Agate Stones & Crystals Jewelry - Meaning, Types, Benefits and Healing Properties

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Agate, also known as the stabilizer, is the stone to turn to when in need of grounding in your life. Known for its deeply calming energy, the agate stone is also beloved for its immaculate beauty.

This stone appears to have a milky quality to it, with signature bands of mineral deposits layered in a circular symmetry around the circumference. Agate's bright colors and fine grains are only part of what makes it such a popular stone. It is a cryptocrystalline silica mineral that can be found in a variety of rocks, however, volcanic and metamorphic rocks are most commonly associated with it.

Cultivate Positivity with Agate Jewelry

Agate stone, a mineral from the quartz family, was first discovered in Sicily near the Achates River. With fossilized inclusions, stripes or layers, and color specks that add to its beauty, agate is an aesthetically intriguing stone. Agate can go by a number of names, always reflecting the stone's colors, patterns, or origin.

Used since the Babylonian period to make ornaments, jewelry, and amulets, agate remains one of the most adored and worn stones in the world. The benefits of agate include deflecting negativity, boosting energy, increasing focus, and calming any stress or tension.

Hoping to dive deeper into the mysteries of agate? Read on to discover the agate stone meaning, agate stone benefits, and agate stone properties of this dreamy treasure.

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Agate Meaning

If you are wondering what agate stone is, agate stones are part of the chalcedony family and are banned in stripes or layers. This variety is the most common and diverse of the chalcedony group, and has remained popular throughout the centuries due to its intriguing variability in appearance.

The appearance and colors of agate stones are a result of the presence of microscopic quartz fragments in bands. It gets its name and agate stone meaning from the Achates River in Sicily, where it was discovered for the first time. Agate rock varieties can be found all over the world, and it remains a highly popular stone today.

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What is Agate Stone?

This stone has long been adored for its potent agate spiritual meaning, as well as its unique beauty. Agate rock has been revered by healers throughout cultures and throughout the ages as a mystical stone capable of creating great change within its wearers. The meaning of agate stone varies from culture to culture but always represents the potential for deep inner change and positive transformation. 

The stones are lovely to look at and handle, and the polished, tumbled specimens are often cool to the touch. Due to the inclusion of small quartz-like particles, they appear to glitter in the light.

Agate comes in many varieties, each with its own meaning, and the magical appeal of agate stones comes largely from its grounding presence and calming energy. They remind the wearer of the true spiritual meaning of agate which is the importance of maintaining a strong connection to Mother Earth's energies. Its ability to restore harmony to the physical, emotional, and mental planes is all thanks to its unique agate crystal properties. Each piece of agate is unique, not only in physical appearance, but also in its energetic offerings.

agate stone

Due to the composition of this rock being quite complex, each specimen holds its own mystical qualities. Once you own one, you can begin to charge it with your own particular energies and intentions for manifesting your individualized wishes.

Agate is believed to have the ability to balance opposing forces by harmonizing yin and yang energies. It also gives the wearer or bearer great strength, though one must accept that this stone works slowly over time. Whatever intention you set into agate, it will steadily begin to make beneficial changes in your life.

Agate Crystal Benefits

As agate stones come in such a wide range of colors, there is seemingly limitless potential for healing on all levels of your being, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. There are a multitude of agate benefits just waiting to be tapped into. 

All agates, no matter how different in appearance, share a few important characteristics. Most notably, these stones are stabilizing, grounding, and always ready to keep you aligned with your vision. The agate stone properties help you to be more open and willing to receive all the abundance that the universe has to offer.

The agate crystal benefits all those who wear it by supplying them with a surge of physical energy, which is ideal for shaking you out of any funk you may be experiencing. It also boosts your metabolism by strengthening it, ensuring that every cell in your body is functioning properly. 

Agate benefits those who suffer from stomach and digestion issues, and may be the perfect healing medicine, helping to heal your system. Agate properties are also said to help strengthen blood vessels and reduce sleep problems, keeping you well-rested and happy.

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Agate Healing Properties

Green agate, or moss agate crystal, is associated with vitality and energy, as well as overall health and well-being, from boosting circulation to relieving stiffness. The moss agate healing properties are said to bring overall inner harmony of energies, creating better balance throughout the body. This stone can help those who find themselves feeling lethargic halfway through the day or have to overcome serious health issues.

Green agate also represents justice and compassion, so if you are caring for someone who is injured or sick, your patience and tolerance will be enhanced. Being a consistent caregiver for even our most beloved can be difficult, but green agate, or any other color of agate, will work wonders in keeping you strong enough for yourself and the one you are nurturing.

