4 Amethyst Bracelets to Soothe the Soul

4 Amethyst Bracelets To Soothe The SoulLuckily, there are some tools we can use to help us stay on track and get back to the quiet of our souls - yoga, meditation, breathwork, and gemstones are some of our favorites. One stone, in particular, that has been proven time and time again to be beneficial to mental, physical, and spiritual health is amethyst.

Its soothing energy is like a warm hug from your best friend, filling you with an unshakeable sense of inner peace and belonging. This gentle and loving crystal can help to realign you with your natural state of bliss, helping you to release what no longer serves you. 

Wearing amethyst jewelry is a wonderful and easy trick to finding peace within. This striking purple stone is not only beautiful, but also full of healing benefits. Looking to invite the calming vibration of amethyst into your life?

Read on to discover our top four favorite amethyst bracelet designs for women. 

Find Inner Peace With These 4 Amethyst Bracelets for Women

Read on to explore our top picks for women’s amethyst bracelets, all guaranteed to bring you the peace you seek. 

  • Infinite Blessings - Hematite Amethyst Hamsa Bracelet

    A stunning piece of amethyst stone jewelry, the “Infinite Blessings” bracelet features the healing power of both hematite and amethyst. Made of 18k gold plated brass, the additional hamsa charm surrounds the wearer in divine protection, forever guarding them from harm, danger, and negativity.

    The dark hematite contrasts beautifully against the sparkling purple amethyst stones, and the gold charms add a touch of gleaming light to the bracelet. Made in a stretch style, this women’s bracelet can conveniently fit a variety of wrist sizes, making it a wonderful gift to give. 

    The vibrant amethyst stones strengthen the wearer’s intuition, helping them stay true to themselves and remain in their power. Amethyst also calms the soul, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to all who wear this bracelet.

    Hematite, with its deeply grounding energy, aids the wearer further in staying calm, cool, and collected - regardless of outside circumstances. 

    Infinite Blessings - Hematite Amethyst Hamsa Bracelet

    Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Charm Bracelet
    Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Charm Bracelet
    Love is the bridge between you and everything. Our meaningful "Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Charm Bracelet" promotes the love of the di...
    Precio habitual $79
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    • Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Charm Bracelet

      Love is the bridge that connects us all - it is the one and only truth. Wearing this amethyst bracelet tunes the wearer into the healing vibration of love, aligning them to higher levels of consciousness.

      Compassion is enhanced, not only for others, but also for one’s self. Featuring a 925 sterling silver heart charm, this bracelet’s meaning is all about love and the power it has to brighten our lives. 

      Cleansing the mind of negativity, amethyst creates room for positivity to flow. This soothing purple stone boosts the wearer’s mood and helps them to feel more at ease.

      This gorgeous piece of women’s amethyst jewelry serves as a constant reminder to get back to the heart. Whenever anxiety or fears arise, this bracelet encourages the wearer to come back to their place of pure tranquility and peace. 

      Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Charm Bracelet

      Soothing Remedy - Gold Amethyst Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace
      Soothing Remedy - Gold Amethyst Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace
      Follow your intuition; it will always lead you to the right destination. Deep down, our soul knows that we need to stay calm to achieve o...
      Precio habitual $139
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      • Tranquil Space - Amethyst Lotus Charm Bracelet

        Discover tranquility within, and never feel the need to search for it in other people or places again. Truth, love, and happiness are already within you, and this amethyst stone bracelet shows you where to find it. Sparkling amethyst beads surround the wrist in their soothing energy, and play beautifully with the 925 sterling silver lotus charm sitting in the middle of this bracelet.

        A symbol of new beginnings, enlightenment, and endless opportunity, the lotus reminds us that beauty lies in the challenges we face. In fact, our greatest struggles often turn out to be our greatest lessons and our greatest blessings. 

        Just like the lotus, so too can we rise from the deepest depths and emerge into the light; stronger and more beautiful than ever before. This beaded bracelet for women is designed in a stretch-style to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes, and is lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia. 

        Tranquil Space - Amethyst Lotus Charm Bracelet

        • Serene Consciousness - Gold Plated Amethyst Bracelet

          18k gold plated barrel charms meet vibrant purple amethyst stones in this subtly striking  gemstone bracelet for women. The power duo of gold and purple brings on the royal vibes, reminding the wearer of the queen she really is.

          The divine feminine is instantly sparked, and her confidence blossoms and grows. Any fears or doubts are pushed away, filling her with the inner peace she craves. 

          Connected to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, this amethyst bracelet pulls back the veil of illusion - opening her up to new levels of consciousness. Her intuition is heightened, psychic skills are enhanced, and divine connection is amplified.

          This amethyst bracelet is a wonderful addition to any meditation practice, allowing the mind and body to rest and relax, while also opening the spirit up to new heights. Handmade in Jaipur, India, this beautiful piece of amethyst gemstone jewelry is made in a stretch-style. 

          Serene Consciousness - Gold Plated Amethyst Bracelet

          Let the Soothing Energy of Amethyst Light Up Your Life

          Known as a multi-purpose stone, amethyst’s benefits and healing properties are endless in potential. Whatever ails you, this stone is ready to fix. Its calming energy instantly eases anxiety and stress, helping to make days more easy, breezy, and bright.

          As the official birthstone of February, amethyst is believed to have extraordinary effects for all those born in this particular month. However, everyone can benefit immensely from this peaceful stone’s loving energy, regardless of what month they were born. Wear amethyst jewelry and experience the nurturing energy it adds to your life.

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          Soothing Remedy - Gold Amethyst Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

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