Uncover The Transparent World of Clear Quartz - Benefits, Properties, & Formation

When we think of the world’s most supercharged crystals, clear quartz immediately comes to mind. This transparent stone inspires visions of freezing icicles, blizzarding snow storms, and frothing ocean waves. Geologically speaking, it is primarily composed of both oxygen and silicon atoms. It often has a somewhat milky and cloudy appearance. Among its many healing and spiritual properties, the stone is believed to bring mental clarity to all those who carry it. Clear quartz is believed to be a detoxifying stone that provides clarity to the mind and energy to the body. 

Clear quartz is the ideal stone for anyone setting new goals and reaching for higher ambitions. It is a powerful crystal that is said to help individuals expand on their visions, while providing a clear path for them to follow. In addition to this, clear quartz assists in channeling otherwise messy thoughts, and aids in focusing on one particular goal.  It declutters the brain from all external and internal distractions, making room for motivation and focus. Many people use this gemstone to quiet the noise of the outside world. It is widely used for manifestation as well. 

Interested in learning more about this stone with a uniquely soothing clear color? Read on to find out all about the magical clear quartz crystal.

Clear Quartz

The Unique Color of Clear Quartz

There are several components that contribute towards the transparent and clear color of the clear quartz crystal.  The crystal is colorless and is made of silicate minerals. The clear quartz belongs to the same gemstone group as rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, jasper and citrine. This unique clear crystal is commonly known as rock crystal, or crystal quartz, due to its uniquely transparent color.

These gemstones are made up of silicon dioxide and are one of the most abundant and common chemical compounds on Earth. This is a beneficial quality for us, as we have large supplies of this mystical stone. This gemstone is highly durable. In fact, even steel knives  and nails cannot scratch or damage it. It is ranked as 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which owes to its tough structure. In ancient times clear quartz and quartz crystals, in general, were used as weapons, due to their powerful strength.

With a distinct trigonal crystal structure, this stone has a waxy and dull luster. Clear quartz is known for its clarity and its transparent, almost opaque, color. Due to its exceptionally clear form, this stone has a higher monetary value than others. Despite these gemstones being in abundant amounts, they have a few visible inclusions.

Many gemstones have inclusions such as gas, dust particles, and even liquid particles that are a result of mineral impurities during crystallization. When this happens, these gemstones will be a bit cheaper. On the other hand, the completely transparent clear quartz crystals are more expensive and harder to come across. The clear quartz crystal has a luminous glow that can capture light in a mesmerizing way.

Smoothness of Clear Quartz

The Transparency & Smoothness of Clear Quartz 

The word, quartz, is derived from a German word which means ‘hard’, and the ancient Greeks called the quartz ‘krustallos’, which means ‘icy cold’, owing to its distinct color and set of properties.

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral present in the Earth's crust. It comes in several different varieties, which include amethyst, citrine, onyx and agate. As for clear quartz, the most basic and easy way to comprehend its formulation is to understand it as a crystallized form of silicon dioxide. Clear quartz is formed in igneous rocks, and mostly in environments with geothermal waters. This variety of quartz forms in igneous rock as magma is cooling. When water turns to ice, the silicon dioxide particles crystallize to then form the beloved crystal quartz. Slow cooling contributes to increasing the size of the stone - a slower cooling process equates to larger crystals. 

The clear quartz crystal is made up of the two most abundant and prevalent elements, which are oxygen and silicone. Quartz is the most basic form of silicates found on the Earth, making up twelve percent of the land’s surface and twenty percent of the Earth’s crust. These clear quartz crystals are naturally formed when the silica-rich deposits are present in underground cracks and crevices. 

Quartz crystals are formed through a hydrothermal

Quartz crystals are formed through a hydrothermal process and are normally found in three types of geological formations. These environments include silica-rich molten rocks when they are cooling down and solidifying, pegmatites during the pneumatolytic process, and watery solutions of the silica which is present under high temperatures and higher pressures. 

These clear crystals make use of the hydrothermal process to add more molecules to their surface and hence grow layer by layer.  Quartz crystals also form in hot watery solutions and the hydrothermal process takes place at excessively high temperatures such as 100 degrees Celsius to almost 450 degrees Celsius. This process requires very high pressure for the formation of the crystals. Slow growth and a constant temperature lead to the formation of larger crystals; however fast-growing and rapidly changing temperatures lead to oddly-shaped, smaller crystals.

