An Insider’s Guide To The Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man

Born between January 20 and February 18, the Aquarius man is a pleasure to both know and love. Symbolized by the water bearer, many are surprised to learn that Aquarius is actually an air sign.

The water they bear, however, can be seen as the wisdom they pour out onto all they meet. An old soul, the Aquarius man is a natural conversationalist with a strong intellect.

Uninterested in shallow topics, these airy men need mental stimulation, opting for more diverse and deep themes. Do not be surprised when he talks your ear off about politics, philosophy, art, and who knows, maybe even aliens.

One of Aquarius’s defining traits is their eccentricism. True non-conformists, Aquarius is unafraid to be different. Their rebellious nature is incredibly alluring, along with their caring attitude.


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These guys of the zodiac are known for being humanitarians, devoting their time and energy to the causes they are most passionate about. Many Aquarius men work in philanthropic fields or spend their free time volunteering for nonprofits. This air sign dreams of a just world - one where everyone is free and equal, and they do their part to make that a reality. 

Interested in dating an Aquarius man? Find out what Aquarius is like in love, the personality traits of the Aquarius man, and how to attract an Aquarius man. We’ll also dive into Aquarius’s compatibility with some of the other star signs! Intrigued? Keep reading. 

Aquarius Man

Personality of the Aquarius Man

The long list of famous Aquarius men includes some true heart throbs: Harry Styles, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, and Cristiano Ronaldo, just to name a few. All of these men have been stealing hearts for years, and for more than just their pretty faces.

True to their zodiac sign, these celebs all have that iconic “something special” about them. The Aquarius man captivates us with their air of mystery and confidence. “Unique” is Aquarius’s middle name, and these eccentric souls leave ladies head over heels. 

Exuding the energy of a best friend, the Aquarius man has an easy-going attitude that makes everyone he meets feel instantly comfortable in his presence. With an interest in getting to know the real you, he can knock down even the strongest of barriers you may have built.

His questions are far from shallow, and his intentions are far from disingenuous. The Aquarius man is fun, too. In fact, there will rarely be a dull moment with this guy by your side. His quirky interests result in a well-rounded person with a lot of surprises. 

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Upon first meeting, the Aquarius man may come off as a bit aloof. However, peel back the layers, and you will find a sweet, funny, and incredibly interesting guy. He cares deeply about social justice and equality, spending much of his time discussing these topics or working on humanitarian projects.

As a fixed sign, he does not just sit back and watch the inequality unfold. He uses his organizational skills and motivation to turn ideas into action. 

Just as he cares about social causes, he also cares about you. The Aquarius man makes sure that you are always taken care of and supported. He is your biggest cheerleader - always encouraging you to reach your dreams and goals.

Aquarius Man

If you need help planning or organizing, he will be your greatest help. Coming home after a long day at work? Aquarius is there waiting for you with open arms and a shoulder to lean on. 

Leading with his head, rather than his heart, the Aquarius man, although supportive, can be a bit out of touch with his emotions. He has the inclination to compartmentalize his emotions rather than feeling them.

Discussing a wide array of topics is his forte, but discussing his feelings? Not so much. This part of him will take a longer time to develop in his relationships. His open mind, however, makes him incredibly charming and oh so hard to forget. 

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How to Attract an Aquarius Man

Have you found a dreamy, rebellious Aquarius man that you want to win over? Read on to discover the characteristics he seeks in his partners!

  • Go Deep

The Aquarius man loves a deep conversation. These guys are the ones who spend social events chatting away about philosophy, art, politics, or anything of substance and intrigue. This air sign seeks a partner that can keep up with them mentally, as well as keep them intellectually stimulated. 

  • Give Him Space 

Independent to an extreme, the Aquarius man is renowned for this trait. He needs plenty of alone time to recharge his batteries - reading, writing, drawing, or watching documentaries are some of his favorite pastimes. Although they are social beings, Aquarius men love time to be by themselves and they need somebody who respects that. Do your own thing, give him space to be him, and boom - match made in heaven. 

