Your Monthly Horoscope For May: Make It Marvelous

Life is what you make it, and let's hope that reading your horoscope for May will help you get through 2 eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde. Don't worry, it's not all bad news, not at all.

There are a lot of beautiful times coming up this month. Granted, every sign has its way of dealing with the good and bad times; giving you a heads up on specific dates and cosmic evolutions will help you better understand where your sign is during these planetary alignments.

You may wish to glam it up a bit, even if you don't feel like it, and here is why.

We are smack dab in the middle of Taurus season right now. We will transition into Gemini season on May 20th, where the yummy, more leisurely Taurus vibes will be catapulted into hyperdrive due to Gemini's incessant and diametric energy.

When Mercury enters Gemini on May 3rd, you may begin to feel a bit off and wish to back up your computers because we will be heading into retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd.

Communication will also be challenging for some signs (see your May horoscope below, but wait), so keep it light, simple, and extra careful when texting angry or drunk.

Now, for some yummy news, the Sun and Moon will align in Taurus on May 11th, forming a New Moon in Taurus opening a lot of financial opportunities. We'll have an entire article ready for you on super moon money mantras. 

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters Pisces on May 13th,  and that hasn't happened since 2010, making it an excellent time to focus on where you wish to heal and begin to expand.

As the Sun enters Gemini on May 20th and with all of the other planets aligning during this time, you may feel the need to get out more and hang out with friends and family, and some signs may have stronger feelings of expanding their commitment during May.

Explore your horizons, as this is an excellent time to spread your love wings. Well, until we get to Mercury Retrograde May 29th to June 22nd. But don't be scared. You energy is really important during this time, and there other planets in positive alignment.

Just don't make life-altering decisions during Retrograde, and if it can't be avoided, dot your i's and cross your t's, to countermand delays.

Our second Super Moon, known as the "flower moon" of 2021 in Sagittarius, on May 26th would be the perfect time to focus on rituals that will help you bloom. We will have an article on those specific rituals, too, focusing on what hasn't worked for you thus far and how to awaken and thrive.

If you don't have crystals or gemstones, now is the perfect time to order them so you can feed off of their energy to manifest your future hopes and dreams even after the rituals.

Now, let's get focused on your specific sign for the month of May.


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The month starts with quite a bit of impatience, and you are not very systematic, especially when it comes to money matters, so you may take these into your own hands instead of talking them through with your partner. You tend to act first and think second, which is, of course, an Aries trait, but it's in full swing early this month.

Be careful not to jump the gun, but you need to have freedom at the same time, and if you feel boxer in or pushed into a corner, you may well react explosively just to reset the situation.

You should seek to change any situation that is applying an undue amount of pressure on you early this month, don't think you can put up with it; you cannot, and it is probably going to be simpler to back away now before a head of steam builds and you end up making an undiplomatic scene. The pressure release valve must come into force.

This month is excellent for meeting new people, and there are positive changes to your manner and your approach to life which project outwards and impress other people, increasing your appeal.

You have a sympathetic air about yourself and are highly responsive to other people emotionally; you are warm and welcoming.

You relate to people on many levels, and your emotional intelligence is enhanced, as is your understanding of social dynamics, which allows you to avoid the unusual dating pitfalls.

Aries are known for being assertive in love; you go after what you want, or who you want, however this month, you can almost magnetically attract the right person to yourself with little effort.

So, while this month is excellent for promising new relationships, you don't necessarily have the hit the bars or the clubs; you could have a meaningful first encounter in almost any setting.

You have to be careful with money as it tends to come and go very quickly. So while fast thinking and inventiveness can mean you profit, wastefulness due to not taking care of details can mean you land back at square one.

You are ambitious, and there's an injection of willpower that brings potency to your initiatives. You have a way of penetrating the barriers, which usually slow you down.

You have a forward impetus which results in a quiet determination that produces more patience than you typically have.

