Attain Self-Healing with This Malachite Necklace for Men

Malachite Necklace for Men

Offering spiritual, mental, and physical healing, a malachite necklace is one of the most unique and thoughtful items you can get for a loved one. Malachite is a powerful gem that is not only aesthetically beautiful and mesmerizing, but also full of energetic power. This stone belongs to the family of copper carbonate hydroxide minerals, and is well known for being one of the first minerals used to produce copper.

The gorgeous malachite stone is adored for its enchanting green bands and ripples, and its uneven appearance that no other mineral seems to have. The color of malachite does not fade away even if it is kept for hours in direct sunlight, unlike other green crystals and stones. The malachite stone is used for many purposes, such as sculpting, jewelry making, etchings, amulets, and much more.

It is also widely used to make beautiful necklaces for men and women. Raw malachite stones are generally cut into bead forms, and then made into necklaces and other jewelry items. The malachite stones used in the necklaces can be either treated or untreated as it is a very soft gemstone and can easily break or get scratches. This  stone is usually treated with resins or wax to avoid such problems. Wearing a necklace with this rich green stone on it can provide the wearer with a wealth of healing benefits.

Malachite Necklace for Men

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace
Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace
Everything is within your power, and your power is within you. The "Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace" w...
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Just as with any gemstone jewelry, malachite is a powerful force to wear. If you are feeling disturbed, lacking peace of mind, or not thinking clearly, then using a malachite necklace can surely help. Men, in particular, can benefit from wearing this verdant stone. In this day and age, the majority of men are overworked and stressed out, but luckily these amazing malachite necklaces will come to the rescue.

Featuring the malachite stone, which is known for its ability to promote clarity, positivity, harmony, serenity, and positivity, this stone is also able to provide profound spiritual healing. It provides the wearer with a boost in spirituality and enhances their ability to think clearly, make decisions, and convey their opinions without difficulty. The malachite stone is a birthstone that is especially powerful for the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Capricorn.

This birthstone is said to provide you with good vibes and helps to bring luck and prosperity your way. Anyone falling under the zodiac sign of this stone, will immediately feel the warmth, connectedness, and guidance of this stone. They can gain unlimited positivity as this dynamic crystal absorbs all the negative energy of the person wearing it, providing them with endless good energy.

Tiger's Eye Chinese Zodiac Wheel Necklace

Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger’s Eye Necklace For Men

This beautiful necklace is a unique find that makes for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. This is no ordinary necklace, and aside from its aesthetic charm, it brings with it amazing spiritual perks and some healing properties that would be hard to find elsewhere. Intrigued to find out more? Read on to discover the benefits of this potent healing necklace!

This multicolored necklace comes with three of the world’s most amazing stones combined together, providing you with a multitude of extraordinary benefits. Working with purpose and diligence, this necklace will assist you in fighting off any negative energy surrounding you. This product comes with three stones; malachite, which is known as the "stone of transformation", tiger's eye, and lapis lazuli.

All three of these powerful stones blend really well together and provide seemingly unlimited benefits. This necklace has a 30mm pointer charm in 925 sterling silver material, and has the option to select from four symbols: eternity, hamsa, the evil eye, or the eye of Horus. This pointer necklace has a lobster clasp closure, a length of 24 inches + 4 inches, and is handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

Fiery Hope - Tiger's Eye Star of David Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Outstanding Strength - Tiger's Eye Evil Eye Slab Necklace
Collar De Ojo De Tigre Para La Fortaleza
Un héroe es un individuo ordinario que encuentra la fuerza para perseverar y soportar a pesar de los obstáculos abrumadores. Cualquiera p...
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Authentic & Genuine Malachite 

Using high-quality stones and material is incredibly important when designing gemstone jewelry. The authenticity of the stones is a necessity in ensuring the ability to harness the benefits and properties of the stones. Karma & Luck, as a brand, believes in providing our customers with the best quality gems available. We strive to create products that help you reach your highest potential, tune into new frequencies, and fight off negative energy.

By wearing these thoughtfully-created pieces, you can more easily let your soul focus on the important things to  encourage your spiritual, mental, and physical growth. This particular malachite necklace for men is made with exceptionally high standards and follows meticulous steps to ensure its quality, potency, and durability. Each of our beautiful products are handmade by global artisans, providing you with the most unique and best quality products. Before shipping out these necklaces, every detail in the design is checked thoroughly. 

All three of the gemstones featured in this necklace, as well as the sterling silver used to make it, are of the highest quality and are guaranteed for originality. The process for creating this necklace is lengthy, and includes CAD drawing, wax carving, hand filing, stone inlaying, enameling, and finally, quality checking for the overall design.

First, the stone quality is checked, then it is shaped and drawn on to the chain according to the design, and then, the quality of the whole necklace is checked once more before shipping. These detailed steps are taken to ensure the high quality of each product. With gemstones as powerful as these, the benefits are guaranteed to take effect as soon as the necklace is put on.

