Discover the Meaning and Uses of Tiger’s Eye, Ancient Stone of Protection

Tigers Eye

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a tiger? Maybe you picture the confident prowl of an apex predator, or perhaps the striking striped coat which has made tigers seem so fascinating and majestic to people throughout history. Or maybe you imagine their eyes, golden and reflective, full of wisdom and serenity.

These are just a few of the qualities that have earned tigers a place in the folklore, mythology, and popular imagination of people around the world. All of these same qualities can be said to dwell in the tiger’s eye stone, a form of quartz revered for its shimmering, reflective quality that resembles the shine of a cat’s eye. Striped with hues of golden-brown and red, tiger’s eye is a unique and stunning crystal with an energetic and inspiring nature.

In the ancient world, tiger’s eye was carried by Roman soldiers, who believed it would shield and inspire them in combat. As a stone of warriors, tiger’s eye is naturally associated with courage, action, and wisdom.

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Rather than inspiring us to rash action, tiger’s eye reminds us to be moderate, strategic, and well grounded before taking action – although it pushes us to pursue our goals and ambitions without hesitation as well. 

However, tiger’s eye has many other qualities worth studying. Tiger’s eye has a rich history as a protective amulet outside the battlefield, channeling the bravery and wisdom of the tiger to ward off dangers both great and small. It has potent spiritual, metaphysical, and even healing properties which go far beyond its reputation as a warrior’s talisman. 

In this article, we’ll explore the deeper meanings of tiger’s eye stones, their relationship with your chakras, and the energy they can bring into your life.

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What is the Meaning of Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye is strongly associated with the element of fire, being closely linked with the sign of Aries and Mars. The rich golden-brown color of the stone reflects its spiritual warmth and assertive energy.

Tiger’s eye is perhaps known best for its protective qualities. As an amulet, many cultures believe it has the power to ward off the Evil Eye and other negative energies. If you find yourself surrounded by negativity — for example, if you find yourself dealing with jealousy and ill will from your colleagues at work — tiger’s eye can help shield you from being sabotaged or drained by the bitterness of others.

Tiger’s eye symbolizes bravery, perseverance, and victory. Because of this, it is also considered a lucky stone which can help bring good fortune and success to your endeavors. It can also help you make your own luck by encouraging judicious decision-making and introspection.

In Taoist teachings, the tiger is an epitome of yang energy, full of masculine strength and energy. However, the inspired self-confidence exuded by tiger’s eye stones is equally fitting for women as well, making it a versatile and adaptable crystal for jewelry. 

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The Meaning of Red Tiger’s Eye

Deep, lustrous red tiger’s eye is charged with the most aggressive and assertive aspect of tiger’s eye stones. These dark red crystals are ideal for those who want to throw themselves into their passions and embrace the consequences for acting swiftly and boldly. While their nature is more fiery than brown and blue tiger’s eye stones, they are perfect if you are the kind of person who likes to live on the edge of their seat and face challenges head on.

The Meaning of Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue tiger’s eye, or hawk’s eye, is an entrancing green, blue, and black stone with the familiar reflective glow of tiger’s eye. This stone is the emotionally balanced, calming counterpart to red tiger’s eye, representing the powers of insight, forethought, and deep contemplation. An excellent companion to meditation and exploration of self, blue tiger’s eye will help you learn your true depths.

Tiger’s Eye Chakra Meanings

Tiger’s eye is most closely associated with the solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura, which is located behind the navel and is associated with digestion and metabolism, as well as ambition, focus, and confidence. Imbalance in this chakra may cause anxiety, negativity, and fear — all qualities which tiger’s eye helps us dispel. If you wear a tiger’s eye bracelet, try meditating with your hand and tiger’s eye stones resting on your navel to feel the power and reassurance of this stone.

Tiger’s eye resonates strongly with the sacral chakra, which is located below the navel and associated with sexual health, creativity, and having a strong sense of self. The root chakra, representing security, stability, and deep attachments, is also supported by tiger’s eye due to its grounding quality.

You may find yourself reaching for tiger’s eye when you sense imbalance in the other chakras due to its calming properties. Despite its fiery nature, this is a stone that helps us remain attuned to many aspects of ourselves at once.

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Red Tiger’s Eye Chakra Meaning

Red tiger’s eye resonates with the root chakra and can help to balance this chakra, making you grounded and indomitable. This stone contains the essence of bravery you need to tackle anything from a place of strength and confidence. It is supportive of all your lower chakras and, like all tiger’s eye, has a deep tie to the solar plexus chakra.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Chakra Meaning

Blue tiger’s eye is associated with the throat chakra, helping you to find strength in your words and beliefs. This green-blue stone has a mellower, more inward-focused energy than brown and red tiger’s eye. A tranquil and introspective stone, it can help you learn when your voice is needed and how to find the courage to speak up. 

