The Super Bowl Is Forming! Wear the Aventurine Stone for Your Team!

Are you getting Super Bowl fever?! Does everybody want to be lunch at some point in our lives, right? And a good luck charm is a good boost toward that good luck. Whether you really believe lucky charms work or not, what can it hurt to have one when you’re going in a job interview? Or when your favorite professional football team is in the last few rounds of games that can send them to the Super Bowl!

If you’re a betting person, it won’t hurt for you to have lucky charm on hand as you place your bets and watch your team. Maybe you have a lucky jersey or a lucky hat, or maybe you haven’t found your lucky charm yet?

One of the easiest lucky charms to carry are crystals. Crystals come from gemstones, each one having different healing and metaphysical properties. They are full of living energy, and a combination of different ones will provide you the perfect good luck charm.

Which Gemstone Crystals Do You Need?

It can take some experimenting to see which combination of crystals work the best for you. So by starting now, you’ll have the right mixture when your team makes it to Houston, Texas for Super Bowl LI!  Each person will have different luck with different crystals and gemstones based on their own chakras and on the situation that is needing good luck.

The most helpful way to determine which crystals or gemstones are the best is by holding them. The right ones will feel good. Stores like Karma and Luck invite you to stop by one of their stores in Las Vegas where you can feel the stones.

Carry The Aventurine Stone For Your Super Bowl Bets

Of all the different crystal gemstones, the Aventurine Stone is believed to be perhaps the luckiest of all healing crystals. It is known for manifesting prosperity, creating wealth. It has winning energy that brings the most luck and is predominantly powerful when carried while gambling.

The Aventurine Stone is regarded as the “Stone of Opportunity.” It brings favorable powers when one is in a competition. The number 8 is regarded as the number of abundance and money. This crystal is full of winning energy, like that which is needed to win a Super Bowl, and when you carry eight of them at the same time, the power to attract wealth, like that which is needed to win Super Bowl bets, is amplified.

The Aventurine Stone energizes the person carrying it, increasing their zest for life by getting rid of old disappointments, habits, and patterns. Once those things are out of the way, you have more room for growth to take place, allowing you to transform into the person you want to be.

With this new zest for life, the Aventurine Stone will give you confidence to move forward. Many have found this to be a benefit when they are changing jobs or school, starting a new relationship. The healing properties of this stone will shift a person’s focus from their head to their heart, allowing them to get the fullest potential out of life.

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