This is an excellent time to put the foundations in for significant long-term changes to your life that can lead to greater freedom and possibilities. For example, you may now begin to research a new career or home move that has the potential to revolutionize your life.

You can be a little like a whirlwind and have to be careful not to annoy the people you live with as you are rather bossy when it comes to domestic issues, and you don't wait for the go-ahead.

Be more conscious of the private space of others as you often infringe on that, ignoring boundaries, and it may come across that you are inconsiderate.


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You will tend to feel more aggrieved about how a partner takes you for granted or assumes that you want the same things as them. While you are agreeable and you seek harmony this month, you are observing everything and taking note.

You are far more aware of the behavior that isn't right or downright toxic, and you are resolving to do something about it. Often the first step for you is just coming to terms with certain realities of your relationship and understanding how you may have contributed to these by being too easygoing or just being blind to what's going on.

Your awareness can make all the difference in charting a brand new course for the relationship.

You are mindful of the little games, the manipulative remarks, and how he seems to know how far to push you. You can begin to push back by simply being unpredictable, and so when you feel yourself about to react, stop and ask yourself, "What's he/she expecting me to do it say?" Then do the exact opposite; this simple move can lead to significant changes in your relationship.

Even if you have started a promising relationship recently, things may have plateaued. This month you are reluctant to move forward, and you may forego going on dates or being intimate to pamper yourself or go about with your girlfriends.

You could be feeling that a new partner is getting too clingy, and you are not ready to be in the sort of relationship where you are keeping tabs on each other.

If your new partner is showing signs of slowing down or wanting to get into a routine, that may feel not very interesting to you, and you'll go where the action is, and that may be with friends, family, or by yourself.

This month beautiful things are a big motivation, and you may be rather cunning about how you move your money about or hustle to get that extra bit of cash to buy something special.

Taurus may invest in art, jewelry, or clothing, it may be an actual investment, or it could just be that having these things brings you so much pleasure that it's an emotional investment. If you collect certain items, you may be more focused on finding these things online or at specialist shops.

This is a month when you are rather aggressive when it comes to putting your ideas across; you are mentally alert and quite revved up. Things get on your nerves, and you can become quite heated, but you can also show passion and project power through your words.

In May, you shouldn't hold back; express your ideas confidently, and take the lead in discussions. Don't let situations drift, act now to either get the conversation moving or chase people up.

This is a month of trips and travel; you are likely to visit friends and family, especially those who live further away who you haven't seen for a while. A time to catch up, share and enjoy the companionship of siblings and relatives.

While you may work from home, this can be challenging as there are more distributions, particularly noise and disturbance from the neighborhood. It's important to set boundaries with your neighbors and let them know where your tolerance ends.


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Your 7th house ruler Jupiter is entering Pisces, indicating a significant time for long-term relationships and marriage. You are keen on commitment and may even get married this month.

It's a rather good time to get married if you had already planned it that way, but it's not a good time for a spontaneous wedding as while it may work out long term, the medium term will be very tricky as you will both think you made a mistake.

Once again, you have to guard against codependency creeping into relationships. Good work done in the past months at independence can be ruined as you take a few steps back and become too conciliatory. Your indecisiveness can telegraph a message of weakness into the relationship and so conceal your indecision for now.

You must trust your instincts, don't discuss your problems with your partner, you have the answers within yourself, and so don't ask for advice. Power comes from resolving an inner conflict yourself.

Venus and Mercury are in your first house are creating curiosity in new love, and your flirtatious side is coming to the fore. If you are single, this is one of the best times of the year for seeking love, and you should try a variety of ways as Cupid is lurking around every corner.

Relationships that start now are fun and affectionate, and they encourage you to shine.

Meeting new potential partners in a business setting is likely; often, you develop a rapport with clients, which quickly becomes affectionate. Texting or social media interaction fuels relationships that are firmly based on mental connection.

