Toxic Money Mindset: 7 Day Detox


We've received so many messages via Instagram, Facebook, and email about our Money Mantra articles, how much they are helping, and even affecting a lot of people to overcome their money phobias and generate a healthier money mindset.

It was then that a brilliant woman and BFF of a Karma and Luck employee told us about her adventure in making money and how it all happened on New Year's Eve in 2005. A friend of hers talked her into going to a spiritual yoga center on New Year's Eve and celebrate the night in yoga, prayer, dance, and breath-work, instead of getting dolled up in her new outfit and spending the night partying with her friends.

"All I thought was, what an incredibly boring way to bring in the new year. I would rather get dressed and go out with my friends and party the night away. Only, I realized I've been doing this year and after year, and nothing in my life has significantly changed. I struggle with money; my career isn't going anywhere, and let's not even get into my relationships with men. So I reluctantly agreed."

Dressed in yoga pants and a tee-shirt, she ventured off, with her far to an enthusiastic friend, toward a journey of bringing her mind, body, and soul together, with a lot of few eye rolls and skepticism.

When she arrived at the yoga center, she was shocked at how large and beautiful the studio space was and how many people were already there, front and center, readily happy to be there. She noticed the high beamed ceiling, stage, beautiful pillows everywhere, friendly energy, and her perception changed on how a New Year's Eve should be spent constructively.

Mandatory shoes and socks off, the girls went into the center of the crowd, grabbed their pillow and spot, and sat down. Being a New Yorker and now living in Beverly Hills, she was shocked at how unbelievably kind and friendly everyone was, and her nostalgia for spending time with drunk friends and strangers vanished.


There was a surprise in store for her. This evening would be a game-changer. An evening of Kundalini Yoga (breath-work), affirmations, chanting, and the grand finale with everyone clasping hands and making a bridge (of love) that everyone would have an opportunity to walk through. 

Four hours later, they were happily exhausted as they sat down to a delicious vegan meal. Right next to their plates was a booklet with 365 daily mantras to take with her.

She went home exhausted, read a few of the mantras, and fell asleep. The memorable evening stayed with her every day for weeks, as would the incredible positive feelings. It created a paradigm shift in her thinking. Now she knew the difference between thought and feeling in lack or prosperity, and her first focus was creating more income and putting feelers out about working with people she's known for years and was too scared to approach.

With all of this renewed energy, she knew it wouldn't last unless she took action. "It's just like working out. You can't do it once and expect results. It has to be ongoing." At this point, she knew what she needed to do. 

She went back to the center and began to explore all of the classes they teach and was surprised to find courses on so many different subjects. Now a big fan of Kundalini Yoga, she wanted to sign up for a class that would change the trajectory of her relationship with money and her confidence in owning her own business.

She always thought of herself as "fearless," and she was until it came to making money and taking the leap to starting a business. Just the thought paralyzed her. Can we relate? Yes, we can. Her relationship with money wasn't positive, and a realization that she had a toxic money mindset that was stopping her from leaping.

What are some common money mindsets that we live with day in and day out that stop us from succeeding? 



When I make more money, I'll start saving.

    • Saving money is the easiest way of having more money.

YO! I deserve to rich.

    • Yes, we all do. But are you doing anything to get rich?

I work my ass off and don't get compensated for it!

    • Talk to your boss, or find another job.

I didn't grow up with money and hadn't a clue how to make more money.

    • That's where money mantras can help immensely.

I have a lot of anxiety about money.

    • Again, changing your toxic mindset with affirmations and mantras helps with that.

These are just a few toxic money mindset patterns that so many of us fall. The inability to understand or relate to money in any real fashion does affect our thought process around creating abundance and wealth.


Everything starts with the mind. How rich, poor, or underprivileged we think we are, we are! Most of us didn't grow up around a lot of money and had working-class parents who took care of their kids, paid the bills, and saved to take us on vacations. That is the beautiful thing; hard work is to be honored. Yet many of us today want so much more for ourselves and our families than just working hard to survive, we want to thrive. 

We live in a generation where we understand the importance of positive vs. negative and how it affects us daily. We don't need to live like our parents unless we choose too. Otherwise, we can make anything happen, and for that to happen, your mindset needs to be focused on what you can create vs. what you cannot.

Here is a 7 Day Toxic Money Detox plan to rid you of the toxic money mindset you carry around and replace it with hope, possibilities, action, and accountability. And it's a lot of fun. More than that, miracles and shifts will begin to take place. Just like decluttering a room, we will do that with our minds.


Detox Day 1: Attitude Of Gratitude

You will never be wealthy or happy if you aren't appreciative of what you have now. Write down 7 things you are grateful for right now. Look around you; there is so much you may be taking for granted. Here are a few examples:

  • I am grateful for my hair
  • I am grateful for my children
  • I am grateful for my house
  • I am grateful for my dogs/cats

When you're done, place it somewhere you will see it every day for 10 days.

