The Ultimate Guide to Loving an Aries Man

Aries in zodiac signs

Finding real love is what we are all after in this life. We all are searching for that special someone who feels like home and makes us feel whole. Yet, finding and sustaining love is not so easy. There are, however, said to be three essential traits to any successful relationship:  empathy, positivity, and a deep emotional bond. These three simple, yet complex, things will fuel the happiest and healthiest partnerships. Aside from this, we can also look to the stars for guidance in love. By using the ancient wisdom of astrology, we can determine which star signs are compatible with our own, and which may not be a great match.

The first of the zodiac signs, Aries, is the leader of the pack. They love to be first in everything and love to compete. Aries men traits offer a unique and intriguing set of characteristics to any relationship. They promise a life of excitement, passion, and energy to anyone who chooses to share their life with them.  Are you an Aries man or do you have an Aries man in your life? Read on to discover everything there is to know about loving these dynamic individuals.

Set Your Heart On An Aries Man

An astrological sign can reveal a lot about the man you are pursuing or falling in love with, as each zodiac sign carries a set of distinct personality traits. By examining an astrological birth chart, you can have better insight into a man’s mind and soul before getting too serious or too attached to him. If your loved one’s birthday falls between March 21st and April 20th, then you are dating a passionate Aries. The Aries sign is associated with the element of fire. These men are generally quite active and have a strong personality. They are fiercely protective of those they care about. In order to protect and defend you, Aries will go to great lengths. They enjoy taking risks and are constantly seeking adventure and adrenaline in their life. 

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They do not flee from unfortunate or difficult circumstances, but rather stay, fight, and work to push through. They are courageous individuals who will never cower in the face of adversity. Always full of energy, they are known for their excited, adventurous and blissful spirits. Aries are very passionate and enthusiastic about the things they enjoy doing and will always make those things their top priority in life. 

As a passionate and fiery sign, they keep the flame burning in relationships. They are not afraid to spice things up in order to keep their spouse happy and satisfied. They are completely at ease in their own skin, and have no qualms about giving their partner some space. In fact, an Aries man needs a large amount of independence. Nothing will make these guys run quicker than a spouse that is clingy. Give him space and wow him with your own passions and interests, and you are sure to have Aries fall completely head over heels for you. These men will fill your life with fun and set your soul on fire.                          Aries Men

The Defining Traits of Aries Men

Before setting your heart on an Aries man, there are some traits and characteristics that you should be aware of first.

Strong & Courageous

Aries season men are powerful, fierce, assertive, and self-assured. These distinct characteristics enable them to consistently stay ahead of the pack. Their innate strength and confidence also helps them endure through times of stress and uncertainty. Aries male have no fear of venturing into the unknown - it is actually what they thrive on. They are fearless and composed individuals that are always eager to lead. As naturally competitive souls, they never let any hurdles or obstacles stand in the way of achieving a goal.

With their thoughts and ideas, Impulsive Aries men can be impetuous and headstrong when it comes to their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Self-sufficient to an extreme, they refuse to take recommendations or advice, and become enraged if someone constantly disagrees with them. Aries men will work at their own pace and zeal, unconcerned with others’ orders. They are also renowned for moving quickly in all things, and cannot tolerate slowpokes.

aries men

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Animated & Enthusiastic

Aries men are extremely active, energetic, and enthusiastic. They enjoy working swiftly and, at times, viciously. Aries are never bored and love taking on new tasks. They generally begin undertakings with considerable zeal and devotion, but it quickly fizzles out as they lose interest. Aries are usually very energized and enthusiastic - that is until they get bored and find something new to do. Once things become too repetitive or tedious, an Aries man loses his passion. The most difficult task for them is to find something, or someone, that holds their excitement.

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Ambitious & Competitive

Aries possess the fundamental strength required to conquer the universe. They want to be the best in the world at everything they do. In all aspects of their life, Aries are fiercely competitive and dedicated. Few people on this earth can match the same level of determination as Aries. They enjoy competing against themselves as much as they enjoy competing against others. Their career will have an abundance of achievements, and they will be proud of all their victories and milestones.