You are lucky in love, but don't be flippant, don't be careless with your new suitor's feelings as you could let opportunities slip through your fingers if you don't pay attention.

An excellent month for hitting targets. Gemini who work on commission or who have powerful incentives to reach targets do very well. If you are in a job with fixed pay, you will be inspired to find a side hustle as you desire more financial independence, which encourages you to seek new ways to fill the coffers.

Jupiter is flirting with the cusp of Pisces, it's not quite ready to enter Pisces, but it's having its first attempt, and this creates a restless feeling, where Gemini begins to dust off those plans and consider more prominent and better opportunities.

It's an excellent time to start brainstorming quietly by yourself and thinking ahead, but it's not quite ripe for taking these plans off the drawing board, although you can begin to sound others out.

This month is perfect for mental work, learning, presenting ideas, or educating others. You have a good grasp of the facts and can use the information available in practical ways.

You will do well in any exams or high-stress situations where you have to turn it on mentally. In business, you are great at clearing away what's irrelevant and focusing on what you need to do to get results.

This is a highly productive time, and business connected to import and export or international trade deals is favored.

Getting organized is your aim, the decluttering continues, and you find that the more you throw away, the better you feel and the more energy you have.

Finding things that were lost is a theme, and something you see now can be quite emotionally significant.


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You are going to have a few blowouts with your partner, you do lose your temper, but it's more about letting off steam than causing hurt and being vicious.

Often a little fracas is needed to establish some boundaries and remind your partner that you have needs, you have desires, and you won't be a doormat. This month you need to assert your independence and individuality in the relationship and do a mini reset. Make your partner stand up and take note; things are about to change.

With Jupiter on the cusp of Pisces and Venus in Gemini, you may pay less attention to the intimate side of relationships or, in fact, the caring and sharing side. You are focused on your future and your aspirations, and you are a bit of a whirlwind; you are rushing here and there, and relationship issues could be put on hold.

In new love, the focus is on you, and you require a partner who appreciates, admires, and even puts you on a pedestal. Love must serve the purpose of affirming who you are and creating an environment of encouragement.

Cancerians need to avoid any budding relationship with an ounce of control; you want a partner who helps you be better and uncover your talents, not a partner who tends to place limits on you or who is a wet blanket.

You need to be wary of competitive behavior creeping into love. You must be alert to the possibility that your partner is envious of you and may secretly resent the attention you get or the success you have.

While in general, the prognosis for relationships is excellent this month, there is a danger of superficially, not everything exchanged on both your parts is 100% honest, and often you are just paying lip service to ideas or ideals without any genuine belief behind it.

However, things are pretty cool on the surface, but in later months, you may begin to realize that part of what was exchanged in terms of commitment and promises this month was not thought through.

Mars is in your sign, and it's sextile Uranus on its journey through, so this provides an audacity to your personality and an ability to make changes that can quickly open new doors and set you on a mini-adventure. There is an air of excitement, but there is nothing passive about this phase; you are ready to set your world alight, and you can be headstrong and resilient in the face of opposition and criticism.

You are more thick-skinned, less worried about what 'they think, and you are open to embracing things that the past would have intimidated you or been alien to your personality.

Rebelliousness, a headstrong attitude, and a desire to do it your way may stir up a little controversy within your family circles; however, that will not bother you. You are very focused on yourself and your fulfillment, and the opinions of the naysayers don't cut the mustard.

It's an opportune time to make changes to your fitness regime or take a new supplement to support your energy like vitamin B, Magnesium, or protein supplements.

Sports or activities that give an adrenaline rush appeal to you. You may enjoy doing crazy things with your kids like adventure theme parks or cross country cycling, Motocross, etc. You are rather adventurous this month.


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Remember that a relationship is a dynamic, living thing; it's always moving in a direction. Thus, there is always scope for molding it, and nothing is set, although often fixed signs, like Leo, desire a relationship to become set and static, but that can become self-defeating.

