Why Are Men Wearing Pearls? Plus 5 Pieces From the Hottest Selection of Pearls for Men

Today we are celebrating National Wear Your Pearls Day. On this occasion, we are reminded of the beauty of life and are encouraged to embrace both the ups and downs of our experience here on Earth.

Just like Diamonds, Pearls and crystals are formed under pressure, we grow the most when faced with adversity and setbacks. Pearls represent balance, awareness, and wisdom, which are the most fertile grounds for confidence, empowerment, and spiritual growth.

Although often associated with gentleness and femininity, Pearls weren't always associated with women but historically had a very special place on the garments of men. That’s why the value of Pearls for men is timeless.

Why Are Men Wearing Pearls?

Pearls are one of the oldest and most valuable accessories that were frequently used in fashion throughout history, for both men and women. And they are back in style today!

Let’s discover why men are wearing pearls

Pearls for Men Are in Style

Pearls are not only valuable and healing, but also powerful accessories that elevate men’s style and unique expression. They contrast a plain look and are trendy assets that reflect his spiritual side, helping him stand out from the crowd.

Since Pearls for men are the latest fashion, men who dare to give them a go are noticed for both their energy and their impeccable fashion choice.

We Are in a Cycle of Feminine Energy

We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, and we are the most balanced when these opposing sides of our psyche are aligned. We are soon entering the Age of Aquarius and are moving into a cycle of Feminine energy. This trend fits in with the cycles of nature and accompanies the changes coming our way.

As time progresses, the focus will shift from the masculine way of chasing and forcing, to the feminine energy of going with the flow and allowing it to unfold as it is meant to.

This Generation is Stepping Outside of the Norms

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Young people today aren’t afraid to step outside of what has been considered normal, and men who wear pearls are showcasing that bolder self-expression. From musicians and rock stars to actors on the red carpet, many modern men are stepping forward to express their authentic selves in a fashion that matches their vibration, proudly and courageously.

One of the answers to the question “why are men wearing Pearls” is to help them step outside of their comfort zone and become more open to defining their own style and being more aligned with who they are at their core.

History Repeats Itself

Vintage details are back in fashion. Historically, Pearls were worn by royalty and were a symbol of status. In Polynesia, Pearls were adorned by valorous warriors and were seen as displays of power and bravery. In India and China, they were a symbol of nobility and richness, often worn by those in power.

Today, men are finding empowerment by redefining how they show up in the world and finding what works for them and reflects their confidence. Pearls for men are stepping onto the scene once again, to be a source of independence, bravery, and personal power.

Pearls Have Powerful Healing Properties

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Pearls represent higher knowledge and transcendental wisdom. They are immensely healing and known for their soothing and tranquilizing properties. Wearing them brings clarity and solace, assists the wearer on their quest to find the truth, and helps them delve deep into the subconscious.

As such, Pearls for men support spiritual and emotional growth, helping them get in touch with all things associated with light and virtue.

Great Designers Can Bring Masculinity & Femininity Together in Their Pearl Jewelry for Men

Jewelry with spiritual elements for men is made to be different. While jewelry with Pearls is often associated with lunar and feminine energy, when carefully designed and blended with stones and symbols that balance the Divine Masculine, they simultaneously bring out the protector and the conqueror within.

With edgy, eccentric details, sterling silver, and carefully crafted elements, Pearl jewelry is transformed to be in complete alignment with masculine expression and style.

Karma and Luck’s Men’s Pearl Collection features such pieces, bringing out the intuitive side of the Feminine and the contemplative side of the Divine Masculine.

5 Pieces from the Hottest Selection of Pearls for Men

Pearls can illuminate, and offer support and guidance, while boosting confidence and empowerment. Browse these best-sellers to incorporate the healing energy of Pearls into your daily spiritual practice…

“Endless Wisdom” Pearl Mantra Necklace

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Our Endless Wisdom Necklace features Pearls and sterling silver mantra barrels to help alleviate stress and inspire you to dive deep into the realm of transcendental knowledge. This necklace amplifies focus and spiritual endurance, helping you find greater clarity.

Mantra barrels serve as potent meditation tools, supporting your spiritual practices, while Pearls can help protect your aura and soothe and balance your energy field, creating space for profound illumination.

 “Divine Endurance” Pearl Onyx Necklace

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Enlightenment is found in unexpected places and experiences. Our Divine Endurance Necklace can help you conquer the toughest spiritual lessons with confidence and stoicism. It combines the key elements: mantra barrels for grounding, Mate Onyx stones, and Pearls for men.

Black Onyx beads work as a mighty energy shield, banishing negativity and assisting shadow work, while Pearls complement that with light, healing, and enlightenment. Blended them in a stylish necklace design inspires much-needed soul searching, helping you overcome your challenge.

“Spiritual Wealth” Pearl Charm Necklace

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The Spiritual Wealth Necklace is an edgy masculine design including Pearls for men and handmade with sterling silver chains to bring harmony and serenity into your orb. Made to help you stay strong in your integrity, this necklace brings healing energy that illuminates what needs your attention the most.

By inspiring you to go with the current of life, the Pearls help shift focus from heavy thoughts to hope and faith. It can help break the shackles of limiting beliefs, reminding you that nothing is impossible if you choose to believe in yourself.

“Universal Confidence” Biwa Pearl Paperclip Chain Necklace

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Featuring a unique golden paperclip design with biwa Pearl stones, the Universal Confidence Necklace can bring about a positive change in mindset, while simultaneously elevating your style. By raising awareness and helping you get in touch with your higher self, this piece can be your spiritual anchor, illuminating you to the power of your will and intuition.

For those who prefer silver over gold details, check out the Soothing Silence Necklace, which is a silver variation of the same paperclip design with Pearl biwa stones.

 “Love is Power” Pearl Mantra Necklace 

There’s no greater transformative force than unconditional love, and jewelry with Pearls for men can help you utilize that power. Our Love is Power Necklace combines sterling silver mantra beads with authentic white Pearls to bring you solace, compassion, and kindness. By balancing the masculine and feminine within, Pearls have the power to open the pathways for receiving Divine guidance and manifesting, all while acting as a soothing presence.

Together with mantra barrels, this piece can assist in grounding and ascending, inspiring you to connect with others, not only mentally, but most importantly - on a soul level.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry with Pearls adds balance to a man’s aesthetics and brings a dose of feminine energy into his aura, creating space for healing, growth, and learning. Together with stones and handcrafted details, such meaningful pieces will always transcend trends.

Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Men’s Pearl Collection

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