Everything There is to Know About Pisces - Traits, Friendships, Love, & Career

Adored for their empathy and compassion, the water sign, Pisces, is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Represented by two fish swimming in a circle, this sign is deeply connected with the water element. As with all of the zodiac signs, the Pisces symbol has been followed through the sky since at least 600 BCE.

The renowned Pisces personality traits include introversion, intuitiveness, sensitivity, creativity, and imagination. As one of the most beloved zodiac signs, they are known for their kindness, compassion, and empathy. They also have a strong sense of spirituality and mysticism about them, owing to their innate connection with the divine. Although these kind individuals can be a bit shy at times, they are very warm and loving once you get to know them.

A Pisces is anyone born between February 19th and March 20th. The Pisces sign is a fish symbol, owing to their marine-like constellation. There are even mythological legends that claim Pisces men and Pisces women to be descendants of fish. 

Want to know more about the dynamic Pisces person? Let’s take a look at all there is to know - their traits, compatibility with friends and lovers, and ideal careers.

What Does it Mean to Be a Pisces?

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The 10 Defining Characteristics of Pisces

The Pisces person is that iconic individual that people just love to be around. They are compassionate, nurturing, and exceptionally creative. They also make excellent listeners and are always there to give a helping hand or advice to their friends and loved ones.

What are Pisces' most distinct traits? Read on to learn more about these beautiful souls!

#1 Empathetic

Pisces is a highly empathetic sign, which means they have a deep understanding of the feelings of others. This empathy is what makes them particularly dependable and loyal friends. These kind souls are especially skilled in comforting others and offering helpful advice.

The attuned empathy of a Pisces allows them to feel the emotions of others, which can sometimes be quite overwhelming for them. They tend to be aware of what others around them need from them without having to be told or asked. They can tell when someone is uncomfortable or upset and will do whatever they can to make them feel better. They are known for their compassion and their ability to put themselves in the shoes of others.


#2 Sensitive 

Pisces are sensitive and friendly people. They love helping others and genuinely enjoy the company of their friends. When they create a bond with someone, they are exceptionally loyal. They are one of the most caring and kind signs of the zodiac. Although they always want to help others, they do not always know how.

They may be quiet and not always say what is on their minds right away, but when they do speak it is always something meaningful and thoughtful. With their unique ability to sense how others are feeling, their sensitivity towards others is increased. They are especially sensitive to matters of injustice and are not afraid to speak up for what they believe is right. Their natural sensitivity also makes Pisces quite imaginative and creative, which can be seen in their artistic talents and their fondness for fantasy.

#3 Psychic 

The defining Pisces traits are often associated with their otherworldly psychic ability.  Thanks to them being more in tune with their intuition than others, they are known for their spiritual insight and supernatural awareness. It is as if these individuals can read minds and predict future events, however not all of them know how to develop that.

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#4 Adaptable 

Pisces are very adaptable people.However, due to their adaptability, this water sign tends to have difficulty when it comes to making decisions for themselves. In fact, many Pisces do not really know what they want until someone else tells them. They can also be frequently influenced by other peoples’ thoughts and ideas. Due to their adaptive nature, Pisces are not easily upset and can handle many different situations. As a result, they can see the good in everything and adjust to whatever change is presented to them.

#5 Dreamy

The Pisces sign is dreamy and artistic, and their imagination helps them create things that are both beautiful and functional. Although they are sometimes misunderstood as lazy, because of their reputation for not getting work done, the truth is that they are simply waiting for the right time to make an impact. When a Pisces sign sees that something needs to be done, they will jump on the opportunity and fulfill their dreams. They are just waiting for the inspiration to hit!

#6 Generous 

Pisces are very generous, empathetic, and compassionate towards others, which is why they make such great caretakers. They tend to be very selfless, but they are also susceptible to rejection. A Pisces friend is the one that would give you the shirt off their back. They are always there to help and tend to give more than they receive.

#7 Curious 

Pisces are very curious individuals. They love to ask questions and want to know everything there is to know about their significant other. While they may feel sad if you do not want to answer their questions, they will understand because, in the end, they really only want the best for their partner. 

