Best 14 Mens Beaded Necklaces for Spirituality & Style

Mens Beaded Necklaces

While women like to wear major statement necklaces, men tend to opt for necklaces with a subtle flair. That’s why beaded necklaces resonate so well for guys’ fashion. 

Look to faith-based traditions to see the power of mens beaded necklaces, like the pectoral cross. Worn by Catholic leaders and others for centuries, it reminds the wearer to hold their beliefs close while living intentionally.

But there are so many different options when it comes to beaded men’s accessories.

Top Mens Unique Beaded Necklaces That Will Make You Stand Out

We’ve got an amazing collection of mens beaded necklaces, so let’s get a taste of some of our favorites here. 

Energetic Guide Pointer Necklace

The beauty of these beaded necklaces is that they can make a statement with special stones, like a pointer crystal. Take this Energetic Guide Pointer Necklace, for example. Strung with a row of Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite stones, they meld together in a powerful pointer secured by the Evil Eye symbol.

This combined energy magnifies the protection this necklace casts on our aura. Tiger’s Eye boosts courage, while Pyrite inspires success.

Inner Wealth Pyrite Dagger Necklace

At first glance, this mens beaded necklace appears muted with a monochrome Pyrite strand and pointer. In reality, the Inner Wealth Pyrite Dagger Necklace brims with vibrations to pass on to its wearer.

With such a solid string of Pyrite beads, we can opt for this necklace when we need to cleanse and clarify. The dagger sends intentional frequencies where we need it most to make room for wealth and prosperity.

Sublime Tranquility Tigers Eye Turquoise Necklace

We put this necklace for men in the category of a statement piece, and it’s one we want to make! The Sublime Tranquility Tiger’s Eye Turquoise Necklace expresses deeply cultivated spirituality to share healing not just to our own bodies but to those around us.

Alternating beads of Tiger’s Eye and Turquoise instills balance in the actions we take each day. Cap that with an intense dagger etched with the Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye, Eye of Horus, and Infinity symbols, and the energy is unstoppable!

Mens Beaded Necklaces With Cross Pendant

These men’s necklaces mirror the style of the pectoral cross common to Christian faith. No matter our beliefs, we can find connection with the cross symbol.

mens beaded necklaces with cross

Steadfast Faith - Pyrite Onyx Cross Charm Necklace
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Steadfast Faith - Pyrite Onyx Cross Charm Necklace
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Steadfast Faith Pyrite Onyx Cross Necklace

This necklace pairs stones like two firm feet planted in faith and trust. The Steadfast Faith Pyrite Onyx Cross Necklace proudly centers the cross symbol amidst a strand of crystal beads to let spirituality lead our relationships and decisions.

Pyrite generates compassion, cooperation, and peace in how we interact with others. Onyx nurtures how we remain composed and calm in the face of challenges, especially those directed to our beliefs and intentions.

Profound Belief Onyx Cross Necklace

Similar in style, the Profound Belief Onyx Cross Necklace lets a singular crystal support the power of the cross. The potency of Onyx supplies us with healing energy so that we can explore our own behaviors and habits with love and understanding as we cultivate purpose.

Sacred Stability Tigers Eye Cross Necklace

These next two mens beaded necklaces with cross charms show the sign in a more subdued way, but still with immense spiritual benefits. The Sacred Stability Tiger’s Eye Cross necklace interplays two fierce elements to aid us in maintaining courage and openness.

Tiger’s Eye stones empower the wearer to proudly live according to his beliefs and calling. Studded with a few Lava Stones, this necklace fortifies our strength in how we relate to the symbol of the cross.

Sacred Trust Lapis Lazuli Cross Necklace

This cross necklace contains Lapis Lazuli stones and incorporates another mighty symbol. The Sacred Trust Lapis Lazuli Cross Necklace guides us in connecting to the universe so we can trust the hands of fate.

