7 Benefits of Negative Ions: Plus 3 Types of Ion Bracelets for Improved Wellness

Benefits of Negative Ions

During the week of June 13th, we are celebrating National Men's Health Week. This is a chance to shine light on important wellness and health issues, and to learn and discuss ways to improve the quality of our lives.

One of our favorite ways to maintain wellness is to balance the electrical activity in the body and eliminate the effects of harmful influences.

That’s why negative ions are at the top of our radar this month. They are an easy way to improve your health and should become a daily practice for any man who cares about his health.

We’re excited to share the benefits of negative ions, but first, let’s define them. 

What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are molecules charged with electricity. They are tasteless and odorless particles that play an essential part in maintaining optimal health. These ions have more electrons, and contrary to their name, they have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

They Neutralize Toxic & Harmful Energy and Molecules 

Negative ions minimize negative effects of our surroundings and are an antidote for the effects of a fast, modern lifestyle. Positive ions, which are found in toxins, pollution, chemicals, and free radicals, impact human health in numerous ways.

Negative ions help neutralize those effects by charging our bodies with electrons that counteract the effects of electric, molecular, chemical, and other types of micro-pollution.

negative ion bracelets

They Exist in Nature

Negative ions are ever-present in our surroundings and are naturally generated in nature. Consistent exposure re-establishes a connection with the Earth and nature, while also balancing the electric activity of the brain and the body.

One of the biggest benefits of negative ions is that they promote a steady flow of energy through the body while eliminating sources of imbalance. You can find them naturally on the beach, while sunbathing, near waterfalls, and really anywhere out in nature. 

They Generate Positive Vibrations 

Negative ions stimulate biochemical reactions that help amplify a good mood and balance the energy in the body. They activate neurons in the brain which improves cognitive abilities, revitalizes the body, and promotes healing on multiple levels. 

What Are the Benefits of Negative Ion?

Negative ions have multiple positive effects on our well-being. They are necessary for living happybalanced, and healthy life, and they ensure optimized performance in all areas. Let’s dive into the most notable benefits of negative ions that you can expect to enjoy from daily exposure…

Improved pH Levels & Immunity

According to a PubMed Central review from 2018, there is evidence that shows the positive impact of negative ions on health, pH levels, and immunity. 

Low pH levels are associated with lowered ability to battle infections, pathogens, and viruses. On the flip side, higher pH levels correlate with improved immunity, more energy, and better health overall.

Reduced Free Radicals

There’s a direct correlation between cell metabolism and recovery and electrons of negative ions. Negative ions not only naturally boost immune system responses, but also increase the body's ability to ward off free radicals, toxins, germs, and harmful molecules.

This means that multiplying the number of negative ions in the bloodstream can improve your body’s overall resilience, delay cell aging, and minimize the effects of free radicals.

Significant benefits of negative ions are also associated with their antioxidant properties, meaning they can purify the air from harmful pollutants and allergens.

Cleanse the Blood 

Negative ions are beneficial for the cardiovascular system and can promote coronary artery expansion and health.

They have been shown to improve blood flow and stimulate the circulation of oxygen in the blood while helping to cleanse blood vessels. The increase of oxygen saturation revitalizes the body, helping tissues and cells get all the oxygen they need to function properly. 

benefits of ion bracelets

Increased Serotonin Levels 

A review of scientific evidence conducted in 2013 and published by PubMed Central shows that Negative Ions have a positive impact on mood regulation, even in patients battling long-lasting depression.

Wearing negative ion bracelets can provide daily exposure to balancing the ions needed to support emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Consistent and prolonged exposure to these ions contributes to decreasing the prevalence of depression symptoms, while lower exposure can be beneficial for those struggling with seasonal affective disorder and frequent mood changes. 

Better Sleep

Would you be happy to know that one of the benefits of negative ions is a positive impact on sleep? According to a research from 2017 published by Science Direct, negative ions can improve the quality of sleep while reducing the need for excess sleeping. This is how exposure to negative ions optimizes sleep, allowing us to be fully rested the next day.

Improved Focus & Mental Clarity

Those who are overly exposed to positive ions are more likely to experience mental fog and confusion. Conversely, according to a PubMed article, exposure to negative ions has a positive impact on brain activity, concentration, and stress reduction.

Subjects who have been exposed to these ions while completing a task on a computer have shown improvement in their performance and focus. The benefits of negative ions have been associated with mental clarity, increased discerning ability, and prolonged attention span.

Increases Energy Levels 

Research published in Sage Journal shows that participants in a study who spent time in rooms charged with negative ions had faster reactions to stimuli presented to them than those who spent time in a positively charged environment. Participants from the first group also reported feeling less lethargic and more alert in general.

Our Favorite Negative Ion Bracelets for Men 

Karma and Luck Ion Bracelets come in three varieties, all of which are rejuvenating and beneficial for your health in different ways. They are distinguished by three different colors: black, red, and white. All incorporate the spectrum of benefits of negative ions needed to help you transform your life and improve your health and wellness.

Energy Booster Ion Bracelets

Black Ion Bracelets

The black bracelets in our collection are called Energy Booster Ion Bracelets. Enriched with different healing gemstones, and charged with negative ions, they help increase energy levels and alertness, helping you feel revitalized and fully present and focused in the moment.

A black ion bracelet stabilizes the flow of energy and oxygen. These pieces feature center healing stones such as JadeTiger’s EyeCitrineLapis LazuliMatte Onyx, and Hematite. All the authentic gemstones are selected to help stimulate the flow of life force energy. 

Harmonious Balance Ion Bracelets

Red Ion Bracelets

Karma and Luck’s red ion bracelets are called Harmonious Balance Ion Bracelets. They are designed to help eliminate harmful energy that throws us off balance, harmonizing the physical, mental and spiritual body.

This harmonizing influence comes in four variations:

  • Hematite for ultimate grounding
  • Jade for emotional balance
  • Matte Onyx for accelerated energetic protection and stress relief
  • Tiger’s Eye for strength

Each stone makes a powerful addition to the healing power and benefits of ion bracelets.

Optimum Balance Ion Bracelets

White Ion Bracelets

The white bracelets in our collection are called Optimum Balance Ion Bracelets, blending the benefits of negative ions and healing stones. Choose three different stone beads to help you achieve supreme balance and feel centered yet energized. White ion bracelets come with Jade, Tiger’s Eye, or Hematite. 

These stones have a cleansing power eliminating the impact of positive ions, restoring the body's natural equilibrium, and minimizing the effects of stressors and free radicals.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to negative ions and daily exposure to them, you can reestablish inner equilibrium and rewire yourself in a way that benefits your health in the long run. Wearing specialized ion bracelets that are charged with negative ions can help you balance the flow of energy, helping you thrive to your fullest capacity. 

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