This inquisitive sign is always eager to learn new things and open up to new people. As a result, the Pisces zodiac sign easily makes new friends; with a Virgo and Pisces friendship being particularly compatible.

Pisces learns by asking questions. It is a way for them to discover new things about themselves and the world around them. They may not always find the answers they are looking for, but they are actively trying to grow and learn.

#8 Creative 

Pisces have an intense sense of imagination and creativity. They have an amazing ability to see the big picture while adapting to unexpected changes. They can be somewhat whimsical and make decisions that seem irrational or off-the-wall. However, most Pisces will find their path in life as long as they are not afraid to take the risks.

Pisces are always inspired and love to create. They adore art and music and have a talent for writing, particularly poetry.

#9 Naive 

Pisces can be naive, making them susceptible to being easily persuaded by others. They are also highly responsive to their emotional environment, which can create mood swings. 

Pisces tend to believe anything they hear, making them vulnerable targets for con artists and fraud. They can be a bit naïve when planning life plans, as they tend to not think about the future. This can be to their detriment, but it can also be a blessing as they tend to live their lives as if every day is their last.

#10 Gullible 

Along with the Pisces trait of being naïve, they can also be quite gullible because they are too trusting and believe everything they hear. They often give in to peer pressure or succumb to their own desires and impulses. Pisces people are advised to be particularly careful about money, people, and contracts. Pisces are susceptible and compassionate people, so they need a lot of love and understanding to be happy.

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Pisces & Friendship

Pisces people are compassionate and kind-hearted, and at their core, they always mean well. They have a strong sense of empathy, which makes them inclined to be easily hurt. 

Pisces people are often drawn to best friends who see them for who they really are and who will understand when they need time alone to recharge. They cherish their loved ones because of the reassurance that comes from knowing that someone is always there for them.

Pisces signs are attracted to nurturing and kind people who also understand and appreciate the artistic and imaginative side of them. To a Pisces, friendship is all about sharing, compassion, and empathy.

These understanding, artistic dreamers love supportive friendships. They need friends who can be patient with them when they get into their moods. As they tend to live in their head instead of taking care of themselves, this can cause health problems such as high blood pressure or stomach ulcers.

Pisces  make lovely friends because their intuition is strong, and they will often anticipate your needs before you even know what you need. They are compassionate people who can be easily hurt or offended by others. They need to be careful that they do not take too much on, or it can quickly  lead to burnout.

This zodiac sign is very creative, imaginative, and caring, and they are not afraid to wear deep emotions on their sleeves. Pisces individuals are the most sensitive of the 12 zodiac signs, so they get hurt easier than most people.

They have a lot of empathy for others, which is why they do not like leading groups or being in charge - they want everyone to be equal. Pisces are excellent listeners, but some may ask too many questions. This is purely innocent, however, as they only want to know more about their friends and learn about themselves in the process.

Pisces often prefer close friendships more than relationships with lovers because they do not like conflicts or making decisions, which is why relationships can be challenging for this sign. 

People with Pisces personalities tend to be very loyal and compatible friends. This is a sign that tends to act as the peace makers of a group; they are not interested in petty gossip or drama but more in the bigger picture of life.

As emotional and intuitive beings, Pisces empathize with others easily, leading them to take on others' problems as their own. A Pisces friend will always have your back. 

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Pisces & Love

As a Pisces, you are most compatible with other water signs such as Cancer and Scorpio. You love to be in love and will do anything for your partner. You believe in love at first sight, and you have a natural ability to seduce the object of your desire. But if this person does not fully cherish you, it will not last long.

Your sign gives off a shy vibe because deep down inside, there lies an insecurity that you will never be enough. You tend to go from relationship to relationship quickly, with no time for yourself. You feel insecure in a relationship and often feel like you are not good enough for anyone.

Pisces' biggest insecurity  is that they are not worthy of being loved, so they keep putting others before themselves. You are very emotional, and it can be hard for you to think clearly when someone you are interested in is near you. It can also be difficult for you to believe that your partner really is just as in love with you as they claim to be.

