    The spiritual transformation malachite bracelet by Karma & Luck retails at just $99. Made with high-quality materials and super-charged with three magnificent gemstones, this bracelet is not only beautiful, but also a powerful protection charm.

    Karma & Luck aims to produce pieces that are as unique and distinct as each of our customers, and this bracelet truly reflects that aim. The subtle, yet gorgeous, pairing of colors makes this bracelet a knock-out piece to elevate any daytime or nighttime look.

    Zodiac Jewelry Symbol Collections

    #2 Cheerful Protection – Multi-Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

      The “Cheerful Protection” bracelet is a multi-stone and multi-colored bracelet designed for kids. Alongside the malachite beads, lies an evil eye charm to deflect negative energies.

      It also features eight different gemstones, all with their own unique set of healing characteristics. The “Cheerful Protection” has 3 mm stones of amethyst, lapis, blue chalcedony, malachite, tiger's eye, citrine, and red agate. It is made in 925 sterling silver with a lobster clasp and has two sizes available; a baby size of 4”-5” and a kid’s size of 5”-6”. 

      This vibrant childrens’ bracelet features an evil eye charm. The popularity of evil eye jewelry has been a constant throughout time, and is ever increasing. Many people admire this emblem for its beauty, while others wear it for the sole purpose of protecting themselves from the evil eye.

      Many civilizations throughout the world have held beliefs surrounding the evil eye. These beliefs, although varied by culture, essentially state that a simple gaze of ill-intent can cast a destructive curse.

      The evil eye is frequently directed at an unsuspecting party and is commonly the source of the recipient's misfortune, harm, or bad luck. Wearing evil eye amulets or talismans is thought to protect you against negative energy and the curse of the evil eye.

      As a result, evil eye jewelry featuring the ancient evil eye symbol, such as evil eye bracelets, rings, and necklaces, will help shield the unwitting recipient from this harmful and evil energy.

      The evil eye's history is not fully documented, however it is thought to have originated in Mesopotamia, where the ancient emblem was reported as far back as 5,000 years ago. Almost every civilization, including Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian societies, has mentioned or revered this emblem and belief.

      Throughout history, and even in the Old Testament, decorations and charms with an eye-like emblem, known as "nazars", have appeared. Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Italy are all known for their incorporation of evil eye amulets.

      The first stone of this bracelet, amethyst, is beloved for its distinct purple color which comes from irradiation, impurities of iron, and, in some circumstances, other transition metals which results in complicated crystal structure replacements.

      Multi Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

      Cheerful Protection -  Evil Eye Bracelet
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      Cheerful Protection - Evil Eye Bracelet
      In all this world, there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child. Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for ...
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      The mineral has the same hardness as quartz, making it appropriate for usage in jewelry. While the word, "amethyst", conjures up images of a dark purple gem, amethyst actually comes in a variety of purple hues, from light to dark.

      In fact, the purple hue can be so faint that it is scarcely visible, or so dark that it is almost impenetrable. It might be purple, violet-ish purple, or reddish-purple, among its many shades.

      Lapis Lazuli is a deep-blue metamorphic rock that has been treasured for its striking color since antiquity as a semiprecious stone. This deep blue stone  has a wide range of physical properties due to its varied makeup.

      It is a metamorphic stone that commonly occurs in crystalline limestones. Unlike most other healing stones, lapis lazuli is not a mineral. It is a mineral-rich rock, rather than a single mineral. Lazurite, a blue silicate mineral of the sodalite group with a chemical composition, is responsible for the rich blue color of lapis lazuli.

      The gemstone, blue chalcedony, is a rare kind of chalcedony. It is a cryptocrystalline silicate mineral that belongs to the large family of quartz. It comes in large clumps, perfect for slicing, sculpting, and tumbling. The name, "chalcedony", comes from Chalcedon, an ancient seaport that is currently known as Kadikoy.

      This stone's dreamy blue color is due to the "Tyndall effect", which is defined as light scattering by colloid-sized particles. It can be any shade of blue, from a light, transparent blue to a solid baby blue or sky blue.

      Multi Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

      Green spirling malachite has hypnotic properties. It takes your breath away from the instant you see it, due to its fascinating and mesmerizing beauty. Malachite is the extravagant oddball in the world of stones - the stone you notice for its appearance, but love for its significance.

      Malachite, a green copper carbonate hydroxide, is possibly the first discovered copper mineral, having been mined in the Sinai and eastern deserts of ancient Egypt as early as 3000 BC. It was employed as an eye paint, a wall painting pigment, and used in glazes and glass coloring.

      Malachite is found in copper deposits' altered zones, where it is frequently accompanied by smaller levels of azurite. Malachite's striking green color can often be seen on the surface of copper deposits, and it's often the first sign of the metal's presence to a prospector.

      Tiger's eye has a unique combination of qualities that enhance health and vigor. This stone is excellent for gaining control of personal power and conquering emotional barriers.

      Its bold, enthusiastic spirit also works wonders when it comes to attracting wealth and success. Tiger's eye can help the wearer to change negative feelings into positive ones. It can also assist you in changing your perspective so that you see obstacles as challenges rather than setbacks.

