Good Karma Award: Mara Francesca

Mara Francesca

Through the Good Karma Award, we recognize those who live with intention in a way that serves others with compassion and impactful action. The individuals and organizations we celebrate make spirituality and purposeful living a priority. They lead by example, helping others to live a more meaningful and spiritual modern life.

We consider Karma and Luck employees, customers, and community members when seeking inspired individuals to honor with our Good Karma Award. This month, we’ve found another incredible winner!

Our Good Karma Award Winner: Mara Francesca

We want to extend a huge congratulations to our Good Karma Award winner, Mara Francesca!

Good Karma Winner

As a social media influencer on the rise, according to Forbes People, Mara has immense experience as an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and intuitive reader. These roles impact how she spotlights self-care and empowerment through her brands – Lola + Mila and The Miracle Marketplace.

 A trailblazer, Mara leapt into the holistic wellbeing market as one of the first Filipino women owners of a CBD company, today known as Lola + Mila. Both this and her Miracle Marketplace pay homage to her grandmother, or lola, whose name, Milagros Mercado, translates to Mara’s online store 

Through the products that Mara curates with her team and partners, she expresses her aim to uplift and inspire positivity in others. She works closely with empowered, enlightened, independent women business owners to bring a mindful approach to production in order to deliver soul-filled items to her clients and customers.

An Interview With Mara

We got personal with Mara and her amazing healing work. She invited us for an inside look at her spiritual philosophy and motivations. Here’s what she had to say…

How do you define your work?

I am a business owner and creative for two brands, Lola + Mila, which is a hemp-derived CBD brand, and also The Miracle Marketplace, which is an esoteric brand that has readings, law of attraction products, and everything magical!

What is most meaningful to you about your work?

My work has always been about doing what I love, what I’m passionate about. If we have love and passion for our work, it never feels like a job, and we have the ability to share it with other like-minded people. Collective thinking results in collective awareness and higher vibrations.

What advice do you have for community members who are trying to live a more spiritual life?

Believe in yourself. Don’t doubt the quality that you bring onto this earth, because the world reflects on how we feel. Accept where you are at, so you can accept where others are at. Spirituality is so vast and broad, and it can be applied to everything we do. When our souls are open, our minds open and our hearts become the gateway to our freedom.

What's your personal wellness routine?

Yoga, running, hiking, journaling, music, and photography.  


What is the Good Karma Award?

We look at organizations, community leaders, and even within our own team, to find those who value modern spirituality and work hard to teach the benefits of living a spiritual life. 

We seek individuals who are able to take impactful action to approach challenges in an optimistic, inspiring way. Those who speak honestly and authentically about the role that spirituality plays in their work stand out as excellent candidates for the Good Karma Award. 

Whether it’s yoga, meditation, astrology, or any other tools and resources to access modern spirituality, the individuals, groups, and brands who earn this award contribute to a positive, uplifting atmosphere that enhances and fosters global consciousness.

Final Thoughts

Mara is a beautiful example of what it’s like to shine authentically and do what you love. She inspires her audience to discover what sets their heart on fire and to live it with passion each day. We cheer her on as she continues spreading positivity and uplifting humanity through her work, her products and services, and her empowering messages.

Congratulations, Mara, on your well-deserved Good Karma Award!

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