Promote Growth with this Charming Emerald Bracelet for Men

Bracelet for Men

The soothing emerald birthstone has been enchanting the hearts and souls of people around the world for centuries. However, they are so much more than just their beautiful appearance.

Emeralds are powerful stones that, according to Hindu mythology, are deeply connected to the small, yet dynamic, planet, Mercury. The emerald gemstone is also known as Budh Ratna and is primarily worn as a means to harness the many positive benefits of this brain-boosting and communication-assisting planet. 

In today's modern world, individuals choose to wear emeralds for a variety of reasons, whether it is to provide positivity, promote growth, or add a unique touch of style, the benefits are endless.

This valuable, green-colored gemstone from the beryl mineral family also holds a significant meaning in the Western world. Emerald is considered to be a lucky birthstone for people born in the month of May. The aura of a vibrant green emerald is mesmerizing to the eye and high in value.

Bracelet for Men

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The therapeutic, spiritual, and metaphysical powers of the emerald stone have been extensively discussed and documented by saints, scientists, and sages. This stone encourages you to live your life to the fullest by calming the emotions and opening the heart chakra to love.

Inspiration, equilibrium, knowledge, and patience are all provided by this stone. By allowing the wearer to offer and receive unconditional love, it is believed to encourage friendship, peace, harmony, and domestic bliss.

When it comes to jewelry, there are more and more unique options for men on the market. Karma & Luck hopes to create pieces that speak to the souls of both women and men, and our “The Believer Matte Onyx” bracelet is the perfect example of this. Interested in this dreamy bracelet made specifically for men? Read on to discover its many properties and benefits!

The Believer Matte Onyx Bracelet 

We are who we pretend to be, so take caution in how you claim to be. The nurturing and beautiful emerald agate will strengthen your faith in your deepest desires and interests, giving you the energy and excitement you need to meet your goals and wishes. The “Believer Matte Onyx Bracelet - May Birthstone” is made up of many onyx stones, which protect you from dark, negative energy. 

Emerald agate and matte onyx stones make up this unique bracelet. The powerful stones featured in this bracelet not only provide balance, harmony, stability, and relief to your life but also add character to your everyday look.

This multi-cultural beaded bracelet with the May Birthstone is a must-have jewelry piece. For as long as we have had the ingenuity to extract it from the earth, emerald crystals in all shapes and cuts have added beauty and charm to one’s style and soul.

At Karma & Luck, we can ensure that you will acquire your desired product safely  and quickly, no matter where you are in the world. We provide high-level customer service, as well as quick and efficient delivery. In fact, for orders of $200 or more, Karma & Luck offers free standard shipping on international orders.

The Believer Matte Onyx Bracelet

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The Karma & Luck Difference

Inspired by timeless traditions, Karma & Luck is a lifestyle brand with the capacity to awaken deeper consciousness and purpose every day through our wearable art. The elegant, unique, and thoughtful jewelry and homegoods are created to promote happiness, health, and success, while also assisting you in realizing your goals.

Vladi Bergman launched Karma & Luck in 2015 with the goal of bridging cultures through fair trade, handcrafted goods with messages of peace and generosity. Karma & Luck, which is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, maintains a global view - envisioning a world united in love.

Every Karma & Luck piece is intended to bring good luck into your home and to protect you everywhere you go. We strive to create products that are as unique and beautiful as each of our beloved customers. 

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The Benefits of Emerald Bracelets

Emeralds in any form are captivating to the heart and eyes, and they make particularly gorgeous bracelets. Worn around the wrist, the emerald is able to maintain close contact with the skin, allowing it to penetrate the body and soul with its positive benefits.

A good luck symbol or a fashion statement, an emerald bracelet can be worn for a variety of reasons. If you have an important goal in life, wearing an emerald bracelet every day is thought to assist you in achieving it. It is believed to bring success and abundance into the wearer’s life. 

Wearing an emerald bracelet is believed to help you have a happy and tranquil marriage. It is also thought to improve your understanding of children and build family harmony. Wearing an emerald bracelet can help to call in prosperity and grow your wealth.

While wearing an emerald bracelet, be sure it is not swaying too much. To ensure that the emeralds are long-lasting, they must be attached to a chain that can survive a lot of movement, bumps, and scratches. When not in use, be sure to store your bracelet safely away in a pouch or softly-lined jewelry box. 

Wearing Your Emerald Bracelet

Slip your emerald bracelet on after you have applied lotion or perfume, as they can damage the stone. Avoid touching the stone with your hands too much, as the appearance of an emerald can be dulled by skin oils.

If you play any sports or do manual labor, be sure to take off your emerald bracelet until you are done. Emerald bracelets can get caught in your clothes and break or chip if they come into contact with a rough surface. The accumulation of dirt on your emerald bracelet may limit its lifespan. At least once a year, take it to your local jeweler to get it properly cleaned. 

Any loose stones, worn-out prongs, faulty clasps, or any other damage or condition that could become problematic later can be detected by a jeweler. Do not use steam cleaning machines or ultrasonic machines to clean your emerald bracelet or any emerald jewelry. Take proper care of your emerald stone and it is sure to last a lifetime.

