Aquamarine Stones & Crystals - Meaning, Benefits, Properties and Chakra

Aquamarine Stones

Representing strength and fortitude, aquamarine is an ethereally beautiful stone that can be worn to promote clear communication and tranquil thoughts. It is also known to help greatly with stress and anxiety relief. In many cultures, aquamarine, with its clarifying properties, is said to open communication with the spiritual world. This stone is believed to provide optimism, courage, and endurance, even in trying times.

As a powerful cleanser, aquamarine works to purge negative energy and thoughts. According to folklore, this stone boosts creativity and helps in artistic endeavors. Some people feel that aquamarine can aid in the manifestation of goals and dreams by facilitating communication between the conscious and subconscious minds.

It is also thought to be a powerful stone for facilitating straightforward communication, especially when dealing with stressful situations or times of conflict. Aquamarine is regarded as a stone of courage, as well as a stone that helps increase one's self-esteem. It is a highly useful talisman for travelers, as it promotes safe travel and protects against mishaps. In this article we will tell you all about Aquamarine meaning.

Float on Waves of Bliss with Jewelry Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a blue or green form of beryl, which is the same mineral that gives emeralds their distinct color. The aquamarine crystal gets its name from two Latin words: "aqua", which means "water" and "marina", which means "sea". The gemstone's aesthetic likeness to seawater is responsible for the inspiration behind the name. Some people believe that the meaning of aquamarine provides sailors good luck and protects them from shipwrecks. Others say it is a useful talisman against injury and envy.

Aquamarine deposits can be found all over the world, but the most famous ones are in Pakistan and Brazil. In fact, Marambaia, Brazil, is home to the world's largest known aquamarine stone deposit, which is estimated to contain more than 15 million carats of gem-quality aquamarine. Aquamarines of the best quality are found in Brazil. They have a lovely blue tint and are extremely rare. Mozambique, Zambia, and Burma are other well-known sources of high-quality aquamarines.

Ready to learn more about this dreamy stone? Read on to find out all there is to know about aquamarine stone, including its properties, benefits, aquamarine meaning, and more. The aquamarine crystal properties are extensive, so let’s dive into this world of blue!

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Gemology of Aquamarine

The aquamarine crystal system is hexagonal, which means it has six faces that intersect at 120-degree angles. Its prismatic crystals are usually water-clear in appearance. Aquamarine is most commonly found with other minerals, including schorl, albite, and muscovite. 

Iron is responsible for its unique and characteristic blue hue, while chromium is responsible for the hues of green. Due to aquamarine’s crystal properties, color intensity will vary dramatically depending on the amount of iron and chromium present. Some aquamarines are so light that they appear colorless, while others are rich blue.

Raw Aquamarine

The color of raw aquamarine is usually pale blue or green, and it has a foggy or washed-out appearance. If the gemstone has been exposed to the effects of the environment, it may acquire a yellow or brown hue. As aquamarine is frequently found in veins and cracks in pegmatite rocks, it is not necessarily a consistently colored gemstone.

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The Meaning of Aquamarine

With its strong association with the sea, the aquamarine crystal meaning is deeply tied to legends of mythology. The metaphysical properties of aquamarine are said to protect the livelihood and well-being of sailor and fisherman, in particular, as well as travelers of any kind.

The March birthstone is aquamarine, meaning that anyone born in this month can benefit greatly from this dreamy stone. The aquamarine birthstone teaches one to flow with the ever changing tides of life. Aquamarine is the March birthstone, as well as the zodiac crystal for Pisces and Aquamarine. 

The aquamarine stone's significance is greatly influenced by its namesake, the sea. The symbolism of this stone encompasses everything that the limitless blue water represents. It is a symbol of both exhilaration and relaxation.

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With its abundant and beneficial aquamarine properties, it is a stone that helps you let go of your emotions and cleanses you of negative thoughts and experiences. The stone promotes honesty and trust. The way the sky is mirrored on the sea surface is linked to the reflective qualities of this translucent blue mineral.

