Cool Necklaces for Men: 12 Stylish Options to Boost Your Intentions

Cool Necklaces for Men

A study published on CAPA Quarterly rightfully highlights that our beliefs make us or break us. And when we believe in the jewelry we wear, it can make a big impact on our lives. Intricately-designed necklaces that incorporate crystals for intention-setting add an element of design to a man’s style and help him attain what he sets his mind to.

Depending on the crystals, symbolism, and materials they incorporate, each necklace has a different purpose. Necklaces target sabotaging patterns and weak spots that stand in the way of effortless manifestation.

Ancient Protection - Red String Evil Eye Bracelet
Ancient Protection - Red String Evil Eye Bracelet
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They vibrate high, and gradually shift us from being limited to empowered. On this path, you’ll discover how to create and live with positive intentions all year. Instead of working like a magic trick, this type of jewelry influences our subconscious mind and impacts our energy.

Let’s look at some of our favs…

12 Cool Necklaces for Men Based on Intention

Each and every one of these cool necklaces for men changes your relationship with blocks and fears, making you more aware of what is holding you back. When these internal obstacles are removed, setting an intention becomes easy and your intention can be clearly expressed.

#1 Divine Healer - Silver Eye Of Horus Coin Pendant Necklace 

Being aware of your wounds is the first step to healing. Therapeutic and protective, this astonishing pendant opens doors to transcending pain and healing wounds, whether they are physical, emotional, or spiritual.

By restoring your energy, the Eye of Horus symbol will lift you up above the experiences that caused the wounding. The Divine Healer - Silver Eye of Horus Coin Pendant Necklace serves both as a guide and a companion on your healing journey. You’ll be able to set the intention to let go of what is weighing you down and embrace your inborn ability to rise above your wounding with dignity and pride.

Coin Horus

#2 Self-Esteem Booster Necklace

Having self-doubts is an integral part of our human experience here on Earth. No matter how spiritually developed we are, a piece of jewelry like this one can help you to stay centered and in touch with your inner strength. We are reminded to tap into our personal power and that our desires are not attached to conditions.

The Self-Esteem Booster Necklace is a great choice among cool necklaces for men as it combines the power of Tiger’s Eye and Onyx with aesthetic bronze and the Chinese zodiac. Tiger’s Eye will ground your energy and help connect you to your inner power and courage, while Onyx will dissolve doubts and fears that stand in your way.

Men's Necklaces


Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Self-Esteem Booster - Tiger's Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace
Collar Para Impulsar La Autoestima
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#3 Sacred Stability Necklace

The Sacred Stability Necklace attracts high-vibrational energy, which allows us to better understand and get ahold of our emotions. When we feel out of balance and raging feelings cloud our judgment, this piece can help us stay calm and grounded.

It combines empowering Tiger’s Eye with a sense of faith installed in the symbol of a Christian cross. Standing out among cool necklaces for men, this is a peace that helps you feel and observe emotions in a healthy manner, rather than letting them plague you.

The balance that is ignited by wearing one of these cool cross necklaces for men will bring you the groundedness you need.

Sacred Stability - Tiger's Eye Cross Charm Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Mystical Power - Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace
Collar de poder místico
Llevamos dentro de nosotros todo el poder místico que necesitamos para transformar nuestro mundo. Las poderosas Piedras de Jade disuaden ...
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#4 Mystical Power Necklace

You have all the power to shift your reality, and the Mystical Power Necklace protects your energy from exterior influences. Spiritually strengthened and aware of your capacity, you can embrace being the conscious creator that you are.

A mystical necklace awakens the dragon in you and is a great choice for you if you’ve lost faith in the universe and feel powerless over your life circumstances.

Jade gemstones are incorporated to open you to possibilities and invite greater trust that you can attract prosperity and that the tools you need are already within. There are no conditions or barriers. You are deserving of abundance solely by being yourself.

Mystical Power - Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Sacred Trust - Lapis Lazuli Stone Necklace
Collar de confianza sagrada
Creo que los milagros están en camino, hoy, mañana, todos los días.Con el enfoque tranquilo y orientado a objetivos que prestan las Piedr...
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#5 Sacred Trust Necklace

Everything that’s transpiring in your life is divinely guided. Whether you are distrustful of others, losing spiritual faith, or don’t trust yourself, the Sacred Trust Necklace can help you deal with limiting suspicion and skepticism.

Cool necklaces for men like this are few and far between. This piece includes Lapis Lazuli, the stone of faith, wisdom, and higher knowledge. It will introduce you to a greater awareness and knowing that it is safe to believe and have faith.

Lava stones bring in a feeling of serenity and peacefulness, while the Ankh pendant will remind you not to lose morale and to have trust in universal intelligence, which is far greater than our rational mind.

Sacred Trust - Lapis Lazuli Stone Necklace

EsES Collar de ojos de tigre Manau
EsES Collar de ojos de tigre Manau
Cada vez que entramos en un nuevo campo, da un poco de miedo.Para calmar estas preocupaciones con el pedestal y el ojo de tigre, empiezas...
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#6 Courageous Beginnings Necklace

Empowered with ancient symbols, Tiger’s Eye, and Onyx, the Courageous Beginnings Necklace will help you move out of your own way and proceed ahead with confidence. With newfound inner serenity and trust in personal abilities, you’ll soon find that you feel in control, regardless of the nature of external influences.

