Dreaming of Aquamarine - The Mystical Benefits of this March Birthstone

Floating upon the gentle embrace of warm tropical waters brings a sense of serenity and peace unlike any other. What if I told you there was a stone that could ignite those same feelings of tranquility? Meet aquamarine. This March gemstone can range from light blues to vibrant, deeper shades of blue and green.

The name aquamarine comes from  a combination of two Latin words: ‘aqua’, meaning water, and ‘marina’, meaning sea. Combining both words it translates to the water of the sea, which is quite poetic and perfectly suits the ocean-like colors of this stone. Aquamarine is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone, and due to the association of this beautiful stone with the sea, it is known to have a spiritual meaning. As the stone is connected with the sea it is said to have cleansing powers, just like water.

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This aquamarines stone brings the relaxation and calmness of gentle days at sea, the purity of crystal clear waters, and the power of the rolling ocean waves. As the stone is commonly associated with water and the sea, there are several myths and ancient tales tied to this gemstone. Throughout history, this gemstone was considered to be a mermaid's treasure.  As such, sailors would use this stone to bring good luck to their journey. It was considered to be a symbol of protection and courage. The gemstone was believed to keep all the sailors, and anyone who travels by water, safe and secure. Aquamarine was also used to bring a greater sense of happiness, let go of negativity, and restore inner peace.

Aquamarine has a wide range of benefits and uses Many people use it for aiding in clear and confident communication. It can even be used to overcome the fear of public speaking. This stone is especially helpful to anyone dealing with anxiety, as it is known to bring peace, courage, and quietness to the mind. Moreover, this striking blue gemstone is used to heal sore throats or swollen glands, because it is known to have soothing and nurturing properties. This article will guide you through the history and many benefits of this magical, mystical stone.

The Mermaid’s Treasure

Aquamarine is a beautiful, pale blue-green stone, reminiscent of seawater, that was known in ancient times to be the mermaid’s treasure. Aquamarine is a silicate, hence it varies in color from a greenish hue to light blue, to deeper hues of blue as well. The gemstone's color can be enhanced through heat treatment and appears almost transparent.  This magical looking gemstone is connected to several ancient lores and folktales. It is believed to have the power to repel negativity and counteract evil, dark forces; then replacing that darkness with light and protection.

Aquamarine was commonly used as a protective talisman for sailors to guard them from misfortunes and accidents at sea. The stone is considered to be a portal to the divine. It is said to increase clairvoyance and open up one’s intuition. Aquamarine is also used in meditation practices for invoking spiritual awareness, encouraging enlightenment, and providing peace and tranquility to the mind. The stone belongs to the element of water and is the birthstone of those born in March.

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Dive into the Waters of this Aquamarine Stone

Due to its Latin-origin name, aquamarine, meaning “water of the sea”, is deeply associated with the water element. It is known to open communication channels, as well as hold potent cleansing powers. The dazzling blue crystal looks as if drops of clear blue ocean water had somehow frozen into a stone. Its ocean-like appearance connects it with feelings of calmness, healing, and mysticism. When one gets sick or tired, or simply to stay alive, they drink life-giving water. It heals from within, and so does this watery crystal.  Aquamarine is said to refresh mind, provide clarity, enhance clairvoyance, sooth from within, energize, clear away bad energy, and boost one’s mood. Interesting how this crystal holds the same invigorating powers as a tall glass of ice cold water.

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The Legends of Aquamarine

Aquamarine appears to be water in crystal form. It is  a beautiful blue crystal that can range from colors of blue to greenish-blue or being very dark greenish-blue. However, the most sought-after color of an aquamarine stone is pale blue, which is the color of the sea. The stone may have a tint of green or yellow, but naturally occurring aquamarine crystals are pale blue and transparent. Steeped in mysticism, let’s take a deeper dive into the legends of aquamarine.

The Sailor’s Stone

As stated, this crystal’s name comes from Latin, meaning seawater. Deeply connected with the properties of the ocean,  aquamarine was believed to calm strong, stormy waves when sailors were out at sea. Sailors believed that carrying this stone with them would protect them on their journeys. Romans and Greeks, alike,  referred to this dazzling gemstone as the sailor's stone or the sailor's gem,  because they trusted this stone to keep sailors safe while out to sea.  Sailors would commonly wear aquamarine as a talisman to protect them from evil entities, heavy storms, or the chance of getting lost. They believed it would help return them safely home.