Detox Day 2: Scarcity Is Absurd

Scarcity, or the belief that you don't have enough, can induce a kind of all-consuming stress and anxiety that hampers your ability to focus on and work on the understanding that it doesn't have any power over you unless you give it power. It also means you don't trust your ability to "bring me the money," and you have everything you need. For the next 10 days, you will practice gratitude every day.

  • Take a one-dollar bill every day and place it in both hands. Sit quietly and repeat the mantra "I have faith in myself and my ability to make money." Take that dollar bill and put it by your bedside table or computer. You will do this every day for 10 days with a new dollar bill. At the end of 10 days, you will see the money piling up, and your toxic money mindset will have dissipated. If you need to do it for 30 days, have at it. You will shift. You can always take those dollars and put them in a jar or piggy bank. 

Detox Day 3: Write Your Negative Money Thoughts

Sit quietly with a piece of paper and a pen. Notebook, printer paper, it doesn't matter. Take a deep breath and write down your fears around money. Be honest with yourself. It will help tremendously.

  • I don't have the first clue how to make money.
  • I hate my job.
  • People take advantage of me.
  • I wish I had more confidence.

Now take those Negative, Toxic Money Mindset thoughts, fold the paper in four, walk to the trash can, kiss the paper, and throw it away with these words. "You no longer serve me; thank you." DONE!

Detox Day 4: I have no lack in my life

Sit quietly with a piece of paper, as above, and write down 10 positive money mantras. You don't need to look them up. Here are a few to get you started if you're stuck or let your creativity flow and write your own. 

Take that piece of paper and place it somewhere; you will see it every day for 10 days. The bathroom mirror is fantastic, but watch the heat from the showers. The important thing is to recite them every day for 10 days.  

  1. I am not in lack.
  2. I am connected to money source energy.
  3. I am at peace with others being wealthy.
  4. I am creating my wealth.
  5. I have faith in myself and my ability to make money.
  6. I am manifesting my dream job.
  7. I am manifesting connections to help me make money.
  8. I am spiritually aligned with the Universal energy around money.
  9. I am cutting the cords of negative thinking patterns.
  10. Cash is not out of my control.

Detox Day 5: Believe To Receive

At this moment, you will forgive all of your money mistakes. Say it out loud, "I forgive myself utterly and completely about making money mistakes." DONE! Let's move on now, you've forgiven yourself, and that is a massive shift.

Now follow this up by saying, "I release any guilt around money, and I am open to receiving." Recite this 10 times with a breath in between. Breathe in, mantra, breath out, and repeat. You can do this on day 5, and you can continue to do it every day for 10 days if you need to release your Toxic Money Mindset. It works brilliantly.

Detox Day 6: Enjoy The Here And Now

We've been doing many exercises the past 5 days, and today you will spend the entire day resetting and recalibrating your mind. All-day, no matter what, you will repeat, "I am grateful right here, right now." Over and over. The minute your mind starts to veer into anything negative, you will take a break, take a breath, and repeat that mantra. Most importantly, when you lay down and are ready to sleep repeat, "I am grateful right here, right now."

Detox Day 7: Unlock Your Wealth Potential

"I don't have money; therefore, I can't invest." Oldest words in the books when it comes to a toxic money mindset. Money is liquid, fluid, you can attract it to you anytime, anywhere, but only if you believe in yourself and take action.

Right now, you will invest in yourself and rid yourself of toxic money thoughts and release old patterns. On day 7, today, you will write down the words I AM A MONEY MAGNET, and you will start to take action toward being that magnet.

Grab a piece of paper (by now, you should know this is the key :) and write down these words verbatim. Take that piece of paper and put it on the refrigerator. Every time you to the fridge, you will recite this money mantras before you open the door. 


  • I am spiritually structured and aligned to make money.
  • I am fully present for making money.
  • I am fully present in accepting help around making money.
  • I am fully aligned with living a life of luxury.
  • I am fully aligned with forgiveness around my thinking concerning cash.
  • I release any guilt and shame around money.
  • The law of cause and effect are surrounding me in positive money energy.
  • I have absolutely no lack in my life and understand the principles of being a Money Magnet.

Detoxing your mind from a toxic money mindset is essential in your ability to release your fears and not remain frozen. You deserve to be happy and prosperous, and these exercises, if you follow them, will make a difference.

The woman we spoke of earlier owns a very successful gym in Burbank, CA and is an actual BFF who changed her life from being an employee to being a business owner and thriving.. Such an inspiration.


At Karma and Luck, we are your partners in belief and we want to make sure that your days are filled with love, joy, positivity, protection and prosperity. Our beautiful collection of authentic gemstones can help you achieve the prosperity and confidence you are seeking.

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We believe in you.

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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