Bracelet for Men

Repairing Emerald Jewelry 

If you have any concerns for your emerald jewelry, it is best to bring it into a jeweler. However, if you are looking for a simple at-home trick, we have got a great one for you to try:

If you see a slight flaw in your emerald bracelet, do not be concerned. It can be easily repaired with a toothpick and some baby oil. With your toothpick, pick up a tiny drop of baby oil and gently dab it on the affected area of your emerald.

Allow the oil to absorb into the surface and revitalize the defect for about five to ten minutes. Then, wipe the baby oil off the emerald's surface with a soft cloth, tissue, or napkin. Take care not to let the oil spread to the rest of the emerald. 

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Live Life to the Maximum with an Emerald on Your Wrist

Emerald is a stone that encourages you to live your life to the fullest. It calms the emotions and opens the heart chakra. Inspiration, equilibrium, knowledge, and patience are all promoted by this stone. It is said to be useful for business transactions and other forms of partnerships because it fosters honesty and loyalty.

Emerald strengthens the spirit and aids in overcoming adversity. It gives the downtrodden a sense of joy, recuperation, and rebirth. It also alleviates claustrophobia and fury, while promoting a sense of well-being. It enhances self-awareness by bringing subconscious thoughts to the surface. 

As long as the stone is not opaque, it enhances creative and mental abilities. Emerald increases consciousness and improves concentration. It can also lead to positive change and action because it eliminates negative thoughts, promotes self-expression, and restores mental equilibrium. 

Emerald boosts health and vigor by eliminating free radicals from the body. It is said to also improve circulation and neurological function, while strengthening and healing the heart and kidneys. Emerald improves psychic sensitivity and clairvoyance when held over the third-eye chakra.

Bracelet for Men

Mystics use the stone to get insight from the spiritual realms. They are said to be most effective when worn over the heart, on the right arm, or on the ring or little finger. 

The black onyx crystal reflects your soul in its deepest and truest form. It filters out the superficial perceptions of others around you, allowing them to glimpse the depths of your true nature. The onyx is a mystical crystal that can help you on your spiritual path by bringing hope and light into a dark tunnel.

It is a powerful stone that shields the mind and body from negative fields that deplete the energy of the carrier, resulting in emotional and physical well-being. It contains a plethora of healing and spiritual benefits, some of which have been documented for hundreds of years. For instance, Native Americans and Peruvians have used black onyx as a way to enhance psychic abilities, eliminate anxiety, and protect from harm.

Bracelet for Men

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Black Onyx to Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul 

The black onyx crystal serves as a way to empower and free the soul that has been imprisoned. Black onyx relaxes and calms the mind and body from any monsters that may be haunting them, and removes even the deepest and darkest fears.

When utilizing onyx, it is thought to promote physical and spiritual transformations, which is why it has become a necessary instrument for any ancient healer. Due to the power of the stone, which is said to have emancipated and altered their culture, the black onyx became a significant figure for Native Americans as well as Peruvians.

Grounding, protection, and self-control are all benefits of black onyx stones, which can also be utilized as a shield against negative energy. This stone improves discipline by making it easier to stick to goals and complete activities. It has a relaxing aspect that can help you work through difficult emotions such as sadness and worry. 

Black onyx also aids in the balance of yin and yang energy. It assists us in feeling centered, allowing us to have sensible judgment and get to the bottom of problems.

It can help with logical reasoning and intuitive receptivity. Black onyx is claimed to help us search within ourselves, understand the past and present, and take control of our life in the future. Black onyx is also thought to be beneficial to the foot and bone marrow. It has been used to improve physical endurance and to aid in the recovery of physical strength following an illness. 

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Embrace A Charmed Lifestyle with Emerald Bracelets 

When people are asked what emerald signifies, they are most typically given descriptions of the color green, or the riches and status that this rare and sought after stone represents.

However, this only tells half the tale of what emerald can do and why it should be added to any crystal collection. By connecting the metaphysical aspects of emerald with the physical, one can see that its beautiful and powerful energy is limitless in its abilities to heal. 

When working on the heart chakra, emerald and rose quartz can be used in conjunction as their vibrations are complementary. Visualize the emerald as a heart-shaped stone encircled by rose quartz's warm pink glow, and breathe these energies deeply into your being.

Green aventurine or jade can also be used with emerald. Place emerald on your heart, blue lace agate on your throat, and amethyst on your third eye when working on your upper chakras.

This combination gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about your true destiny and life purpose. When combined with clear quartz points and smaller jade and citrine specimens, emerald can be used to create a healing grid.

Bracelet for Men

Carry Positivity With You Everywhere You Go

This vibrant green stone will carry peaceful and compassionate, heart-based energy into your life. Once slipped onto your wrist, you will feel the stone's plentiful and nurturing energy begin to fill the soul with bliss.

By opening the heart chakra to unconditional love, emerald reminds us of the deep and meaningful connections we have with others and to ourselves. As such an enchanting stone, an emerald gift can be a beautiful way to commemorate a variety of events and life experiences, and is an excellent choice for confirming the love you have for someone. 

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