Discover the 13 Most Vibrant Orange Gemstones & Crystals for a Boost of Inspiration and Excitement

Orange gemstone and crystals jewelry

The color orange brings to mind feelings of inspiration and rejuvenation. It is the color of summer days: camp-side fires, illuminated sunsets, and popsicles dripping on your hands. When it comes to jewelry, orange is extremely rare. Its rarity in gemstones means that they are considered to be highly precious, and therefore of higher value on the market.

The rarest of the orange gemstones is the imperial topaz. It is the perfect match for someone with a fine taste for unique statement pieces. Orange gemstones are so rare that many people are not even aware of orange sapphire, orange diamond, or even orange topaz. Sapphires are generally associated with the color blue gemstones, however other shades are possible too. Then, there are orange diamonds, which are generally costly.

orange jewelry gemstones
They are also lovingly known as ‘pumpkins’, due to their distinct color. With their high price tags, they act as the perfect gift for special occasions, be it an engagement, anniversary, or a gift for a loved one on their special day. Those who wish to invest in something exclusive, but something that isn't as pricey as the orange diamond, have the option of purchasing an orange zircon.

The orange zircon is another extremely rare gemstone that dazzles with its brilliance and beauty. The sacral chakra is connected with the color orange, and therefore, orange gemstones are the perfect way to target this chakra and maintain its balance. This article will walk you through the properties, uses, and benefits of ten of the most popular orange gemstones.

The 13 Most Beloved Orange Gemstones & Crystals

1. Orange Diamonds

Due to their unique color, orange diamonds gemstones are also known as fire diamonds and pumpkin diamonds. They act as a fiery symbol of courage, energy, and enthusiasm. They are some of the most rare diamonds in the world. Gemologist and fancy diamond specialist, Stephen Hofer, told Modern Jeweler, "Never forget that orange is a hybrid in the truest sense, between yellow and red. So, it's par for the course to see strong modifiers in orange diamonds." It is the gemstone for the zodiac sign Leo and is highly beneficial for these vibrant souls or anyone who wears it.

Orange diamond april gemstone jewelry

2. Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphires jewelry are truly one-of-a-kind. They are rare, and not many people are aware of their existence. Their properties include stimulating the appetite, increasing fertility, encouraging relaxation, and clearing the mind. The orange sapphire is also known for targeting the sacral chakra of the human body. The sacral chakra is beneath the navel, near the perineum and is believed to be linked to the sex organs and kidneys. It is also connected to the water element and is depicted in a brilliant orange hue.

Orange sapphires are associated with wisdom, good fortune, clarity, fertility, protection, and insight. Their benefits are countless. They are prized by many for their exclusivity, beauty, and all the great benefits they offer. Interestingly, orange sapphires and brown gemstones crystals are also used by writers or artists for boosting creativity when they are in need of. Sapphires with an orange color are said to offer happiness, companionship, enjoyment, and family bonding. They are joyful stones that work with things and people together. They encapsulate sensual pleasure and a feeling of closeness.

Orange Sapphire Gemstone Womens Bracelets

3. Citrine

The word citrine is derived from the French word, meaning lemon. It belongs to the quartz type and ranges from yellow gemstones crystals to orange. It is known to be the birthstone of November. Citrine gemstones enhances motivation, elevates concentration, deflects negative energies, and releases one from stress, depression, and toxins.

Its uses include recharging the body, mind, and soul and altering the impact of regressive diseases by maintaining the balance of the body. Mens Citrine jewelry is a relatively affordable orange crystal names option with a vast amount of benefits. Citrine's birthstones therapeutic abilities include aiding digestion and increasing endurance. In ancient times, healers employed these stones to cleanse the body of impurities, enhance blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system.

Tree of life citrine gemstones collection

4. Orange Zircon

Zircon is also known as the ’grounding stone’. It is the birthstone for December. It offers the wearer prosperity, goodwill, wisdom, honor, wealth, and success. It is also used for elevating the confidence of whoever wears it. The orange zircon is a more affordable option to the orange diamond, but still holds countless benefits.

This stone elevates healing energies, increases psychic intuition and protects the aura. Orange zircon also helps balance the chakras and keep the body in optimal health. Zircon is thought to stimulate the liver, making it beneficial to those detoxing from nicotine, alcohol, and other addictions. When pressured or overworked at work, it is claimed to help regulate the adrenal glands. Promoting deep and restful sleep, it is also regarded as a treatment for nightmares and insomnia. Zircon inspires, motivates, and provides direction when needed. Zircon is said to bring prosperity, especially when the stone is golden or yellow in color.

Orange zircon jewelry gemstones

5. Imperial Topaz

The imperial topaz has a direct link to the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is located in the stomach area. The Imperial Topaz helps keep the chakra in balance, thereby increasing determination, self-esteem, confidence, and inspiration of the wearer. The stone is known to bring prosperity and help you become an improved version of yourself. It protects the wearer from negative energies and surrounds them with a protective aura. The imperial topaz helps bring the spirit's heavenly light into the body. It facilitates spiritual exploration and improves meditation, while assisting with self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. Imperial topaz helps symptoms such as upset stomach, digestive pain, or gastric distress. It helps to strengthen the body and increase energy. It is one of the most powerful gemstones you can get your hands on with numerous benefits, both physical and spiritual.

6. Orange Sunstone

Orange sunstone is the stone for the zodiac sign Libra. This particular stone has a glittery appearance from which its name originated. Its properties include manifesting leadership, motivation, originality, independence, empowerment, and so much more. It is also beneficial for generating luck and fortune. It stimulates positive energies and confidence in the wearer. The sunstone targets all the chakras of the human body and is extremely useful for human anatomy. 