Birthstone Aquamarine

The Stone of Courage

Aside from its maritime protection powers,aquamarine was also said to be the stone of courage. In more than just sailors, this stone can help anyone who needs a boost of bravery, whether it be confronting a friend or speaking in public. It increases an individual’s sense of clarity and improves intellectual reasoning, so that you can face your challenges with confidence and wit. Aquamarine is known for calming any fears or phobias, and it aids in meeting the unknown with courage and resilience. When faced with a difficult situation, aquamarine can be employed to help one think clearly, calmly, and make decisions without anxiety. Its gentle strength will provide one with the tools to remain calm, cool, and collected, no matter the situation. It will empower one to stay strong and fearless.

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More Myths and Legends

The ancient Romans believed that the aquamarine gemstone was connected and sacred to the god of the sea, Neptune. The stone was said to have fallen from the jewelry box of the sirens and landed on the seashores.  This mermaid treasure was believed to be  a blessing from the god, Neptune. For the Romans, aquamarine was used for protection and bringing wealth and fortune.

The sailors of the world started wearing aquamarine as a means to protect themselves from accidents, getting lost, and seasickness.  Mentioned in ancient lore,  sailors believed that aquamarine stones made up the intricate scales of a mermaid's tail. Throughout history, aquamarine was known as a stone that held a magnitude of magical powers and powerful secrets of the sea. Many people believed that aquamarine had the magical ability to invoke every mythical creature of the sea: mermaids, sea nymphs, and even sea monsters.

Moreover, the Romans believed that the gemstone would mend relations with any enemies, and would act as a protector from evil and dark entities. Known for more than just spiritual healing, aquamarine was also used as an antidote for poison in many ancient cultures, including the Hebrews, Sumerians, and Egyptians.  From mermaids to sea monsters to nymphs, the aquamarine crystal is associated with the mysterious and alluring nature of the sea. It is considered to be a protective talisman for sailors, a treasure for the mermaids, and a stone of courage. On top of that, it can aid in battles, cure poisonings, and heal the body from deep within.  This powerful gemstone seems to be able to do it all, and look good while doing it.

Charming Aquamarine

Gemstones are commonly known for their beauty, as well as their unique set of powers and properties. Each of the 12 months of the year is correlated to one, or sometimes more, of these dynamic gemstones; also known as birthstones. Aquamarine, for instance, is the birthstone of March. It shares the month with another stone,  bloodstone.  Aquamarine is said to bring a sense of happiness to all those who wear it, especially those who have it as their birthstone. It is known to bring lifelong joy to those who are getting married, and it is said to protect from all foes and enemies. Each birthstone brings a special set of healing powers and attributes to its wearers, however aquamarine seems to be particularly special.  Aquamarine is the birthstone of Pisces or Aries, depending on which part of March one was born.

This birthstone is known to bring tranquility, clarity, peace, serenity, and harmony to those born in March. This dazzling, sea-blue gemstone is known to represent rebirth and transformation. It is an embodiment of qualities such as youthfulness, purity, hope, loyalty, and vitality. The birthstone is associated with the deep blue sea, and hence has all the healing qualities of the sea. It provides benefits to the zodiac sign Pisces and Aries,and allows them to find clarity and peace through difficult times.

In addition, every birthstone is associated with a specific zodiac sign Each stone will provide a set of powerful, healing benefits to those born under that sign. Pisces are lucky enough to call  this sea blue crystal their birthstone, which is known to provide strength and act as a lucky charm. Those born in the spring month of March can reap all of the many revitalizing benefits of this lovely blue, ethereal stone.

A Blue Tranquility

Aquamarine is  believed to hold healing properties that provide tranquility to the wearer. The  pale blue, sparkling gemstone has the same cleansing and healing properties of the sea. It invokes the serenity of the deep blue ocean, and it was known in ancient times to calm the waters and soothe sailors.

This vibrant blue gemstone is known for being a protective talisman that ensures a smooth and safe voyage for anyone traveling by sea. The serene color of this blue gemstone is believed  to cool any anger or rage. Thanks to its spellbounding color and association with the sea, this stone can provide one’s life with a deep sense of peace. 

Harnessing the powers of the sea, this stone promises the tranquility of floating upon the ocean's gentle embrace.

Find Serenity

Harnessing the soothing and calming spirit of the ocean, this gemstone is known for its extraordinary healing powers. Aquamarine, also known as the mermaid’s treasure, has been blessed with the powers of the sea. The Romans once believed that the god, Neptune, gifted the people with this treasure, and they believed that this beautiful gemstone was spilled out of the treasure chest of mermaids. Known as a symbol of serenity, this stone has a mythical background. 

