Time To Plan Your Looks For The 2016 Holidays

Every day of the year, you wake up and get dressed. This includes your clothes, hair, and make-up. Whatever ensemble you decide to wear, you know that the finishing touch to complete it will be your hair and makeup, as well as your accessories and jewelry. These are the things that create your visage. And the holidays shouldn’t be any different!

Your visage is the colors and the lines you create, or the lack thereof, which will either break your ensemble or make it. You are an artist and your body, face, and hair is your canvas. You must contour your makeup onto your cheekbones, eyes, and lips, even your neckline so that you create a masterpiece.

Holidays Require Special  Touches

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And while your final product on a daily basis is one thing, when the holidays roll around, you want your artwork to be special. From your clothing to your hair to your makeup, you want the results to stand out. To that note, we have a few ideas, suggestions, and tips that can help you achieve that grand piece of resistance!

No, we aren’t going to focus on sparkly headbands and pins specifically, however, they can add a bit of fun to match the occasion. We have also found some simple party-ready hairstyles that come off the red carpet and the runways.

Pin It Up

The messy bun is stylish with celebs today. You see them walking down Rodeo Drive with what was a “never caught dead in public” look but with an upgrade. Adding a sparkly bobby pin or headband that coordinates with your eyes and lips as well as your accessories and certainly with your outfit! Finish off your ensemble with a pair of fabulous earrings and you can’t go wrong.

Braided Beauty

Create a crown braid to achieve an elegant updo with little effort. This will give you a stylish look, not a stuffy appearance. With a simple necklace around your neck, you’ll have a look that won’t soon be forgotten.

A Mini Bun

Go with a half-up hairdo, creating a mini bun on top of your head with loose strands flowing down. Curl the strands or let them flow, pin the bun down with a decorative bobby pin to give it a festive look.

Voluminous Voom

Anything in your wardrobe will go with the voluminous chignon hairdo. And when paired with bright red lip color and a statement necklace, you’ll have a classic and sexy look for the holiday parties.

Ponytail Perfection

What to do when it isn’t a hair wash day? A ponytail tied up tightly and black eyeliner swiped across the eyelids will make getting ready for that last minute invitation.

Holidays Mean Glamour, Glitter, and Sparkle

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A party season is all about the glitter and sparkle. You can bring an essence of glamour that is enhanced with a radiant appearance that includes colors like green nuances, metallic, pinks, or plum. Go with a shimmer effect on your body and face, finished off with a dark plum or rosewood color on your lips.

Some of the colors we believe are going to be hot this holiday season is:

Lips That Are Truly Red

Red lips are a classic and always popular. This color dominated the spring and it is just as popular and strong for the holiday season. There are several shades of red that are brighter and darker, but nothing will ever beat a nice, cherry red.

Lips That Are Gothic

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The holidays are bright and colorful, but going on the dark side with lip color will tell an underground story about your inner self. Go with a black or dark plum then pair them with a skull necklace and your finest holiday outfit. All black lips with a strange liner and your brows bleached out finished off with goth colored lips – you’ll be the attention of holiday function.

Bright Pink or Pastel Lips

Children have the cutest pink pouts, a sign of innocence that everyone just loves. Well, who said they were for kids only? This “barely there” style on women is a look to have this holiday season. Giving you youthful pouts with the edges feathered will add a touch of seduction.

Go Without Color

Sometimes nothing is the best when it comes to the lips. Go with a bit of lip gloss to protect your lips from the elements. It is an all-natural look that will say more than anything else we’ve described here.

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