Problems in relationships can be remedied right now as you have a very constructive spirit, you are neither defeatist nor deluded, and that's a grey combination.

Time to address any part of the relationship that's been neglected because it's thorny or contentious, shine your positivity onto it, look at the issues with courage and resolve.

You can have a potent effect on your relationship right now; it all comes down to your attitude and which gives you a great deal of clout, not that you are going to be domineering, but you are going to be the strong character in the relationship which leads by her positive example and bold approach.

Leo is an idealistic lover in new love, you enjoy the whole idea of romance, and you have high hopes for a Hollywood movie experience in love. But because you open up, you love with all your heart, and you have such great expectations, you will invariably have higher highs and lower lows than other people in love and life.

This month accept the disappointments, but don't exaggerate them; see them as part of a process of adjusting your expectations. Don't use the negative which happens in your love life, like it does in everyone's, as evidence that there is something fundamentally flawed or wrong with you!

Love is a process of achieving a balance between two different people, and that's a long process of swings that can be seen as ups and downs but which are just a natural process of adjustment that must be viewed with more detachment.

Jupiter entering your 8th house indicates that the sexual and intimate side of the relationship is the most vulnerable to inflated expectations. It may be that the sex and warmth in the bedroom are excellent at the start of the relationship, then it inexplicably goes cold, leaving you feeling distraught or rejected; however, don't worry the planets are simply creating ebbs and flows of energy, and you need to go with these and not analyze them.

There are many reasons the sexual element of the relationship can be highly satisfying one moment and highly disappointing the next. Still, those reasons themselves may be ephemeral and unimportant, so don't get upset and preoccupied about them.

Mars is in Cancer, approaching opposition with Pluto in Capricorn; this indicates that you should continue to work in the background, possibly in secret, and be very strategic.

You are very determined right now, but you have to keep your emotions under control as they can undermine you. Other people are particularly testing, and even those on your side can be discouraging; you may have to question exactly who is on your side. It's important to be self-reliant in May as not everyone is what they appear to be, and the true colors of others are revealed.

Vigorous exercise or singing can be an excellent way to release a buildup of angst without taking it out in the family arena by having a meltdown.

If you can get a hold of yourself and harness your emotional intensity, this month can be pretty awesome; you can get up the family to take on daunting tasks that can radically change and improve your lives.


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This month is excellent for healing and reconciliation in love. If you have been struggling in a relationship, then now is a time when you can build bridges and start to move forward.

Marriage counseling is a great idea, and the initial results can be pretty inspiring. However, the effect of Jupiter on your seventh house cusp is short-lived as it soon goes retrograde, which indicates that it's a little like snakes and ladders, where a setback eclipses some of the progress made. So the message is to restore and rebuild, but not to expect miracles even if the initial signals are good.

Open a new chapter in your relationship, but don't think you have put everything behind you yet as there are some lingering fears and doubts for both of you matter how brave the face you put on.

The message is to recover your hope and optimism that you can revive a relationship and enter a better phase with improved communication and mutual satisfaction, but be aware that you will need to be very broad-minded and generous in terms of forgiveness to fully embrace the opportunity presented for a reset.

A new romance may begin this month with the potential to become a solid and lasting relationship. This new relationship may seem platonic at first, but you will both find that the more time you spend together, the more you begin to click on an emotional level.

New relationships this month are characterized by compassion and understanding but not necessarily total agreement. You may have different views of the world, but you could share a connection that creates a sense of security, and there is a perceivable bond that develops quickly.

New romance is based on mutual fascination, respect, and sharing of core experiences, which creates mutual empathy.

This month is a good time to invest in getting qualifications, perhaps you already have skills, but you need to go to the next step and get certification or accreditation.

Invest in your professional reputation; money spent taking courses that will update your skills is money well spent.

