Amethyst Crystal & Stone Jewelry - Meaning, Benefits, Chakra, Powers & Properties

Amethyst Crystals

Holding a lovely energy, and tied to great historical significance, amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone that is not only beautiful but also very powerful. You will never find two amethyst gemstones alike; however, it is always a member of the quartz family of minerals.

The peculiar structure of this particular stone means that the color of the stones cut from the rough is never uniform in shade - you will always find great diversity in the shades of violet or purple in amethyst stones.

The stone's name comes from the Greek, ‘amethystos’, which, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is associated with avoiding intoxication. The popular, be it outdated, notion is that drinking containers carved out of or studded with this violet stone will prevent the drinker from becoming inebriated.

This type of protection is shared among various gemstones around the world; for example, moonstone was employed in Ancient Greece to safeguard travelers and warriors out on the road at night. 

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Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is a gemstone that has been revered and adored for a very long time. In fact, the first written record of this precious stone dates back to 4000 BC. The amethyst stone was prized for its healing abilities, as well as its amethyst ability to calm the mind and curb addictions.

The significance of amethyst is at the heart of its advantages. Amethyst, whether as jewelry or an amulet, provides an extraordinary spiritual experience. Dive into the mysteries of amethyst crystals and learn about the healing and spiritual powers of this stone.

Interested to learn more about the amethyst spiritual meaning, amethyst metaphysical properties, and amethyst powers? Read on to discover all there is to know about this incredibly healing stone. 

Amethyst Crystals

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Amethyst Powers

The amethyst meaning comes from the Greek word, 'amethystos’. In Koine Greek, it means "not drunk". This stone was revered by the ancient Greeks, as they believed that amethyst could protect its possessor from intoxication and drunkenness. For that reason, they would make amethyst jewelry or drinking containers from this stone.

However, belief in the symbolism of amethyst and its healing abilities was not limited to just Greece. In fact, amethyst powers were widely employed in all sectors of life in India, Russia, East Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

The amethyst stone meaning is attached to pure, cleansing energy that allows one to break through any mental or physical barriers. Amethyst healing properties are abundant. 

Amethyst Crystals

What does Amethyst Mean?

What does amethyst do is one of a few varieties of quartz that has a trigonal gem framework. It is a solid stone with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Its lavender to violet hue is a result of iron and aluminum stores, as well as the typical lighting.

The stone of all those born in February, the amethyst birthstone can be worn to protect and guide. The February amethyst birthstone is beloved for its rich purple hues, making it a frequent adornment to jewelry. 

Amethyst Gemstone Benefits & Healing Properties

Amethyst benefits anybody who wears it, but will be particularly beneficial for the zodiac signs of Pisces and Aquarius. Amethyst healing properties include promoting inner peace, encouraging heightened awareness, cleansing the soul, and easing anxiety. 

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The Benefits of Amethyst

The ancient Egyptians were known to use this magnificent gemstone, due to its amethyst spiritual meaning, but it is now so widely available that it has been used for jewelry and ornaments all around the world.

Natural amethyst crystals have such a striking beauty that they are used as ornaments in houses, as well as jewelry to add the finishing touch to a variety of outfits.

The Egyptians, amongst others, are thought to have utilized Amethyst as intaglios, which are engraved or carved designs into the surface of objects.

Other societies utilized amethyst stones to bestow authority on people in business who needed a helping hand to close trade deals. It was a must-have on business travels because of its ability to reduce tensions and improve bargaining skills.

Amethyst Crystals

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Amethyst Properties 

The healing benefits of amethyst are as varied and powerful as the stone itself. Due to the amethyst properties within it, it is most commonly regarded as a protective stone that provides security to the wearer.

Associated with the crown chakra, amethyst helps us to connect with higher realms. It is highly beneficial in cleansing the psyche and purging it of harmful thoughts, including the pessimism of anxiety and stress.

As a result, many people use amethyst to clear their minds of brain fog or heavy thoughts. The healing characteristics of amethyst are beneficial for releasing tension and decreasing pressure. 

Calming Spirit - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree

Experience Divine Consciousness with Amethyst Crystals

Choose amethyst if you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil stone. This stone is beneficial on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. It fosters harmony and calm, while also removing impatience.

Due to the plentiful amethyst metaphysical properties, this stone is known to balance the chakras. The crown chakra is known as the amethyst chakra, as their rich purples are a match. The amethyst chakra, or crown chakra, helps you connect with the divine.

Amethyst Crystals

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What does Amethyst do & what is Amethyst good for?

Here are some more amethyst benefits: 

  • Amethyst can help to strengthen the immune system, allowing you to recover more quickly from a serious illness, as well as preventing you from falling ill in the first place.
  • In terms of cell recovery, it has a good track record. Amethyst is a well-known stress reliever that also has the ability to detoxify the body. 
  • Provides enthusiasm and motivation to the spirit, boosting a sense of self-confidence in all that you do. This consistency and quality of thought encourages a person to stay true to themselves.
  • Improves ability to adapt and encourages teamwork.
  • Allows one to get in touch with divine consciousness.