      Womens Bracelet Red String Collections

      Dreamy Grace - Moonstone Multi Symbol Rosary Necklace
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      Dreamy Grace - Moonstone Multi Symbol Rosary Necklace
      By opening up the heart chakra, emotions of gratitude and love rise to another level; not only the emotions you propel into the world, bu...
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      This stone can assist you in overcoming your anxieties and increasing your bravery. Tiger's eye is a powerful reminder that you can achieve anything and everything you set your mind to.

      Citrine is a crystalline quartz stone with a yellow to reddish-orange color. Quartz is a hard and brittle crystalline mineral made of oxygen and silicon atoms. All of these atoms are held together by a unique arrangement.

      After feldspar, quartz is the second most common mineral in the continental crust. It comes in a range of colors, but the ones that resemble citrus fruits fall into the 'citrine' category.

      Agate minerals tend to form on or within pre-existing rocks, making it difficult to pinpoint their formation date. Their host rocks were produced as early as the Archean Eon, according to scientists.

      Agates are most typically found in the cavities of volcanic rocks as nodules. The gasses trapped within the liquid volcanic material form vesicles, which form these cavities. With its fiery color, red agate is deeply connected with the root chakra. It provides us with grounding energies to stabilize and calm the body and mind.

      The combination of these eight gemstones provides a wealth of healing powers, ensuring that your child goes about their day with ease, protection, and bliss.

      Womens Bracelet Red String Collections

      Avoid Bad Luck

      Wearing an amulet or talisman, such as evil eye jewelry, is a common approach to protect oneself from any bad luck. In addition to wearing jewelry, if someone gives you the evil eye in person, you can look them in the eyes and say, "I am not scared", which will shatter any spell they were casting over you.

      Stones with healing powers, such as lapis lazuli and turquoise, are used in natural amulets. Because blue denotes purity, it is also said to be a deterrent to the evil eye curse.

      The evil eye bracelet, which comes in a variety of hues, is most widely used for newborn babies to protect them from harm. There are various benefits linked with wearing evil eye charms, including creating a protective shield around the wearer and boosting luck.

      The blue evil eye amulet featured on this charm bracelet is believed to provide happiness, good health, luck, wealth, and peace to the wearer by evoking tranquility and serenity.

      The charm aids in expunging negative energies from your friends, neighbors, family, or anybody else in your life caused by anger, jealousy, or envy. The evil eye not only protects you from harm, but also keeps your car, house, and other belongings safe from accidents, damage, and other misfortunes.

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      Brazalete Para La Confianza Y La Valentía
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      Wearing an evil eye bracelet washes away negativity, no matter the extent of worries. It is also believed to provide a protective  barrier around the person and the object,  preventing them from harm.

      Wearing an evil eye bracelet can help your child to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The evil eye promotes total well-being in life by assisting you in recovering swiftly from despair, weariness, sleeplessness, and other ailments. The evil eye, usually seen with a blue or light blue color, holds positive karma and protects against the evil eye.

      Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It shields the user from psychic attacks by transmuting the energy into love and insulating them from all types of harm, such as geopathic or electromagnetic stress.

      Amethyst is a natural aid that soothes impatience, regulates mood swings, and relieves anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Negativity is dispelled, and melancholy and despair are relieved. Amethyst enhances psychic abilities by awakening spiritual consciousness, boosting spiritual awareness, and opening the intuition.

      It has strong healing and purification qualities, and is said to aid in the recovery of overindulgence or overdosing. It both soothes and stimulates the mind, allowing you to improve your focus, increase your memory, and boost your overall mental health. It also is said to help alleviate sleeplessness, and encourages spiritual insight and selflessness.

      Powers of Malachite

      Amethyst influences the endocrine and metabolic systems by stimulating hormone synthesis. It strengthens the immune system, soothes pain, and helps the body fight cancer.

      It also kills cancerous tumors and promotes tissue regeneration. The blood is cleansed, while physical, emotional, and psychic pain or tension are all relieved. It is known to relieve tension and cure headaches. It also relieves hearing impairments and minimizes bruises, swellings, and injuries.

      On top of this, amethyst treats lungs and respiratory system problems, skin conditions, cellular disorders, and digestive tract diseases. For thousands of years, people have collected crystals and stones and marveled at their beauty.

      They are believed to have the potential to heal, protect, and comfort a person through difficult times. Amethyst is one of the most well-known and beloved of the healing stones, and is generally worn as jewelry, such as this bracelet.


      Loving Lapis Lazuli

      Lapis Lazuli is a stone of great protection that can be worn to defend against mental or psychic attacks. It works to immediately reduce stress and brings deep tranquility to the wearer. It promotes inner peace and self-awareness, while also encouraging self-awareness.

      By doing this it allows for self-expression to flow freely, unveiling the wearer’s inner truth. Lapis Lazuli endows the personality with virtues such as honesty, compassion, and morality.

      It also encourages objectivity, clarity, and creativity by stimulating the mind. Lapis Lazuli aids in confronting and speaking one's truth, as well as instilling confidence in those who wear it. It strengthens bonds between people by allowing them to communicate their feelings and emotions.

