Aquamarine - The Rarest of Gemstones with A Clear Blue Sea Color

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Aquamarines are unquestionably one of nature's most beautiful gifts. Looking through one of these brilliantly cut, clear gemstones, will automatically transport you to the picturesque shores of a tropical island. It is as if you are peering into the transparent ocean waters of your dreams, rather than a crystal.

Aquamarine, the brilliant blue stone of March, has one of the most distinctive colors among expensive gems. Its vibrant hue has long been associated with youth, good health, and optimism.

When it comes to fine jewelry, aquamarine is usually matched with white or silver gold. The color scheme works nicely together and can give any outfit a unique, summery flair. The beautiful maritime tones of this exquisite blue gemstone range from mild to dark blues, and are connected with the colors of the sea. Aquamarine is mineral beryl that ranges from greenish blue to blue. 

Beryl was once one of the world's most important beryllium metal ores. The extraction of beryllium, on the other hand, is costly. Beryl is now generated as a by-product in gemstone extraction in small quantities.

Aquamarine gemstones range in color from a light blue to a deep, vibrant blue. The name aquamarine comes from two Latin words that signify "blue water". The first is ‘aqua’, which means water, and the second is ‘marina’, which means sea. When placed together, the term applies to the radiant hues of the sea that this stone encapsulates.

Transparent, Translucent & Blue Beauty

Aquamarine competes for attention in the commercial market with treated blue topaz, but fine aquamarine sells for significantly more than treated blue topaz of a comparable grade. 

As the name implies, aquamarine's ethereal colors are reminiscent of the sea. In fact, the more the stone appears like a pure, translucent blue lagoon, the more appealing it is.

The color range of aquamarine is slight - it can be blue, somewhat greenish-blue, greenish-blue, very strongly greenish blue, or green-blue. The gem's most expensive color is a moderately dark solid blue to a slightly greenish-blue—the more expensive the stone, the purer and more intense the blue color.

The majority of aquamarine has a pale greenish-blue color. Although some consumers prefer the natural greenish color, most aquamarine on the market has been heat-treated to make it a more pure blue. 

Tree of Life Aquamarine

One of the most common misunderstandings regarding aquamarine is that it should only be blue, as the majority of customers favor a dark blue aquamarine. However, natural, untreated aquamarine is a clear, blueish-green variation of a beryl-like color, according to gemmology. The color of an aquamarine is based on the stone's body color and highlights.

"Aquamarine color" refers to stones with blue body color and sea green highlights. "Seafoam color" refers to green bodies with blue highlights. Both of these colors are stunning.

Although some aquamarine birthstones emerge from the earth blue, most begin their lives as blueish-green. The majority of these have been heat-treated to create the blue tint, as this is the color that the general public prefers. However, times and tastes change. Aquamarines with natural colors are in increasingly high demand.

Aquamarine Gemology Adding To its Rare Value Properties

The word Aquamarine derives from the Latin words ‘aqua’, meaning water, and ‘marina’, meaning,  'from the sea’. The color aquamarine comes to mind when we think of calm oceans lapping the white sandy coasts of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or South Pacific islands, and it is also the hue of the finest aquamarine gemstones. It is possible to figure out how both the color and the rock received their names because they range from ocean-like pale and light blues to deep dark blues and even some greenish blues. 

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Beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate, most typically found as crystals in igneous rock. The inclusion of trace elements such as chromium, iron, or manganese causes the diverse varieties of beryl to form. Small amounts of iron are trapped within beryl crystals as they grow, resulting in the formation of aquamarine.

Although emerald is the most well-known Beryl, Aquamarine is a highly prized semi-precious stone that has been used in jewelry and spiritual rituals for hundreds of years. The inclusions in this gemstone are fascinating. Long, hollow tubes are a distinguishing characteristic of beryl and in particular, aquamarine.

In skeletal crystals, aquamarines contain translucent and tough metallic-like inclusions such as biotite, ilmenite, hematite, phlogopite, etc. Apatite, cassiterite, epidote, garnet, muscovite, quartz, and tourmaline crystals may also be present. Some stones have ‘snow-stars, irregularly structured liquid droplets arranged in a star pattern. There are noticeable ‘snow-star’ inclusions in the aquamarine's infamous and soothing "Martha Rocha" variation.

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Why is This Poor Man's Diamond So Rare?

Aquamarine's popularity has grown over time, making its pricing increasingly higher than before. Aquamarine gemstones come in various sizes - some are relatively small, while others can be quite large and weigh up to several kilograms. The color of an aquamarine gem is another factor that impacts its value. An aquamarine stone or rock needs to be over five carats in weight to have a rich, intense color. Aquamarines have a unique blue tint reminiscent of the water;  making you want to dive right in! The clarity and transparency of this one-of-a-kind gemstone are truly unrivaled.

Aquamarines carve smoothly, with next to no possibility of cleaving or shattering. This makes them a cutter's ideal gemstone. Designers frequently use aquamarine to experiment with various curves and designs because it comes in precise proportions. The calm blue color conveys elegance and sophistication, making it a lovely substitute to some of the more striking, aquamarine gemstones available.

