2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces + 3 Pisces New Moon Rituals

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces + 3 Pisces New Moon Rituals

Opening a portal to higher dimensions, deeper emotions, and abundant inspiration, we welcome in Pisces season with open arms! Each year, from February 18 to March 20, the fish constellation brings with it a time for reflection and expression.

We are encouraged to get in touch with our emotions - checking in with how we really feel about the experiences and people we are putting our time into. Pisces is unafraid to go deep, and as we channel this water sign’s energy, we are inspired, too, to swim past the shallows. 

2023 is all about relationships for Pisces, not only romantic ones, but also friendships and the relationship they have with themselves. Self-work is the name of the game, and it is time to start setting boundaries, sweet Pisces! This year, make it a goal to get more in touch with your own goals and identity.

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It is far too easy for you to absorb the energy of others, blurring the lines between what you want and what others want. It’s just a part of being a Pisces, this sponge-like quality, and it's what makes you such a beloved and compassionate soul.

However, you must start prioritizing your own happiness, and 2023 is the year to do it. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, Pisces. Stay gentle and make time for plenty of self-love rituals - hello nightly bubble baths! 

Ready to dive into all that 2023 has in store for you, Pisces? Read on to explore the 2023 love, friendship, career, finance, and health horoscope for this lovely water sign. Plus - we have included a few rituals to harness the energy of this year’s new moon in Pisces!

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

Is 2023 a Good Year for Pisces?

Get ready for an amazing year, Pisces! The planets are ever in your favor, and it is time to start putting your many dreams and ideas into reality. The 2023 Pisces forecast is all blue skies and sunny days, with a couple good old rainy days - because, we know you love a bit of dreariness once in a while, Pisces! Preferring to feel it all, rather than nothing, you are the king or queen of emotions.

Use this to your advantage, embracing all of that emotion and using it to fuel your passions and interests. Be careful not to let all those emotions overwhelm you and drown you, but rather keep you afloat and cruising towards the horizon. 

This year is all about drive and direction for you, Pisces. As Saturn moves into your sign for the next two years, you may start to feel the pressure building. Saturn is the planet of discipline, responsibility, and hard work. It has all eyes on you, so no more shying away from your goals! This is your year to make things happen, and Saturn will be right by your side helping you out along the way. 

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Pisces Predictions for 2023 

2023 is the year Pisces steps into their power. You may feel a new sense of self-confidence and self-worth, pushing towards your goals. With Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline entering your sign by March 7, you are sure to feel it nudging you towards a direct path.

As a naturally changeable person, it is hard for you to make decisions or stick to just one thing. But, this year, that is about change. 2023 is the year you find your purpose, and begin putting the work in to create the life of your dreams.

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

Psychic abilities come easily to you, but 2023 ramps them up. Tap into your strong intuition, knowing that it never leads you astray. Trust that whatever comes through is divine guidance leading the way. As opportunities, people, and experiences begin to present themselves to you, be discerning in who you let enter your bubble. 

On May 5, there will be a blood moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This super-charged moon is like electricity for you, Pisces. Don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden itch to travel to faraway places. You want to experience the whole world, and this year gives you the chance to make it happen! 

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A 2023 Love Horoscope for Pisces

The 2023 Pisces love horoscope is bursting with blessings. Stars are aligning, letting you live out all your romantic dreams and fantasies. You crave a love that is only seen in movies, and guess what? You may just finally get what you have always wanted, Pisces.

Whether you are seeking a partner or are already in a loving relationship, the odds are in your favor. 2023 is the year of love for Pisces. On January 26, the planet of romance, love, and beauty, Venus, enters your sign. This passionate planet is sure to send sparks flying - initiating a fresh romance or reigniting old flames. 

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

If you are afraid of committing to a relationship or trusting fully in somebody, this is the year to put those fears to rest. It is really not so scary, Pisces! Your sweet and gentle soul is ready to love someone with all your heart, and there is somebody out there just waiting to love you, too.

Let this 2023 love horoscope fill you with the confidence to put yourself out there - sign up for speed dating, download dating apps, or let your friends set you up on a blind date! The Universe is sure to reward your bold and brave efforts. 

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Pisces 2023 Career & Finance Horoscope

Before we get too excited - just keep in mind, Pisces, that astrologers never claim to be economists! We can, however, use planetary alignments as ways to predict how our careers and finances will perform throughout the year. Use these predictions as a fun way to find excitement and inspiration for the coming year. Afterall, maybe it is all about mindset! 