The gemstone is known to provide a sense of serenity and calmness, similar to that which would be found while swimming in the sea. All the magical, healing powers of the ocean reside inside this multi-faceted gemstone. The aquamarine crystal showers its wearer in feelings of tranquility and peace.

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A Clear Mind

Known for its emotional, spiritual, and physical healing properties, the aquamarine stone is said to increase mental clarity. Providing a deep sense of calmness and tranquility to the body and the mind, the stone allows an individual to think more clearly. It is also the stone of courage and is known to provide a sense of bravery and confidence to the wearer. This newfound courage allows an individual to think clearly without worrying about the consequences or challenges to come.

This Aquamarine stone is said to reduce fear and promotes a sense of fearlessness within the wearer. This feeling allows the individual to make decisions with a clear and open mind, rather than making fear-based decisions.

This stone is a perfect addition to any meditation practice, because it is known to increase mental clarity and enhance the enlightening effects of meditation. Aquamarine holds the cleansing properties of water and it cleanses the soul from within to ensure mental clarity. Meditating with this stone allows an individual to tune into a deeper awareness and clear their head of all negative, irrelevant thoughts. Therefore, a lot of spiritual healers recommend the aquamarine stone for meditation  as it is believed to cleanse the soul and mind through its abundant healing properties. Aquamarine can provide greater consciousness and stronger mental clarity 

In addition to providing mental clarity, aquamarine allows one to easily confront people, because it reduces fear. It is especially helpful in reducing fears around communication or public speaking. This stone removes a large mental block, which is the fear of challenges. It reminds us to stay resilient and promotes fluid, open communication.  Clear your mind and clear the path towards bravery with healing aquamarine.

Emotional Healing Through Aquamarine

In addition to balancing feelings, aquamarine is highly adept at helping with emotional healing. Aquamarine is a physical representation of the healing powers of the ocean, and appears to be water in crystal form. All the infinite healing properties and benefits of water are active inside this crystal. The aquamarine stone is known to cleanse the soul from within, which assists in the emotional healing process. With its connection to the water element, this stone is known to purify and provide calmness and peace to the wearer, which clears the way for emotional healing to begin. Emotional healing is only possible once the mind is at peace and a sense of tranquility is felt, two things which aquamarine is famously helpful with attaining. 

Aquamarine is used in meditation to promote emotional healing as it purifies, cleanses, and revitalizes the soul to ensure that the mind is clear and revitalized. 

It allows an individual to balance their emotions and stay on track to ensure that their energy is only used towards positive goals and actions. Moreover, this gemstone is useful for emotional healing, because of its protective powers. As a protective stone, it will shield the mind and soul from evil and dark entities, thus allowing for greater emotional and mental wellness. 

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A Positive Mindset

The healing properties of aquamarine, which include mental well-being, spiritual healing, serenity, calmness, and a sense of mental peace all contribute to having a positive effect on the mind. The stone is used by mental and spiritual healers for reducing anxiety and fears of speaking up or confrontation. The stone is commonly known as the stone of courage because it reduces any feelings of fear, whether that is fear of the unknown, fear of being in difficult situations, fear of challenges, fear of speaking up, fear of confrontation, or simply the fear of communicating. 

Once these fears and anxieties are eradicated, the stone can work to  promote fluid and open communication, as well as increased emotional well-being. When one’s well-being is prioritized and being taken care of, a positive mindset is more attainable. Aquamarine’s many healing attributes lead to a more positive mindset and an unshakeable sense of well-being.

Purify the Soul

As stated,  aquamarine  is known for holding the power of the sea, and being connected with the element of water. This stone not only appears similar to seawater, but is also known to have the purifying qualities of water. Water is an invigorating and life-giving force in this world; aquamarine supplies those same benefits.

Whenever someone drinks water there is an instant feeling of being purified; also when we bathe or shower. Showering is a great way to relieve tension and stress, and it acts as a physical and spiritual cleanser.  This refreshing stone is associated with water, and thus provides that same promise of rejuvenation. When meditating with or wearing this stone, it will purify the soul and spirit similar to how water purifies and revives us.. 

This spiritual purifier is able to get rid of all the toxins in the body, as well as get rid of any lingering negative thoughts. It has the unique ability to alchemize any negativity into feelings of happiness and positivity. The spirit is then purified and cleansed, because it is free of all  negativity and fears. 