      This noble blue stone strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood, decreases blood pressure, and relieves inflammation by cooling and calming the affected areas.

      Powers of Malachite

      It helps people with sleeplessness and vertigo, as well as depression. The gemstone, lapis lazuli, benefits the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as the throat, vocal cords, and thyroid. It also cleanses the organs, bone marrow, and thymus.

      Lapis lazuli is beneficial to the throat, vocal cords, and larynx in terms of physical healing. Some people utilize this blue gemstone to help with sleeplessness, circulation, and menstrual cycle assistance. Lapis lazuli can also aid in the healing of eye and eyesight problems.

      Warm, sterilized water infused with the lapis stone can be used as an eyewash to treat infections or stains. From an emotional and spiritual standpoint, this stone can also be incredibly beneficial.

      People who struggle with self-expression can benefit from wearing lapis lazuli as it allows them to become more vocal about their demands. Lapis lazuli symbolism is deeply intertwined with the gift of truth.

      Harm Repeller - Gold Plated Navy Evil Eye Stud Earrings

      Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace
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      Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace
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      Beneficial Blue Chalcedony 

      Blue chalcedony is one of the best stones to use when engaging in challenging talks, such as public speeches, or when seeking to better express yourself. The energies released by this stone immediately assist in strengthening one's internal connection to their emotional body, while also channeling it into spoken words.

      The possible harshness or intensity of the situation fades away, and your inner fortitude shines through. As you speak up for yourself and establish your own "voice of reason", your self-assurance will grow.

      Blue chalcedony helps the body's fluids circulate freely and decreases edema. It alleviates sensitivity brought on by changes in the weather or pressure, such as glaucoma, and it promotes milk supply in nursing mothers. 

      This sky blue stone assists in the relief of plant allergies, hay fever, and other respiratory issues. It can help with Alzheimer's and dementia, childhood ailments, gallstones, and inflammation, as well as symptoms of autism, Asperger's disease, Tourette's syndrome, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

      Chalcedony reduces self-doubt and brings inward reflection to a more peaceful state. It has the ability to dispel hostility and instill a sense of lighthearted optimism. This stone has a calming and balancing effect on the emotional energy field.

      It is a great crystal for people who over-worry as it encourages them to live in the moment rather than projecting into the future. It also helps people who are struggling with irrational anger, fear, panic, or anxiety, as well as those who speak too hastily without considering the impact of their words on others.

      Powers of Malachite

      Mystical Malachite

      The rich green color of malachite reflects the intrinsic beauty of flowers, trees, roots, and plants, as well as the deep healing power of nature. It takes the form of an earthy green that governs the material plane.

      It is a stone of transformation that can help you change your circumstances and grow spiritually. It draws out impurities and stimulates the life force throughout the aura and the body, allowing you to heal on both physical and emotional levels.

      Evil Eye Collections

      Abundant Grace - Citrine Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
      0% OFF
      Abundant Grace - Citrine Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
      Let the rhythmic beating of your heart charge your mind, body, and soul so that you may stay vibrationally high from dawn until night. Th...
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      Tantalizing Tiger’s Eye

      Tiger's eye is an incredibly unique gemstone with a striped, reflecting appearance that resembles the eye of a tiger, hence the name. It offers an anchoring and protective energy that aids in boosting confidence and increasing courage, particularly when taking action.

      Tiger's eye assists in the expansion of awareness, allowing new ideas and solutions to be seen. It can help you see the world in a more positive, hopeful light. It may offer light to circumstances, similar to the fire element in feng shui, allowing us to see things more clearly.

      Citrine Collections

      Sunny Citrine

      Citrine is an excellent addition to jewelry because it offers a stunning flash of color, while its rich celestial tones go with almost any ensemble. Citrine is thought to hold a solar quality of energy, as its colors are similar to those of the sun. Used for more than simply aesthetic purposes, this stone holds a wealth of

      benefits, making it a fantastic crystal for both emotional and physical problems. Citrine gemstones have been known as “the merchant's stone” throughout history due to the belief that they can attract wealth and riches into one’s life. In feng shui, citrine holds an important place in attracting financial success.

      Citrine Collections

      Gunmetal BZ triple Red 3 line Evil Eye Tiger Eye Cadena
      Gunmetal BZ triple Red 3 line Evil Eye Tiger Eye Cadena
      In the balance of body and mind, we discover boundless wisdom and harmony. Anyone can become a spiritual hero with our "Eruptive Power - ...
      Precio habitual $79
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      Relaxing Red Agate

      Red Agate is a grounding and protective stone with a relaxing aura. This fiery variety of agate is thought to protect the wearer from harm and evil desires, as well as assist in the deflection of negativity.

      It has been said to increase energy levels as well as sexual vibrancy and libido. It increases your vitality and vigor by stimulating your energy and life force.


      Healing Properties of This Bracelet

      Amethyst, featured on this bracelet, is linked to healthy cell regeneration, relaxing sleep and rest, and improving hormonal balance on a bodily level. Due to amethyst’s ability to help balance metabolism and positively impact the endocrine system, the body finds its inner peace by reducing stress and tension.