Many Pisces have been hurt by people who claimed to love them or said they had their best interests at heart, but that turned out to not be true. Your kind nature can make people walk all over you.

Pisces are aptly described as gentle, kind, and sensitive souls with an innate understanding of flow and beauty in life, so for you, love is one of life's most important treasures. 

As curious children of the universe who are deeply rooted in tradition and spirituality, you require a partner who can identify with you on your own terms. It is essential to find someone you connect with on both an intellectual level and a spiritual level. You need someone whose curiosity matches your own. Someone who is willing to explore new worlds with you, without insisting that the two of you walk different paths is an ideal match for you. Above all else, you need someone who is willing to live within this world without fear.

Pisces people are extremely sensitive and emotional, so they prefer to hide their emotions from others. The most challenging thing for a Pisces is to seek help in difficult situations for fear of seeming weak or vulnerable. As a result, you often avoid revealing your true feelings. This can hinder your love relationships and cause miscommunication with partners.

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Pisces can make a wonderful partner because:

  • They are intuitive and can understand their partner’s needs..
  • They are devoted and loyal.
  • They are compassionate, loving, and kind.

Pisces & Careers

Pisces zodiac signs are intuitive, compassionate, and creative individuals who make excellent counselors, artists, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, and teachers. Let’s look at some of the most suitable career choices for this kind-hearted sign:

  • Photography

The perfectionist qualities of Pisces stem from being ultra-creative, which is why the lens is their best friend. Photographers operate in what seems like a variety of settings and on various themes, meaning their work can be as diverse as required to pique the attention of a Pisces.

Photography may transport a Pisces all over the globe, allowing them to indulge in their love of travel. This profession will enable them to pursue their creative desires while still making a generous wage.

Pisces look for opportunities that enable them to explore the world, interact with new people, and learn new things - what better way to do that than to build a career in the field of photography?

  • Nonprofits

Working inside the nonprofit community allows Pisces to put their care and sympathy into service for a worthwhile purpose. Pisces can demonstrate tremendous devotion and enthusiasm for their chosen career if they believe their initiatives will benefit others. Menial or dull duties will not fit the Pisces' compassionate and imaginative style.

Although professions at a charity organization are often low-paying, Pisces can find  motivation by performing work that benefits others. They may be willing to forego a high income for a meaningful endeavor.

  • Training & Mentoring 

Among the strongest characteristics of a Pisces is their ability to communicate clearly and empathize, both of which are required to thrive as a counselor. In this setting, they are able to swiftly establish connections with their clients. 

Even though they may struggle to motivate themselves, most Pisces signs are excellent at inspiring others.

One downfall to this career choice is that  Pisces tend to take on the emotions of their clients due to their empathic nature, so it is advised that they use appropriate methods to decompress.

  • Artist

As most Pisces have an artistic spirit, a professional career in this arena is a great option. This can include a wide range of creative roles based on their personality. Writing can be especially appealing since it allows these individuals to express themselves creatively. 

Keep in mind that many Pisces lack organizational skills, so hiring a manager can help these individuals win a record label or a spot in an upscale art show.

  • Caretaking

Pisces are known for their excellent social intelligence and their ability to sympathize with those around them. These traits qualify them for a caretaking position. With their empathy and willingness to please people, they are likely to have a pleasant clinical demeanor and an intuitive connection among patients.

Pisces are known for their ability to adapt effectively and swiftly to various circumstances, making them very emphatic. Because of this, they tend to notice health developments in their patients early on. They are helpful and relaxed coworkers, even under a lot of pressure in busy surroundings like hospitals. They tend to deliver exceptional, compassionate services to people in need.

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Pisces Compatibility

When you are in a relationship with a Pisces, you need to keep in mind that they are much more sensitive than others. Sometimes, it can feel like you are walking on eggshells, constantly trying to avoid saying anything that might trigger their emotions. However, they are much more receptive and responsive than most people, which can make communicating with them relatively easy.

People who are compatible with Pisces tend to be dreamy, caring, shy, secretive, and vulnerable.