This month is an excellent one for social goals, and those of you in public life can be very effective. You are forward-looking, firm on principle, and you can rely on the support of your peers and associates.

It's an ideal time to reinvigorate your networks by energizing your associates with new ideas.

This is quite a lucky month, and a sudden turn of events can pan out in your favor. Your beliefs are vital to your success in getting others to rally behind you; you must have faith in your ideas and have the courage of your convictions.

Step up and do the right thing even if you take some slack in the short term; in the longer term, you will be proven right, and you will have earned respect.

You can win in life when you are happy to risk what is secure and familiar in favor of what's just and fair.

Old habits have to make way for fresh new alternatives. They say old habits die hard, so do old mindsets, which is why you have to detach from anything which holds you back this month, and that may include family and old friends. Do not burn bridges, don't fall out with people, but don't feel guilty about not accepting their accustomed ways anymore.


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Libra is most happy in a solid and stable relationship; you enjoy teamwork and often marry young as you do not thrive in the single life. You are an air sign who needs independence, and as a cardinal sign, you need a challenge.

However, you often compromise on these to have a stable relationship. This month, you have to embrace change and unpredictably in love as something desirable and good for you.

You can have an enjoyable, exciting, and memorable month if you embrace novelty, incorporate variety, and are open-minded. If you are rigid and allow fear to dominate you mentally, this could be frustrating and a damaging one for the relationship.

Emotions can run high this month, and it may not be easy for you to see a partner's point of view – you may be accused of not being sensitive enough.  You will likely say something that seems obvious to you but is perceived as being very hurtful to the other person. 

This can be the problem: what you see as hurtful is not what your partner sees as hurtful/insulting and vice versa. This can mean that passions become inflamed over things that you each say without meaning to be taken as badly as they are. 

Respect runs both ways: you demand it, and you must give it. However, it is not that simple as your definitions of respect are very different – this is where you need to listen more and make an effort to understand what hurt your loved one and how they interpret respect.

Do not go overboard giving your partner what they do not want – sometimes what you enjoy giving is not what your partner enjoys receiving.  It boils down to understanding each other's needs better and being willing to accommodate them. 

You are highly aware of psychic undercurrents in the relationship right now, and that can make you suspicious; please keep things in proportion. Single Libra are very idealistic in love and maybe prepared to make sacrifices for a partner whom they have only known a short time – do not let your heart run away totally unrestrained, allow your head a say.

The new moon in your eighth house trine the ruler of your second house, Pluto, is a positive one for your financial affairs, and you can find support from financial institutions or government. Funding should be available; tax breaks are also possible.

This is an excellent period to invest in your business and grow it by improving your equipment or renewing assets.

This is an excellent period for your career and life direction. You can succeed by being innovative and original; the more futuristic you are, the more you get an edge over those who are more traditional or flatfooted.

Past results are not a good indication of future performance, and that's rather good as old expectations or parameters do not bind you. Anything can happen now, things that failed before can succeed, and so it's an excellent time to think expansively and be daring.

You have big decisions on the home front, and you may be thinking about radical home improvements or improvements.

Changes this year to your home are often to do with children who may be coming to stay, moving back in, or it may be your grandchildren are going to be spending more time with you.


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As a fixed sign, Scorpio can become very 'fixed', sorry to use that word twice, but it fits the bill; you do get set in a paradigm that limits your ability to grow in a relationship.

While your personality may be established, the meaning you attach to external events or other people's behavior is flexible, so are the choices you make, but what's more, you can change the way you treat yourself. These things together shift the dial and open the way for miracles to happen in love.

So, you probably already know that you have to make changes to save or improve your relationship, but when you break down these changes as I did in the last paragraph, it seems more doable.

While arguments are standard and most couples experience conflict, the key is to make these heated moments productive. Can a heated moment open the door to communicating about a sensitive subject, can you both stay in control when you argue, and do you know how to walk away before anything damaging gets said.

