Connect To Nature With These Best 5 Earthy Green Gemstones

Green gemstones and crystals

Green is a hue associated with nature - grass, leaves, seaweed, flower stems, and so many more green beauties come to mind. It is a symbol of rebirth, development, and rejuvenation. Green gemstones can be used, not only for their beauty, but also as a connection to the natural world. Green gemstones are known for their healing capabilities, making them an ideal match for those looking to restart or revamp their lives.

Green is a universally popular gemstone color and is most commonly associated with elegance, luxury, and sophistication. Green healing gemstones are thought to be crucial in balancing the heart and emotions, as well as strengthening the connection between the two. Among the green gemstones, emeralds are the most popular, but green diamonds and sapphires are also highly beautiful and unusual. The attributes of green gemstones differ from stone to stone, with each having its own distinct characteristics.

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Green gems are quite rare. Their vivid shade is what distinguishes them from the rest and makes them really stand out. They are thought to bring wealth, prosperity, and goodwill to those who use or wear them. Green gemstones, like all other gemstones, have their own inherent healing powers. Green tourmaline is regarded to be a protective stone, while emerald is known to provide compassion, and peridot is said  to deflect negative energy.

Green gemstones come in a wide variety of shades. Tsavorite garnet is the rarest of the green gemstones and is extremely durable. Garnet's extraordinary beauty has been praised in holy scriptures such as the Bible, and these stones have been used as medical and defensive charms since ancient times. The fact that they have a religious association adds value to their already existing worth. 

The green gemstone, chrysoberyl, is well-known for its anti-evil-eye properties. Whereas bloodstone, surprisingly a green stone despite its name, is said to provide strength and courage to the wearer. Interested in learning more about the world of green gemstones? Read on to find out about the top 5 green crystals, their history, benefits, uses, and how to care for them.

1. Emerald

A historically loved stone, Egypt is known for having the first known emerald mines. When emerald was placed under the tongue, legends claimed that the wearer would be able to see into the future, expose the truth, and be protected from bad spells. Emerald was formerly thought to be a cure-all for ailments such as cholera and malaria. Wearing an emerald was thought to reveal if a lover's vows were true or false. It also was said to make one an eloquent speaker.

The most well-known stone in the green gemstone family is the emerald. They have been around from the beginning of time, which makes their relevance to society vital. The emerald gemstone is considered to have been a favorite of Queen Cleopatra due to its undeniable beauty and virtues. According to legend, the emerald gemstone protects people, specifically lovers, from being disloyal, and thus serves as a symbol of an eternal connection.

It is also a sign of good luck, and it is said to bring abundant prosperity to those who wear it. It is said that emeralds could even aid magicians in seeing visions. As the stone of truth, the emerald was believed to guard against unwanted spells or enchantment. Therefore, magicians used it to protect themselves from both malicious spirits and the conjurations of others.

Emerald provides a sense of well-being and kindness to the user, as well as making them gentler and more compassionate. It is known to target the heart chakra, which aids in the control of one's emotions and balance. It is said to promote friendship, serenity, and harmony by letting the wearer give and receive unconditional love. Emerald is a beautiful stone that is said to be particularly helpful for love and marriage. It is a sign of spiritual love and hope. As a result, wearing it helps one feel secure in a relationship, and enhances the bond with their loved ones. This crystals to super charge your life positivity amplifies learning and gives the user a boost of intellect.

Emerald gemstones also aid in promoting truth and wisdom. Caring for your emerald is important. The best way to clean an emerald gemstone is with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Do not use cleaning solutions, as they can dilute or eliminate the stone’s natural oils. Alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner should never be used to soak emeralds.

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2. Peridot

The peridot gemstone was discovered in 1500 BC on Topaz island. The green tint of peridot has been prized for almost 4,000 years. Peridot was so prized by the ancient Egyptians that the location of the mine was kept a private matter. Peridot was dubbed "evening's emerald" by the Romans because, unlike the deep-green true emerald, the  citrus tones of peridot are illuminated by candlelight. Europeans used exquisite peridot stones to decorate cathedrals during the Middle Ages.

The gemstone, peridot, is created from volcanic eruptions. It is known as the “stone of compassion”. It encourages peacefulness, harmony, good health, and restfulness. Peridot gemstone is particularly beneficial to those who are going through a difficult time, as it protects the user from nightmares and cares for them in many ways. It eradicates feelings of rage and other poisonous traits, while instilling a serene and positive mindset.

Peridot has a long history of being prized by high priests for its ability to repel evil. It helps to open and maintain the heart chakra, which opens one up to new experiences and people. It reduces anxiety, which aids in gaining a better understanding of the world.

Peridot birthstones are sensitive to temperature and therefore require proper care. They have longer lifespans when used for occasional wear, rather than daily wear. In order to clean this gemstone, one should immerse it in a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Harsh cleansing procedures can damage the peridot gemstone and therefore, one needs to be careful when handling them.

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3. Green Sapphire

Sapphire is most commonly associated with the color blue crystal gemstone, but in reality they come in a variety of colors, including green. Their properties are similar to those of aquamarine gemstones, as both offer tranquility, calmness, and serenity to the wearer. The presence of iron in the stone causes the stone to turn green. Through a process known as intervalence charge transfer, just a tiny amount of iron can cause the stone to transform into green over time. 