Silver Eye Of Horus Tiger's Eye Necklace

4 Symbol Tiger’s Eye Design 

Unique design in jewelry is really important to us at Karma & Luck, as it differentiates our products from other brands. We like to offer a collection of jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Karma & Luck strives to create distinct jewelry pieces that are as individualized as each of our customers. We design each piece on our CAD drawing software and then bring these computer-based designs to life in the real world. Just like that, this 4 symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite necklace for men is created, bringing a dreamy design into fruition. 

The charm on this necklace is made from silver sterling, and has its own pattern and texture with a pointed end and four different symbols on it. There is the hamsa; the symbol of protection, the evil eye, which is a symbol of deflecting negativity, the infinity, which is the symbol of eternity, and the eye of Horus, which brings profound healing with it.

Then all three stones, the malachite, the tiger's eye, and the lapis lazuli, are carefully made into small beads, which are then intricately connected to form a necklace. These three stones were selected for their beautifully contrasting colors, as malachite is green, tiger's eye is brown, and lapis lazuli is blue, all complimenting each other very nicely. These stones have beautiful and unique swirls and bands that enhance the beauty of the design, and provide the person wearing it with a unique look that you can only get with these amazing necklaces.

Silver Tibetan Double Dorje Necklace

Fast shipping + Free Delivery

Karma & Luck believes in providing our customers with the best experience possible - from purchase to shipping to the wearing of the product. Our company is all about the customers, and we guarantee only the best quality of products and service. We are proud to offer free standard shipping for all the orders within the United States that are above $75, and if you live outside of the United States region, then you can get free standard shipping on all orders over $200. On top of that, our money-back guarantee policy lets you return or exchange products with proof of purchase, allowing you to get a refund within thirty days. The products are also delivered quickly and safely to your desired locations, making it easy for you to enjoy your new jewelry!

The Perfect Combination of Lapis Lazuli & Malachite 

This necklace is highly beneficial for anyone who chooses to wear it. This amazing malachite necklace for men brings with it the dynamic benefits of three different stones. It is a combination of malachite, lapis lazuli, and tiger's eye, each offering a unique set of healing benefits to the wearer. The lapis lazuli stones bring wisdom, healing, harmony, and truth to the life of the person wearing them. The tiger's eye stone provides the person wearing it with balance, protection, and courage. Malachite, which is the highlighted stone, is exceptionally beneficial, as it calls in balance, manifestation, and abundance for the wearer.

This multi stone necklace also comes with four sacred symbols for you to select from. Each brings with it amazing benefits such as protection, healing, and the removal of negative energies from the wearer's body. These three stones and the symbols combined together provide the wearer with maximized benefits and infinite healing potential. Balancing all of your chakras, providing you with peace of mind, and helping you spiritually and physically, this necklace truly does it all.

Horse Head Pendant Necklace

Mix & Match

Generally speaking, pairing stones can be an excellent way to elevate their potential and increase their vibration. However, you have to do a bit of research and testing to ensure that the stones will work well together or not, as sometimes the varying energies of stones will clash. So, it is important to know which two stones are compatible with each other, based on the benefits you are seeking.

If the stones do create a solid match, then you can pair jewelry based on these combinations. Luckily, malachite can be easily paired up with multiple stones. It is a really versatile and dynamic stone that works well with many other gems and crystals.

We already know that it works well with tiger’s eye and lapis lazuli, but you can also pair it with stones such as chrysocolla, agate, azurite, amethyst, black tourmaline, rose quartz, red jasper, chalcopyrite, turquoise, rhodonite, and hematite. Combinations, such as these, can help you to gain an immense amount of positive energy, cleanse your aura, and receive protection, among many other benefits.

Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Abundant Energy - Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace
Abundant Energy - Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace
If you could keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy. You will...
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Adorn Yourself in Malachite

Karma & Luck was founded in 2015 with the sole vision of connecting cultures through beautiful, unique, and handmade products. As a spiritually-minded brand based in Las Vegas, each piece is designed with the intention to bring good fortune and prosperity to you and your home.

We hope to create products that provide our customers with extraordinarily protective energy and positive vibes wherever they go. Our lifestyle brand is constantly working to provide thoughtful and distinct designs that not only elevate your look, but also nurture happiness, health, and prosperity. By wearing our jewelry, you can achieve your dreams with ease, even in this hectic and sometimes stressful world.

If you, or a man in your life, is looking to increase their spiritual health, this Malachite Necklace for Men is a great place to start. Featuring the malachite stone, this green mineral has amazing swirls and bands that provide the wearer with positivity, spirituality, abundance, and pure joy. By wearing this necklace, you can harness the benefits of this stone, and channel all of its positive energy and healing properties.

This high-quality necklace contains a powerful combination of three stones, bringing with it a complete package for you to live your life peacefully and with abundance, wisdom, and healing. It is a perfect gift for someone you love, allowing them to transform their life for the better and live life to the maximum. Are you ready for a life of total bliss? Add this malachite necklace to your collection, and watch your days become filled with sunshine and ease.  Visit our website to shop our full collection of malachite necklaces and jewelry!

4 Symbol Tiger’s Eye Design

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