What Is The Most Popular Type Of Jewelry Today?

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Do we really “need” jewelry? Certainly not! It isn’t essential like air, food, or water. But neither is it unequivocally a part of something as horizontal as our own self-actualization. Jewelry is somewhat an agent of the person wearing it personality.

It is something we identify with, such as our birthstone, class ring, wedding ring, etc. A random survey found that 64% of us wear jewelry as a fashion statement and 36% of us wore jewelry for good luck.

Using gems and gold traces back to ancient cultures like Egyptian and Mesopotamian. And it has since been present in every piece of human civilization. We have adorned ourselves with jewelry regardless of our class, culture, gender, or religion. Jewelry is a constant in our daily lives today just as much as it was for the Aztecs and the Tibetans.

And What Should We Expect From Jewelry Today?

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Just like clothing fashion, jewelry fashion has its own predictions every year! From the red carpet in Hollywood to the runways in New York and beyond, the jewelry trends are guessed. But it is the consumer, the everyday fashionista that will determine its success. Fashion experts are rarely off the mark on what will become a hit though, such as these:

B & W: Designers, Rock Stars, and the rich and famous have taken up with the newer jet-black rhodium that hit the runways in Paris. Combining this evergreen color with Art Deco-inspired jewels, including enamel, silver, or white gold, they are achieving the full rhodium effect.

Earrings & Studs: These have proven to be a favorite of consumers! They like the versatility that wearing studs solo gives or add jackets to create a whole other cool look. And what’s even better, this latest fashion statement is available in a wide range of prices!

Chokers and Necklaces: Yeah, these hit the runway in 2015, but because they made such a grand appearance and left a lasting impression, the demand is still there and designers answered.

Layers of Gold: Silver jewelry was left behind by many artists and designers this year. Turning to the warmth of gold, we have dainty necklaces and delicate charm bracelets that accent the layers of gold to perfection. 

Earrings Oversized: If you watched the Oscars, you couldn’t have missed the oversized earrings. The complicated necklines of the fashion world along simplicity of all white shirts were the perfect pair for the big décor hangs from ears in Milan, New York, Paris, and everywhere.

Asymmetry: This is a fashion statement without making a statement! Mismatching our earrings is no longer a mistake but a modern statement. Clustering the different metals with colors of beads and gems gives us all a youthful look while holding on to our sophistication. This is our way of keeping our individuality while showing our super-creative way of using a minimal amount of materials. Some call it an unbalanced appearance and other calls it ear ornamentation. Either way, we find it to be a beautiful irregularity.

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