The ability to discern hidden meanings and truths is tied to reflective characteristics. The aquamarine stone assists in directly facing others or oneself and gazing into the depths of the soul. All of these characteristics are fundamental to aquamarine's meaning. The aquamarine stone benefits all who wish to become better public speakers or learn how to confront others. 

Aquamarine properties to heal are seemingly limitless. The stone's capacity to soothe one's dread of public speaking is also an important aspect of its meaning. This is a wonderful crystal for teachers or anyone who has to give public presentations.

It promotes quiet thought and reflection, showing the speaker's knowledge while also expressing their facts and sentiments. Communication improves as anger and anxiety are replaced with clear and calm thinking. All of these advantages are linked to the stone's communicative symbolism.

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Aquamarine Crystal Benefits

Thanks to the powerful aquamarine stone benefits, it is frequently used in jewelry. It is a lovely blue-green color that comes in a variety of shades and hues. Aquamarine is said to offer a number of beneficial characteristics. 

The aquamarine stone meaning is said to aid in the development of courage, happiness, and communication. It is also regarded as a relaxing stone that can help with anxiety and stress relief. Two important things are strongly connected with this gemstone: tranquility and courage.

It is said to enhance inner tranquility, aid in the discovery of one's own life path, and remove impediments. It is also thought to provide strength when you need it the most, making it an excellent stone for when you are feeling afraid or overwhelmed. Aquamarine aids in the process of intellectual reasoning, as well as the ability to find answers rapidly.

As it makes analytical thinking more doable and lends strength to discipline and perseverance, via an elevated mood, the stone allows you to learn about the world at large as well as yourself. 

With the help of this stone, your altruistic qualities improve, and your desire to help and heal people grows more pronounced and inspired. Aquamarine encourages a responsible, sensitive, and gentle disposition, which is in line with the aquamarine crystal meaning.

If you are prone to passing judgment, you will learn to be more patient, and if you are easily overwhelmed by your jobs and responsibilities, you will improve your time management and organization skills.

Aquamarine Feng Shui

Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
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Aquamarine Chakra

Due to the aquamarine metaphysical properties, the stone is beneficial for balancing the chakras. The aquamarine chakra is the throat chakra, which helps us to speak our truth and express our emotions. As the aquamarine chakra, it encourages us to  reach new levels of consciousness.

Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, and it ranges in color from blue to blue-green. The following are some of its defining characteristics: 

  • Aids in communicating more clearly and openly.
  • Shields and defends from people who aim to harm you.
  • Assists you in finding inner peace. 
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Promotes peace of mind.

Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree

Aquamarine Spiritual Meaning

Aquamarine crystal meaning is tied to self-expression and communication, making it the “stone of truth and courage”. The aquamarine crystal benefits those who wish to reveal hidden personal realities while encouraging self-confidence. As a result, it can be an effective tool for those on spiritual or personal growth paths. 

This stone is said to help one connect with the spiritual realm, bridging the gap in communication between the two worlds. For that reason, it is helpful for increasing intuition and channeling. Aquamarine’s spiritual meaning is significant, and it is one of the best stones for contacting other worlds.

Aquamarine Jewelry from Karma & Luck

There are a few places where you can purchase genuine aquamarine crystals and aquamarine gemstones. You may go to a local jewelry store, or you can buy from a trusted source, such as Karma & Luck store. Karma & Luck makes beautiful jewelry with aquamarine crystals and gemstones, all guaranteed for authenticity.

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Where to Buy Aquamarine Crystal jewelry?

As with the purchase of any gemstone or crystal, be sure you do your research to ensure you purchase a high-quality piece. The color, clarity, and cut of the stone are all aspects to consider. If you are looking for the best authentic aquamarine, look no further than Karma & Luck. Our crystals are responsibly sourced and hand-selected for their beauty, clarity, and optimal energy. Get your hands on one of nature's greatest Aquamarine gifts by shopping with us today!

