A Step by Step Guide to Attracting the Pisces Man Into Your Life

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is something we are all after. We chase harmony and contentment in our work, friendships, relationship with ourselves, and especially in our romantic partnerships. Finding a soulmate, that person who really gets you and loves you unconditionally, is everybody’s dream in life. Having a solid and loving partner in life not only provides companionship, but also supplies someone to share the burden of life’s challenges, bring children into the world, and relish in each other's successes and mourn each other's losses.

A romantic partner should be there with you through it all. From a mental health standpoint, people who have healthy relationships are significantly less likely to have anxiety or deal with depression. However, sometimes finding that perfect partner is not so easy. If you are still on the search, maybe a Pisces man will fit the bill.

It is said that a Pisces man in a relationship makes an excellent boyfriend. Their empathetic, sympathetic, and understanding nature make them easy to date and fall in love with. As women, we need men we can rely on, not someone who will leave us, and our worries, in the dust.

When looking for a compatible partner, we can examine the star signs of the zodiac and look for clues. Looking at an individual's star sign can give understanding to their true personality, actions, beliefs, and whether or not they can be compatible with a potential partner.

In this article, we will dive deep into the soothing, watery soul of the Pisces man. Understanding Pisces will give a better idea of compatibility and show you how to attract this man into your life. Ready to call in a healthy, non-toxic relationship? Let’s go!

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Why Set Your Sights on a Pisces Man?

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One of the most emotionally attractive zodiac signs is debatably Pisces. These men, born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March, are known for being exceptionally loyal, romantic, caring, and honest. This sign is known for its kindness and compassion towards those around them, and the women they date and love. They do not mind doing favors for those who ask, and they are always willing to put themselves out there.

Finding men who are expressive and in touch with their emotions is a difficult task, however a Pisces man will do this with eloquence and grace. Pisces men love deeply and profoundly with an incredible depth of passion. This trait may be overwhelming for women or men dealing with commitment issues, but if you are someone looking for a long-term, committed partner, then a Pisces man is a safe bet!

A Pisces is the kind of man that will give you the world. They are very caring, loving, and devoted. These strong, compassionate, and nurturing human beings will be there for you no matter what - it is simply in their nature. Pisces men are sensitive and understanding, which can be a nice change from some other men who tend to be a bit self-centered.

Pisces men do not want to just have a physical relationship with you; they want a deep emotional connection. If your goal is marriage, you need to start looking for a dreamy Pisces man. These romantic souls will be with you until the end.

The 8 Peculiarities of Pisces

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Does a dream man, woman, or significant other exist for everyone? If you are looking at a Pisces, then the answer might just be, “heck yeah”! Pisces men are known for possessing these qualities: intelligence, compassion, and honesty — just to name a few.  Yet, these dynamic men still manage to maintain an intoxicating air of mystery. However, do not let the mysterious air fool you;  these guys are notably trustworthy and dependable. 

Generally speaking, Pisces men are intuitive and creative. They have a certain sense of spirituality about them that exudes in all that they do. People with this sun sign may seem like they live in their own world, but deep down they only want to be understood. Only when people judge them before getting to know them, do they become distant or detached.  Let’s take a look at some particularly attractive qualities that many Pisces men possess.

#1 Compassionate

Pisces men are often sensitive and compassionate, which in turn makes them particularly attractive. Even though they may not set out looking for a long-term partner, when they make a connection with someone it is everlasting. Most Pisces men have a large circle of friends that they care deeply about. Their compassionate and empathetic nature acts as a magnet for more and more meaningful friendships.

#2 Patient

Patience is the key to every long-lasting relationship. It is what allows partners to overcome challenging times, sort through issues in a more effective manner, and grow stronger over time.

Patience is a trait that many people lack these days, and many are equipped with a more aggressive side. However, when observing a Pisces, that is something one should never have to worry about. With a belief in giving people time and space, these loving souls have no problem being patient.

#3 Nurturing

When you think caretaker - think Pisces man. Although they have a joyful, care-free spirit, these men know when to reel it in and are always there to help those in need. In fact, Pisces men are well-known for being  gentle protectors of those who need it most: children, friends, or even strangers asking for directions.

A survey conducted at the University of Illinois showed that given the choice, 243 people out of 300 surveyed would become healthcare professionals.  The outstanding part - 39% of those 243 individuals were Pisces; demonstrating further their innate desire to care for others.

#4 Self-reflective

Pisces are known for their ability to self-reflect and dive deep into introspection. They are also known for their strong intuition. This star sign often dwells upon past decisions, and thinks about what they could have done differently. They take the lessons learned from past experiences and use them to improve upon the outcomes of current and future situations. Pisces are also good listeners who care deeply about the people around them.

#5 Devoted

If you are searching for a loyal, romantic, and devoted partner, look no further than the Pisces man. Both astrologists and the general public agree that Pisces men are kind-hearted, gentle lovers who are very devoted to their partners. Hence they make an incredible lover that will always be true to you and will always be by your side.

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#6 Loyal

Pisces men are generally quite loyal to both friends and romantic partners. They can offer a dreamy experience to their partners, as they are trustworthy and emotionally aware.  On the other hand, they do have a tendency to become secretive and emotionally distant, which comes from an attempt to escape reality. In order to avoid this, keep your partner grounded and help them to feel supported.

