The Ultimate Guide to Car Protection Crystals - 5 Stones to Keep You Safe While Driving

For many, driving is a part of daily life. Be it going to work or going out to buy groceries, there always seems to be a reason to hop in the car. Hitting the open road and feeling that sense of freedom can be refreshing.

However, that joy can quickly be halted by interruptions like traffic, accidents, angry drivers, and more. There are many risks involved with driving and one must stay alert at all times.

In order to help stay safe and vigilant, the driver can employ the use of crystals for car protection. Luckily for us, there are many different types of crystals out there that can ensure safety and security during a car journey.

Protection crystals have been used for many years by varying cultures around the world. The practices can be dated back to the ancient Sumerians who added crystals to their magic formulas. Later on, the Egyptians started wearing extravagant amulets of these protective gems.

However, crystals for protection in cars is a more modern practice that evolved with the creation of vehicles. Car protection crystals come in different varieties and types.

There are many protection symbols in the world, and they all come from different cultures and  religions. When it comes to your own safety, it all depends on which symbols and which crystals resonate with you and your beliefs. 

It is believed that certain crystals can ensure no harm comes your way, keep you safe from any accidents that might occur, and bring good luck on your travels. The best crystals for protection in a car can lessen your worries and make sure your drive is a calm one - for the driver, as well as the passengers. 

In this article, we will explore the best crystals for car protection, ways to place them, and from where you can purchase them. We will examine more deeply how these crystals can protect you in the car. If you are looking for ways to stay safe while driving, then this one's for you!

Why Use Crystals in the Car?

There are many different kinds of crystals out there that can be hung in the car for protection. With their powerful and mystical properties, they can ensure your safety and keep you protected at all times.

There are various ways to place the crystals in your car for protection, and it is up to you to decide which style works best. Whichever way you decide to place your crystals, just be sure to cleanse them thoroughly and regularly.

Crystals can collect negative energy over time and therefore should be energetically cleansed to remove any stagnant, bad energy. By cleansing your stones, you are maximizing their powers.

In order to harness the benefits of keeping crystals in the car, there must be a strong intention placed upon them. You must believe that these crystals will keep you protected; and only then will they show their true magic.

The crystals can only work by those who demonstrate a strong spiritual faith in them. If not, then they cannot be expected to work. Believe in their abilities and have faith that nothing but good is going to come your way.

The time we spend on the road is greatly unpredictable due to the number of rash drivers out there and factors out of our control. One can never predict what might happen to them when driving, which is why protective crystals are especially helpful.

They work by creating a protective bubble around you to keep you safe and shielded from any harm. They also make sure to keep away any negative energies. Crystals, such as black tourmaline and black obsidian, provide the user with a strong layer of protection, while amethyst and selenite are better for increasing positive energy.

Staying calm while driving can sometimes be next to impossible. Traffic, roadblocks, and poor drivers on the road are all scenarios that end up making one angry, and occasionally even resulting in road rage. All of the above ultimately leads to the driver not being able to stay focused, which creates feelings of stress and frustration.

A fun journey in the car can quickly turn into a mood-ruining day. For these frustrated feelings, as well, the best protective crystals for cars can help. They work by surrounding the driver and passengers with positive energy and get rid of any negative vibes in or around the car.

For example, citrine and sodalite are crystals known for calming down tense situations and helping deal with the mental chaos of driving. Selenite and fluorite are two other examples of powerful stones for absorbing negative energy while on the road.

Where to Buy Car Protection Crystals 

If you own a car and find yourself often worried about accidents or stressing over traffic, then it may be time to purchase some crystals to put in the car for protection.

There are loads of different websites out there claiming to provide authentic crystals, however be sure to do your research and buy from only reputable sources. Karma and Luck has been a trusted and respected crystal supplier for years and offers a variety of high-quality, super-charged protection crystals. Learn more about each crystal and find the one for your driving needs!

Drive Safely with these 5 Protection Crystals

When it comes to car protection, there are many different crystals to choose from. Here are five of our top picks:

#1 Shungite 

There are many black stones that are known to keep one protected, and one of them is called shungite. Found in Russia, this crystal has a unique structure. The stone is  renowned for harmonizing the environment it is placed in and ensuring pure, positive energy in the car.

It is known to be one of the best car protection crystals out there, as it promotes stability and grounding - two important traits to harness while going on a long journey in the car.

#2 Howlite

Next up, is the protective crystal, howlite. This great stone is known for preventing nausea and getting rid of one's motion sickness. The stone is known for settling nerves, stabilizing vision, and helping to ease any discomfort.

The stone will help the driver focus on the bright side and remain optimistic throughout the journey. The stone also helps to remain focused while driving and makes sure everything goes smoothly, safely, and securely.