Aquamarine stones

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Protection Against Danger by Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine is also known for being a protective stone, as it was used by sailors for protection when they were out at sea. In ancient times, it was said that aquamarine was the sailor's stone or the sailor's gem. It was referred to as this name because it was used as a protective talisman to ward away any evil at sea and ensure a safe journey home. The sailors' stone was said to ensure that the sailor would return safely home from their voyage and keep them from harm’s way. Due to this legend, and others like it, aquamarine is forever known as a protective stone. It is believed to ward away negative energy or people, and remove any danger in one’s way.

Ancient Romans believed that the stone would provide protection against enemies and foes in battles. Many soldiers would adorn themselves with this stone for a boost of protection. Aquamarine’s protective nature keeps negativity at bay, and allows only for positive light to enter one’s life. This stone is truly a gentle warrior.

Meditate with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known for being a stone that ensures healing properties such as tranquility, serenity, inner peace, and mental peace. Therefore it is used in meditation and it is commonly utilized by mental healers for its exceptional calming properties. Many people use this stone as a healing stone since this stone provides mental clarity and mental peace. It is used by many who struggle with anxiety and feel heavy with thoughts of fear and worry.

This stone is known to relieve all feelings of anxiousness, depression, and fear. It is used for meditation and is used to put the mind at ease through spiritual healing. The aquamarine crystal is used in meditation to improve not only the mental well-being of the wearer, but also the inner chakra system. Aquamarine can balance the throat chakra, which is the foundation of one’s voice and speaking one’s truth. Many people use this magical stone for strengthening  the throat chakra and inciting a deeper level of healing throughout the body.

The stone has properties that soothe and calm the mind and soul. It is said to cleanse, heal, and purify to promote a positive effect on the mind and promote a general sense of well-being. This stone is used in meditation as a means to open up the channels between the higher consciousness and the divine. It does this by opening the communication channel of the throat chakra.

This stone is used to strengthen and promote effective communication. It ensures that the individual is speaking from a place of truth and authenticity, free of any fakeness or pretending to be someone they are not.It ensures that the individual behaves as their true self. This stone  is also commonly used spiritually for letting go of things and trusting in people.


Discover a New Sense of Empathy

This dazzling, sea-blue gemstone has the ability to increase one’s emotional understanding and sensitivity towards their significant other. It increases sensitivity, thus ensuring one can tune in to their loved one’s emotions and empathize with them. It gives a sense of intuition to know what they are feeling and what they need. The stone helps one to  focus on discrete signals or messages that are not necessarily spoken. This means an individual can know what their significant other is feeling and you will listen to them with an open mind and open heart, allowing one to better anticipate their needs and emotions.

This stone will also increase one’s tolerance and ability to understand.This keeps one from being impatient, getting offended, or becoming angry. The stone promises to keep you steadfast in patience and tolerance. It will also aid in becoming less critical and less judgemental of others. 

This stone is ideal for strengthening the bonds in a relationship and creating a deeper sense of closeness in relationships. Not only will it help build empathy, but also help individuals who struggle with commitment issues.

Physical Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is believed to be exceptionally beneficial for women who are pregnant. It holds protective properties that are able to shield the mother, as well as the unborn child, from any sorts of harm and danger. The stone is worn for protection and can help prevent miscarriages and stillborn babies.

In addition to this, aquamarine has a direct relationship with the throat chakra. This connection allows it to heal sore throats, goiters, neck pain, swollen glands, and boosts the overall vitality of the immune system. By improving and strengthening the immune system, the stone is able to promote a general sense of well-being throughout the whole body. It is also known to help regulate the growth and balance of hormones. 

More than just an emotionally healing stone, aquamarine has many physical healing benefits, such as preventing diseases and illnesses of the liver, throat, and stomach. With its association to cleansing water, it has nourishing and nurturing properties of the supercharged sea.

This stone can also help in soothing aching muscles. It is said that keeping this stone under one’s pillow, or wearing it, can prevent sore muscles. This stone is great for relieving stress and feelings of anxiety and anger. It helps with feelings of anger and rage, because it allows people to think more clearly and calmly before acting. Through its purifying and cleansing powers, this stone nurtures and soothes the mind by relieving it from stress and tension.

Crystals Aquamarine

Aquamarine Stone brig Money in Your Pocket

The aquamarine stone clears the mind and soothes the brain, hence increasing and enhancing the intellectual prowess and capability of the individual. It has calming and soothing properties which allow the individual to think clearly without having any distractions. It also promotes thinking with logic and reason. These stones are beneficial for reducing tension and reducing procrastination. It is a very powerful and beneficial stone that not only attracts positive vibes, but also attracts prosperity and abundance. Good fortune and good luck are added benefits! As the stone is commonly referred to in ancient folk tales, such as being the mermaid's treasure or a gift from Neptune, this layer of mysticism increases its powers of wealth and good fortune.