Green sapphire, like all gemstones, has its own unique symbolism and history. It is known as the stone of tranquility, and it is linked to qualities such as  trust, loyalty, and honesty. Green sapphire jewelry is generally associated with clear thoughts, peace, love, and rest. Green sapphires enable one to become the best version of themselves by instilling traits of wisdom, loyalty, and integrity into one’s life. This powerful gemstones also assists in dealing with stress and anxiety; allowing one to stay calm and focused in tough situations. 

Green sapphire helps balance the heart chakra and connects one to their roots. It enables a healthy balance of the mind, body and soul. Another fact about the green sapphire is its ability to improve the wearer’s vision and help combat excessive bleeding.  It also stimulates creativity and intuition. 

Green Sapphire will motivate an individual to be empathetic toward others. It will enable them to comprehend the emotions and needs of the other person in order to develop mutual respect. This green stone will motivate partners to study each other's love languages, in an effort to  improve their relationship's happiness, love, and contentment. 

Sapphires may be cleaned at home with warm water and a splash of any mild detergent  or washing soap. Anything with conditioners or harsh chemicals will leave a deposit on the surface and damage the stone. Gently scrub the stone with a soft toothbrush before rinsing well.

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4. Jade

Since the Middle Ages, China has been extracting and processing jade. Jade has long been regarded as having unique importance and significance to cultures worldwide. Carvings, decorations, ceremonies, furnishings, and gems for the ruling dynasty featured beautiful jade designs. By 3,000 BC, jade had earned the label "yu", or "royal gem" in China.

Jade is said to have protective, black gemstones lucky-charm energy, similar to how a four-leaf clover is seen as a symbol of good luck. This is why jade statues are frequently utilized in feng shui, and babies in Asian cultures are frequently given jade bracelets when they are born.

Jade green gemstone is known for its strength and durability. It is very hard to break, which makes it ideal for everyday wear. It is said to offer good luck, self-love, self-acceptance, knowledge, and maturity, as well as many other benefits including luck and happiness. The stone does not require much maintenance, but does deliver a number of perks.

Jade gemstone jewelry has the ability to transform bad energy into positive energies. It  fosters joy and love, allowing for wonderful qualities to flow into one’s life and the area around them. The stone is calming and soothing, but can also aid in the recovery of emotional and physical traumas and diseases.

Jade serves to safeguard the kidneys, spleen, bladder, and even the skeletal system against detrimental diseases and illnesses. This stone is also thought to be a good tool for meditation, clarity, creativity, and having a positive outlook on life. It helps one in maintaining their sense of calm in hard times and helps them get through the difficulties smoothly and calmly. 

When it comes to taking care of the gemstone, jade, do not use a steam cleaner to clean the stone. Harsh jewelry cleaners should not be used on this gemstone, as they can destroy its structure. To clean jade jewelry, stick to water and gentle soap.

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5. Green Diamond

Diamonds are a beloved stone of luxury, and the crowned choice for engagement rings. Green diamonds are a timeless choice for individuals wanting to make their new relations more vibrant and everlasting. Green is a color that represents both nature and new beginnings. Starting a marriage with such a symbol of optimism enhances the chance of a happy marriage, and leads to good fortune in this new chapter of life. 

The Green Diamond was reportedly uncovered in the Golconda district of India's diamond mines and sent to London in 1726. Friedrich Augustus I, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, bought it in the same year and sold it to Friedrich Augustus II in 1741. When Sir William Crookes buried white diamonds in radioactive salts and turned them green in 1904, he found that radiation could create the color green in diamonds.

The green diamond is recognized for its purifying properties. The green diamond defends and relieves one from inner issues by allowing them to control negative energy. They are also highly effective in overcoming challenging conditions. In the event that one becomes caught in a difficult situation, the green diamond will help them gain clarity and a better overall perspective. 

Green diamonds evoke passion, strength, and courage in the wearer and are immensely beneficial. Green diamonds in their natural state are scarce. A very small percentage of all diamonds cut into polished gems in any given year will have a dominating green tint. Many people have never seen a diamond with a natural green color, and those who have seen one have almost certainly seen it in a museum exhibit. Despite this, you can find collections of green, brown gemstones or rare gray crystals gemstones with Karma and Luck.

Green diamonds, like the majority of jewels, are extremely durable. They can resist the occasional tumble or knock. However, you should clean them on a regular basis to maintain the brilliance and prevent debris from accumulating in and around the setting. Use warm water and a chemical-free soap solution to clean a green diamond.

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Be Seen in Green Diamonds

Green gemstones are perfect for not only adding a unique and vibrant aesthetic to the wearer, but also providing numerous benefits to heal, strengthen, and support. These stones promise to stimulate growth in life and bring about prosperity. They are truly nature’s gift to the world. There is an array of green gemstone options to choose from, each boasting their own worth and significance. 

Looking to buy a green gemstone for a loved one? Or, wanting to treat yourself to one of these green beauties? Look no further than Karma and Luck for authentic, high-quality gemstones and crystals of love. You are sure to find the one you love!

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