#3 Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is yet another crystal to keep you safe while driving. It is known for activating the root chakra, which helps one to stay grounded at all times. It also helps encourage  stability and ensures your safety during stressful situations.

It can help car owners get rid of any negative or disturbing energies present in their vehicles as well. The black tourmaline excels at keeping the owner calm. Whether there is a storm or a road block, black tourmaline will keep you from stressing no matter the situation.

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#4 Amethyst 

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone promising an array of benefits. The stone vows to maintain a deep connection with its owner. It gives off a caring, warm energy and provides one with a sense of safety. By forming a protective barrier around the driver, it keeps them safe and secure.

Amethyst surrounds the car and all of its passengers in indestructible positive energy. In order to get the most out of amethyst’s protective properties, one should keep the crystal in contact with skin. A great option are amethyst necklaces or bracelets.

#5 Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz is believed to be one of the most potent and super-charged crystals in the world. This crystal offers great clarity to the user and offers exceptional healing abilities as well.

The gemstone works to purify the driver’s aura and helps to keep any negative energy away from the car. Clear quartz also allows one to drive without any stress, fatigue, or distractions. 

This crystal helps the driver to stay attentive and vigilant while driving, especially in busy intersections. Helping you to avoid danger and keeping your mind alert, the crystal quartz is a go-to stone for boosting driver safety.

Aside from this list of powerhouses, there are many other protection crystals to choose from as well -    black obsidian, tiger's eye, and turquoise just to name a few. Find the stone that speaks to you and your needs!

Set the Mood

There are many different crystals out there that promise to keep you and your car protected at all times. However, before they can work to their full, optimized potential, there are some steps you must take.

First,  wash and clean your car. Be sure to take your time and do a thorough job. Get rid of any garbage or knick-knacks that do not belong in the car. Next, take time to wipe the dashboard and vacuum the interior of the car. Lastly, using particular sprays and solvents, meticulously clean the inside and outside of the car.

Remember, cleaning is important, but having the right intention is the real key here. While cleaning, think about why you are doing so. Keep in mind that a clean environment allows crystals to be more energetically active and powerful.

Believe that you are cleaning with the purpose of protecting your car and giving the crystals space and energy to do their protective work. It is also important, while cleaning the car, to envision wiping and vacuuming away any negative energies that have accumulated.  Set your intentions and the crystals will listen.

Once you are done cleaning the car, it’s time to place the crystals. Where to put them will depend on the stone and its specific energy and purpose. Here are a few ways to optimize their potential:

Protection Crystals
  • Replace Your Morning Coffee

Move over coffee - cup holders are for more than just your morning beverage. These storage areas are an excellent place to keep your protective crystals, especially if using a fluorite crystal. 

Keeping the crystal here is great for easy access and for staying in close proximity with the driver. From this safe place, it will be able to radiate good energy throughout the car.

Fluorite is also known for creating a calming energy for drivers, so that they can leave behind any stress or worries. Among its many healing properties, it can also help boost concentration, which is a necessity for any driver. Place fluorite in the coffee holder for maximized support.

  • Accessorize the Car

Crystal necklaces are generally hung around the neck and kept close to the heart. However, a great alternative is to hang them from the rearview mirror. Hanging from the mirror in this way not only adds a touch of uniqueness and individuality to your car interior, but also keeps you and your passengers protected from harm. Moonstone and malachite are perfect options for hanging in the car.

  • Add Flair to Your Keychain 

If your keychain is looking a little boring these days, try adding some crystals to liven it up. Always with you and near you while driving, keychain crystals offer high protection. Clear quartz makes a great charm for this option; as well as citrine. Both crystals will keep you safe and surround the car with positive energy.

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  • Out of Sight

    Under the driver’s seat is one of the preferred places to keep crystals in the car. Out of sight and not easily accessible, it is better able to stay clean and purified; which in turn allows it to work more profoundly. Moreover, placing it under the seat will create extra protection for your car.

    The crystal will keep you safe from accidents and negative vibes; and will create a soothing aura around you. With this calming, protective energy, the driver can more easily focus on the road.

    If you wish, you can place the crystal in a box to add an extra layer of protection. Shungite or black tourmaline make a good choice for keeping below the seat.

    Safe Travels!

    Crystals have been used as a means for protection for many years. With the dangers that can come from driving, it is wise to employ the help of crystals to keep you safe from harm’s way. 

    Surrounding the vehicle in good, calming energy ensures the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers alike. Whether you choose to hang your crystals from the mirror or keep them under your seat, a crystal in the car is sure to keep your travels safe. 

    Be sure to purchase authentic crystals from reputable sources to ensure their powers and abilities. If you would like to add protection to your own car, check out the Karma and Luck website to browse a wide array of protective stones.

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