      Aside from these physical benefits, amethyst's purplish tint ensures that the body, mind, and soul are cleansed and detoxified. Amethyst can also help clear the mind for those who suffer from a foggy head or headaches.

      This noble stone encourages those who are struggling to cut down on their drinking to retain a clear head. It works to remind us that clear thinking and a level head are required for making the best life decisions - a crowded mind will only make it more difficult to see the correct choice. 

      The amethyst gemstone is known for its astounding capacity to assist the body in boosting the immune system. Therefore, it helps in fighting and fending off sicknesses and diseases that would otherwise wreak havoc on a person's health and well-being.

      The immune system is boosted by contributing a purifying nature to the blood and successfully reducing stress and anxiety levels, meaning everything from the respiratory system to the skin can reach better levels of healing ability. Amethysts are thought to open the Third Eye, which is said to be a wellspring of knowledge and strength.

      Eruptive Power - Tiger's Eye Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

      Compassionate Approach - White Enamel Pisces Card Necklace
      Compassionate Approach - White Enamel Pisces Card Necklace
      Pisces Healing Mantra: "Dive deeper into the oceans of your dreams"
      Precio habitual $129
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      Crystal healers believe that amethysts can strengthen or intensify spiritual insights and help in reaching higher states of enlightenment. According to metaphysical crystal practitioners, amethyst geodes or crystals absorb negative energy and produce a serene environment in your home.

      It is also believed that amethysts can help with blocking electromagnetic frequency and "geopathic stress", both of which can contribute to inner negativity. This is thought to occur when human-made objects disrupt the Earth's inherent energy.

      Another stone on this children’s bracelet is blue chalcedony. This milky blue stone stimulates the throat chakra, making it a stone of communication. The throat chakra is the body's voice, acting as a pressure valve for the energy of the other chakras to flow through.

      It may have an impact on the health of the other chakras if it is obstructed or out of balance. When in balance, it permits us to convey what we believe and feel. We have the ability to communicate our thoughts, opinions, and feelings when aligned, and also put our personal truth out into the world.

      Womens Ring Collections

      There is a seamless flow of energy within the body and spirit. When this space is open and activated, the energy that rises from the lower chakras can continue on their route, flowing freely and easily.

      Blue chalcedony is a powerful stone for interacting with spirit, and it has been said to be used to facilitate speaking in tongues or speaking in the language of light. It aids in the healing of scars and deep rage patterns in the energy field.

      It also enhances telepathy and all communications with the invisible worlds, which aids in the recall of past lifetimes and the expression of rediscovered wisdom. Blue chalcedony is a fantastic stone for anyone working though therapy or who counsel others, due to its subconscious connection

      Blue Chalcedony is a light-hued stone that resembles little pools of water reflecting the sky. It is a stone of faith and trust, and it symbolizes the creation of life. The light blue color of this stone encourages us to ponder, accept, and relax into the flow of our current situation.

      Light blue beads in this bracelet aid in the development of patience, the resolution of conflicts, and the seeking of forgiveness. They are great for overcoming addictions or bad patterns, calming down irritability, and helping us become more dependable and pleasant.

      These light blue crystals can also help with mourning, letting go of the past, and getting rid of guilt.

      Powers of Malachite

      Karmic Power - Chakra Red String Bracelet
      Karmic Power - Chakra Red String Bracelet
      Awaken to the beauty of your highest self; now is the moment to embrace who you are. Wear our one-of-a-kind "Karmic Power - Chakra Red St...
      Precio habitual $59
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      Lapis lazuli, another stone on this bracelet, has a high vibration and is a powerful stone for thinking and spirituality. It is thought to reduce feelings of self-consciousness and boost awareness of one's own ideas, as well as help you trust your inner wisdom.

      It also improves psychic and intuitive talents, while connecting us to the spiritual and physical realms. It can aid in the development of creativity, self-expression, and communication skills. Lapis lazuli can also assist you in harmonizing and balancing your yin and yang energies.

      This deep blue stone  is seen as a sign of honesty and freedom. This gem aids in the enhancement of the wearer's mental faculties and memory. For students, this is a very beneficial stone.

      The finest stone for meditation is lapis lazuli because it does wonders in opening the third eye chakra, allowing you to go deeper into your meditation. It is recommended that you wear it to avoid difficulties with your throat and vocal cords. If you are a writer, executive, or psychologist, you should wear lapis for its creative and organizational benefits.

      Lapis lazuli is also thought to attract success and advancement. It increases self-awareness and truth, assisting the user in overcoming depression and despair. It treats the throat chakra, healing ailments such as thyroiditis, laryngitis, and more.

      Lapis lazuli is a great stone for anyone who has difficulty controlling their rage and aggression. Used as a stone of inspiration, lapis lazuli increases self-awareness and self-expression. 

      Powers of Malachite

      The star of this bracelet, malachite, provides physical, emotional, and spiritual balance to the wearer. It contains deeply therapeutic properties that can help with both physical and emotional problems. It is also utilized for chakra balancing and energy healing.

