The Top 5 Clear Quartz Necklaces for Clarifying the Mind & Soothing the Soul

Clear Quartz Necklaces

Known as “the master healer”, clear quartz is a powerful stone that promises an unparalleled ability to provide support in times of emotional healing. As a stone amplifier, it also offers the unique capacity to enhance and increase the energy of other stones near to it. Crystal quartz holds the highest of vibrations and it promises to share those same vibrations with all those who wear it. The stone works to eliminate built-up clutter from the body and the mind, as well as unite the bearer with their best and truest self, in order to achieve their maximum potential.  It is a deeply relaxing stone that assists us in visualizing our goals with conviction and clarity. Clear quartz also has the power to block out all external noise, allowing you to go forth on your path and make way towards your goals. 

The first historical mention of clear quartz crystals was the Sumerians who incorporated the crystals into their magical formulas and rituals. Ancient Egyptians used these crystals for a touch of fashion, and also carved funeral amulets from these powerful stones. They utilized these crystals and gems mainly for improving health and for encouraging peace of mind. Today, we still use these otherworldly stones to heal and protect us.

The best way to harness the many benefits of clear quartz is by wearing it as jewelry. At Karma & Luck, we offer a variety of clear quartz necklaces that are not only beautiful, but also ensure the healing powers of this multi-faceted stone. Listed below are five of our top picks!

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The Top 5 Most Beautiful Clear Quartz Necklaces for Women 

Looking for some of the best clear quartz necklaces? Take a look below!

#1 Absolute Devotion - Heart Evil Eye Clear Quartz Triple Layer Necklace 

This layered necklace is a beautiful and versatile piece. It highlights the power of love and demonstrates the necessity of devotion towards others, as well as to one’s self. It features an evil eye charm that keeps negativity away and a heart charm that encourages love to flow. There is also a sparkling embedded diamond chip that gives a bit more life and vibrancy to the piece.  The necklace is made with 925 sterling silver along with 18K gold plated layers. The necklace radiates warm and soothing energies. It ensures that you remain completely peaceful and feel secure in all that life throws at you. This multi-faceted necklace also helps the person wearing it to stay emotionally balanced when it comes to love. The stone also allows you to make better decisions in life and Keeping you focused on the tasks at hand, clear quartz allows you to make better and more thoughtful decisions. This necklace serves as a powerful connection between you and your higher self. You are able to function at your highest level of energy and fullest potential when wearing this necklace. With its evil eye charm, the necklace works to safeguard and protect you from any harm that might come your way.

Heart Evil Eye Clear Quartz Triple Layer Necklace

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#2 Soulful Substance - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace 

The soulful substance evil eye double layer necklace will gracefully lead you towards your purpose in life. Made with 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated, the necklace is a must-have. It comes with an evil eye symbol and clear quartz stone, which provide a powerful set of healing traits. The clear quartz on the necklace will add a sense of clarity and focus to your life. It will create more light and pauses for reflection. Any energy put into it will be amplified. It also features the all-seeing evil eye symbol that makes sure no negative vibes surround you. It is a wearable piece of wisdom that generates a greater sense of meaning to your life and actions.

Clear Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

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#3 Inner Clarity - Hematite Clear Quartz April Birthstone Necklace 

This necklace showcases the April birthstone, clear quartz. It will swiftly add clarity to your soul’s higher purpose. It is made with 18K gold plated brass and features a clear quartz stone, as well as dazzling, black hematite stones. The necklace helps to open one's mind and allows one to see the light even in the dark. It helps one to shift their negative perspective to the positive side. The necklace opens communication channels and stimulates the seven chakras as well. The stones focus on calming one's soul, adding focus and direction to life, and helping to achieve all goals.

Hematite Clear Quartz April Birthstone Necklace

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#4 Clarity of Purpose - Daisy Charm Necklace 

This gorgeous necklace offers a sense of clarity in your life. Made with 925 sterling silver, the necklace also features a daisy charm, an evil eye charm, and a sparkling clear quartz stone. The intention of this piece is to bring a clearer sense of direction to your life, so that you can reach the goals you hope to achieve. It clears murky or blurry visions and creates sharper focus. The daisy symbol guides your spirit to a state of balance, while the evil eye charm protects you from harm and negativity. It acts as a shield of protection from any evil directed your way.

Clarity of Purpose

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#5 Master Healer - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace 

Looking for spiritual healing? This necklace is the perfect choice for you. This stunner of a  necklace features a clear quartz charm and an evil eye symbol. It is made using 925 sterling silver and is 18K gold plated. Handmade in Bangkok with love, the necklace brings the wearer a multitude of benefits and powers. The necklace serves as an essential guide throughout a spiritual healing process. It acts as a shield against all negative energies, instead injecting positive and sunny vibes into your life. The necklace will act as an emotional aid for anyone in need of extra support. It stimulates positive feelings and adds joy to your life. The intention of this necklace is to help you feel good at a deep level, and helps you to always see the positive side of life. Even the smallest bit of happiness, will be magnified and elevated. Protecting you spiritually and creating bliss in your days, this necklace is one-of-a-kind.

Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

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Styles & Combinations

Clear quartz is extraordinarily powerful on its own, however there are particular combinations with it that will elevate the power. One such combination is a black tourmaline and clear quartz women’s necklace. Black tourmaline is closely related to the lower chakra, the root of the Earth, which helps you feel safe and stable in the spaces in which you inhabit on this planet. When your root chakra is well-balanced and controlled, it helps you to embody who you are, speak your truth, and focus on your personal direction of healing. This stone teaches you how grounding can help build confidence and pave the way towards your goals. Black tourmaline combined with clear quartz enhances these qualities and provides an added boost of clarity.

There are many styles of clear quartz necklaces, as this stone can be cut and shaped into a variety of forms. One such shape is a heart. Clear quartz hearts are commonly used as pendants, because they symbolize the source of life and unending love. For that reason, the heart has become a very common option for necklaces. They make especially wonderful gifts from loved ones. Another popular choice for clear quartz shapes is a point. These are powerful instruments for directing energy, as they have a clear and defined point that acts as a focus towards a goal.

Clear Quartz

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The Healing Properties of Clear Quartz Women’s Necklaces

Our collection of clear quartz women’s necklaces hold a variety of healing benefits to those who wear them. Pure quartz is considered to be one of the most flexible restoration crystals. An effective gem, it is particularly loved by healers, shamans, and anybody in search of spiritual guidance. This crystal can help in any situation and is considered an exceptional power booster. The restoration power of this crystal has been said to reinvigorate and energize a person's aura. It assists in times of healing and can offer guidance through times of spiritual growth. It also has an effective cleansing power, helping to align and balance the seven chakras. 

As a clear stone, it can relate to all seven colors of the chakra and works in a complementary way to these energy bodies. It also can be used as a powerful tool in meditation. Given the stone’s connection to angels and higher realms, this crystal is specifically appropriate for exciting the crown chakra.

The womens’ clear quartz necklaces work with the power center of the body to clear any blockages in power. They can heal the body, the mind, and the spirit. Our strength has a great impact on our health, and given that healing crystals resonate with our body and increase our strength, they can help us to lead healthier and happier lives. Transparent crystals bring clarity to our communication channels and amplify thinking by stimulating clear and positive thoughts. Clear quartz has a powerful and positive effect on the chakras. They create a shield around your aura and increase its field of energy. 

Clear Quartz

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Quartz is best known as a stone of intense and unending love. It is used by healers around the world to send out a vibration of love, happiness, and joy. Pure quartz also absorbs any negative energy that it picks up. It neutralizes not only background radiation, but also the emission of magnetism, smoke, and organic compounds. It balances and energizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, creating a more well-rounded and stable individual.

Quartz necklaces are commonly used for boosting clarity. It is for those looking for transformation in their lives. By choosing this stone, you are already actively seeking light and guidance. As a deeply balancing stone, it supports the mental, physical, and spiritual sides of our lives and connects us to higher plains of being. It reinvigorates the spirit, giving us determination and energy to reach our goals and create the life of our dreams.

Clear quartz is a stone amplifier. Whatever energy you focus on, will be put directly into the stone and then increased tenfold. On top of this, it will also increase the energy of other stones near to it. When you wear a quartz necklace, it will radiate a high level of vibrancy and energy. This divine energy helps us to create a healthy mind, strong memory, and improved mood. It makes it possible for us to nourish, balance, and adjust our emotional and spiritual body for a higher purpose. 

Clear quartz is also believed to improve mental and physical energy, endurance, and anything to do with the physical form. Quartz promotes spiritual growth, spirituality, and wisdom. It can increase inspiration and creativity by clarifying the thinking process and balancing the emotions. It also helps you to focus and learn, and then put those things to the test. 

Clear Quartz

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Cleaning Clear Quartz

  • Fill a container with warm water and a drop of mild soap or detergent.
  • Use a soft brush to gently wipe away any dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Dry the stone with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid the use of household chemicals or cleaning agents when cleaning your clear quartz. These chemicals can damage the stone.
  • Once cleaned, safely store your stones and jewelry away in a cloth-lined box or wrap it in a soft cloth.

Where to Buy

Karma & Luck is a wonderful option for purchasing clear quartz jewelry, as well as many other gemstone jewels. While there are many retailers and online shops selling crystal jewelry, consumers should be aware of the authenticity of the stones. Karma & Luck has been around for years and has become a trusted source of high-quality, genuine stones and crystals. We strive to create beautiful, versatile, and unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Our customers are all distinct individuals, and we want our jewelry to reflect that. Not only is the jewelry gorgeous in appearance, but also promises a wealth of healing benefits and positive energy to the wearer. We offer a wide variety of clear quartz jewelry with options to suit any taste and style.

Clear Quartz

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Which Clear Quartz Necklace Will You Choose? 

Clear quartz is a stone that exudes otherworldly beauty. Reminiscent of icicles or freshly fallen snow, this stone is not only gorgeous in appearance, but also in the potent energy it holds. By wearing clear quartz necklaces, we can hold this powerful energy close to our hearts and invite it to energize and heal the body from deep within. At Karma & Luck, we offer a large collection of clear quartz jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Ready to find your own clear quartz piece? Visit our website and shop our wide range of gemstone jewelry! 

Clear Quartz

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