There are 7 spiritual practices for success that help maximize our potential for achievement. Those practices merged with this astonishing piece will invite powerful change on an internal level.

You’ll feel strong in your lane and can progress in the right alignment with your goals without losing yourself in the process. Staying laser-focused on your intention to progress and succeed will come effortlessly and be reflected in your reality.

Really Cool Men's Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Shielding Aura - OM Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace
Collar Con Amuletos Protectores Del Aura
Cuando se trata de protegerse de las malas intenciones de la gente que se encuentra, un cierto trío es considerado en nuestro collar como...
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#7 Harmony & Abundance Necklace

How do you envision an abundant and harmonious life? With the help of top-quality Jade gemstones, the peace and balance you desire won’t seem so unattainable. The Harmony & Abundance Necklace is one of the show-stopping cool necklaces for men that helps you visualize with clarity and set the intention to manifest a prosperous life you deserve.

By believing that being abundant is your right and by thinking abundantly with no limitations and restrictions, you will reach your ultimate goal. When you genuinely feel that way, wealth, balance, and success will naturally fill your cup.


#8 Shielding Aura Charms Necklace

Incorporating powerful symbolism of the Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye, and Om symbol, the Shielding Aura Charms Necklace will serve as a guard against negative forces. Wearing it deflects malicious energy and invites auspicious circumstances and people to you.

This powerful piece will assist you in the prayer of protection. When you feel energetically supported, your energy field naturally wards off anything that doesn’t serve you. All you need is to ask for divine assistance, and this necklace will help you receive it.

Symbolic Necklace for Men

Inner Resilience - Evil Eye Necklace
Collar Para La Resiliencia Interna
Cuando aprendemos a perseverar en tiempos de desafío, nuestro espíritu se vuelve más resistente de lo que nunca soñamos. Nuestro collar ú...
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#9 Intense Bravery Necklace

Dare to try and you’ll find many doors opening to you. Instead of briefly affecting you, the Intense Bravery Necklace will reconnect you with the courage you have within on a profound level.

By helping you understand and let go of fear, the lion pendant reminds you how strong, bold, and capable you are, even when you are uncertain or triggered. You are stronger than you deem yourself to be and have all the fearlessness you need to face obstacles and challenges.

Big cat symbolism makes this piece one of the cool necklaces for men and can truly awaken the protector and fierce fighter in you. Ask for more courage, and it will be awakened.

Intense Bravery - Antique Bronze Lion Medallion Necklace

#10 Inner Resilience Necklace

The Inner Resilience Necklace will lead you to a better understanding of your limits, while strengthening your boundaries. Through discipline and tenacity, no obstacle is insurmountable. This astonishing piece of jewelry will inspire inner balance and help you align with the staying power you already have within you.

When things get rocky, Tiger’s Eye and Onyx will protect your energy and calm your mind and spirit. An empowering option amongst cool necklaces for men, it includes an Evil Eye symbol. The three combined together will awaken the fighter persona in you and the resilience you need to persevere.

Inner Resilience - Evil Eye Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Leap of Faith - Silver Cross Necklace
Collar Con Cruz Plateada Para Un Salto De Fé
No te pierdas las cosas buenas de tu vida porque estás demasiado ocupado contando tus problemas. Siempre tenemos algo por lo que estar ag...
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#11 Leap of Faith Silver Cross Necklace

The Leap of Faith Silver Cross Necklace is another majestic piece included in our cool cross necklaces for men list. Christian cross symbolism is a daily reminder of faith. Made of authentic crystals, it will offer you ultimate energetic protection and stability in times when your hope and beliefs are tested.

The very symbol and its powerful frequency will restore your faith, reminding you that you are supported on your journey. It will serve as a daily nudge that if you need assistance and energy to endure, all you need is to ask. The guidance and support you seek will soon be on their way.


Cool Cross Necklaces for Men


#12 Optimistic Outlook Necklace

It is incredible how much we can achieve when we stay away from low vibrations. Our thoughts can be our worst enemy, and this striking piece is here to help you release them. Another one of our favorite cool necklaces for men, the Optimistic Outlook Necklace is here to elevate you and your energy.

The Evil Eye charm is a force to be reckoned with and will repel ill-intentions and negative remarks coming your way. The incredible power it carries tones down a pessimistic and cynical outlook on life and replaces it with healthy optimism that will absolutely feed your soul with joy.

Optimistic Outlook - Silver Evil Eye Coin Pendant Necklace

Final Thoughts

The cool necklaces for men we have presented here are much more than fashionable pieces. They are charms, potent tools for prayers, and powerful assistance in your intention-setting. Working with your energy, they shift how you are geared in order to make manifestation easier.

Since they remove blockages in the energy field of men, these pieces lead men to feel gradually lighter. This provides powerful assistance in manifesting your full potential, one that is free from limiting beliefs and old paradigms.

Understanding your irrational self and your limiting beliefs is crucial to living an abundant life. These necklaces help men reach greater awareness of their own blockages. When you’re able to get a firm grip on how you feel and move forward courageously, you’ll find that what you desire naturally comes to you.

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