The Ultimate Angel Number of 2 in Love Twin Flames and Soul Mates and the Planet Venus

The Ultimate Angel Number of 2 in Love  Twin Flames and Soul Mates and the Planet VenusWhen searching for your absolute soulmate, Angel Number 2 plays a viable role in the connection of finding this vital union.

In the world of metaphysical beliefs, the words soulmate and twin flame have blended and blurred although each pair truly plays a significance in the world of love, the journeys are quite different.

Soulmates, a unity between two souls that have spanned hundreds and hundreds of thousands of lifetimes, are two people that have intertwined in each other’s immediate presence for lifetimes; the connection is strong, reminiscent and bonding. A Twin Flame partnership is that where one soul was violently broken and split into two- and both soul halves are continuously reincarnated into other expressions (new people).

Over lifetimes, the souls are running and chasing from each other until “divine union” takes place and the two halves meet again to create one complete soul. This union is greatly mistaken by mainstream; the goals of a twin flame bond is not ultimate love and partnership; it is understanding love of yourself when your two halves connect and rebuilding your sense of self and self-worth from the ground up to become one cohesive soul once again. Open Hearted - Gold Rose Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer NecklaceThe Twin Flame journey brings upon the most solid point of love and falling in love. Loving yourself and understanding who you are as a person will – through the Law of Attraction - bring you a true soulmate; a love union that will match you on your level, providing equal give-and-take and a healthy love.

If love is on your mind, and you hope to meet someone soon, put two new pennies in your pillow during the next Full Moon and ask the Universe (out loud) to please connect you to a soulmate that is on your same vibration.

In your car, you should place two pieces of rose quartz crystal somewhere in your dashboard or in your glove compartment as this special gemstone – known for love, unconditional love, and soulmate union, will permeate through the air of the places you frequent as an additional silent mating call.

The Twin Flame journey plays a significant understanding of the Angel Number 2 where love is concerned. The number 2 represents balance and harmony, equality and being whole. In the world of love, Angel Number 2 is like looking in a mirror, seeing yourself for the first time and falling in love with who you truly are. It is also about “making peace” with yourself and your role in love, forgiving your past, learning valuable lessons, and above all else, placing your needs and self-worth above all else.Resilience & Strength - Multi Stone Wrap BraceletAngel Number 2 plays a significant role in peace and harmony.

For instance, you should always “break up” with a loved one on the second day of the month – which will help bring in peace during a very tumultuous experience. In retrospect, if you want to reconciliate with an ex, it is also recommended that you introduce this idea on the 2nd of the month or on the 22nd of the month, since two plays a key role in partnerships, unions, Yin and Yang and duality.

When we see the time 2:22 am or 2:22 p.m.on a clock, it is quite significant that someone you once did not see “eye to eye” with is thinking about you at the same time. This can also come after a heated argument, as a means that things will be alright and both of you will get on the same page the next day.

If you want to leave a job, the best day to resign is on the second of the month; it give a chance of understanding and healing between you and your employer in hopes that a blessed recommendation will come from not burning a bridge.


Sacred Unity - Hamsa BlessingThe Angel Number 222 discusses the true balance needed and equality to make a love relationship work. 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 and in the world of tarot cards, the number six represents balance as in the Six of Pentacles – the card that represents equal give and take, and the scales of Libra is needed from true love.

The second planet in our solar system is the planet, Venus. Venus rules beauty, elegance, charisma, love, and ego. It is the planet of “relating to love” and understanding the duality of love, passion, sexuality and art. Venus is ruled by the divine feminine inside all of us (we possess both divine feminine, and divine masculine traits as we have been reincarnated as both and these traces still linger in our DNA and genetic makeup.) Venus is the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology, she rules by the heart, seduction, sexuality beauty and everything-love.

In the world of tarot and love, the number two cards play a crucial part of the tarot journey.

In tarot, the Major Arcana (cards that are divinely placed into a reading, that bypass our free will of discussion or decision) is #2 The High Priestess, the most spiritual awakened character in the tarot deck.Love Harmony - Rose Quartz Feng Shui TreeThe High Priestess “knows all but tells no one.” We call her “intuition” in the tarot deck, when we connect so deeply with our inner voice, through our gut intuition that we feel our knowledge and wisdom rising above all else. The High Priestess carries the seed of understanding from a very deep, innate perspective. She is a master manifestor and is NOT a royal in the tarot card deck, rather, she’s earned her high rank through patience, wisdom, learning of lessons and poise.

The High Priestess represents love of self and self-confidence as she makes all decisions by gut intuition and religious leaps of faith. She is surrounded by different symbols of different religions, a cross, the Torah, rams’ horns, and more to show that she is worldly and sophisticated and that the answers come from a blend of ancestry, divine knowing, and innate understanding.

The most substantial “two” card in tarot for love is the

The Two of Cups – the soulmate card in the tarot deck. It is a card of commitment, contract and equal give and take. In many different depictions of this card, both characters are equal in height, gazing directly at each other’s eyes to portray an all-true love.Spiritual Love - Rose Quartz Feng Shui TreeThis card defines soulmate union, and both parties must present themselves equally in the relationship to reach that inference. There are many symbols in the Two of Cups card – including the Chimera, a mythological symbol of a creature that blends two animals for the belief that two can become one to create a Godlike synergy; a burst of vitality that only comes as a product of two dynamics coming together to produce a third.

There are a variety of schools of thought on this tarot card, that the equal size of the characters depicts that this represents The Twin Flame journey, as the souls mirror each other in equality, representing the two halves that will once day become “one” again. Others believe the Two of Cups is soulmate union, and the symbols surrounding the card – primarily mountains represent the many, many lifetimes these soulmates have been together and that this lifetime they connect with ultimate union.

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