20 Top Gifts for the Holidays: For Him, Her & the Home

Top Gifts for the Holidays

This holiday season is unlike those of previous years. Humankind has experienced and witnessed so much global turmoil over the past two years, leaving many shaken to the core. 

Gifting will have particular significance now as we reconfirm our devotion to one another and reinforce our deepest hopes and dreams for the future.

When in doubt, give a gift card!

Strength & Growth - Chakra Feng Shui Tree
Strength & Growth - Chakra Feng Shui Tree
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Lively moments and total mindfulness be...
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20 Top Gifts for the Holidays

We’re dedicated to uniting cultures and promoting wellness together to make the world a happy place. With that in mind, we’ve selected 20 top gift for the holidays so you can give something special to your loved ones.

Jewelry Gift For Her

It’s a true blessing to have females in our lives. We get to bask in their divine feminine energy, irrespective of the relationship we have with them.

Whether she’s a daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, best friend, family member or colleague – savoring the many different facets of her goddess energy enriches our life.

We know that each one not only has her own personality, but the phases of the goddess spans from the cradle to eternity and back.

Here are a few beautifully unique top gifts for the holidays to suit her every age, taste, and style.

Red String for Her

Handcrafted red string bracelets bring nourishment to the soul and daily protection. There’s one for every goddess at every stage of her life. Opting to buy a red string gift also provides three meals to a family in need through our charity and giving back program, enhancing its meaning.

The United in Love – Rose Quartz Evil Eye Red String Wrap is the perfect token to sanctify and protect a profoundly romantic love bond. Guarded by the evil eye and set with loving rose quartz stones, it’s a constant reminder of the enduring pledge that exists between you.

For any young woman venturing into the realms of independent maturity, our Wise Future – Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet makes the ideal guardian. Embedded with a diamond chip, the scared elephant brings beauty, kindness, strength, wisdom and fertility as she graces the world with her presence. 

Little princesses love red string, too, and you'll both know it brings protection and carries your love everywhere she goes. The Sincere Mind – Silver Teddy Evil Eye Kids Red Bracelet will calm her fears, allowing her to express her emotions and grow in confidence. Let the pink enamel teddy bear be a symbol of her innocence and the unconditional love you share. Kids Gifts for the Holidays

Delicate Longevity - Flower Red String Bracelet
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Delicate Longevity - Flower Red String Bracelet
Children show us in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. Soft as the Flower, yet strong as the power of the Evil Eye is the ultim...
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Jewelry for Her

Your grandmother has been sharing her love and wisdom with you since you were born, and she’ll continue to do so for long after she’s gone, so she certainly deserves one of these top gifts for the holidays.

What better way to acknowledge her than with a timeless Delicate Intuition – Amethyst Lotus Charm Necklace. Match her enlightened, calming energy, spirituality and peace with a refined gift that blends with her aura.

Earrings are excellent gifts to influence the mind since they’re worn close to the third eye and crown chakra. Any woman looking to grow spiritually and heal from life events will appreciate a pair of Illuminated Path – Gold Plated Snake Stud Earrings. Steeped in mysticism, snakes bring grounding, wisdom, knowledge, transformation and protection.

Sadly, we all know someone who’s been hurt by life events and needs some encouragement to live to the fullest again. Liberate her spirit by transforming negative into positive with the Genuine Honesty – Blue Topaz Evil Eye Charm Necklace. Its energy will realign her actions with her intentions, gently guiding her on a path to higher consciousness. The evil eye charm offers protection, and Blue Topaz brings wisdom and love, allowing for more precise communication.

If you’re looking for something strikingly different for a vibrantly amazing lady of any age, consider the handmade Vivid Reality – Red Tourmaline Tree of Life Ring. The Tree of Life symbol brings an energy of deep grounding and growth and aligns body and soul. While blazing Red Tourmaline enhances and nurtures relationships through love, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Gifts for the Holidays

Jewelry Gift For Him

The divine masculine complements every aspect of daily life perfectly. Combined with the divine feminine, it brings balance, wholeness and completion. What great appreciation we have for all the males who grace our lives with their divine masculine energy.

From sons to fathers, brothers, grandfathers, best friends, family and colleagues – the many different aspects of their god energy enhances life overall.

Each with their own unique character, the divine masculine evolves from birth to life beyond and back again.

We know you want to give the special youngsters and adult men in your life the most fitting top gifts for the holidays, and we’ve got some great ideas.

Red String Bracelets for Him

Guys love red string bracelets too!

Fathers, young and old, are the protectors of the family. Show your father or grandfather you recognize the vital role they’ve played in your life by giving them a Mighty Protector – Tiger’s Eye Stone Wrap Bracelet. Boost his courageous and protective spirit with the balanced energy of the Tiger’s Eye while the Hamsa Hand charm shields him from all harm. 

Balance Toxic Emotions – Red String Charm Bracelet is the perfect talisman as youth transforms into manhood. Under the vigilant protection of the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye, toxic feelings are transmuted into courage, confidence and balance by the Tiger’s Eye. Bless your remarkable young man with the best energies to navigate the inevitable challenges of life.

Even tiny guys need protection. Encourage your little man to dream, but keep his eyes open. A Evil Eye Kids Red Bracelet eases his fears. At the same time, the turquoise enamel evil eye deflects negativity as he treads early footprints on his life’s journey.

Men's Red String Tigers Eye Bracelet

Mighty Protector - Tiger's Eye Stone Wrap Bracelet
Mighty Protector - Tiger's Eye Stone Wrap Bracelet
The best protection any person can have is courage. Our unique "Mighty Protector - Tiger's Eye Stone Wrap Bracelet" will help you tailor ...
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Jewelry for Him

Is there a man in your life who’s carving a path in life that needs strength and courage, free from doubt and fear? When looking for top gifts for the holidays for him, look no further than the lion.