Make sure arguments are geared to reaching an agreement, not settling scores. Arguments should be a catalyst to repair, not an avenue to despair and resentment. Know what type of arguments you are having and do your part to change the dynamic of those arguments; this empowers you. 

Holiday romances are undoubtedly possible. However, a promising start may be followed by an uncertain future or even a break-up before you resume the relationship. So, things that start this month may have a bright future in the future, but not right now and so proceed with some caution. 

The signs for romance are excellent, and you may meet a new guy at a PTA, sports event, or via a new hobby. Mutual passions are critical to sexual passion developing, so look out for potential partners who are enthusiastic about the same things as you.

This is a lucky time as Jupiter enters Pisces; there is an opportunity to promote yourself and gain a reputation. Good reviews or positive word of mouth can help you gain confidence and improve your visibility.

Optimism and a daring attitude help you to successfully launch new projects that will grow your business or help you establish a foothold in a new industry.

Success comes through perseverance and determination, tapping into your inner strength, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

You are more willing to spend the time looking into other people, their past and their business and personal track record, this is time well spent as not everyone is who or what they claim, and it helps to go behind the facade so that you know what to expect from them realistically.

When something feels right, you act on it without going through the details; this decisive action makes you feel secure and empowered. Your instincts about family matters are good, so if you have a bad feeling about something, take action and either investigate or try and pre-empt the problem.

Nip things in the bud, that's the motto in family matters this month.


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Saturn is influencing your relationships this month, and that brings a stabilizing force to bear. This month's emphasis is on being pragmatic and getting down to business; essential conversations need to be had about money, budgeting, and your immediate future.

Emotions and fun may be secondary, but that doesn't mean that you cannot experience joy from tackling problems, resolving issues, and achieving greater organization of your lives. This is a time for action, not procrastination, and one or both or you need to be decisive and show leadership.

The key this month in love is pulling together and not allowing circumstances to get the better of you. Indeed there is plenty of time for work and pleasure as long as you prepare and think ahead.

It may not be a month of spontaneity and excitement, but if handled well, the work and effort you both put in this month can pave the way for more exciting times in the months to come.

You and your partner have to accept the realities of the situation you find yourself in, but that does not mean you have to accept anything as an eventuality!

Dealing with the facts and the immediate threats you face both in terms of finances and day-to-day problems can have an empowering effect, and you begin to see that there are many more paths forward than you thought.

Sagittarians in new relationships feel very sexy this month, and you enjoy surprises and sudden sexual encounters. You have a high energy level, and you require your partner to be up for virtually anything. New relationships with people who are cold, numb, monotonous, or low energy cannot survive.

It would be best if you had a partner who mirrors your high energy and enthusiasm for life. This month is perfect for couples who share sporting or social interests as your passions bond you and spur the relationship on to greater heights. 

May is perfect for number crunching and using analytical tools to make financial decisions. Mental work needing accuracy, precision, and the ability to gist the facts and edit lots of data are favored.

Your thinking is both organized and cautious, and you can set out on a decision-making process with logic and reason that's easy to explain to others or put into a proposal. 

You want to win, and you want to win at all costs; there is a great desire to prove yourself. However, this is where you make yourself your own worst enemy as you neglect timing. Success is a lot about the right timing; if you make your break, you have to know you have enough energy or advantage to stay ahead and get over the finish line, or else you make yourself a target for your competitors.

So, work hard, but be strategic, play your cards close to your chest, don't claim victory, or say 'I told you so' too soon. Stay in the shadows and remember the power of the element of surprise. Mercury goes retrograde next month, and so there is still a great deal that you need to know, which you don't know yet. 

You may travel to see family abroad or have a family reunion. Significant family events are possible, and you may stay with your family renewing the bond you share.

It's a good time to do some light redecorating to improve the aesthetic value of your home. You may enjoy shopping for art, antiques, or artifacts to create themes in different rooms. It feels like a good time to get creative and give your home a makeover to create a different ambiance or improve your ability to entertain effectively.