      Malachite therapeutic crystal therapies include regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing sadness, relieving anxiety, and eliminating bad energy. Malachite has a lengthy and well-documented history of therapeutic use, and has been widely used as a powerful stone for meditation.

      Malachite is an excellent cure for female issues, particularly for controlling the menstrual cycle and cramps, as well as easing labor, which is why it is sometimes called “the midwife stone”. It connects with the female sexual organs and soothes sexual agony, especially when triggered by past traumatic experiences.

      Malachite also helps with asthma, digestive difficulties, and rheumatic discomfort, as well as relieving cold sweats, malaria, shaking, and Parkinson's disease. It is a diuretic stone that can aid in the treatment of kidneys and gallstones. It helps to prevent osteoarthritis, especially in the spine and improves memory - particularly for anyone who suffers from short-term memory loss.

      If you often forget people's names shortly after meeting them, this stone can help. Malachite is used to treat epilepsy, travel sickness, and vertigo, as well as lowering blood pressure.

      Fractures, swollen joints, growths, tumors, damaged muscles, and fractured bones can all benefit from this green mineral. Malachite gemstones boost the immune system and encourage the liver to flush out toxins.

      Powers of Malachite

      Tiger Eye, the flashy brown bead on this bracelet, works best on the root and solar plexus chakras. The root chakra is located at the foundation of the spine and aids in the enhancement of one's health and prosperity. It improves self-confidence and inner power.

      Tiger’s eye is excellent for bringing attention to the mind, and also boosts endurance and revitalizes the senses. It assists the user in being grounded and removing doubts from the mind. It is, in reality, a good luck stone that guards the bearer against evil thoughts and the ill desires of those around you.

      It also has numerous medicinal qualities, as it has been said to help in relieving chronic pain, strengthening the spine, and detoxifying the body. It also helps with stomach and digestion problems.

      This stone is recommended by astrologers for children who have problems with focus, sleeplessness, or irritability. Wearing a tiger’s eye stone is also beneficial for people who are dealing with a lot of stress and tension in their lives. Tiger’s eye helps the wearer's financial situation by bringing monetary gains.

      Therefore, it is highly recommended for business people. It is a multi-faceted stone that can be worn by people of all astrological signs, genders, religions, and ages. It boosts their vitality, vigor, honesty, and determination.

      This stone is especially good for shy people because it can increase their self-confidence and help them overcome social problems by reducing their timidity.

      Powers of Malachite

      The sunny yellow stone on this bracelet, citrine, is claimed to boost the bearer's self-esteem on an emotional level. Citrine stones are also said to promote a more positive and energetic flow of energy in and around the body.

      Citrine's physical healing effects include aiding digestion and increasing endurance. Healers employed these stones to cleanse the body of impurities, enhance blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system in ancient times - you might think of citrine as a gem version of a purifying natural hot spring. The stone was also utilized to ward off sickness and protect people from dangerous snakes.

      Red agate, the red bead on this piece, is recommended by holistic therapists for anyone who has financial difficulties. It is believed that the energy of this stone may assist people in thinking more logically, which could lead to wiser decisions when dealing with a limited budget.

      It reduces the desire for non-essential items in life and discourages extravagance and wasteful behaviors. Red agate can assist you in recognizing this connection if you utilize retail therapy as an escape from an anxious mind and a hectic lifestyle.

      Powers of Malachite

      This wise crystal encourages you to focus on the causes behind your spending habits and assists you in finding healthier ways to cope with stress and worry, such as beginning an exercise program or taking up a new pastime.

      Red agate is a heart chakra gem, but also activates the solar plexus. If you wish to bring a new perspective to your romantic interactions, this stone might be an excellent partner.

      Or, if you are a little hesitant in love, this fiery gem can help you gain confidence while accepting yourself for who you are. You may even feel more introspective and motivated to evaluate the reasons why things did not work out after a breakup or difficult situation.

      Meditation with a red agate stone can assist you in recognizing what you desire in a relationship and doing the necessary inner work to get there. After this work, you will be confident and loyal to yourself when someone special enters your life.

      The “Cheerful Protection – multi-stone evil eye kids' bracelet” retails at just $59. Featuring eight different and powerful stones, this bracelet will protect your child from any danger or harm, while also encouraging them to stay blissful and free. With its bright and vibrant colors, any child will love to wear this piece!

      Womens Zodiac Constellation Jewelry Collections

      Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace
      Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace
      Everything is within your power, and your power is within you. The "Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace" w...
      Precio habitual $129
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      #3 Vivacious Spirit – Multi-Stone Ladybug Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

        The “Vivacious Spirit” is a malachite bracelet featuring multiple gemstones of varying colors. It has a butterfly charm and the gemstones amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue chalcedony, tiger's eye, citrine, and red agate.

        With the vibrancy of colors, this bracelet is not only beautiful and fun, but also highly protective. Made in 925 sterling silver with a lobster clasp, the “Vivacious Spirit” comes in two sizes: the baby size and the kids' size.