There are few symbols that better portray that energy than the majestic lion. An Unrivaled Courage – Black String Lion Medallion Necklace shows him that you know he’s got what it takes to achieve his dreams.

He’s a man with a vision and a clear mission in life so he can attract negative vibes because of others jealousy. If you know someone who fits the bill, gift him with a Remarkable Insight – Horizontal Evil Eye Tube Necklace this holiday season.

Let the Evil Eye keep his inner energy focused. Simultaneously, the tubular shape of this charm soaks up residual issues that no longer serve him, enabling him to let go and maintain momentum.  

Few things in life mean more than supporting someone on their journey of healing. It confirms your love and that you’re not only there in good times. Embrace your loved one’s healing by gifting him with a Spiritual Realm – Sterling Silver Feather Turquoise Necklace.

Allow the feather pendant to reassure him he’s supported by the spiritual realm. Encourage him to connect with his higher truth as Turquoise stones facilitate balance and healing while bringing balance.

Who doesn’t wish wisdom and abundance of all kinds on those they love when looking for top gifts for the holidays? Anyone can benefit significantly from the Spiritual Abundance – Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace.

Whether he’s just setting out in life, is well settled, or facing life changes – the Sri Yantra pendant will offer support. By meditating on the Sri Yantra, he’ll learn to seek guidance from within the realms of his soul to attain wisdom. Through quiet contemplation, he’ll discover the deeper aspects of the Universe to attract the abundance he seeks. 


Gifts For the Home

Home is where the heart is, and more so this holiday season than ever before.

We have a collection of striking top gifts for the holidays that will blanket the home in positive energy, bringing in love, peace, and harmony.

Wall Blessings Plaques

This range of beautiful spiritual home décor is not intended for aesthetics only.

Intricately sumptuous and adorned with ancient symbols of significance, their energy reverberates through the home, touching the soul of family and visitors alike.

Touch the lives and homes of your beloved this holiday season with our top wall hanging plaques.

Unite a family you love in harmony with the Harmonious Unity – Bronze Turquoise Enamel OM Hamsa Wall Blessing.

Especially appropriate for a home that’s seen some troubles and sorrows, the wall plaque surrounds negative energy with light and heals spiritual wounds. It’s centered around the serene OM symbol to attract the sacred sound of the Universe. Shaped as a Hamsa Hand with an Evil Eye sign, the potent duo is a shield of protection against harm.

The Prosperity Enhancer Tree of Life Plaque Wall Blessing is the ideal gift for a young family just beginning their growth journey together. Even though life can get tricky for a budding family, learning to count our blessings is crucial to growth and fruition. Bless them with prosperity in every aspect of their lives by focusing their progression around the ancient and distinctive tree of life.

Protective Harness - Wall Blessing
Protective Harness - Wall Blessing
Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless. Become imbued with the aura roaming freely in your home with our unique plaque featuring the powe...
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We all want only the best for those we love and cherish. Bless your nearest and dearest with a Seven Wishes Wall Blessing to start their everyday.

Visualizing the intentions of luck, happiness, success, life, love, health, and prosperity will keep them grounded in reality while reaching for their dreams. Set with beautiful stones in a Hamsa Hand for protection, your blessing will ensure theirs is a home of giving and receiving.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees, also known as feng shui trees, are symbols of the tree of life, and they certainly make our list of top gifts for the holidays. Trees keep us deeply grounded and inspire us to continue to grow and remain fertile throughout our lives. Of course, fertility doesn’t only refer to bringing new life into the world. All growth is a fertility process, whether it’s creativity, education, career or daily life.

Each tree you buy from us helps the Make a Wish Foundation as we donate a portion of the proceeds to them. Not only are you gifting someone special this holiday season, but you’re spreading love too.

Our Love Harmony – Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree makes an impeccable gift for a household filled with love. This delicate and gorgeous tree is ideal for the home that warmly embraces you as you enter because it’s filled with loving energy. The Tree of Life symbolizes deep grounding, growth and fertility, while the abundance of tiny Rose Quartz crystals spread the love of every kind. 

Do you know a household that needs more than a little healing energy? True peace and harmony is only to be found within, and where better to find inner peace than within the sanctity of home? The Oasis Feng Shui Amethyst Crystal Tree of Life reveals the inner oasis beyond the superficial distortions of stress and the mind.

Countless tiny amethyst crystals unite to imbue the soul with confidence and protect the spirit. And the deeply grounding energy of the tree of life encourages growth, fertility and increased productivity through calming the mind and easing anxiety and stress.

Radiating with the shimmering colors of the seven prime chakras, our Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree reflects our soul qualities. Its presence brings growth to every aspect of the home, and people are graced with its presence. Each little gem, handpicked for the purpose, brings its unique energy to enhance the environment and better individuals and relationships.

The Tree of Life brings it all together, rooting everything in evolving growth and encouraging fertility of all kinds.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Abundant Energy - Citrine Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet
Abundant Energy - Citrine Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet
Awaken to the radiant beauty of the Universe and receive its blessings with a joyful heart. The "Abundant Energy - Citrine Evil Eye Point...
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Wrapping it Up

Make this holiday season a time for carefully selected gifts given with love and the deepest of sincere intentions.

The world desperately needs love and healing now, which doesn’t happen from government policies or global opinions. It transpires as a result of each of our positive thoughts, loving emotions and caring objectives.

What better way to express our desires for society than by blessing those we love with beautiful, spiritually-based top gifts for the holidays. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Holiday Gift Guide


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