Keep in mind that all agate colors are strongly associated with health and well-being, and any variety of these stones will assist you in remaining balanced and healthy. However, some say that blue agate healing properties are especially useful in this arena. Grape agate, a very unique agate type, is purple in hue and said to be extraordinary for its warm and nurturing energy.

If you find yourself more drawn to a different agate color but are concerned that choosing it will reduce its healing potential, worry not. When deciding which stones to work with, your intuition is always your best guide.

Agate Gemstones Jewelry

Red & Blue Agate Healing Properties

Agate is thought to be both preventative and curative in its properties. If you have recurring headaches or migraines, for example, try placing a piece of agate beneath your pillow each night to see if it helps reduce or eliminate your condition. If the headache has already begun, you can try holding agate in your left hand while sitting quietly and sipping a peppermint tea.

This simply yet potent cure can work wonders - you may be surprised at how quickly the symptoms pass. Similarly, holding a piece of agate stone to the afflicted area can often soothe and heal aches and pains throughout the body.

The coolness and smoothness of the stone are very therapeutic in and of themselves, but the energies from the agate will flow through you as well, cleansing and healing as they go. Agate stone rings, an agate stone necklace, or an agate stone bracelet are all particularly great ways to tap into the healing energy of this stone.

Agate is a beneficial stone during pregnancy, as well, because it can help new mothers avoid postpartum depression. Also, the agate stone benefits mothers who are struggling with consistent lactation.

Agate can stimulate the digestive system and relieve digestive pains such as gastritis when used as an elixir. It has the potential to be greatly beneficial to the intestines and stomach, and is also great for the eyes and skin. It can aid in the treatment of skin diseases and irritations.

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Agate

Agate is a wonderful emotional gift for increasing self-confidence. It can encourage those who struggle with decision making or tend to be on the fence to tap into their own deep well of intuition, connect with their innate knowledge, and look inwards for answers rather than external forces. 

Crystal agate is a symbol of great strength and courage; they improve our mental functions, keep us sharp of mind and clear of heart, and they invite us to dial up our analytical abilities when it comes to sorting through problems.

Unlike some of the more ethereal and elevated crystals, the healing properties of agate are more concerned with grounding you in reality and keeping you balanced in your thinking. These characteristics can be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to providing you with a sense of safety, allowing you to always feel comfortable and secure in your own skin.


Agate is an extraordinary stone for rebalancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. It purifies and stabilizes the aura, removing and transforming negativity. Agate improves mental function by increasing concentration, perception, and analytical skills. It soothes and calms the mind, relieving inner anger or tension and providing a sense of security and safety.

Agate provides everything you need for those who want to dig deep into their own soul and are ready to let go of trauma. This stone allows the wearer to embrace their own brave truth.

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Agate Spiritual Meaning

Wearing an agate stone necklace near your heart can help your circulatory and pulmonary systems function better, and an agate necklace is said to strengthen the cardiac muscles. On the other hand, agate bracelets can be easily touched and played with, to remind one of its calming presence. An agate ring can be spun around on the finger to ease anxiety and calm nerves.

As noted, agate comes in a variety of colors, such as blue agate crystals, and red agate crystals. Green agate varieties are those most commonly associated with health and healing, while the red agate spiritual meaning relates to grounding and protection, and the blue agate spiritual meaning is associated with feelings of inner peace.

Blue agate benefits include easing anxiety and reducing stress, while red agate benefits include shielding from negativity and boosting energy. Red agate healing properties are especially useful for those who have trouble staying grounded in reality.

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Agate Cleansing

Agates have a significant impact on chakra clearing, and which chakra is affected often depends on the agate variety you choose. For example, crystal blue agate benefits the throat chakra, moss agate crystal is wonderful for heart chakra opening, and yellow agate is ideal for sacral chakra clearing. Meanwhile, the black agate healing properties allow this stone to balance and cleanse all of the chakras. All agates are known to keep you radiating with beautiful positivity by clearing the body of toxic and negative energy.

Your agate crystals will continue to function at the peak of their energy potential if you keep them cleansed and charged. To maintain their energy and keep them flowing and fresh, all crystals need a little maintenance from time to time. A soft cloth and warm, soapy water can be used to gently clean agates, but you should always give them plenty of time to dry. 

Some people like to polish their agates with very fine sandpaper to give the surface a sparkling sheen, but you should only do this very carefully and only when working with geodes or stones that have a rougher texture. Your agates can be charged by setting them in a location where moonlight or direct sunlight can send them powerfully purifying energy.

Agate stone jewelry

Types of Agate Stone

There are many different types of agate, all holding different colors and different energies. No matter what healing you seek, there is surely an agate out there for you. One of the best things about choosing an agate stone is the sheer variety; whether you want something soft and splashed with nature or an energetic source of fire and chi, you can be certain that the right kind of agate for your needs is out there. Regardless of color or shape, the stone agate is full of boundless benefits.