Lapis Lazuli accesses the areas deep within our minds and souls so we gain awareness of Divine wisdom and learn from spiritual study. This necklace features a pendant that combines the cross symbol with the Ankh, which is like an eye into mortality and existence.

Mens Beaded Necklace With Pendant

A necklace can feature other symbols besides the cross. Finding the symbols that resonate with us, ties us closer to our spiritual tools and jewelry.

Divine Energy Necklace With Triple Protection Pendant

mens beaded necklace with pendant

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Divine Energy - Onyx Tiger's Eye Triple Protection Necklace
Collar de bronce con tres símbolos de ónix y ojo de tigre
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This beaded necklace combines several ancient traditions, offering us powerful connections. The Divine Energy Necklace with Triple Protection Pendant combines the Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye, and OM symbols to boost unshakeable trust in our spirituality.

Matched with Onyx and Tiger’s Eye stones, this strand catches light and strength to keep us energized and steady in intentional living. By putting our purpose forward, we gain protection from the collective frequencies that mix throughout these symbols.

Divine Spirituality Amethyst Necklace With Hamsa Hand Pendant

mens unique beaded necklaces

This mens beaded necklace with pendant will definitely transmit spiritual wavelengths towards consciousness and understanding. The Divine Spirituality Amethyst Necklace gives our thoughts serenity and calm so that we can process information, emotions, and intention.

With the Hamsa Hand pendant over the heart, Amethyst beads along a gunmetal-plated brass chain demonstrate that rugged masculinity comes with tenderness and mindfulness.

Deep Consciousness Onyx Necklace With Evil Eye Pendant

Another powerful pendant that displays the Evil Eye makes the Deep Consciousness Onyx Necklace a staple healing piece. Accepting our need for introspection, and protected by the aura of Onyx, we abandon the fear of what we will learn and embrace enlightenment.

Self Esteem Booster Necklace With Zodiac Wheel Pendant

beaded necklaces for guys

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Self-Esteem Booster - Tiger's Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace
Collar Para Impulsar La Autoestima
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This mens beaded necklace puts us in touch with celestial influence. The Self Esteem Booster Necklace with Zodiac Wheel Pendant encourages year-round bonds to how we interact with nature and how it influences us.

Tiger’s Eye and Onyx stones conserve our energy and strength no matter what season we traverse. The star of this necklace shines in the Antique Bronze spinning wheel that features the Chinese Zodiac signs so that we always stay present in the moment.

Intrinsic Motivation Onyx Necklace With Compass Pendant 

We can put the principles of Feng Shui to work on more than our homes, and the compass symbol is key. With the Intrinsic Motivation Onyx Necklace, let this pendant influence your body, thoughts, and actions.

Each point of the compass means something different in our lives. And given that we will take many directions and roads, the protection of Onyx and Tiger’s Eye stones boosts our confidence and willingness to forge ahead.

Wooden Beaded Necklaces for Men

In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, malas, or strands of 108 beads, serve as spiritual tools for mindfulness and focus on the Divine. Our take on mens long beaded necklaces will surely inspire dedication and exploration.

Harmonious Soul Agarwood Tibetan Mala

wooden beaded necklaces for men

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Mystical Power - Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace
Collar de poder místico
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Agarwood has healing properties that calm the mind and psyche. The Harmonious Soul Agarwood Tibetan Mala puts the natural textures on display. By communing with nature through this necklace, we come closer to Earth’s gifts and lessons.

Renewed Courage Agarwood Mala

To focus on healing, the Renewed Courage Agarwood Mala reminds us of how much inner strength we truly have. With Tiger’s Eye stones, this necklace magnifies our confidence and ability to face the world with joy and positivity.

Final Thoughts About Mens Beaded Necklaces

This collection of mens beaded necklaces can jumpstart a jewelry-studded wardrobe. More importantly, through spiritual symbols and healing crystals, they tether us to our beliefs and mindful practices.

By dangling over our heart, these necklaces infuse light, love, and intention into our lives as we journey through the world. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Men’s Necklaces

Mystical Power - Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace

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