The sunstone represents warmth and fulfillment to the wearer, as well as helping them fight diseases.The sunstone is also known to be the stone for good luck. It negates any stress and harnesses positive energy. The fire Opal goes well with the sunstone, and therefore, the benefits of the two combined are unlimited. The sunstone is believed to offer freedom, happiness, and independence to those who wear it. Sunstones are thought to relieve tension, lessen fear, and bring good fortune.

Orange Sunstone Jewelry Gemstones

7. Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite garnet belongs to the garnet family. Garnets gemstones are primarily associated with the color red, as that is the most prominent one available. However, there are also orange garnets, green gemstones jewelry, red and black, pink gemstones crystals, etc. Spessartite Garnet, an orange garnet, helps promote creativity, optimism, confidence, and action. It is known for its seemingly endless healing properties. 

It encourages us to act on our dreams, visions, and goals by stimulating creativity. It promotes optimism, self-assurance, bravery, and action. Spessartine garnets are beneficial for energetically increasing positive thoughts and feelings. They hold spiritual properties  that aid in innovation and expression and are powerful brain stimulants. If you are feeling low, the spessartite garnet will act as a mood booster to lift you. The spessartite January garnet jewelry is the ultimate stone for good health and harmony. Garnet gemstone for mens helps the wearer obtain mental clarity and activate their creative side.

Feng shui garnet stone tree of life

8. Mexican Fire Opal

As the name suggests, this particular orange gemstone has its origins in Mexico and happens to be the country’s national gemstone. It is also the birthstone for October. It is known for bringing positivity and beneficial changes into the wearer's life. Mens jewelry Opal gemstones has many healing properties for the kidneys and lower back. This stone is known to release bad memories such as abuse or other traumas. The fire within this Opal gemstone ignites and boosts confidence and makes the wearer more confident in their decisions. It gives them clarity and enhances their view of the world. Fire opal glistens with the sun's rays. Its intense honey yellows, oranges, and red gemstones colors are so vivid that they even seem to shine in the dark.

9. Orange Multi Stone

Choosing orange multi stone women's jewelry is thought to protect your loved one from harm and alleviate sadness. Multi stones are known to aid in putting one's ego aside and becoming committed to another soul. Multi Gemstones is thought to promote strong passion, commitment, and longevity. As Multi Gemstone is linked to the Root chakra, it can help you gain physical vitality and stamina, acting as support for the wearer. The orange Multi Gemstone has numerous benefits such as raising energy levels and fighting fatigue, and it is also helpful for detoxing and calming the nervous system. Multi Gemstone gets its name from the Latin word "spina," which means "spines." Men's orange multi gemstones helps relieve stress, and therefore, it is beneficial for people who need to take time to breathe.

10. Orange Tourmaline

Orange tourmaline is known to purify the wearer's mind, body, and soul. They are said to cleanse the body from all toxins. It is a multi-faceted stone that is able to targets every aspect of the person. It aids in self-reflection, self-awareness, self-help, and encourages growth.

Orange october birthstone tourmaline helps the wearer realign their way of life into a more suitable and empowering one. It helps bring about prosperity and is a great stone for absorbing negative energies. Yellow and orange tourmaline helps to regulate the uncomfortable physical and emotional effects of menstruation, making it an excellent stone for females to wear. Tourmaline gemstones are uplifting,stimulating, and promote purification.

11. Orange Amber

Amber is made out of the petrified resin from trees that lived tens of millions of years ago. Amber has been used for religious purposes since prehistoric times. Many ancient people buried amber objects and amulets with the dead to safeguard them in the afterlife. Amber is known for "cleaning and renewal." Amber has long piqued the interest of crystal collectors due to its ancient vitality and rich natural warmth. Amber, which straddles the border between costly gems and wise old trees, carries the weight and wisdom of millions of years within it. Amber removes sickness from the body, while repairing and rejuvenating the neural system by balancing the right and left brain hemispheres. It absorbs pain and bad energy, which aids in stress relief.

Orange Amber Gemstones Womens Jewelry

12. Orange Aventurine

Aventurine was first discovered in the 18th century. India has the most green and blue aventurine, whereas Russia, Spain, and Chile have the most white, gray gemstones, and orange aventurine.

Orange aventurine is thought to bring good luck, fortune, and the manifestation of exciting new possibilities. As the nature of this gemstone helps to calm the critical and judgmental inner voice, it has been dubbed the "whisper stone." Orange Aventurine beads are a universal healer that can bring joy into one's life. The Sacral Chakra is stimulated by this natural gemstone, which promotes personal power, independence, originality, and self-esteem. Orange Aventurine boosts inspiration and drive, assists with manifestation, and gives joy to your life.

13. Orange Sphalerite

The powers of orange sphalerite help keep you alert and energized, as well as relieve dizziness and anxiety. This crystal is a powerful healer boosting your immune system and assisting you in recovering swiftly from illnesses and infections.

Orange sphalerite

Bring More Positivity into Your Life with Orange Gemstones

Prior to reading this, you may have never known that orange gemstones exist. However, now you can see that there are actually many different types of orange gemstones that all provide distinctive benefits. These orange beauties will instill a sense of vibrancy and hope in life. The fact that the color orange is unique makes these gemstones high on demand and exclusive in nature. In the world of fashion, everyone is always looking for the next best thing, and orange gemstones may just be that thing! These unique and exquisite jewels are a must-have. Our online shop has an array of options to select from. See which powerful purple gemstones suits your taste and budget best, and happy shopping! Start Your Journey Here: All There is to Know about Gemstones and Crystals

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