Aquarius Man

  • Support His Dreams 

A true humanitarian, Aquarius is always dreaming of ways to make the world a better place. He is deeply impacted by the problems of the world, and rather than just being sad about it, he takes action. The Aquarius man needs a partner that supports him on all his projects and goals. While they are busy trying to take care of the whole world, they need somebody to take care of them too.

  • Show Genuine Interest

Inauthenticity is a big turn off for the Aquarius man. He wants a partner that is genuine and honest. He gives you his real self, and he expects the same from you. Ask him deep questions about himself, his life, and his goals, and you are sure to have him swooning over you. 

Aquarius Man

  • Make Friends With His Friends

For the Aquarius man, community is everything. His various friend groups are very important to him, and he needs his partner to get along with them too. If you are dating an Aquarius man, get used to spending lots of time with his buddies. 

  • Be Spontaneous

With a propensity to get bored quite easily, the Aquarius man needs to be kept on his toes. He loves a partner that can match his “weirdness”, and is enthralled by anyone unafraid to be fully and unapologetically themselves. Be spontaneous, planning surprise dates or taking him on an unexpected adventure. 

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Best Zodiac Match-Ups for Aquarius Men 

The best match for an Aquarius man is a fellow air sign. Gemini, Libra, or another Aquarius are highly compatible with the water bearing man. Speaking the same language, if you will, air signs just get each other in a way that others simply do not. Sharing interests, passions, goals, and perspectives, the air signs can chat each other’s ears off and keep the other endlessly entertained. 

Gemini is one of the Aquarius man’s best matches. Both social, intellectual, and witty, these two know how to have a good time together. Mental stimulation is at an all time high when these star signs enter into a relationship.

Gemini encourages Aquarius to lighten up a little bit, letting their free-spirited souls to really shine. On the other hand, Aquarius helps Geminit to find a bit more focus, putting their great ideas into action. 

Aquarius Man

Another air sign, Libra is well-suited to the Aquarius man. A bit more chatty and a full-time social butterfly, Libra helps Aquarius come out of his shell. Libra seeks balance in life, and Aquarius seeks equality, helping them to really understand the other. These dually compassionate souls are sure to make quite the humanitarian power couple. 

Aside from the air signs, the Aquarius man’s personality is a great match for Aries. A fire sign, Aries is passionate, bold, and energetic. When these two meet, an activating relationship is bound to unfold.

They continuously inspire the other to meet their goals and turn their dreams into reality. Aries and Aquarius also provide each other adequate amounts of solo time, which they both crave. 

Aquarius Man

Worst Zodiac Match-Ups for Aquarius Men

As a fixed air sign, Aquarius has a lot of wonderful qualities like reliability and individualism, but this fixed-nature also makes them a bit stubborn. For that reason, the Aquarius man is astrologically advised to avoid relationships with other fixed signs of the zodiac - Taurus and Scorpio. With too much head-strong energy, there is bound to be tension and struggle. 

Water signs, Pisces and Cancer, also have low compatibility with the air sign, Aquarius. As the Aquarius man tends to lead life with his head first, he has a harder time understanding water signs who live life by the heart.

These ultra emotional star signs are a bit of a puzzle for more logical Aquarius, who may be left feeling bombarded by feelings. 

Keep in mind that astrological compatibility depends on a lot more factors than just the sun sign. If you feel hopeless with your chances for love with Aquarius, remember that other factors in your two astrological birth charts could just match up perfectly. So take heart and always give it a shot! 

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Ready to Fall in Love with an Aquarius Man?

True rebels with a cause, the Aquarius man allures with his wild and wonderful mystery. His eccentricity may just be his greatest charm, and he captivates hearts with his many surprises.

At first aloof, this air sign is actually a caring, sweet, and incredibly supportive friend and partner. In fact, the people in his life hold the most important value to him, and he would do anything to keep them protected.

With a passion for activism, he dreams of a world that is equal and just for all, and as a fixed sign, he takes action to make it a reality. 

Hoping to invite one of these charmingly complex souls into your life? Show him you care with astrologically-tuned jewelry just for him. Visit our website and browse our collection of unique Aquarius jewelry for menStart your journey here: Men's Zodiac Collection

Aquarius Man

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