The agate crystal meaning varies from color to color. Discover these common types of agate stones and agate crystals to find the energy that speaks to you.

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Blue Lace Agate Crystal

With extraordinary blue agate healing properties, this stone with a pale color scheme and cloud-like vibes is instantly soothing. Blue lace agate is excellent for opening up blocked throat chakras and encouraging you to speak your truth. Crystal blue agate is as calming to the senses as diving into a pool of clear water, and its blue agate spiritual meaning reminds us to always stay calm.

Moss Agate Crystal

Moss agate, one of the agate types and colors, with its sunny slants through towering trees, reminds us to reconnect with nature and feel the earth running through our fingers. This is the stone of gardeners and growers, and it is a magnificent amulet for those who want to heal their heart chakra. It serves as a reminder to feed your own needs, thanks to its unique moss agate healing properties. A moss agate ring is a particularly stunning way to harness the benefits of this stone.


Dendritic Agate Crystal

The dendritic agate, also known as the “stone of plentitude”, is all about calling in abundance and welcoming the wonder of chance. This is a stone that is frequently used to promote a bountiful harvest, but that rule applies to all angles of your life.

Fire Agate Crystal - ( Red Agate )

The fire agate is a flickering flame of light with a name that matches its appearance. This mystical stone, supercharged with red agate healing properties, will rekindle dormant dreams for those who need more fire energy in their hearts, allowing them to embrace the warming embers of passion and ambition. The red agate spiritual meaning relates to the protective nature of fire. Red agate benefits include protection, inspiration, and a sense of security in all that you do.

Botswana Agate Crystal

Botswana agate is earthy, rich, and gloriously grounding, and it will keep you firm, stable, and always steady on your feet. This banded agate type is pure comfort and is known to calm the mind, keeping you focused on problem-solving. A Botswana crystal agate bracelet is an excellent way to showcase this stone and reap the benefits.


Black Agate Crystal

The black agate stone is prized for its capacity to sweep away stormy energy and replace a frenzied mind with all the stillness of a calm and peaceful night. With its harmonious black agate healing energy, this soulful, smoky, and super-charged stone provides its wearer with endless protective qualities.

White Agate Crystal

Breathe deeply, find your center, then let any worries go. The white agate provides immediate access to higher realms and is deeply healing. This stone, which is always prepared to open your crown chakra, will make difficult tasks seem simple and effortless. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry to highlight this gem, try a white agate crystal bracelet for guaranteed beauty and power.

Bulls Eye Agate Crystal

The agate meaning of bulls eye agate is all about graceful movement, quick thinking, and effortless instinct, balancing all the chakras so you can cut through fear like a knife through butter. This stone, also referred to as the “survival stone”, is renowned for clearing clouded thinking and putting you on the road to clarity.


Crazy Lace Agate Crystal

As you say "yes" to the fearless and unrestrained energy of crazy lace agate, turn the power up on that smile. This stone taps into childlike wonder and innocence, making it a wonderful addition for those in need of a spiritual lift. It helps you fill your life with rainbow moods.

Brown Agate Crystal

With brown agate's calming nature, earthy energy is readily available. The brown agate, one of the many agate types and colors, is regarded as a stone that anchors the heart and soul. It provides consolation and comfort where it is needed, making you feel secure and stable regardless of how fiercely the emotional winds are blowing. Brown agate crystal bracelets are stunning items to highlight this unique stone and color.

Indian Agate Crystal

The Indian agate stones are renowned for their ability to balance the heart and sacral chakras. They are adored by sages, as they can open doors to higher consciousness and provide strong grounding properties. This stone will steer those who are easily enraged away from the edge, gently pushing them toward mindful optimism.


Tree Agate Crystal

The incredibly calming vibes of tree agate crystal combine healing forest vibrations, natural bliss, and all the grounding silence of standing still. The deeper tree agate meaning reminds us of the vibrant first signs of life after a long winter, and serves as a reminder that good things come to those who wait for them. Tree agate properties are numerous, owing to their high healing potential. By wearing a tree agate stone on the body, you are calling in nurturing and calming energy.

Agate Feng Shui Chakra Tree

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Dragon Vein Agate Crystal

The dragon vein agate works wonders in igniting your creative flame. It assists when embarking on a hero's journey or emerging from a state of stagnant sleep into a world of fierce and fantastic dreams. It is as mythical in powers as its fantastical name implies.