        Ladybugs are associated with good fortune, real love, innocence, joyful resolutions, and the need to make the correct decisions in life. They are commonly connected with luck and good fortune.

        These bugs carry a promise of future prosperity with them. Their bright and colorful appearance, combined with their happy-go-lucky trips, imply that they are embracing life without limits. Even merely spotting a ladybug has its own set of blessings and stories tied to it.

        Although meanings vary, if you encounter a ladybug, it usually implies that the person looking at it is destined to be blessed with prosperity. This is not always about money, and it could instead be the welcoming of something spiritual, personal, or useful.

        Make a mental note of the spots on the ladybug, as well as their amount of blackness. It is believed that the darker the blotches, the more good fortune you will receive.

        The purple variation of the quartz mineral found on this bracelet is called amethyst. Despite the presence of other purple gems such as sapphire and tanzanite, it is the gem most usually linked with the color purple. Its purple tint ranges from a cold, blue-purple to a fiery purple known as "raspberry".

        The purple color of amethyst can range from mild lilac to a deep, intense royal purple, as well as from brownish to bright. Color zoning, which frequently occurs in amethyst and usually consists of angular zones of darker to a lighter color, is also common.

        The semiprecious stone lapis lazuli is prized for its vivid blue color. It is a rock colored with lazurite that is the source of the pigment ultramarine. Small amounts of white calcite and pyrite crystals are generally present in lapis lazuli, in addition to the sodalite minerals. There may also be diopside, amphibole, feldspar, mica, apatite, titanite, and zircon.

        Lapis has a wide range of physical properties due to its varied makeup. It is a metamorphic contact stone that commonly occurs in crystalline limestones. The mines in Badakhshan, northeastern Afghanistan, and those near Ovalle, Chile are the most important sources, with pale rather than deep blue water.

        Keep in mind that much of what is advertised as lapis lazuli is actually artificially colored jasper from Germany with colorless specks of pure, crystallized Quartz, rather than the gold-like pyrite flecks that are characteristic of lapis lazuli. These distinct specks have been likened to stars in the sky.

        Multi Stone Lady Bug Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

        Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Sacred Trust - Lapis Lazuli Stone Necklace
        Collar de confianza sagrada
        Creo que los milagros están en camino, hoy, mañana, todos los días.Con el enfoque tranquilo y orientado a objetivos que prestan las Piedr...
        Precio habitual $99
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        Symbolism & History

        Ladybugs are circular in form and range in length from eight to ten millimeters. They have small legs and highly colorful markings in black, yellow, or reddish colors.

        The hue and amount of dots on the wing coverings vary by species. The name of these beautiful beetles came from the Middle Ages when the beetle was consecrated to the Virgin Mary.

        In fact, throughout the Middle Ages, the European Christian society believed the beetle's spots signified Mary's Seven Sorrows. Farmers claimed that ladybugs emerged to defend their crops after they prayed to the Virgin Mary for protection.

        Farmers dubbed the bugs "Our Lady Beetles", which evolved into "ladybugs", a homage to the Virgin Mary.

        Blue chalcedony is an uncommon chalcedony variety. It comes from the quartz family and is a cryptocrystalline silicate mineral. Ideal for chopping, creating, and tumbling, this stone is generally discovered in huge clumps.

        The chalcedony on the market now is from a single Turkish location. Since 2500 B.C., this area is thought to have been mining blue chalcedony. The word "chalcedony" is derived from the ancient seaport of Chalcedon, which is now known as Kadikoy.

        The stone's blue color is due to the "Tyndall effect," which is defined as light scattering by colloid-sized particles. The color can be anything from a faint, transparent blue to a solid baby blue or sky blue.

        Powers of Malachite

        For thousands of years, malachite has been utilized as a gemstone and sculptural material, and it is still popular today. It is most commonly cut into cabochons or beads for use in jewelry.

        The color of malachite is a deep green that does not fade with time or exposure to light. These characteristics, combined with its ease of grinding to a powder, have made malachite a widely used pigment and coloring ingredient for thousands of years.

        The distinct and rich green tint of malachite is its most remarkable physical feature. The mineral's specimens are all green, ranging from pastel green to a bright green to a dark green that is practically black.

        It usually appears as stalactites and botryoidal coatings on the surfaces of underground spaces, comparable to calcite deposits in caves. Malachite has beautiful ripples of green, white, and black hues throughout the stone.

        Powers of Malachite

        Healing, Protection, & Good Fortune 

        Talent, protection, healing, evolution, good fortune, and grace are all characteristics associated with ladybugs. There are 6,000 species of ladybugs, often known as ladybirds or lady beetles, and they are beloved by people around the world. As a result, the ladybug has been featured in many civilizations' folklores and myths.

        Ladybugs are emblems of healing because they play such a vital part in safeguarding plants, and thus our food supply. Ladybugs were also thought to eliminate and ease sickness. The delicate and intricate nature of the ladybug’s appearance has made them popular additions to designs and artwork.

        When a ladybug lands on someone, it is said that the bug will bring them love, pleasant weather, financial prosperity, or simple luck. The ladybug emblem is frequently used in feng shui, the technique of organizing places for optimal energy flow. If a ladybug lands on something, it is said that you will receive a brand-new and better version of that item. 

