10 Dreamy Aquamarine Necklace Gift Ideas For Friends and Family

Searching for the perfect gift, but dealing with the ever common dilemma of what to get? Let's face it - we have all been there. From regretting giving the wrong gift to over-splurging, or just falling short on sentimentality, giving thoughtful gifts can be difficult. While everybody loves chocolates and flowers, you have to mix it up once in a while and give a gift that will last.

Deciding  what the person will go head over heels for is the real challenge. However, with the upturn in trend for authentic birthstone jewelry, you do not have to look any further or endlessly search through options. Aquamarine necklaces make the perfect gift for any loved one in your life.

An aquamarine necklace demonstrates to the person that you put thought into their gift, and therefore increasing  the sentimental importance of the gift altogether. Aquamarine is a highly symbolic stone, and it represents the spirit of light. Another reason they make an ideal gift, is that they can be given to anyone; be it your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, or your grandmother. They are the perfect gift for every occasion - from valentine's day to birthdays, weddings, or even Christmas. No matter what, you can never go wrong with graceful, elegant, and unique aquamarine necklaces.

This guide will highlight the 10 most beautiful aquamarine necklaces available, so that you never have to regret your poor gift-giving skills again!

Aquamarine Necklace

1. Rejuvenating Bundle - Aquamarine Labradorite Apatite Multi Symbol Medallion

This hybrid necklace of aquamarine, labradorite, and apatite signifies tranquility, fluidity, awareness, illumination, curiosity, intuition, wisdom, and communication. It is an excellent blend of serenity and radiance. It is a 30 mm symbol charm for protection. Handmade in India with the best quality there is to offer, this gorgeous piece is not only candy for the eyes, but a remedy for the soul as well.

This necklace would be an exceptional gift due to its unique charm and design, as well as the many benefits it has to offer. Featuring authentic gemstones infused with  healing properties, this necklace ensures increased harmony and well-being. This piece of beauty retails at $189 and the shipping is quick, so in case you forgot to buy your gift on time, this would be the perfect option.

2. Universal Peace - Aquamarine Evil Eye Mandala Necklace

This exquisite evil eye mandala necklace is a must-have. Its quirky design and attention to detail make it one-of-a-kind. The evil eye in the middle acts as protection against any harm inflicted upon the wearer. It protects the person from any evil, and when paired with the aquamarine stone, it elevates the gem's protective qualities.  This 18K gold plated brass necklace retails at $129 and is handmade in Jaipur, India using authentic, high-quality stones. 

3. Tranquil Mind - Aquamarine March Birthstone Necklace

The Tranquil Mind - Aquamarine March birthstone necklace is delicately beautiful and makes for the perfect gift for people born in March. On sale from its original $89, this necklace is now just $37. With this great deal, why not buy one for you and one for your best friend! This is a must-have piece and can be used for everyday wear. As the name suggests, this product enhances the tranquility of the mind. This would be the perfect gift, as not only do the genuine aquamarine gemstones elevate and open the mind, but you also get the added beauty from this eye-catching piece.

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4. Vigorous Spirit - Star of David Chakra Necklace

The star of David Chakra necklace is colorful and symbolic. As the name suggests, it targets the chakras of the human body - keeping them aligned and balanced. This piece retails at $149 and has an 18 mm star of David charm which brings unity, hope, and good luck. The evil eye in the middle deflects any negativity thrown at the wearer, so that positivity reigns. The aquamarine stone used in the eye strengthens the evil eye’s powers,  while providing added balance, serenity, and protection. This piece is perfect for people who do not like flashy jewelry and are more into subtle statement pieces. This 18K gold-plated product is made with the finest quality in Bangkok, Thailand.

5. The Bright Warrior - Aries Constellation Necklace

The Bright Warrior is the necklace of strength and courage. It represents the zodiac sign Aries, and therefore, this would be the perfect gift for any Aries in your life. It harnesses the bold and fiery attributes of Aries, along with the gentle healing properties of aquamarine and moonstone. All of these elements combined make for the perfect gift. The quality of this black beauty can barely be captured by a photo - its classic black body with intricate detailing is spectacular. This would make an excellent gift in demonstrating your admiration and faith in someone’s goals, by showing that you believe in them. If you want to show support to your loved ones, this would be a great choice and it retails at only $129.

6. The Emotional Sweetheart - Pisces Constellation Necklace

Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign and is symbolized by two fish tied together. This necklace would be the ideal gift for someone you love to represent the unending bond between the two of you. The 18K gold plated brass has a chic touch to it. The two stones used in this necklace are amethyst and aquamarine. The amethyst energy provides calming energy and is stress-relieving, while the aquamarine works to soothe the soul. Both these stones together intensify the calming effect. This would be a lovely gift for the beloved Pisces in your life. The Emotional Sweetheart retails at $129. It is a classic black necklace that could be paired with almost everything and would make a beautiful gift for loved ones.

7. Tender Soul - Pisces Constellation Necklace

Another eye catching piece of the Pisces constellation, this necklace has subtle yet beautiful embellishment. The tender soul retails at only $89 and  is a budget-friendly alternative to the Emotional Sweetheart Necklace. This delicate necklace is a representation of letting go of negative emotions and the past. This could be an excellent present for someone you wish to make amends with or start a new relationship with, leaving behind any negativity or baggage.

8. Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace

The Lotus Charm Necklace has an identity of its own. The lotus flower in the middle signifies rebirth, new beginnings, and fertility. The necklace consists of three prominent gemstones: aquamarine, labradorite, and pearl. The charm is quite simple, but with embellishment from the stones, the look is exquisite and embodies the idea of rebirth. This particular necklace retails at $159 and would be a perfect present for someone who has undergone trauma or life-altering changes. This necklace would signify a second chance, and with the properties from the stones, it would give them tranquility. 

9. Connection Enhancer – Pearl Labradorite Aquamarine Necklace 

The Connection Enhancer retails at $99. It consists of pearls that demonstrate  elegant beauty. Aquamarine represents tranquility, while labradorite adds illumination and curiosity. These three stones together create a potent combination and enhance the connection of the person who wears them. It is a simple yet beautiful necklace and  would make the ideal gift for someone who likes delicate jewelry with just a hint of color. The three colors perfectly complement one another. Moreover, as the name suggests, if you wish to improve your connection with someone, this would be the perfect way to convey your message.

10. Profound Joy – Lapis Aquamarine Triple Protection Necklace

The profound Joy necklace is on sale and retails at just $53 dollars. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours before the sale ends and take advantage of this steal deal! This triple protection necklace deflects negativity and strengthens protection. Handmade in Bali, Indonesia, this beautiful piece is a must-have statement piece. The necklace is 18K gold-plated brass, which adds more personality and elegance. It would be a perfect gift for someone who likes unique pieces and needs protection and clarity of the mind.

Which Soothing Aquamarine Necklace Caught Your Eye?

An aquamarine necklaces is a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. You can never go wrong with jewelry, and the beautiful, dreamy color of this aqua gem makes it a unique choice. The purity and serenity it gives off are unbeatable, which helps to boost the sentimentality of this gift. What better way to show your love than giving your loved one a gift that signifies how much you care for their inner peace and well-being. Visit our website today to find the aquamarine necklace of your dreams.

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