Compassionate Wisdom - Amethyst Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

Inner Wisdom - Amethyst Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Inner Wisdom - Amethyst Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
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Gemology of Amethyst 

Amethyst is a mineral that belongs to the quartz family. Silicon and oxygen combine to produce quartz, which are the two most common elements found in the Earth's crust.

Purple amethyst quartz is just one of the many different kinds of quartz that can be found. The most frequent color of the amethyst crystal is deep purple. Its purple color, however, can range from shades of lavender to a deeper, royal purple, and from red raspberry to rose amethyst.

Prasiolite, a green amethyst, is also available. Color zoning can be seen in Amethyst, meaning that it is made up of geometric zones that shimmer from darker to lighter colors.

Purple amethyst gemstones are the most well-known variety, and are frequently utilized as purifying forces in crystal water bottles. Each shade of this stone is deserving of praise in its own right

Amethyst Crystals

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Where to Buy Amethyst Crystal Jewelry

Inspired by timeless traditions, Karma & Luck is a spiritually-minded lifestyle brand with the capacity to awaken deeper consciousness and purpose every day.

Our unique and thoughtful designs are created to promote happiness, health, and success, while also assisting you in realizing your goals. An amethyst crystal necklace, for example, can help you to connect your heart with the higher truth of the divine.

Vladi Bergman launched Karma & Luck in 2015 with the goal of bridging cultures through fair trade and beautiful, handcrafted goods. Each item works to spread messages of peace and generosity. Karma & Luck, which is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a global focus.

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Every Karma & Luck piece is intended to bring good luck into your home, while also protecting you everywhere you go. Our website is one of the few trusted places to find genuine amethyst jewelry, including amethyst rings, amethyst necklaces, amethyst bracelets, amethyst earrings, and more. 

The amethyst crystal meaning means that this stone exudes a sense of calm and peace in anyone who wears it. The stone's calming vibrations make it an excellent stress reliever.

It soothes the nervous system, while also boosting confidence in all that you do. Expect a more peaceful and attentive frame of mind when wearing this gorgeous purple stone.

Wear an amethyst ring to call in prosperity and luck, wear an amethyst necklace to connect with the divine, wear an amethyst bracelet to ease anxiety, or choose a pair of amethyst earrings to reach new levels of enlightenment within.

 Amethyst Crystals

Shop Amethyst Jewelry Online

The amethyst gemstone, which has a rich purple color, has long been prized for its beauty. Amethyst has become the most valuable variety of quartz due to its purple color, which is considered regal in many countries and cultures.

It was adored not only for its magnificent beauty but also for its purported ability to calm the mind and emotions. The best amethyst can be found at Karma & Luck. Head to our website and browse our immaculate collection.

Inner Wisdom - Amethyst Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Amethyst Crystals, Birthstones and Gemstones for Sale

Having and wearing an amethyst gemstone has long been regarded as a symbol of nobility, which explains why amethyst crystals can be found in the British Crown Jewels. The amethyst crystal meaning has always been linked to higher powers and a sense of regality.

They were also said to be a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty, according to historians. Now you, too, can harness the benefits of this powerful stone by wearing an amethyst crystal necklace or other jewelry featuring this stone.

Peace Of Spirit - Amethyst Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace

Delve into the Amethyst Stone Meaning & Make One Your Own 

Amethyst is known for its purifying and detoxifying properties, making it ideal for clearing negative energy from our surroundings, thoughts, emotions, and relationships.

It has a vibration that is similar to the nurturing energy of love. Amethyst gets right down to business, converting negative energy into loving energy, which is something we could all use in our lives. Shop with Karma & Luck, and get your hands on the most stunning amethyst jewelry pieces.

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Amethyst Pricing

The value of amethysts is mostly determined by the shade of purple it comes in. The most prized specimens in the world were originally mined in Siberia. They featured a particularly vivid purple coloring with red and blue flashes.

The term "Siberian" is no longer used to refer to origins. Despite the fact that Siberian amethyst is the most valuable, light-colored amethyst has now seen a return in popularity. 

"Rose de France" is a smart marketing term for the lightest, pinkish violet tints. If these gems are given creative and uncommon cuts, the creativity of its faceting can shine through.

In fact, this is now a currency and grade phrase that refers to the colors of amethysts mined in Siberia. As huge sizes of amethyst are widely available, its value per carat rises gradually rather than exponentially.

Due to this stone being so common, there is no reason to overpay for pieces with noticeable imperfections or poor cutting.

Amethyst Crystal

Find Your Amethyst Powers

For years, people have been enchanted by gemstones, praising their beauty and marveling at their power. Amethyst, in particular, has been captivating the hearts and souls of people around the world for ages.

With their unique ability to heal, protect, and comfort the person who wears them, these stones are multi-faceted in their abilities. These stunning gemstones and crystals are frequently used for therapeutic and energetic purposes, and are held in high regard by healers. 

Ready to purchase your very own piece of amethyst jewelry, or looking for amethyst birthstones as a gift? Visit our website to browse our full collection of stunning jewels and decorations featuring this purple beauty, including amethyst necklaces, amethyst rings, amethyst bracelets, and more! Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

Amethyst Crystals

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