Pisces is a water sign, therefore, they are compatible with other water signs, such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Yet Pisces is also highly compatible with another sign of the Zodiac, and that is Virgo, due to their similar traits of being detail-oriented and practical. Pisces also has similarities with Scorpio because both are deep thinkers. Pisces are very kind and gentle people, but they tend to have a lot of self-destructive traits.

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Signs That Are Compatible With This Zodiac Sign

When it comes to Pisces compatibilityhere are the zodiac signs that tend to balance best with this water sign:  

  • Scorpio: This zodiac sign is a water sign;  therefore, they are very emotional beings, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The Scorpio-Pisces relationship is one of the most compatible astrological signs. They get along well because they understand each other's needs and motivations. A Pisces is considered the most romantic zodiac sign of all, which Scorpio will eat right up. Scorpio signs are strong people. They are usually ambitious and competitive, making them a good partner for the Pisces sign.

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  • Gemini: This can work if both partners do not mind being in constant contact with each other. This is because of Gemini's learn-by-doing personality, which requires regular feedback to know if they are on the right path or not.

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  • Cancer: Cancer provides Pisces with a nurturing and caring environment to feel comfortable and happy. That is the bond that makes the Pisces and Cancer compatibility work so well.

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  • Virgo: The water sign of Pisces likes to be alone and prefers their surroundings quiet. One of the most  compatible signs for them is the caring and sensitive sign of Virgo.

Pisces can also get along well with the air sign Libra and the earth sign, Capricorn, because these signs share similar interests in music, art, and literature. 

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Signs That Are Not Compatible With This Zodiac Sign

The Pisces sign is one of the most sensitive and emotional zodiac signs, making it hard for them to relate with other zodiac signs.

While there are many different types of astrology, the most common types are Western astrology and Eastern astrology. In Western astrology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, while in the Eastern Zodiac system, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Neptune (western) can cause Pisces (western) to be very reserved and hesitant in social situations, leading to an incompatible sign. In eastern astrology, where Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, they do not have this problem because they share a similar energy field with Jupiter.

The following signs tend to be incompatible with Pisces:

  • Leo: Pisces is a water sign, while Leo is a fire sign. This incompatibility results in many misunderstandings between the two. When each party tries to be understanding, they  end up hurting one another. They both get angry with each other's mentality and disagree on working together. They both love to prove their worth and they see each other as competition.

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  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius is known to be optimistic, adventurous, and philosophical. On the other hand, Pisces is emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. Sagittarius and Pisces are both mutable signs known for their flexibility. However, Pisces is a water sign, and Sagittarius is a fire sign. They do not share any element, nor do they have any other common elements. To make matters worse, these two signs are at opposite ends of the zodiac wheel.

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  • Aquarius: Pisces and Aquarius are generally incompatible because of their different personalities. The Pisces individual is sensitive, imaginative, and dreamy, while the Aquarius person is rational, intellectual, and futuristic. Pisces and Aquarius are two of the most unique signs in the Zodiac. Although Pisces and Aquarius share a similar desire to help others, they are very different in their personalities and interests. This is why they are not considered to be compatible with each other.

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How To Get Along with A Pisces

If you want to get in Pisces' good graces, there are plenty of things you can do once you understand their personality. Here are some tips:

The Do’s

  • Be Kind &  Friendly: A Pisces is a friendly personthey are more likely to like you if you are friendly too! They are usually very kind and are nice to everyone, even telemarketers who most people hang up on. You can have a friendship with them if you go out of your way for them, even if it means just checking in to say hello. To help a Pisces, be comfortably friendly with them. When they are around you, try to be happy and positive. When talking to them, use kind words and make sure you do not criticize or insult them. Try to support their ideas and opinions, as long as you agree with them, of course.
  • Respect Their Emotions: Respect their feelings and the way they feel. Pisces love being around people that make them feel appreciated, so if you want to get along with them, you need to show your appreciation and admiration for what they do. They also need positive feedback from other people or they become depressed. If you value their emotions while providing them with a communication channel, they will stick with you for a long time. Pisces are sensitive, so you will have to respect them and be subtle when they like you back. That means not being too eager or aggressive, instead, let them come to you and ensure that your intentions are positive and pure.

