Understanding the Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Have you ever smelled something that instantly transported you to an activity, a place, or a time in the past? Smell is one sense that bypasses all other areas of the brain. It connects directly with our subconscious. It can have a powerful effect on our mood, nervous system, and our physical health. Essential oils can do these things for yours.

The past few years, people have become more aware of how essentials oils provide healing properties. Essential oils have become a famous trend and are used in aromatic burners, baths, body lotions, for massages, and specific ailments. They are used as a natural perfume and have given us awareness of non-toxic topical applications.

Aromatherapy aka Essential Oils and Therapy

This therapy was used in Ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian for medicinal purposes. Today, it is a contemporary health practice that includes holistic methods because of the considerable benefits found.

An essential oil is extracted from a specific botanical species and contains chemical compounds that are found in certain plants. The oil may come from the flower, leaves, roots or wood part of plants or trees. There are many pharmaceuticals whose origins are from plants, proof that essential oils are back to natural medicines.

Because an essential oil is condensed more from the herb or plant, it makes it more powerful than pharmaceuticals. For instance, the single drop of an essential oil is equal to an ounce (or more) of a like herb. Essential oils can be used topically as well on the body mixed in an unscented body lotion, making it more effective than an herb.

What Are The Health Benefits of This Therapy?

Essential Oils are you used for ailments like arthritis, dermatitis, female issues, insect repellent, insomnia, and sore muscles. They are also known to aid in stopping hair loss, as a pain relief, help with respiratory issues, ease stress, and more. Some of the most common things essential oils are used for are:

Emotional Balance: Essential oil of geranium help with emotional balancing and helping women through menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome. For men, it is good for balancing them emotionally and physically.

Love: Essential oil of rose is good for emotional issues like love. It is said to resonate the heart chakra and soothes the heart. The essential oil of bergamot is good for the heart chakra as well and palmarosa oil is used to help you open up, have trust in life and love, often combined with geranium.

Mentally Alert: Lemon helps improve the mental clarity by clearing the mind. Rosemary is also good for mental clarity and mental stimulation while laurel and peppermint are also good for mental clarity and stimulant the brain.

Muscle relaxant: Marjoram is an essential oil that is good as a muscle relaxant with spikenard being the most sedating of all essential oils, acting much like valerian. It is excellent as anti-spasmodic oil, while spikenard, the oil of forgiveness, helps you to release any resentful feelings and boost your self-esteem and self-worth.

Anxiety and Sleep Issues: Two of the most popular are frankincense and roman chamomile that help you to sleep. To remove anxiety and ease stress, lemongrass and ylang-ylang are the most popular essential oils. Many people have found that combining chamomile and ylang-ylang are wonderful for relieving insomnia and easing stress.

Their Medicinal Power

Of all these oils, lavender has the most versatility. It is great for burns, pain, and sleep and even anti-inflammatory. What makes it even better is that it keeps mosquitoes away! Combining immortelle, lavender, and rose will reduce angry, hurt feelings. Wild lavender found in the French Alps at an altitude of 5,000 to 6,000 feet is more refined.

Jasmine is the essential oil that helps you to open up to new relationships. It is an aphrodisiac and is calming, euphoric and accentuates the erotic. Of all the essential oils, jasmine is one of the most pleasing.

Different Grades

If you are new to the health benefits this substance offers, you should know that they come in a high-grade and a low-grade. This is determined by how the plant material is grown and extracted. Extracting oil from plants trees is an art. There are better ways to pre-treat the plants/trees, which makes a difference in the quality of the substance.

And then how it is extracted can make a difference as well. You can tell the difference simply by the aroma of the essential oil. Some distillers simply steam the oil out, which is the faster way, but it destroys the aromatic notes that make the oil its best.

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