4 Emerald Bracelets for Transformation & Growth

4 Emerald Bracelets for Transformation & Growth

Reminiscent of the colors found in thick jungles and lush rainforests, the emerald stone is intrinsically connected to the soothing energy of the natural world. Beloved for its rich green hues, the emerald stone has been enchanting the world with its unparalleled beauty and its unmatched spiritual powers for ages. Among its many properties, this gemstone is best known for inspiring transformation, new beginnings, abundance, compassion, and unconditional love. 

Connected to the heart chakra, as with all green stones, emerald helps you to open up the healing frequency of love. As you float to higher vibrations, you are able to more easily connect with divine wisdom and magnetize all that you desire. With great manifesting powers, emerald jewelry fills your life with the abundance that you always dreamed of, making life feel more like a fantasy. 

Hoping to add a piece of emerald jewelry to your collection? Read on to discover our top four favorite emerald bracelets from the collection. Bracelet collection

Our 4 Most Stunning & Spiritually-Aligned Emerald Bracelets

Check out these four emerald bracelets, promising you more love, light, and beauty. 

#1 Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Exuding calming vibrations, this opal and emerald bracelet reminds you that the only real truth lies within you. Every answer you seek is already there, you just have to learn how to listen. With the help of heavenly opal and regal emerald, you are reminded of your inner power, encouraging you to step more fully and boldly into your greatest potential. The Soothing Oasis” invites you to wash away your worries, let go of your fears, and say goodbye to anxiety

Pairing white Ethiopian opal stones with ombre green emerald stones, this bracelet is not only beautiful, but also incredibly powerful. This spiritually-charged duo works together to shower you in infinite love and light. The emerald stones promote abundance, unconditional love, and transformation, while the opal stones enhance intuition and encourage healing. Taking this bracelet a step further in power, an evil eye charm was added to deflect any negativity, harm, or danger. 

Measuring 6.5” to 8”, the “Soothing Oasis” is made with an 18k gold plated brass chain. This piece is dotted with 4mm Ethiopian opal stones, 4mm emerald stones, and a sparkling 6mm evil eye charm.Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
There is only one place to find real peace and harmony. That place is within. Sensual by nature, our unique "Soothing Oasis - Opal Emeral...
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#2 Creative Wisdom - Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet

A truly regal pairing, the “Creative Wisdom” bracelet evokes the energy of both the sturdy elephant and the powerful emerald stone. An animal of the earth, elephants inspire you to stay balanced, focused, and determined towards your goals and dreams. These animals are also known for their incredible strength and wisdom, which you can harness in your own life as well. 

Working together, the green emerald stones and the elephant charm, help to release any self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your potential. While wearing this piece of emerald jewelry, you are reminded on the daily that you are capable of anything you put your mind to, and are filled with the confidence to achieve everything on your list. 

Surrounding the wrist in 4mm ombre emerald stones, you are opened up to the healing frequency of love, and are assisted in magnetizing all that you desire. Meanwhile, the 7mm golden elephant charm helps to keep you grounded and aligned. This emerald bracelet is designed in a stretch style, and measures 6.5” around. Creative Wisdom - Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet

Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet
Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet
Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. Let your surrounding become imbued with ex...
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#3 Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet

Showcasing the loving vibrations of emerald and the lotus flower, this charm bracelet opens your heart and activates your soul. Each time you glance down at your wrist, you can be inspired by the story of the lotus - the way it emerges from dark and murky depths, despite all odds, into one of the world’s most beautiful flowers. Remember, that you too, can come out of each challenge and obstacle, stronger and more capable than ever before. Like the lotus flower, let each setback become your greatest blessing. 

Joining forces, the lotus flower charm and the ombre emerald stones are the perfect pairing. The lotus encourages transformation, new beginnings, and fresh starts, and so does emerald, helping to heighten and further activate those benefits. The emerald stones other qualities promote unconditional love, compassion, and abundance.  

Measuring 6.5” to 8”, this 18k gold plated brass bracelet is designed with a lobster clasp closure so that you can easily take it on and off, and choose the right length for your wrist. The “Focused Serenity” features a 7 mm sparkling evil eye charm and a variety of 4mm ombre emerald stones.Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet

#4 Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap

Let this ombre emerald wrap style bracelet serve as your reminder that the Universe is forever conspiring in your favor. Once you align with this truth, abundance begins to flow and opportunities become limitless. Each time you slip this stunning green bracelet on your wrist, you are inviting the energy of abundance, manifestation, and love to be showered upon you. 

The ombre emerald stones and the evil eye charm are a wonderful combination, helping to keep you in an unshakable state of positivity, hope, and optimism. With this new attitude of gratitude, the Universe begins to provide you with more than you ever dreamed of, and then some! Emerald stones are particularly charged to the vibration of unconditional love, compassion, and vitality, ensuring that your life stays bright and sunny. Meanwhile, the evil eye assists in defending against any negativity, danger, or harm that may try to disturb your peace. 

A triple wrap bracelet, this piece is made with 18k gold plated brass. Measuring 19” to 21”, this supercharged bracelet showcases 5mm ombre emerald stones and a gleaming 5 x 10 mm evil eye charm. Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap

Invoke the Energy of Emerald

Sparkling with mystical charm, the emerald stone is ready to supply your life with a stronger connection to the divine, a higher frequency of love, and a more magnetic energy for manifestation. Wearing emerald jewelry helps you to align your actions to your goals, keeping you focused and determined to turn your dreams into reality. 

Ready to welcome the healing power of emerald into your life? Visit our website and shop our full collection of high-vibrational gems and jewels. 

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