Walk With Intention This Summer With Our Evil Eye Anklets

It’s a beautiful summer day, you’ve put on a super cute outfit, got your jewelry swagger on and feeling good. But there’s something missing.

We are always so focused on our bracelets and necklaces, that we leave behind one of the most important body parts: our ankles. Why isn’t this even a thought when we buy our favorite jewelry? It certainly should be. 

When Accessorizing, One Must Think Of Their Ankles

Absolutely and we’ve taken care of that for you by creating our beautiful Evil Eye Anklet Collection. Now you can blend fashion with protection.The perfect combination with our new anklet collection.

Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet
Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet
When we align with our truth, we open ourselves to the Divine. Let your energy go with the flow and direction of each and every Chakra co...
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What Do We Have In Mind When We Design?

We didn’t miss a beat or an intention when it came to designing our Evil Eye Anklet Collection.

Deflecting Negativity: It is only when we align our mind, body and soul, that we discover a peaceful heart. Sometimes, all that is needed is a perfect blend of something truly zen on the one hand and uplifting on the other hand. What's better than one Evil Eye?

A personalized quintet of these powerful, negativity-deflecting symbols. Our new and personalized “Defensive Aura Evil Eye Charm Anklet” transforms the negative forces into positive energies, leading you to success and safety.

Tapping Into Your Intuition: What a perfect way to invite more luck and protection into your life, and tune into your intuition deeply and with confidence. We thought our brand new sterling silver “Eternal Luck Horseshoe Evil Eye Charm Anklet” symbolizes a happy mindset and taking the path to positivity.

What's more, it will help you to focus your energy and to clear your mind for wise decisions, so that most circumstances will become advantageous.

Evil Eye jewelry

We All Need Protection

Protection: Every anklet we design is for a very specific intention. For instance, our brand new and personalized "I am Safe & Sound Evil Eye Charm Anklet" is comprised of nine colorful Evil Eye symbols that ward off malicious intentions from your surroundings and protects you from harm, injury, and bad luck, wrapped in gorgeous sterling silver.

No matter how strong you are in the pursuit of things you want, these symbols will be the protecting guidelines on your path to spiritual completeness. So you will be able to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and you'll start having positive results. 

We Made Being Spiritual Fashionable

We used a combination of stones and charms to create the perfect anklets and didn’t miss one spiritual intention. With a beautiful blend of colorful Tourmaline stones and powerful symbols, happiness was the key. Conscious buying.

Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet

Precious Destiny - Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet
Precious Destiny - Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet
There is only one place to find real peace and harmony. That place is within. The "Precious Destiny - Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet" helps ...
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Our Need For Connecting

Get Connected: In the quest for serenity, we discover that harmony lives within. Quintessential values related to well-being are captured in the Tourmaline stone, the key part of our one-of-a-kind and brand new "Supreme Trinity - Tourmaline Stone Silver Anklet".

This spiritual artisan piece combines the energies of black, brown, pink, and green Tourmaline to bring protection, grounding, joy and vitality. All the colors of Tourmaline strengthen the mind, body, and spirit connection. Additionally, the Evil Eye, Tree of Life, and Lotus symbol will elevate your consciousness to understand the transcendent harmony between all things.

Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

Remarkable Stability - Hematite Pyrite Evil Eye Anklet
Remarkable Stability - Hematite Pyrite Evil Eye Anklet
In balance, we can ground ourselves to the earth so our spirits may take flight toward the stars. Therefore, freely embrace the guarding ...
Regular price $79
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An Anklet Of Love

LOVE: Being in love, falling in love or looking for love. Love is the greatest virtue of all. It is at the root of all good things. All humans thrive in a loving environment, and whenever love is in the equation, happiness results. Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey, our personalized and brand new

“Love Heart Evil Eye Charm Anklet” has the perfect frequencies for your emotions to flourish and grow. This meaningful Heart charm empowered with mighty Evil Eye symbol will show you the way toward a life filled with love and compassion.

Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet

An Anklet With Blessings

HEALING & BALANCE: In the still, quiet moments, we welcome the opportunity to connect to a higher truth. Our one-of-a-kind and brand new "Blessed Trinity - Turquoise Stone Silver Anklet" will enhance the way you take care of yourself with its mind-body-spirit approach to health.

Turquoise Stones will infuse your mantra with the power of positivity and deflect all negative energies that can affect your happiness. This vivid anklet also features the Evil Eye, Tree of Life, and Lotus symbol, giving you outstanding serenity and a divine state of mind to pursue your dreams.

Hematite Pyrite Evil Eye Anklet

The History Of Anklets

First a little Evil Eye history. Anklets in the Eastern culture date back to ancient times. 

Fun tidbit: they were discovered in Sumerian tombs that were over 4,500 years old! It is said that they were the first people to roam the earth and that they wore anklets to protect themselves and even for fashion sense. Not much has changed in all of these years and times.

The history is so rich. Originally, anklets were crafted from various stones and metals that were precious. In ancient India, women would were anklet with charms, so the men would hear them coming and in some cases, to capture a mans attention.

Eventually, throughout history, the Egyptians, who we know always have a keen sense of fashion, used it to signify their social status. These ladies would go ALL out with their silver and gold anklets.The secret everyone knew was that they were women of wealth. 

Let’s not forget the hippy dippy 60’s and 70’s, where anklets would become so fashionable among the bohemians and “free spirits” of the world. Throughout this sexual revolution, women would wear their anklets on the left foot, showing they were available for any pleasures.

Evil Eye Anklet

Evil Eye Anklet Meaning

When the CEO of Karma and Luck, Vladi Bergan and his incredible jewelry designer, Andrea, got together, they asked the Universal question, “What kind of anklets can we design that will be very fashionable, fulfill a spiritual intention and look beautiful?.”

It was then that our Evil Eye Anklet collection was born. Various gemstones with beautiful personalized charms and of course, at the core of it all, the Evil Eye charm for protection

The Evil Eye has a long history of being known for deflecting negative energies away from the wearer and bearer. How can anyone go wrong with that? Powerful gemstones coupled with the evil eye charm. When you believe, you achieve.

We truly want for you to invest time and energy in yourself and your happiness. What can help you to stay positive better than the Evil Eye? A quintet of these powerful, negativity-deflecting symbols.

No matter how strong you are in your pursuit of things you want, our mighty and fashionable Evil Eye Anklets will be the protecting guideline on your path to spiritual completeness. And let’s not forget the fashion and the beauty of wearing your personalized Evil Eye charm anklet.

Evil eye anklets add a touch of elegance and protection to any outfit. Explore the symbolism and history of wearing evil eye jewelry in our resource page.

Don’t ignore your need to accessorize with bracelets, rings, necklaces and fulfill your ardent need for jewelry as a whole. Just add a spiritually balanced anklet to fulfill your fashion sense, your spiritual needs and all of your wishes. Because nothing compares to you and your senses. 

Shop your anklet collection here

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Evil Eye Anklets

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