The insightful energy and calm, reflective qualities of blue tiger’s eye are perfect for navigating even the most difficult conversations. Like all tiger’s eye stones, blue tiger’s eye encourages you toward action, but it does so with tact and grace. 

This stone is a wonderful choice for short necklaces, where it will rest against your throat chakra and harmonize with it. It can be helpful to meditate with this stone before approaching challenging communications.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Tiger’s Eye?

To fully explore the meaning of tiger’s eye, we have to consider the history and meaning of humankind’s relationship with tigers themselves, because tiger’s eye stones are imbued with many of the same qualities that tigers have symbolized in mythologies all around the world.

The relationship between humans and tigers is one of wonder, danger, and intrigue. In China and Korea, tigers were long considered fierce warriors who were carved into tombs to protect the dead against thieves, and depictions of tigers in art have been discovered as far back as 5000 BC. Chinese folklore considered the tiger to be the king of all beasts and to be capable of living for a thousand years, turning white after five hundred years; one myth suggests that the energy of the universe is actually held in balance by five tigers with coats of different colors.

These stories demonstrate the ageless association of tigers with not only battle, but balance and grounding. Even with their sometimes ferocious nature, tigers are considered methodical and clever hunters. Tiger’s eye stones can help you choose your battles, find where to direct your energy, and act resolutely when necessary.

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In the Chinese zodiac, the tiger is third sign. People born under this sign are said to be brave, rash, strong-willed, and energetic. Therefore, tiger’s eye can also be said to represent bold, forward-thinking decisions and following your passions, but tread with caution if you tend to act before you think.

This stone connects us with the energy of the sun and the heat which is essential for not only humankind’s existence, but for the energy which feeds the natural world. In this case, even though tiger’s eye is associated with the element of fire which is often perceived as destructive, it allows us to feel the depth of our relationship with all things that live and grow. It encourages us to find the beauty in adversity and project the warmth of the sun into our own lives to help ourselves and others thrive.

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What can Tiger’s Eye do for You?

The true meaning of tiger’s eye is confidence and purpose. Hold the stone and feel your ambitions, beliefs, and deepest values grow firmer in your mind. This is a stone which resonates with the desire to act boldly and command respect.

If you want to let your inner potential shine out into the world, a tiger’s eye stone will bring out the strongest, bravest version of you. When you need to plant your feet and stand strong against the challenges and difficulties in your life, this stone can shield you from harm and negativity as you fight your most difficult battles.

Tigers symbolize natural beauty, regal qualities, and grace in addition to raw strength. Considered to be among the most striking animals in the world, they are effortlessly majestic and carry themselves with the commanding energy that has led them to be considered “the king of beasts.” Tiger’s eye jewelry can help you shine with the kind of self-confidence that will draw people to you, eager to soak up your warm, sunny aura.

The heat and radiance of the sun is captured in the golden shine and warm tones of tiger’s eye, making this a stone that inspires passions and is highly energetic. If you struggle to express the things that mean most to you, this stone can help you take the plunge and be confident and honest.

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The Power of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye connects us with a primal, animal energy that reminds us to meet our own physical and emotional needs, stay conscious of our bodies and grounded in the world around us, and believe in our own power and self-confidence. It promotes courage and vitality and a connection with the natural world.

Because tiger’s eye has such an active and energetic nature, you may find yourself with the desire to engage in more movement while connected with this stone. Wearing a tiger’s eye bracelet or necklace while you go for a stroll or run can be a form of walking meditation, allowing you to channel its kinetic wisdom and untangle the problems ahead of you.

Spiritually, this stone allows us to embrace the need to push ourselves and fight for what we care about when the time is right, while also helping us remember to conserve our strength for the battles that matter. Sometimes even the mightiest hunters simply need rest.

Health & Balance - Mineral Intention BoxYou may not be prowling through a jungle, but you have a warrior spirit regardless. It’s up to you whether you apply your inner strength to an ambitious career trajectory, to parenthood, to creative passions, or to another path that is entirely your own; whatever it is, tiger’s eye teaches you to chase after it and eliminate self-doubt.

Tiger’s eye is a powerful protector which can guard you against negative energies, but it can also inspire you to use your strengths and inner potential to protect others and champion the causes you believe in. The lesson of tiger’s eye is that all of us are born mighty, but we must each choose to step into our power to reach our true potential.

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