Wearing March Birthstone Aquamarine

Aquamarine jewelry can be worn in a number of different ways. Used as a necklace, ring, bracelet gift, or earrings, are all excellent ways to harness the benefits of aquamarine crystals. By keeping it in close and consistent contact with the body, the energy is readily available to you. When worn, aquamarine gemstones are said to bring about an unshakable sense of tranquility and inner peace. Jewelry with aquamarine makes one feel connected to the powerful and ever pulsing energy of the ocean. An aquamarine jewelry set is an excellent way to harness these effects, and can be achieved by pairing multiple pieces of jewelry featuring this stone.

Aquamarine Bracelets

Wearing an aquamarine bracelet is one of our favorite ways to wear Aquamarine stone. This is an excellent way to show off your individual flair while also showcasing your favorite aquamarine gemstone!

aquamarine bracelets

Aquamarine Necklaces

An aquamarine necklace is one of the most popular and beautiful ways to wear Aquamarine blue stone. Depending on your preferences, you can wear a long or short necklace, and a pendant of any shape or size. The aquamarine healing properties will get right to work, connecting your heart to your inner truth. Aquamarine necklaces are stunning and dynamic additions to your collection.

aquamarine necklaces

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Aquamarine Rings

Wearing an aquamarine ring is a unique approach to wearing this ethereal stone. With an ability to dress up or down, an aquamarine ring provides endless opportunity.

You can find all these jewelry options at Karma & Luck by browsing our full aquamarine gemstone collection, including aquamarine jewelry sets.

aquamarine rings

Shop Aquamarine March Birthstone Jewelry

At Karma & Luck, you will find the highest-quality aquamarine jewelry. Whether you are looking for an  aquamarine ring, aquamarine necklace, or an aquamarine jewelry set, Karma & Luck has something for everyone. As a spiritually-minded lifestyle brand, we hope to awaken deeper consciousness and purpose with every purchase made.

With its ocean-esque colors, aquamarine is frequently connected to the power and grace of the ocean. Its purifying and clarifying properties allow one to dive deeper into their own consciousness and experience true bliss. This stone will allow you to live a more confident and radiant life.

aquamarine jewelry set

Aquamarine Meaning in the World

Aquamarine has been adored throughout the ages, with the ancient Romans being particularly fond of this gemstone. Used for a variety of purposes, it is most commonly worn for the aquamarine healing properties it holds, and as an amulet to ward off bad Luck. Aquamarine is still regarded as one of the most beloved gemstones and is frequently used in jewelry designs today. In fact, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Julia Roberts have all been spotted wearing aquamarine. 

With prices ranging from $5 to $50 per carat, aquamarine is a relatively inexpensive gemstone. Larger stones, on the other hand, can be rather costly. A 599-carat aquamarine, for example, was auctioned for $8 million in 2011.

Aquamarine Jewelry Sets

Dive Deep with Aquamarine Birthstone

Aquamarine's reflective properties allow buried truths to be uncovered, resulting in a greater sense of self-awareness and empowerment. The healing characteristics of aquamarine assist us in improving our communication with ourselves, each other, and, most importantly, with the Divine. Meaning, messages, and articulations to the Divine become more lucid and potent when aquamarine is present. By bridging the gap between the spiritual world and the physical, this stone is said to assist in strengthening a person's relationship with their guardian angels. 

Aquamarine is said to convey water vitality in Feng Shui. This form of energy fosters attributes such as serenity, quiet strength, and cleansing, and it also promotes regeneration and rebirth. By harnessing the purifying energy and graceful strength of the ocean, this stone allows the wearer to flow with the everchanging waves of life.

Did you fall in love with aquamarine? Visit our website to browse our full collection of this dreamy blue stone. We offer individual pieces of aquamarine jewelry, as well as aquamarine jewelry sets.

Aquamarine March Birthstone

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