Don’t Do These Things

Aside from the above tips of how to act toward a Pisces, here are some big don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Don't Embarrass ThemWhen you embarrass a Pisces, they will find it hard to like you. Remember, they are compassionate and emotional but also very kind. While they may seem shy, they have many friends and family who love them. Do not be rude to them or go behind their backs because they will remember that forever.
  • Don't Brag: Never talk about yourself too much when you are trying to make a good impression on Pisces. They want to know who you are, but they do not want to hear about your achievements non-stop.
  • Don't Be Rude: Pisces are sensitive and emotionalso it is very easy to hurt their feelings. You should always speak kindly to them and make them feel comfortable around you.
  • Don't Make Invalid Promises: Try not to make promises to Pisces that you cannot keep. If you want your Pisces to believe in you, you will have to show them the truth and be honest with them. They are always looking for the good in people and want to believe everything they hear. If you tell them that you will be there at a particular time, they expect you to be there on time. The same goes for if you say that you will call them back later.

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Obstacles That a Pisces May Encounter 

No one is without obstacles, and Pisces certainly face their fair share. Let’s look at them now.

Decision Making & Complaining

Pertaining to their water element, Pisces tend to follow the tides and have difficulty making decisions for themselves. As they can have an absence of reality, they often succumb to periods of melancholy. They may have times when they are constantly whimpering and grumbling over their lives, regardless of their many blessings.

Financial Challenges 

Even if Pisces earn more than their pals, they tend to end up being the ones  in debt. The main reason behind this is their excessive spending and splurging before considering the consequences. They often buy things they do not need, and budgeting can be a foreign concept for them.

They Can be Naïve

Pisces can often be naive and overly-generous and people often take advantage of these kind souls. It is important to be cautious when it comes to who they invite into their lives. Over time, as they gain experience and grow, they can learn to discern between the people they can trust versus those they cannot.

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The Pisces Chakra

According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the human body is seen as an elaborate system of channels and energies. Each of these is governed by a chakra, or wheel. Understanding the chakra system is key to understanding the nature of our lives and our journey as spiritual beings.

The chakra system can be thought of as a map of the human consciousness. The human body has seven major chakras that rule different aspects of our lives. The upper three chakras are concerned with the intellectual self, while the lower four are related to emotional factors.

In astrology, Pisces governs the Sacral Chakra.

The sacral chakra is the energetic center in the lower belly that is about two finger widths below the navel. This is also called the "water element" chakra, and it rules our creativity, emotions, and intuition. Pisces also represents the water element and has been associated with intuition, empathy, sensitivity, and dreaminess.

The sacral chakra works to balance yin and yang energies or, in other words, feminine and masculine energies. Pisces has a solid connection to the moon, which influences its duality of being both emotional and logical. The sacral chakra comes from the root word "sacrum", which means "sacred"; it has also been called the "seat of emotions". Balancing its energy is helpful because we need a clear connection with our emotions and intuition to function in this world.

It is common for people with the Pisces sun sign to have an active Sacral Chakra. It can be described as having a deep connection to one's home, family, and friends. This makes Pisces individuals more grounded and less impulsive than other sun signs.

The association between Pisces and Sacral chakra is clear. Pisces has an emotional and sensitive nature, which can be blocked and out of tune when this chakra is out of alignment. Working with and strengthening this chakra helps compassionate Pisces to stabilize their emotions and intuition, thereby unleashing their creativity.


Ready to Learn More?

Taking a deep dive into the personality of a Pisces, or the Pisces horoscope, can be truly eye-opening. These individuals are fascinating individuals with a multitude of dreams, aspirations, and admirable personality traits. Whether you are a Pisces yourself, or have a special Pisces in your life, we hope this guide has given you a bit more insight into the world of these dynamic souls! Interested in learning more about Pisces and the intricacies of the other zodiac signs? Visit our blog to dig in!

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