        All the gemstones employed in the “Vivacious Spirit” bracelet are highly beneficial and have been specified in the article earlier, but let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of tiger’s eye and citrine. Tiger’s eye is a protective gemstone that can also offer the bearer good fortune.

        It has the potential to concentrate the mind, boosting mental clarity and assisting us in solving difficulties rationally and with less emotion. It is particularly effective in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases and the alleviation of fear and anxiety.

        Powers of Malachite

        It is useful for recognizing one's own desires in relation to the needs of others. By harmonizing yin and yang energies and reinvigorating the emotional body, the tiger's eye balances mood swings, imbues us with ambition, purpose, courage, and self-confidence, and decreases tension.

        Tiger Eye promotes the healing of the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs, as well as the expulsion of toxins, pain relief, and the repair of damaged bones and spinal column alignment. Anyone who uses tiger's eye stones as a healing crystal will receive uplifting and strengthening energy.

        Physical healing effects of the tiger's eye stone include controlling the circulatory system, relieving stomach pain, and strengthening bones. Some people believe that a tiger's eye can help cure broken bones and relieve eye pain. 

        Sometimes in life it can be difficult to maintain your motivation. However, wearing a tiger's eye can give you the boost you need to get ahead! With a tiger’s eye stone you will be able to simplify your goals, allowing you to see difficulties with insight and clarity. On top of its motivating properties, it also provides good luck, making your dreams ever more attainable.

        The sunny citrine stone clears negative thoughts from your mind. It possesses spiritual abilities that generate positive energy and aid in the wearer's recovery from depression. It encourages psychic development, as well as clarity and self-assurance.

        Powers of Malachite

        It is a healing stone that will bring about prosperity and success. As a result of this, it has earned the moniker, "the success stone". It is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Also known as “the merchant's stone”, it keeps businesses afloat and thriving. It aids in both the accumulation and preservation of wealth, and if kept in the wallet is said to help to limit spending.

        Citrine instills the quality of generosity with greater earnings, allowing you to share the wealth and wisdom that it bestows upon you. It is a fantastic healing stone for the heart, liver, and endocrine system, as well as easing fibromyalgia and sleep disorders.

        It assists the thyroid, urinary system, and immune system, while also cleansing the body and aiding in digestion. Citrine does not absorb negative energies, but rather vanishes them away into the ether.

        Product Features

        The “Vivacious Spirit'' is on sale for just $35 from its original price of $59. With eight different high-quality and potent gemstones this multi-colored bracelet is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. With the added ladybug charms this piece is fun and unique.

        Powers of Malachite

        #4 Spiritual Strength – 4 Symbol Tiger’s Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace

          The “Spiritual Strength” necklace is a long malachite piece with a dangling, beaded chain and a pointed charm at the end. Both rugged and fierce, this necklace is made for spiritual warriors.

          The “Spiritual Strength” has a 30 mm pointer charm, a hamsa symbol, an evil eye symbol, an eye of Horus symbol, an infinity symbol, and three stunning gemstones. Each stone is 6 mm each: lapis lazuli, malachite, and tiger's eye.

          The hamsa, which is drawn as an open right hand and has been used as a sign of protection throughout history, is believed to provide protection against the evil eye.

          Khamsah is an Arabic word that alludes to the imagery of "the five fingers of the hand. Due to the five fingers represented on the hand, the hamsa is associated with the sacred number, five, in Jewish culture.

          The hamsa was historically and customarily carved in the jet or fashioned from silver, a metal considered to signify purity and possess magical characteristics, and was one of the most prevalent components of gold and silver jewelry in the region. It was also painted in red on the walls of dwellings for protection. 

          The Eye of Providence is a symbol depicting an eye, frequently contained in a triangle and encircled by rays of light, meant to symbolize divine providence, in which God's Eye watches over humanity.

          Horus lost his left eye and its vision in a battle with Seth, according to Egyptian legend. Hathor magically repaired the eye, associating this sacred symbol with the process of healing and making things whole once more. As a result, the emblem is frequently depicted in amulets and jewelry.

          For hundreds of years, the infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate in algebraic geometry, has been in use. Although the notion of infinity was documented by Ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers, John Wallis, an English priest, and a mathematician was the first to draw the sign as we now know it in 1655.

          It is unclear why Wallis chose the symbol; however, its shape resembles an unending curve. Historians note that a similar figure appeared in early Christian art, and the Ancient Romans used a set of numerals that resembled the figure eight to denote "many”. The symbol is widely used throughout the world today.

          4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace

          Wealth, Health & Happiness 

          Around the world and throughout cultures, the hamsa holds different meanings and connotations. The common thread is that it is a protective emblem that attracts good luck, health, happiness, and wealth, while warding off evil and negative emotions.

          Even today, in many countries, there is a widespread belief that if someone with evil ideas in their heart gazes at you, their 'evil eye' will bring terrible Luck. As a result, by wearing a hamsa, you intercept that negativity and ensure that it does not hurt you. The hamsa is available in two major styles, one with the hand up and one with the hand down.