An Aries man is very much like an open book when it comes to love, dating, and relationships. With their competitive spirit, they will go to any length to win over the heart of their love interest. When Aries finds the right partner, he will demonstrate amorous acts to make him or her fall in love with him. However, there are moments when an Aries man may become so engrossed in love and passion, that they end up losing a part of themselves. This can make them feel distant and frustrated because they will be unable to explain their sentiments to their partner. In love and relationships, the only problem Aries will have is deeply connecting with a partner. They are free spirits that yearn for independence. However, when Aries woman does eventually fall madly in love, they will do everything to keep their other half happy.

Attention of An Aries Man

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How to Catch The Attention of An Aries Man

Interested in an Aries man, but not quite sure how to reel him in? Here are some tips for winning these spirited guys over!

Get Active

Aries is a restless sign that is always on the lookout for new adventures and experiences. They enjoy going on travels and participating in activities. Aries men are always ready for new challenges. Take them on a date that they will never forget - skydiving, rock climbing, surfing, or anything that excites you and them!

Be Sincere

Aries requires a partner that will always tell them like it is. They have no time for dishonesty or playing games. Be direct and be sincere with an Aries, or they may never know how you truly feel.

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Embrace Independence

Aries are the epitome of self-assurance, and are attracted to that same quality in their partners. They thrive on taking charge in everyday settings and like taking on new challenges. An Aries man is difficult to resist. It is thrilling to be in their company for their charming, daring, and adventurous spirits. If you have a crush on Aries, you are probably aware that they can be difficult to read. In love and relationships, an Aries man is infamous for mysteriously ghosting after a series of fantastic dates. To prevent this, you have to beat him at his own game - show him that you are completely fine and happy without him. If you flaunt your independence and show off your passionate side, an Aries man will rush back in no time.

Compliment Away

An Aries man appreciates being the center of attention and being complimented. Be sure to regularly tell your Aries man what you love about him when you are hanging out with him. Make flirtatious compliments that are specific to him and his heart will burst. Feel free to complement his adventurous spirit, smart sense of humor, or even his stunning good looks. Just be careful not to overdo it! Subtly complimenting him on a regular basis will quickly draw his attention to you.

aries men

Make Him Laugh

Aries guys are beloved for their wit and intelligence. Send him funny memes and videos throughout the day, but also clips that appeal to his hobbies. This  demonstrates your understanding of his sense of humor, and is a great opportunity to tease him a little - he will love the fact that you are not afraid to do so. Your flirtatious and lively sense of humor will entice him and make him reconsider his “cool man” persona.

Add a Hint of Mystery

Men born under the sign of Aries lover man a good challenge. You can blame it on the fact that Mars, the God of War, rules their sign. Make him compete for your attention by showing only a small portion of yourself at a time. You might also try ending your text exchanges first and filling your calendar with activities that do not include him. This can be difficult to do, but it will surely pique this infamous player's interest.

Aries man

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Stay Thoughtful

Aries men like to keep things interesting. Go on thrilling, activity-based dates, such as seeing a new band perform live, dancing the night away at a local bar, or hiking a semi-dangerous trail. Also, avoid making plans for dates that are too distant in the future, so that he does not feel obligated. Instead, embrace unpredictability and ask to meet out sometime within the week. Giving him space, but being thoughtful when with him, will immediately pull him in.

Embody Confidence

To beat an Aries man at his own game, you must have confidence. Try not to let his actions damage your self-esteem, no matter how difficult it may be. Remind yourself of all of your distinct and amazing characteristics, skills, and achievements. If you are ever feeling down on yourself, simply think of that list or call a friend to remind you. Your inner confidence will come shining through, making you a magnet to any Aries guy.

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Ready for your Aries Man?

There are no ultimates when it comes to astrological compatibility, but Aries can truly make it work with just about anyone who shares their fiery passion. Aries are generally attracted to lovers and companions who value their independence, while also leading busy and exciting lives of their own. In terms of friendship and romantic relationships, Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo are the best matches for Aries.

This adventurous and spirited fire sign takes the lead when it comes to everything in life, and romance is no exception. When someone catches their interest, they move swiftly and with passion. Anyone who wishes to catch the attention of an Aries must be equally energetic and excited about life as they are. This cheerful sign relishes the opportunity to try new things, and they are the zodiac's fierce individualists. This ferocious ram can teach us all how to be our bravest, most self-reliant selves. Falling in love might be frightening at times, but knowing what to expect can help to ease any worries. Knowing more about an Aries man can help to better understand and relate to them. 

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