Mom: 30 Reasons Why You Are Our Miracle 365 Days A Year

Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

Mother’s Day is coming; however, we don’t need just this day to remember who you are and what you’ve sacrificed for us.

Your love resonates 365 days of the year. Honoring you on Mother’s Day is an honor, but letting you know how much we love you every day before and after is what means the most.

You were our first best friend, and we don’t remember so much of it for the most part. At least not in our memory. But in our souls, we’ve always known that you came running when we cried and left us wanting for nothing, all the while whispering and singing in our ears and heart that we are safe.

That didn’t stop when we were growing up. You would continue to give us your time, your love, and wipe our tears throughout the years. You would become the very foundation of our future.

You carried us for nine months, brought us into this world, and the most extraordinary journey would begin. You would love us unconditionally as you dressed, fed, bathed, nurtured, held, kissed, and hugged us tight every day, and still, when we come to you, fully grown, you are there with your arms wide open.

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How hard it must have been for you to let go and allow us to try things independently, while you stood before us with a brave face and:

💕 Cried along with us, while your heart broke.
💕 Lost sleep too when we were sick.
💕 Hung onto us a bit longer in case we fell.
💕 Looked for dangers in every corner.
💕 Held your breath when we learned to walk.
💕 Encouraged us to try new things while your heart pounded and you prayed we would stay safe.

Relationships would come and go throughout the years, but you are always here, no matter what, through the good and bad times.

Your loyalty knows no bounds. Even when we yelled, “you don’t know what I’m going through.” Because you always did. Then and now.

You couldn’t give us the answers to everything and left us to figure things out on our own, and when we were at that challenging age and exploring, you put your fears aside but kept not just one eye open, but both.

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And Mom, these are the things we want to acknowledge about you that you probably think we’ve either forgotten or haven’t spent enough time reminding you of because life gets so busy. But we never forget:

💕 The beaming smile on your face when we accomplished something. 

💕 The love and devotion you have for our family. 

💕 The courage you face during adversity. 

💕 Your quirky and awesome personality and sense of humor. 

💕 Your uncanny ability to speak in silence and understanding. 

💕 That you hear us, always. 

💕 How much you’ve taught us. 

💕 Your generosity and big heart. 

💕 The time and dedication you put forth in our projects for school. 

💕 Mother-daughter/son dates you took us on. 

💕 Ice cream healed everything. 

💕 Allowing us buy those crazy outfits you honestly didn’t like. 

💕 How beautiful you are. 

💕 Crazy dancing in the living room. 

💕 Taking us to our favorite places, movies, and games. 

💕 Encouraging us to keep going when we want to give up. 

💕 Your trust. 

💕 Kissing our Boo Boos at every age. 

💕 Helping us find the perfect outfit for school dances. 

💕 Knowing our first love would be devastating. 

💕 Being bold and uncompromising when you needed to be. 

💕 Having infinite compassion. 

💕 The teenage years, enough said. 

💕 You always had our backs. 

💕 Encouraged us to follow our dreams. 

💕 You laughed at our silly jokes. 

💕 Always genuine and with integrity. 

💕 Drove us everywhere. 

💕 You were our best audience. 

💕 And MOM, you’re the smartest and bravest woman we will ever know.

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We love you in a place where there’s no space or time, Mom. Forever. Thank you for always putting us first, for guiding our dreams, uplifting us spiritually, and for the love you are constantly reminding us you have every day. Happy Mother’s Day today, tomorrow and always. 

You are our angel.

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Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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