          The placement of the third eye, symbolized by the sixth chakra, corresponds to the Eye of Horus emblem. The sixth chakra is associated with intuition and clairvoyance, or the ability to "see" things that are normally hidden.

          The Eye of Horus, a thousand-year-old amulet utilized since antiquity, has been able to travel through the years to protect mankind.

          Carry it as a piece of jewelry to reap the benefits of its health-promoting properties. Its integrity will be protected if it is displayed in a home. Remember that the Eye of Horus is symbolized by a left eye, whereas the Eye of Ra is symbolized by a right eye. It is a strongly protective emblem.

          Powers of Malachite

          Lapis lazuli, with its deep blue hues and gold speckled stars, is a stone that promises an abundance of power and benefits. Lapis lazuli's transcendental colors suggest that it is inextricably linked to the spiritual realms. This stone is strongly associated with the third eye chakra.

          This chakra is described as the consciousness's eye, the one that sees everything. Knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and insight are all powerful motivators for the sixth chakra, which helps us to peel back our various layers to find our true selves.

          It is said that when your third eye is blocked, it can be difficult to concentrate, connect, and retain your sense of calm, especially when the world around you is in disarray.

          Your third eye chakra can be affected by stress, sickness, and emotional upheaval. When the third eye chakra is aligned and balanced, you may be able to see further. The use of dark blue lapis lazuli stones can help you to access latent psychic powers.

          Mens New Arrivals Collections

          A Therapeutic Stone 

          It is easy to see why queens like Cleopatra, priests, and Pharaohs like King Tutankhamen have all adored the gorgeous blue tones of lapis lazuli in jewelry.

          This stone is incredibly beautiful, and it adds an undeniable touch of elegance when worn around the neck, wrist, or slipped onto the finger. The stone is enhanced by specks of gold, which helps to reflect the Pyrite particles caught between the tones of blue. 

          The ideal way to harness the powers of lapis lazuli, as well as any therapeutic stone, is by wearing it as jewelry. Direct physical contact with the stone allows your body to absorb all of its  strong and potent vibrations.

          Wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet allows the stone to distribute the sparks of its power where they are needed most in the body, mind, and spirit.

          Lapis lazuli is an extraordinary crystal for improving intellectual abilities and stimulating the higher mind. It arouses a desire for information, truth, and comprehension, while also assisting in the learning process. It is great for improving memory.

          Lapis lazuli, a stone of truth, supports spiritual honesty as well as honesty in the spoken and written word. It can be worn for any type of deep connection. It is also a stone of friendliness, bringing peace and harmony to relationships.

          For a home with temperamental teenagers or youngsters with Asperger's syndrome, autism, or attention-deficit disorder, a lapis lazuli grid promotes calm and loving communication.

          Powers of Malachite

          The vigor of the tiger’s eye stone is thought to assist its bearer in breaking free from the bonds of grief and hatred, finally leading to positivity. It is also great for people who feel like they are stuck in a rut.

          A tiger’s eye gemstone will be your trusted guardian and supportive friend if you ever feel trapped. Whether you lack self-confidence or are simply depressed after breaking up from a long-term relationship, the tiger's eye can improve your spirit and assist you in overcoming emotional obstacles.

          There is no limit to what a tiger's eye can do for you in terms of emotional needs, including concerns caused by financial situations. It has the potential to remove any toxicity from your life, whether it is people or situations.

          Malachite protects the heart of its wearer. It offers numerous advantages for thoughts, emotions, feelings, as well as the mind, body, and soul. It is an energizing treasure that wows with its rings of green.

          Green gemstones are thought to have tremendous powers that increase vitality, love, and the capacity to heal. Malachite is a spiritual intensifier, boosting the energy around it.

          Acting as a hit of inspiration, it has the ability to generate a variety of ideas for the person who carries it. The abundance of energy that malachite imparts to its wearer makes way for grounding, purity, and honesty.

          Malachite is a powerful purification stone for the soul. The uniqueness of this gemstone's pattern reflects its ability to cleanse the soul, while its green color represents the regeneration of the soul.

          Powers of Malachite

          Product Details

          The “Spiritual Strength” malachite necklace retails at $129. With its bold and unique appearance, this colorful necklace can be worn by women or men. It looks particularly stylish when paired with a low-cut or v-neck tee or dress.

          Boasting more than just aesthetic appeal, this eye-catching piece provides a wealth of benefits to the wearer. Anybody looking to instill a warrior mentality within themselves would be wise to add this piece to their collection.

          Cleanse Your Mind, Body & Soul with Malachite

          By incorporating the swirling green stone, malachite, into our lives, we can transform not only the way we view the world, but also how we interact with the world around us.

          With its masterful ability to heal, malachite connects with the heart chakra to open our spirit to the infinite possibilities surrounding us. We can manifest our deepest dreams and become co-creators of our lives, all by wearing this mesmerizing stone.

          Ready to add a piece of malachite to your collection, or give it to a loved one? Browse our beautiful collection of malachite jewelry today at Karma & Luck!

          Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

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