Ruling money and beauty, the planet Venus gracefully enters your sign by February 2. This gives you the perfect opportunity to use your charm and ask for that raise or promotion you have been wanting. Career advancements are highly likely for you in 2023

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

By late March, Aries will have entered your sweet sign. Bold and daring, Aries dares you to take risks. A natural leader, Aries is always making the first move. Its confident energy will give you the courage to make a change. This time of year presents you the chance to find a new job - hopefully one that supports your spiritual and financial needs.

Aries also brings with it a solar eclipse. This powerful shift in energy may leave you feeling a bit doubtful or paranoid. So, although you may be rising in your career, it is important to be frugal with your money during this eclipse. Eclipses are all about security, and you will definitely want to feel a sense of comfort with where you are at financially. 

The 2023 year presents a variety of opportunities to boost your finances and find abundance. Remember to take risks, put yourself out there, and always seek your bliss. Once you start prioritizing your own happiness, you may be surprised to see the financial blessings that unfold. 

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Pisces 2023 Health Horoscope

2023 is your year to make self-care a priority. Wellness rituals are strongly encouraged to keep you swimming upright, Pisces. With a tendency towards melancholy, try not to let your emotions get the best of you, instead channeling them into your art, work, and ideas. When you do feel overwhelmed, however, be sure to listen to your body and make time for rest. This year, be unafraid to ask for a day off or request more breaks. Your health is your wealth. 

Self-care is a big theme for your 2023 horoscope, Pisces. Remember that it is not selfish to prioritize your needs and health. When you take care of yourself, you end up having more to give to others. The Pisces forecast calls for lots of warm bubble baths, regular spa days, massages, and rejuvenating skin care routines. Let yourself relax into luxurious rituals

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

Pisces New Moon Rituals

This year on February 20, 2023, there will be a new moon in Pisces. Let your dreams lead the way as you melt into this ethereal Neptunian energy. New moons are always a wonderful time to set your intentions and make some plans for the future, as well as a chance to surrender to the flow.

A Pisces new moon is particularly powerful for getting in touch with your emotions, and using your intuition to guide you towards your truth. Looking for a new moon in Pisces ritual to get in touch with this imaginative energy? Here are 3 of our favorite rituals for a Pisces new moon:

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  • Bathe in the Moon’s Purifying Light

As the sign of the fish, Pisces loves water. Honor that aquatic fondness by taking a bath under the Pisces new moon. Make it extra luxurious with flower petals, bath bombs, body oil, candles, and some soothing music. Turn the lights down low and let the warm water cleanse your body and soul. As you soak, take some time to consider your intentions. What are you letting go of this new moon in Pisces?

2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

  • Ritualize Your Sleep

With the heavy burden of emotions always on their back, Pisces loves a good rest. As the ruler of sleep, a new moon in Pisces is the perfect excuse to prioritize catching those Z’s.

New moons are renowned for being energy vampires - leaving you feeling completely drained and exhausted. Give yourself a night or two of deep and relaxing sleep, using sleep meditations, essential oils, meditations, or anything else, to help you get the deepest rest. 

Before you fall asleep, set the intention for guidance in your dreams. When you awake, write it all down. Use your intuition to decipher what these dreams mean and what they signify for your future.

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  • Make Art

    A creative sign, pisces uses their incredible imagination to turn even the mundane into magic. To this water sign, life is moving poetry. Tune into this Pisces energy during the new moon to get in touch with your artistic side. Turn on some music, get out your paints and paintbrushes, and go wild! Leave all judgements aside and just let it flow. You can consider your intentions and goals for the new moon, painting whatever comes through.

    2023 Astrological Forecast for Pisces

    Ready for All That 2023 Has to Offer You, Pisces? 

    Dear Pisces, 2023 is the year to dive headfirst into your bliss. Get ready for a year of expansion, and excitement. It is finally time to turn your many daydreams into reality. Bursting with creative ideas, the world is ready to see all that you have been cooking up.

    With Saturn by your side for the next two years, there has never been a better time for Pisces to get motivated. This year, you are supported on all of your endeavors, and given a good boost of motivation and confidence to help you achieve your goals. As much as this year is about drive, it is important to take adequate time for rest and relaxation - something that should come pretty naturally to you, Pisces. 

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