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This month with Mars in your seventh house, there is more energy in the relationship sphere, resulting in explosions. You or your partner are more eager to air concerns and express frustrations, and conversations can get heated. There is a battle for control in terms of you and your partner clashing on decisions and struggling to wrestle the controls from each other.

The new moon conjunct Uranus in your fifth house brings surprise and turbulence to your love life. You can meet people in unexpected ways, and new relationships are pretty unconventional.

If you are single, the people you come across right now will challenge your perceptions of what a love relationship can be, and you have to be open-minded to get the most out of a potential new relationship.

Recently developed relationships will have to adjust to shocks and surprises that cause some discomfort. However, it's an excellent time to get to know each other much better. 

Expect the unexpected in love, and love relations are bound to be more volatile. It's often via new romantic relationships that you can discover freedom and creativity and tap into a youthfulness within you, which helps reinvigorate your approach to life.

So love is often the key to happiness in terms of your self-development, not only the actual romance, so you should see a romance that happens right now not just as a pathway to marriage but a pathway to your unfolding identity.

New people who come into your life now challenge you because you need to be challenged to get to another stage of development. A new partner may encourage you to think out the box and to challenge your previous perceptions of love and life in a positive way.

This is an excellent time to establish a new social circle of people who will broaden your horizons and bring a lot of excitement back in your life, but it's not necessarily a time of cozy romance and no time of traditional romance.

You may need extra advice or help to get the most out of your business decisions this month. In May, there is an indication that you will be working closely with others on business projects, particularly intellectually, and collaborating with other people in terms of pooling ideas is very profitable. 

This is an excellent month to do a life audit and to reflect on the disparate pieces of your life and how they can all be made to fit together. It's a time to consolidate energy rather than scattering energy over an extensive range of goals. You need to know what's most important to you personally because that will help guide your decisions. 

You like to talk about how you feel in May, and you have a great need to be understood by those who love you. It's a reasonable time to express your emotions and feelings and make them clear, but you shouldn't expect to be understood immediately; you must be more patient with family members and allow them to come around to your way of thinking slowly.

Don't pressure people to extract sympathy; everyone has to have their own time to come around to a new way of thinking. Sometimes your ideas are just a little bit too different for family members to fully appreciate immediately, so allow them time to adjust and percolate the information.


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This is a much more relaxed and easygoing month for relationships. You find it easy to be tolerant and understanding, and it's an excellent time to take a step back and learn to relax with each other again, allowing the conversation to flow.

The important thing in marriage this month is not to add pressure, don't force anything, use your intuition, and don't try too hard to understand everything logically. This month not everything will fit into a neat little box, and so you must be insightful, patient, and focus on the bigger picture.

There's a softening this month in terms of feelings; you and your partner are less hardline, more tolerant, and less stubborn. The rough edges in the relationship feel smoother.

You can let go of insecurities, and ego is much less of a problem, which is why one of the gifts of this month is the ability to compromise and understand without feeling that you are losing.

The important thing in relationships this month is not winning or losing their togetherness, comfort, and an underlying sense of harmony between you.

It's important this month to bring the focus back to the softer side of romance, so that's the caring, sharing, affectionate and tender side. Last month was a rush. It was often more about packing in activities and keeping the excitement level up, possibly ignoring feelings and even neglecting basic relationship etiquette, like appreciation and validation of your partner.

It would help if you remembered that compliments count this month, so be thoughtful and use time with your partner to learn about them rather than merely doing things with them.

The big mistake for Aquarius this month is continuing to see everything in a relationship as a constant competition, or even an opportunity for greater self-expression, instead think in terms of developing a more as a spiritual union, evolving together not fighting to suppress each other's individuality by allowing ego to create a hostile competitive atmosphere.