Yellow Agate Crystal

Accept the healing nature of yellow agate on your solar plexus chakra. The yellow agate is golden bliss because it is sunny, steady, and always prepared to help you change your perspective. It makes it possible for the wearer to access a more logical way of thinking.

The benefits of agate work to create infinite potential for positive inner transformation, regardless of which color you choose. Thanks to the dynamic agate healing properties, one can expect a life changing experience with this stone. With a number of different types of agate, you are sure to find the color that speaks to your soul.

The agate stone price will also vary depending on which hue you purchase. Aside from the varieties listed above, there is also pink agate, grape agate, and purple agate, just to name a few. You can find agate for sale on Karma & Luck’s website, offering a stunning collection of genuine agate jewelry pieces.

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Agate Stone & Crystal Jewelry for Sale

Visit our website and browse our full collection of Agate stones and crystals jewelry from Karma and Luck. With a wide range of options for agate stones, you can decide which glistening stone you wish to incorporate into your daily life. There are many ways to access the healing properties of agate, from tumbled, singular stones for Feng Shui to glittering geodes and gorgeous gemstone jewelry. With differing agate crystal meanings, each color will provide something unique.

Choose an agate bracelet, pendant, or multi-stone piece of jewelry to give your body, mind, and soul even more strength and balance. One of the best ways to embrace the abundance of healing properties is by wearing agate jewelry. When pressed against the skin, the agate can work with your natural vibrations to attune to your own energy.

A bracelet made of black agate will offer additional security, and when combined with other energizing stones, it can provide a sense of balance and grounding that will enable the healing crystals to do their jobs. The light-colored glowing orb of opal, the dark fire of onyx, the energetic red flicker of carnelian, and the tranquil purple flow of amethyst all complement agate beautifully.

agate men's bracelets

Agate Stone Prices

Of all the amazing applications for agate stones, wearing jewelry with agate will undoubtedly benefit the wearer the most. The maximum amount of energy can be absorbed when a piece of jewelry, such as an agate stone bracelet, is consistently in contact with the skin.

This ensures that the energy flow is going exactly where it needs to go without any obstructions. Crystals function by transforming healing light and energy and drawing on your own vibrations. You can be sure that magical forces are at work in your favor when wearing gemstone jewelry.

Contemporary and trendy designs are available on the Karma & Luck website, along with timeless items. By visiting our website and browsing the collection, you will find a range of styles suited to every taste.


Our agate collection is particularly beautiful, with gorgeous and unique options, all offering a wealth of healing benefits. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, decorative interior pieces, and other exquisite gemstone pieces can all be found featuring agate stones. 

Necklaces made of agate stones are an exceptionally stunning way to harness the benefits of this stone. There are many different colors and designs of agate stone necklaces on the Karma & Luck website, with each piece being as unique as each of our customers.

Agate stones are a great stone for jewelry makers and beading enthusiasts to use for their handmade projects because they are readily accessible on the market and sell for a reasonable price. Instead of the value of the material itself, their prices primarily reflect the labor and artistry involved.

agate crystal jewelry

Buy Agate Gemstone Jewelry by Karma and Luck

Agates with distinctive, fine, or landscape-like color patterns or those that are particularly large are in high demand, whereas custom-cut items or stones from rare locations would cost a lot more money. At Karma & Luck, we offer a wide variety of gemstones, including emeralds, aquamarine, rubies, and, of course, lovely agate stones.

At Karma & Luck, you can find the highest quality agate stones for sale, with exceptional color and clarity. Well known for promising genuine and ethically sourced gemstones, Karma & Luck provides lovingly handcrafted jewelry with agate that is not only beautiful but also powerful in its abilities.

Each jewelry piece uses only genuine gemstones and the best quality gemstones available. The finest materials were used to create these exquisite agate jewelry pieces. With each purchase, you can rest assured that you are receiving jewelry that will last a lifetime. Artisanally made with the utmost attention to detail, everything from the gem to the material used is inspected and checked for quality.

On top of our high-quality jewelry, we also offer fast and affordable delivery services. Visit our website and check out the variety of options for efficient delivery around the world. With numerous agate stones for sale, you will surely find the right piece for you and your needs!

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Shop Real Agate Crystal for Person You Love

Agates make for a magnificent purchase for the soul. As these stones vary greatly in appearance and benefits, you can be sure to find the right stone for you and your needs. Agate has long been used to make people feel more secure, rooted, and peaceful. Life is all about finding balance, and when we feel like the world is properly supporting us, we are more ready to move on to the next chapter. With a piece of stunning agate stone jewelry by your side, you are sure to find the balance you seek. 

Hoping to add a pink agate, purple agate, or other variety to your  jewelry collection? Visit our website and browse our full collection of genuine agate stone jewelry.

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