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Aquamarine is a popular and inexpensive gemstone. It receives its blue hue from the remnants of its iron chemical makeup, and it belongs to the beryl mineral group. 

This gem is simple to mine and has good resistance to inclusions. This is one of the reasons why it is less expensive and more widely used. Aquamarine jewelry including rings and women's aquamarine earrings has become increasingly popular over time.

The Geological Occurrence of Aquamarine

Most gem-quality aquamarine crystals develop in cavities beneath the earth's surface during the late phases of a magma body’s crystallization. The crystals can then grow in the open spaces created by these voids. The slow, subsurface cooling rate allows for the formation of massive crystals to form. Furthermore, the late-stage timing supplies the fluids and beryllium supply required to create beryl, a beryllium mineral. 

Granite pegmatites are the most common source of aquamarine. However, veins in metamorphic rocks that have been mineralized by hydrothermal activity are another source. 

The extraordinary hardness of aquamarine allows it to survive in overlying soils & stream sediments when uncovered by weathering and erosion. Stream sediments are another common source of aquamarine.

Properties That Affect The Valuation of The Serene Stone

Here, we will look at some of the factors that can influence the price of aquamarine.

Rare Aqua-like Color

Aquamarine has a minimal color palette including blue, greenish-blue, very slightly greenish blue, very strongly greenish blue, and green-blue. The most precious of this gemstone has reasonably high brilliance and a somewhat greenish-blue to dark blue tint.

Crystal Clarity

The majority of aquamarines are free of flaws. Although finished gemstones have few clarity features, they may have liquid inclusions. Some gemstones include parallel inclusions, such as liquid-filled tubes or extended hollows, which aid in carving and provide a significant cat's eye for crystal fashioning.

Diversity in Cut

A cutter would usually cut an aquamarine gemstone into a round, emerald, or oval shape, but it may be carved into any shape or left raw. Well-cut gemstones are rather popular in the market. The transparency and toughness of aquamarine make it attractive among fine carvers, painters, and designers.

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The Properties Play a Pivotal Role in Benefits

Aside from boosting the wearer’s confidence, aquamarine stones have other advantages, as well. The stone's color evokes feelings of peace and happiness. It can provide the person with a boost of self-power and a positive mindset. Commonly associated with the sea, aquamarine has the spiritual meaning of cleansing.

Aquamarine is associated with the clarity of crystal blue seas and the feeling of serenity that the ocean provides. Aquamarine is a spiritual stone related to trust and letting go. Aquamarine was said to be the treasure of mermaids in ancient times and was used as a charm by sailors to bring prosperity on the open seas. The stone is also seen as a representation of protection and bravery. 

These days, the aquamarine gemstone is believed to offer peace and protection to anyone who travels near, over, or through the water. It also represents honest, direct communication from the heart. The aquamarine gemstone is intended to help those who wear it recover from emotional distress more effectively by calming anger and resolving conflicts.

Wearing Aquamarine can also aid with stress alleviation, resurfacing buried emotions, and fostering a sense of tranquillity. It is said that wearing aquamarine jewelry can provide the perks of a clear mind and a tranquil heart. Wearing aquamarine crystals has numerous advantages, however, the versatility to wear it and accent any summertime or spring ensemble is maybe one of the most fun perks!

Aquamarine jewellery

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Where Can You Get Your Hands on Aquamarine From

For many years, the most costly aquamarine stones were found only in Brazil and other parts of South America. Today, however, the stone is mined on practically every continent globally. Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Madagascar are just a few places it forms naturally. 

Aquamarine stones are most typically faceted in today's market, but they can also be cut as cabochons. This produces an effect on the stone that resembles a cat's eye, commonly known as asterism. With plenty of hollow tube inclusions & good cutting, aquamarines can exhibit chatoyancy and asterism. Collectors highly prize beautiful cat's eye aquamarines, and their prices are akin to those of clean, faceted stones of the same color.

Star aquamarines are rarer than cats' eyes, and they can fetch high prices. This stunning stone comes in a range of dark blue to light blue hues and is mined in Madagascar. Brazil also has a lot of huge, high-quality stones. 

Aquamarine can be found in most places that produce regular beryl, with some of the best coming from Russia. Aquamarine can also be found in Sri Lanka's gem-gravel placer deposits. Aquamarine chrysolite is the transparent yellow beryl found in Brazil. When corundum has the same blue hues as traditional aquamarine, it's known as oriental aquamarine.

The Properties of This Stone are Unique

Keep in mind, when purchasing aquamarine, that the most desirable gemstone is a pure sky blue. Lighter hues are less desirable than darker shades, but this is simply a matter of personal taste. Heat therapy can improve the blueness of the surface and is a permanent change.

The majority of aquamarines are, however, naturally blue. You must obtain a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification from the jeweler you purchased your Aquamarine.

Always go to a reputable and certified establishment to purchase aquamarine and be sure to obtain a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification from the jeweler. Nowadays, people are looking for unique engagement ring alternatives to diamonds, and aquamarine is undoubtedly gorgeous enough to be a lasting token of love.

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