Our First Good Karma Award Winner: Agnella Bravo

Our First Good Karma Award

We consider good karma a gift from the universe bestowed upon us for living intentionally with an open, compassionate spirit that is ready to serve others. We can’t quantify karma, but we know when people have done work worthy of the good stuff. 

While karma’s reward may be enough of a gift, we’ve decided to launch the Good Karma Award to recognize those who act in ways deserving of admiration and celebration.

What is the Good Karma Award

We’ve created the Good Karma Award to shine a spotlight on individuals and organizations who lead by example, helping others to live a more meaningful and spiritual modern life. In their everyday living, their careers, and their communities, they prioritize spirituality, letting it guide their actions to serve and inspire. 

From our wonderful employees to our incredible customers, all are eligible to earn the Good Karma Award. We look at brands, organizations, and influencers to find those who value modern spirituality and work hard to teach the benefits of living a spiritual life. 

We seek individuals who are able to take impactful action to approach challenges in an optimistic, inspiring way. Those who speak honestly and authentically about the role that spirituality plays in their work stand out as excellent candidates for the Good Karma Award.

Whether through yoga, meditation, astrology, or other tools and resources for accessing modern spirituality, the recipients of this award contribute to forming a positive, uplifting atmosphere that enhances and fosters global consciousness.

Our First Good Karma Award Winner: Agnella Bravo

Agnella Bravo

We’re thrilled to announce Agnella Bravo as the first winner of the Good Karma Award!

Agnella works as Karma and Luck’s Customer Service Manager, and thanks to Agnella, our customers receive the utmost attention and care in finding the solutions that truly nurture their spiritual growth.

Agnella exhibits compassion, patience, focus, and ingenuity when working with Karma and Luck customers. She embodies a meaningful, modern, spiritual lifestyle by serving others on their journey to finding the tools they need to cultivate their own soulful practices.

An Interview With Agnella

Now that we’ve met our inaugural winner of the Good Karma Award, let’s get to know her better as our customer service manager. We asked her some questions. Here are her responses…

1. What is your approach to customer service/customer experience? 

I believe Customer Service is the most important tool to represent your brand. Our Customer Service Mission Statement is to assist and support our customers with positivity and kindness, through respect and empathy in an efficient and timely manner. It is very important to show gratitude towards our guests, and to always prioritize their needs and concerns.

2. Over the years of working with customers, what has been your biggest lesson?

I have acquired an extra dose of humility and much more knowledge when it comes to human interaction. In this department, I have had the good fortune to learn from many different types of challenges. Making people happy is a rewarding experience. 

3. Describe your philosophy of customer service? 

It should be plain and simple: “Treat every single person the way you would like your loved ones to be treated.”

Good Karma

4. How does it feel to help our customers live more spiritual lives?

The most gratifying feeling is knowing you are offering customers the opportunity to better their quality of life in a positive and fulfilling way through hope and belief.

5. What is your favorite part of your job? 

Helping our customers resolve their issues and concerns and knowing they feel heard and respected.

Final Thoughts

Agnella considers customer service to be the most critical component of brand recognition because it is truly a human connection between Karma and Luck and those who support us. She upholds the pillars of positivity, kindness, respect, and empathy when tackling obstacles that our customers face. 

Agnella has gained a sense of gratitude and she expresses it to those she works with and speaks with on the job. She knows that with her help, they take a strong step towards improving their quality of life and discovering a hope and belief in modern spirituality.

Congratulations, Agnella, on your well-deserved Good Karma Award!

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