A mind that is clear and at peace will be able to make better decisions; whether it be a financial or business decision. Due to its many benefits, this stone allows for miracles to happen. It makes way for success in business and prosperity in life.

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Aquamarine Stone Increases Intuition

The crystal, aquamarine,  has several spiritual qualities which allow us to access our inner wisdom and our inner intuition. This is because it is responsible for connecting us to the third eye chakra. Once this chakra is open and balanced with all the other chakras, it is equipped to give one the confidence to rely on and trust their inner gut feeling and intuition.

This deep blue gemstone guarantees  a clear and purified mind; free from all negative thoughts. This sense of clarity can make room for increased inner wisdom and a stronger sixth sense. The gemstone has the power to connect one’s mind with their soul, ensuring that they make the right decisions with a clear and focused mind. Thereby there is a higher degree of wisdom which is provided by aquamarine. This stone is a wearer of many hats:  healer, purifier, cleanser, and positivity booster all in one. This relaxing stone is perfect for any and every need.

Align the Chakras with Stones of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known for being connected to the throat chakra. It is said to awaken the throat chakra and help one find their voice. The gemstone is known for improving the flexibility and versatility of its bearer. Aquamarine is believed to help in boosting the vitality of the body and providing energy to the throat chakra. This ensures that any disease or issues in the neck region are avoided.  People who have sore throats, neck pain, or goiters can also use this stone for healing. This stone is like a nurturing kiss, inviting one to delve deeper into the depths of their own soul, so that they can begin to heal from within. This glittering and vibrant blue gemstone is an ideal choice for healing the  throat chakra.

It is the talisman of the sailors and is known to bring clarity to the mind. It can soothe any fears that are surrounding the throat, especially in terms of communication. It is perfect for reducing any anxieties and ensuring that the person is connected to their true identity and their one and only, true voice.  The throat chakra is considered to be the foundation for three of the most important things, which include, communication, authenticity, and creativity. If this chakra is well balanced it means that an individual can communicate freely with other people and can be the truest version of themselves.

The energy radiates from the heart chakra onto the throat chakra, which causes a boost in self-confidence and self-love. This allows the individual to be their own true self. The aquamarine gemstone is the stone that inspires this self-love and promotes open and fluid communication. The stone is considered to be the stone of water due to its name, aquamarine, and the loving association of this gemstone with mermaids and other sea creatures.

This stone has the healing and cleansing properties of water and it is able to cleanse the throat chakra from deep within. It opens communication channels, while reducing any feelings of anxiety and fear in individuals. The aquamarine stone inspires an individual to be their true self and speak their truth. It connects one to the deepest part of their own soul. Aquamarine is associated with self-expression, communication, authenticity, creativity, and courage. 

When the throat chakra is balanced, it allows the individual to be able to communicate whatever is on their mind and speak up for themselves. A well-functioning throat chakra has  attributes such as creativity, self-expressiveness, authenticity, truth, confidence, self-assuredness, and mindfulness. 

Consequently, if the throat chakra is unbalanced, it can lead to one talking too much and not waiting for their turn, being fearful of speaking up, lying, being secretive, and lacking creativity. It can also result in physical effects, such as throat illness, sore throat, stiff neck, ear pains, and shoulder issues. It restricts creativity and it leads to the inability to communicate properly. 

In such cases where the throat chakra is imbalanced,  energy healing is used to restore equilibrium. The stone, aquamarine, is used to balance and open up one’s throat chakra.  The aquamarine stone has an energy equivalent to that of water, and therefore has the ability to cleanse and heal the throat chakra from a deep level. If communication is rigid and stuck the stone ensures the smooth and fluid flow of communication. It helps to reduce anger and rage, replacing such attributes with calmness. It nourishes and improves the functioning of the throat chakra.

The All-Powerful Aquamarine

This blue gemstone will put anyone in a trance with its mesmerizing beauty, and healing powers to boot. Its crystal blue color reminds one of diving into the deep, cool, refreshing water of the sea. This gentle, yet bold healer seems to rock its wearer in the nurturing embrace of warm water. The extraordinary powers of this dazzling gemstone will aid one in emotional healing, protect them from negativity and harm, provide good luck, and allow them to communicate with more fluidity and ease. The mermaid's treasure, the stone of courage, and the sailor’s stone are just some of the many monichers this multi-faceted stone goes by. Looking to add a piece of this dreamy, ocean-like stone to your collection? Check out our website today and browse through our endless array of aquamarine stones and jewels.

Jewelry with aquamarine

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