Spiritual Skull Symbolism: Understanding the Deeper Meaning

skull symbolism

Skulls are some of the oldest ancient symbols in human history. They have an important role in depicting the cycle of creation and are often represented in monumental artwork, mysticism, religion, and spirituality.

These are eccentric symbols with mystical and powerful metaphysical connotations. Their symbolism is entwined with different interpretations, and while their meaning is clouded with stigma, the true meaning of skulls and their use for spiritual purposes extends way back to the first civilizations.

In fact, skulls are some of the most potent symbols one can work with. Let’s learn what skull symbolism is truly about.

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Skull Symbolism Meaning

The skull is an eccentric spiritual symbol that was long associated with death and rebirth. However, its complex symbolism goes beyond mortality or fear.

Here’s the meaning behind it and what makes it a potent spiritual symbol…


The skull is the “home” of the mind. It symbolizes higher knowledge, truth, and ageless wisdom. Since it is mostly depicted as a barren set of bones, it is associated with open-mindedness and receptiveness to novel ideas. 

Skull meaning emphasizes the power of the rational mind, willpower, and mental agility. It represents the ability to transcend the limitations of the established systems of knowledge, penetrate deeper truths, and find higher meaning. 

skull symbolism

Bravery & Fearlessness

Skulls are old symbols of courage and strength. They are associated with the ability to defeat the odds, overcome obstacles, and recognize and deal with danger bravely and boldly. Skull symbolism represents personal power and is linked with warrior spirits and valorous force.

Although it has been linked with fear, the skull represents the ability to conquer those fears and rise above them.


Everything in life moves in cycles, and endings are inevitable occurrences that are a part of that process. While they represent finite things, skulls also symbolize the start of the new cycle and the birth of new life.

Just like the seasons, they are linked with the natural movement of energy, the closing of old cycles.

The Beauty of Mortal Life

A skull is a reminder that everything in life is transient, and that we have the willpower to choose how we live it. Its meaning is associated with mortality, urging us to see the beauty of every day and recognize life on Earth as a gift.

Skull symbol meaning raises awareness of the present moment and inspires us to live purposefully, discover the meaning of life, and pursue all that makes it meaningful.

Since the skull is part of the skeleton, its meaning is associated with the physical body, bringing attention to the importance of loving and nurturing it.

skull meaning

Skull Meaning Throughout History

The skull has a significant place in mythologies, legends, and traditions of ancient cultures across the globe. Although historic meanings are different for every culture, skulls had powerful symbolism, and were often considered sacred, often used as offerings to Gods.

Let’s take a look at what they represented throughout history…

Ancient Aztecs

For ancient Aztecs, although associated with death and taming the fear of death, skull symbol meaning had a positive connotation. Being more than just a symbol of death, the skull represented life and the beginning of the new dawn.

As such, it was deemed a symbol of regeneration and was linked with rebirth and the inevitable cycle of life. For them, skull symbolism was linked with humanity and it symbolized seeds of life and the birth of new.

Celtic Culture

In Celtic traditions and myths, skulls were considered sacred and were presented on altars as offerings. The skull was associated with the soul and with power. The mouth and eye openings represented holy spots linked with attaining knowledge and wisdom.

Besides being a “soul house,” in some instances, skulls were mentioned as symbols of creation and transformation, symbolizing the cycle of life.

skull symbol

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Ancient India

In Buddhism, the meaning of the skull was deeply entwined with the idea of emptiness. It was believed that emptiness was part of everything in the Universe and that everything around us is inherently neutral, only losing its neutrality in our minds.

In both Hinduism and Buddhism, skull symbolism was associated with Munda Mala and the sacred syllable, OM. A garland of skulls were worn by deities, Mahavidyas Goddesses, and Shiva. Skull jewelry was a symbol of the power of Gods, implying their greatness that is bigger than danger, enemies, and death itself.


In Christianity, the skull is a symbol of mortality. Many holy frescoes depict saints holding skulls, as symbols of ethereal wisdom and higher knowledge. Holding a skull was symbolic of releasing earthly burdens and worries and turning to spirituality, a trust in the Divine, and faith.

Simultaneously, being part of the skeleton and the body, skull symbolism also represents a connection between the spiritual and the physical realm.

Skull Symbol Jewelry 

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skull symbol

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Final Thoughts 

Potent symbols like skulls can help you harness your inner power, strengthen your will, and defeat your demons and shenanigans. Jewelry with skulls that blend spiritual tools and craftsmanship can be your assistance and the ultimate symbol of life – the life you want to live and create. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Skull Jewelry Collection

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