What Does A Boomerang, Food and Karma Have In Common?

What Does A Boomerang, Food and Karma Have In Common?

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A boomerang, food, and karma all give back what we send out. You throw a boomerang - it comes back. You fill your body with certain food - you’ll get it back. You give good karma - you’ll get good karma.

In Victoria Manns latest book, “The Good Karma Diet: Eat Gently, Feel Amazing, Age in Slow Motion”, she explores into that belief of how eating with compassion can bring us positive changes to our lives. Victoria is an enthusiastic vegan, living profoundly by every word of The Good Karma Diet. But Victoria isn’t the only person that has found positive effects from this lifestyle.

Within this book, there are men and women that have provided “Good Karma Stories”. They have provided personal anecdotes about how their lives have changed after they made the decision to change their food choices to eat healthier with compassion.

You Can’t Do This Overnight

Ms. Mann has tips all throughout the book on changing to a vegan diet that can make it a smooth transition. It is better to make a gradual transition than just jump right into it. Much like Newton’s Third Law of Motion “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, the same is said to be true about dieting.

So, for every interaction, in other words, there are two forces acting, thus the size of the first objects forces equals that of the force on the second object. To put in in terms of dieting and food, when we eat food that is good, healthy, and nutritious or food that doesn’t exist because of the cruelty of and the suffering by animals, we are rewarded.

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A simple way of thinking about good karma eating is to find meals made from plants, not from animals. This also includes plant foods that are unprocessed. Choose plant food that comes from a field, a garden, or an orchard with little to no corporate interference.

In this manner, you’ll be eating foods that have a high density of nutrients and you’ll avoid foods made from animal products or processed foods. Both of those can be hard for the body to handle, aka, unhealthy.

The Good Karma

This type of eating is almost holistic. It has been scientifically proven that when we eat whole, plant foods, it is nutritionally adequate as well as anti-pathological. What does that mean? It means that stuff can be cured that medicine can’t or hasn’t, such as reversing coronary disease, type 2 diabetes, and more. 

The Good Karma

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