This month you need to think clearly about the value you get out of the things you own or the things you pay for every month, as it might be time to review certain subscriptions or memberships and cancel things that have become superfluous to your life.

Saving money this month is all about understanding yourself, your values, and your actual needs rather than just chasing after the things because you think they will bring fulfillment or because other people are doing them.

With Mars in Cancer sextile your ruler Uranus, other people respond quickly to your input, and you can have conversations that are very productive and stimulating. It's a time when ideas are generated and the practical solutions that go along with these ideas. You won't have much problem pursuing your agenda, and you can garner people to your side because you show leadership and courage.

With Mars in Cancer, this is an excellent time for all careers involving medicine and healing; it is also a wonderful time to improve your skills or to gain new skills related to healthcare or helping others with spiritual guidance and development. This is a good time for setting up a business connected to alternative health and healing in terms of your documentation and admin.

This is an excellent month for discussions in the family arena, it's an opportune time to raise issues, but you don't necessarily have to reach conclusions. However, you should start discussions on the table and encourage everyone to express their opinions.

It's essential to have an open forum for debate within the family arena so that everyone feels heard and that everyone has an opportunity to talk about things that are bothering them because this can help diminish tension from now on.


Vivid Dreams - Pisces Card Necklace
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Vivid Dreams - Pisces Card Necklace
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This month the key to healthy relationships is cultivating Stability. Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn indicates a need for constructive conversation and problem solving rather than endless debate. It's ok to argue and see things in different ways; however, what you want to avoid is prolonging these arguments until one of you win or get the better of the other; the key this month is letting the unimportant things go, don't waste energy and precious time on these.

Stability is jeopardized when you browbeat each other or refuse to walk away from debates that are getting nasty.

Work on understanding each other's perspective rather than forcing an unnatural concession by one that the other is right. Healthy communication that encourages understanding is not competitive at the core.

The key to relationships this month is to be level-headed and measured, do not allow your ego to tempt you into drama or games about punishing your partner.

This is an excellent month for dating as there is a great deal of energy in your fifth house with Mars transiting sextile Uranus. You are eager to engage with a wide range of people and accept them no matter how different they are.

Your need for rebellion and breaking the mold is activated through love. You may enter new love affairs against your better judgment or the advice of others because you have this need for spontaneity and immediate gratification. Love affairs start quickly and unexpectedly, and there's an incredible amount of butterflies floating about.

Stimulating new opinions and connecting with potential partners who have different lifestyles is intrinsic to romantic encounters; some things excite you and cause you concern or are even quite shocking, but love right now is about leaving comfort zones. 

You are inspired to change and update your systems and methods, and you may shell out money on new technology to radically reform the way you work creatively or process your accounts.

This is a good time for employing the latest technology. However, you need to do proper research to assist versus what will have only a superficial benefit genuinely. Take your time to understand how technology can help you.

Luckily Pisces are flexible, as right now, anything can happen, especially in creative industries or management roles, and you have to think quickly and intuitively to find inventive solutions.

The key to success this month in life and work is embracing the chaos and running with it, be open to whatever happens, and don't see it as good or bad; just see it as a fantastic new phase to be taken advantage of.

Jupiter enters Pisces this month, meaning that you will have an opportunity to open doors for yourself, possibly travel or experience new situations that will open your eyes to possibilities.

Note that Jupiter will shortly turn retrograde and re-enter Aquarius. However, you are getting a sneak preview this month of exciting new opportunities in your life, although they are not quite ripe for the picking yet.

So, be open to what the universe is telling you, be aware of what's ending and how that is clearing the way for a brighter future. However, don't jump the gun; it necessary to start getting into a new mindset while not discarding current commitments.

You have a lot of nervous energy and should avoid DIY or trying to fix anything electrical; leave it to an expert.

This month's key is to be a reassuring, encouraging, hopeful force in the family, don't allow empathy to become a pity party, and be light because everyone needs light and hope despite the current reality.

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