12:12 Portal 2022 – The Spiritual Awakening

12:12 Portal 2022

The Portal of Conscious Awareness opens on 12:12.  (December 12, 2022). 

On December 12 (12:12) an energy portal opens between the Universe and Earth, allowing its inhabitants an opportunity to raise our vibration, connect to a higher frequency and step into a space of conscious awareness. Who am I, and what value do I possess?

When the window opens, a wave of energy moves through our waking state and casts us into the middle of a sea of spiritual awakening. This powerful source of verve is the catalyst in which our soul’s purpose is revealed, and we take an introspective review on our past internal scriptures. Did we learn any lessons this year,  and how do I implement what we have learned into my decisions and actions to better my future?  

The 12:12 energy is raw, vulnerable and allows the collective to really dig deep at the heart of the matters that are holding us back from living our best life. It is a wave of frequency that rains down on Earth to help lift the vibration of humanity and Mother Gaia, the center core energy source of our Earth. We are all energy. We all vibrate with frequency. This portal opens a conscious awareness allowing us to free flow through this energy to connect to our higher selves. 

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What Does 2023 Have in Store for Us?

The 12:12 portal ignites Intuition and introspective intuitive thoughts. It is a cosmic door, gateway – an unseeable window that becomes available for us to leap into the gateway of Higher Self, Higher Guidance and Higher Wisdom. 

This is the day (12:12) that will kindle retrospection of who we are, what we want, and where we are going. During this day, a 30-day window of energy review opens ushering in the New Year, as well as unfiltered emotions and feelings that are dense, yet, relieving.  It’s the ultimate purge and time to release all that no longer serves us, all that is holding us back. It is the retrospective portal that puts us in a deep mind space, connecting the dots of how we got here and why, and most important, am I going in the correct direction? This is the portal that initiates a mega cleanse within our soul, our vibration and our essence of who and how we define ourselves down here in the 3D. 

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12:12 - Stability & Balance & Harmony - Self Mastery

How do we walk down this path toward living our most true, authentic self? Aligning yourself with your True North happens when we get down and dirty with who we are and what we hope to accomplish with whatever time we have left here.  It’s time to detach ourselves from those people in our lives that no longer connect with our frequency – and that includes romantic, family, friends, work colleagues and people that cross our daily lives but down add positivity and enhancement to our existence and our metal state. It is a time of letting go of past behavior patterns, of doing the same action or reaction repeatedly and expecting different results. Most, if not all, of our entrapments happen because we live behind a wall of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what if, and fear of lack mentality.  

If I leave this situation will my life be better or worse? To answer that quickly, if we seek an answer about change, chances are, that change is inevitable. It’s better to step into the unknown at the “chance” of attaining that change rather than remain stuck at no chance for that change at all. The 12:12 will help usher that along – if we let it.  

Our ego, how we rationalize our sense of self against others that acts as a mediator between our sense of self and reality - is the biggest proponent of NOT letting go.  We hide behind our sense of perception – what will others think if I leave this marriage? If I leave this job? If I dye my hair blonde? This portal gives us a chance to separate from our ego – and get to the heart of the matter of our own personal needs without the false perceptions and society driven concerns of what others will think. In other words, this 12:12 portal is a rapid energy source that helps push you to get real with yourself. 

2022 Adds a Power Punch to 12-12

This portal is known as the “release” portal. It’s time to give forgiveness to those who hurt you; it’s time to say goodbye to the situations that don’t make bring happiness or fulfillment.  It’s time to get out of the logical and seek understanding through the soul – after all, it’s the soul feels and drives what is best for conscious self, and this opening window of energy will push us to uncover those needs and desires. And better yet, make the formidable steps to attain them. 

The Universe wants us to finally take hold of our own sense of personal total happiness like we have never experienced before. To achieve that, we must find the courage to walk straight into our higher self – find our personal true North and purpose. This is a personal journey and no one else is invited but you.  

This portal gives the collective a chance to operate at the highest frequency possible - it's for you and only you. Who are you? Are you living your truest, most authentic life? Are you? This portal will give us an added push to find the answers to those questions, and will give us each the swift kick in the tush - the courage - to push us on the path this is our true alignment.

The 12:12 window is opening, who has the courage to jump through? It gives each of us the chance for epic rewards if we summon up the courage to use this energy towards our personal advantage and purge what no longer elevates us. 

During the 12:12 portal time frame (about 30 days) we will be showered with number sequences, repeating patterns, repeating names in our daily affairs in the 3D. This is the portal of synchronicity, coincidence (not really, they don't exist - everything has a divine purpose) and serendipity. We will all have heightened senses: sight, hearing, touch, feel, sixth sense, sexual passion & Deja Vu during this time. 

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Final Thoughts

Let the portal energy flow, it will give us all a time to see what is truly in front of us, especially when the symbols and signs won't quit popping up during this special energetic window. The energy will rain down somewhat like rushing water when a dam breaks. It is rapid, and it is intense.  We will feel it, and some of us, might experience tingling, electric shocks – like the ones you feel when walking on carpet. Our knees, ankles might swell a bit and our eyes might feel a little dry and itchy. 

Our arms and legs might fall asleep with that pins and needles feeling a little more often now. These are ascension symptoms that will automatically let you know that this portal is connecting directly with your personal DNA.

It's an amazing portal designed to elevate the collective and bring a sense of renewed spiritual awareness to us all. Enjoy the beauty of this portal; We might just see a thing or two a little differently during this epic 12-12 experience. 

Are you ready to walk through? Are you? 

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Written By: Michele Tell

Intuitive Tarot & Energy Reader
Psychic Arts Licensed
The Signs of Tarot, LLC

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