#7 Empathetic

These top-notch men are sensitive souls, blessing their partners with a depth of understanding and empathy. These reliable and gentle men make great husbands. They provide a safe haven for their wives or girlfriends to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgment. They dream about their ideal life which usually includes a loving, life-long partner.

They are constantly working to create a stable environment for themselves and those around them so that positive, caring energy flows. This star sign has the ability to read people, so they tend to mold their personality or reactions to match the other person. They do this as an attempt to make the other person feel more comfortable.

#8 Imaginative

Pisces men are dreamers. It is almost as if they have their feet on the ground but their head in the clouds. With creative minds, they are often artistic souls with an affinity for music and art. These dreamy boys may spend quite a bit of time sleeping.

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Stealing a Pisces Man’s Heart 

With outstanding personalities and adeptness in relationships, a Pisces man makes an excellent lover for any woman, regardless of her sign. Pisces men do, however, tend to struggle in finding a partner that can match their unique and soulful energy. Once they find someone that matches their power, such as a Scorprio woman for example, they will be loyal and devoted towards them forever.

These kind souls do not like hurting peoples’ feelings, and physical harm is out of the question for them. Pisces men are dreamers who live each day with an intense imagination and vibrancy. They have a strong sense of spirituality that is often seen as mystical or ethereal to others, but Pisces men must work on finding peace within themselves.

Despite their loving nature and exemplary compassion, Pisces men do require independence and self-sufficiency. Their need to recharge can make them somewhat difficult to read; which may intrigue potential partners in a mysterious, irresistible way.

So, if you want to win the heart of a Pisces man, follow these tips:

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Lighten Up

The Pisces Man is attracted to happy, confident, and care-free people. A person who can enjoy life and get on with everyone is a big attraction for Pisces. Constantly dealing with their own emotions, they tend to go for women who are less emotional or sensitive than them.

They especially are repelled by clinginess. Pisces Men are not impressed by rudeness or selfishness. Libra women, take notes - friendly flirting goes a long way with a Pisces man.

Keep Him Laughing

Humor is the key to a Pisces man’s heart. A Pisces man will go for a creative, intelligent, and witty girl with a good sense of humor. He likes people who are down-to-earth, kind, and strong-minded. To capture the heart, mind, and soul of the Pisces guy, one must be a little goofy and not take life too seriously.

Respect His Boundaries

Pisces are known for being quite sensitive and emotional. Women who respect and understand their need for quiet, alone time will surely be able to win the love of a Pisces man. These men love their privacy, but that does not mean that they do not want their partner to know what's going on in their life.

It may take time, but slowly he will open up to you and divulge more of his secret life. Be patient and try not to pry too much or criticize his need for privacy. When he sees that his privacy is respected and his secrets can be trusted, the intimacy grows.

Shower Him With Compliments

Who doesn't love compliments, right?! A Pisces man in love is truly the dream man. He will be instantly attracted to a woman who compliments him, and he will fall in love with her if she can treat him with kindness and adoration. A Pisces man loves women who are loving, generous, and compassionate. To win his heart, be sure to regularly give him truthful and unexpected compliments. Give that love and you will surely get it back tenfold from your Pisces man.

Let Go of Control

A big turn-off for a Pisces man is a woman who always nags him. When set on a project or goal, these men put their all into the work. Try not to bug him about working too much, but rather respect his time and goals. When a Pisces man feels that he is being controlled, he will quickly back away. Support your Pisces man when he is at work and allow him to be independent.

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Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs 

A Pisces man can be complicated to understand, especially for those unfamiliar with the zodiac. His care-free attitude can be seen as indifference or even rejection, and his silence can be mistaken for aloofness. However, if you take the time to get to know him, he will reveal his true self and will whole-heartedly devote himself to you.

If you are trying to understand a Pisces man, remember that a Pisces man is one of the most romantic creatures in the zodiac. He looks for a woman with whom he can share his deepest thoughts and feelings, someone who will love him no matter what, and someone who promises their loyalty. Meet the mark on these things and you may just find yourself with the love of a Pisces man.

Pisces is a water sign and is compatible with other water signs like Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces can be compatible with grounded earth signs as well, like Virgo or Taurus. They are least compatible with fire and air signs. 

The most important thing to know about Pisces compatibility is that they do not like to be in a relationship where they feel they are being taken advantage of, or their partner is not giving them enough attention or love. Pisces is a water symbol and is ruled by Neptune. They are highly imaginative and creative, making them an excellent fit for artistic or creative people. They can be sensitive and emotional, but they are also courageous and will always stand up for the ones they love.

Ready to Fall in Love with Pisces?

A loving relationship is what we all seek in life, and a Pisces man promises this romantic dream. These empathetic souls are known for their big hearts and the large amount of love they have to share with the world. They make life fun and fill each day with creativity and vibrancy.

They are also very romantic and will always be there for you when you need them most. Although seeming to be constantly surrounded by adoring women, the Pisces man still struggles to see the love he truly deserves. A Pisces man needs someone who understands him and his complex personality fully, yet loves him for it regardless. 

Looking for that Pisces man who will cherish you forever? Give him every ounce of your love, and you will surely get it right back. If you want to learn more about the zodiac signs and compatibility, check out our website loaded with astrological content! 

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