The constant changes in pressure and temperature play a crucial role in the overall structure and formation of quartz crystals. The formation of quartz crystals is a slow and gradual cooling process of magma from igneous rocks, or the precipitation from the hot watery silica solution. 

This process can take an unbelievable amount of time, with many of them taking thousands of years to fully form and develop. Due to this slow process of crystallization and the many years it takes for them to form, these stones are a unique treasure of Earth. If cooled gradually and slowly, larger clusters of clear quartz are formed.

The Many Shapes & Sizes of Clear Quartz

The Many Shapes & Sizes of Clear Quartz

There are many shapes a crystal can form and surprisingly these shapes have strong connections with the meaning of the crystal, its energy output, and its use. The “point”, or tower, is a type of clear quartz crystal shape that consists of a 6 or 8 sided tower with a flat base, allowing the tower to stand. The energy of this tower shape is usually directed upwards and out.

The energy of the crystal will be focused wherever you choose to place it and the crystal will emit strong directional energy, influencing the other crystals around it as well. These crystal towers are mainly used for feng shui, meditation, and relaxation of the mind.  In addition to the crystal towers, another common shape is the sphere. It is known to emit energy from all sides and is believed to provide a feeling of harmony, stability, unity, and peace.

The sphere is a representation of the circle of life, thus bringing an energy that connects our life force together. These spheres are excellent if you are meditating, doing massage therapy, cleansing, or detoxifying. If you are looking to connect to life force energy, it is the ideal shape.  

The clear quartz gemstone also comes in a pyramid shape which is associated with several historical and spiritual meanings, due to its striking shape. The main function of the pyramid is to assist an individual in manifestation. The solid structure of this pyramid is known to have a grounded and stabilized energy, and it is said to connect the root and crown chakras. This connection allows an individual to interact with higher dimensional thinking, while still remaining grounded. The main uses of this shape are for practicing feng shui, manifesting, cleansing, the balancing of chakras, and meditating.

Sacred Sounds - Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings

The Distinct Color of Clear Quartz 

The transparent color of this unique gemstone has several soothing and healing properties. This clear color is not only attributed to mental clarity, but also the decluttering of negativity and distractions in the mind, soul, and body. This gemstone is a detoxifier, as it aligns the mind and soul to focus on achieving the goals that have been set. This gemstone is a perfect choice for those who procrastinate or individuals who easily get distracted.

Clear quartz provides a sense of direction to distracted minds, as well as provides the focus and passion everyone needs in tough or difficult situations. It is known as the master healer due to its healing properties. This stone is similar to a sponge, in that it absorbs all the negative energy; sucking it out of your soul to relieve you of the mental stress and burdens. The stone absorbs all the negativities, providing the soul with positive energy and neutralizing any background noise. 

Soulful Substance - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Double

It is indeed a miracle stone and a healer, which has the wonderful and unique ability to revitalize your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional planes. It is a cleanser for the mind, soul, and body, which allows it to enhance one’s psychic abilities and senses. It improves memory retention and concentration, and aligns your mind with your body to aid in reaching goals. The clear quartz is not only a crystal for mental healing, but is also a spiritual cleanser that balances all the chakras. By balancing the chakra system, it creates a greater sense of harmony in the body.

Clear quartz is believed to balance energy and send it to each chakra. The stone is commonly associated with the third eye and crown chakras. This connection allows us to align with universal energy, and provide calmness and clarity.

Embrace the Calmness & Clarity of Clear Quartz

Embrace the Calmness & Clarity of Clear Quartz 

Beloved for its soothing and healing properties, the clear quartz crystal is a uniquely luminous and graceful stone. With its extraordinary ability to provide direction, focus, and clarity, this is the perfect addition to any crystal collection. Interested in boosting your psychic powers or need help reaching your goals? Visit our website today to browse our wide range of clear quartz jewelry. You are sure to find a piece of jewelry to treasure for a lifetime!

Embrace the Calmness & Clarity of Clear Quartz

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