The Power of Angel Number Two – 2, 22, 222, 222 In Money & Career

The Power of Angel Number Two – 2, 22, 222, 222 In Money & CareerAngel Numbers are everywhere. We see Angel numbers when our mind is not focused on a single task.  We usually see these special numbers connected to the Universe when we are out-and-about, running errands, at work, hanging with our kids or friends – not thinking about anything but our list of to-dos, how am I going to get this all done, and why did I take up more than I could chew? And how can I possible pay for all of this?

We are not thinking about connecting with the divine and seeing a sign that might have significant meaning at that moment.  We are usually not looking for a sign or an abstract form of communication.   Nope, we are not looking….

And then, we see it.

We see Angel Numbers when we glance at a clock on the wall or on our wrist,  in a street address on the side of building when we are looking for a meeting;  when we drive behind a license plate, or we glimpse at our Instagram page and see our list of followers have grown to an Angel Number.  Patterns and number sequences are all around us; in a restaurant receipts, numbers of carbs on the back of a candy bar – under our nose or far and wide, but mostly, they pop up when we are not even looking. Serene Love - Jade Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

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Because at that exact moment, we are meant to see it – stop in our tracks – and reflect on whatever it is that was on our mind the precise moment we see the Angel Number. There are no coincidences in metaphysical belief, and therefore, when we see an Angel Number, we are meant to see it for a significant reason.

Angel Numbers are a direct inspiration from Source, God, the Universe – personal intervention - whatever you believe in as a pull toward your spiritual development.  Angel Numbers are placed in your path for a reason, and the more heightened you become to being aware of your surroundings – your innate, gut feelings - seeing these patterns and immediately recognizing these patterns is in truth – “a sign.” – A sign for you to stop and reflect deeply on what you were thinking about at that exact moment. It’s mystical but not so esoteric – Angels Numbers cross your path for a reason and purpose.  And most the time, we see those numbers the moment our mind is seeking an answer of a yes or no. 

The Angel number 2or 22, 222, 2222 plays a significant role in how we earn our money, find our careers and associate our role within employment. Growth Garden - Triple Jade Pointer NecklaceIn the world of business and money, the number 2 – Angel Number 2 – represents teamwork.  It is reflective of the word dualistic – Yin and Yang, Black and White, Up and Down – opposites that attract to create a whole using two opposing facets that blend to create one.  In simple terms, teamwork.

The Angel Number 2 Is angelic in money because if tells us we have elevated from the ground floor of “one” – the first step is the hardest and by the time you get to the second step, confidence is built.

If you are at work,  and you constantly are running into the numbers 2, 22, 222, 2222 – you can expect a promotion in the coming year or an elevation in pay if the company you are with is chintzy on handing out titles.  The “2” is symbolic of the first elevation. If you are desiring a promotion, write the number 2222 on a note a wear it into the office – feet have deep Biblical meaning, including the note that reflexology on the bottom of your feet connect to each major organ; this will help manifest your dream of a promotion by putting that number through whole system by osmosis.

More so, Angel Number 2  shows balance and effective business leadership by creating equal tasks, equal time, equal pay and equal responsibilities.  This number, in the workplace, may prompt your company to create a specific role for you that once did not exist.  It also means a positive change in the workplace is underway and sometimes that can mean many modifications that are happening behind the scenes:  a boss that is disrespectful to the department that once seemed “untouchable” gets let go out of the blue; a new logo and mission statement has been created is now motivating the team to make more sales and redirected the culture into a new era.Abundant Success - Office Blessing

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A marriage consists of two, and so does a business partnership. Not everyone has the same skills, so finding your “other half” the one that complements your aptitudes with other elements can create a perfect match with a business partnership. Left brained (money, leadership, bottom-line accounting, directives, visionary) and Right Brained (Visionary, Art, Creative, People Person, Team Leader, Cheerleader, Advertising, Marketing) combine to make the perfect union. 

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop, the two act in tandem as negotiators  with situations and employees in tandem, to figure out the middle ground platform that will work in the favor of the business and appease all parties involved.  If you are searching for a great business partner, take on the element that if they are born in February (the second month) or if their birthdate is 2 or 22, they might truly and innately understand teamwork and partnership.

Ange Number 2 mirrors harmony and balance.  Angel Number 2 relates to those “of service” – a church leader, philanthropic director, counselor, therapist, social worker, government worker, pro bono attorney, group homes/assisted living employment, pet adoption, or hospital worker, and more.  Giving to others is a key theme with the number two – and careers that not only pay the bills but give one an altruistic feeling of “giving back to a person or the community” is key with the Angel Number 2.Prosperity Enhancer - Tree Of Life Wall BlessingSome say Political Diplomats have a connection to Angel Number 2, as well as FBI negotiators, and Supreme Court Justices.

Angel Number 2 – reflects negotiation; two make a negotiation. Searching for balance, equality, and a win-win for both parties to feel that they got the best end of the deal.  If you  see Angel Number 2 prior to meeting with a boss about a raise or a promotion, make sure you get all your ducks in a row, your balance sheets and a list of “why” you deserve to gain more recognition or money; there’s a great chance they may see it from your point-of-view.

Angel Number 2222 is noted in the progressive arena as the Number of Manifestation, perhaps because the #1 Tarot Card in the deck is The Magician – the ultimate master manipulator of getting what he/she wants in tarot, is truly the second card in the deck but get the title of #1 since the Fool begins the journey at #0 as a leap of faith.

The actual #2 card in Tarot is The High Priestess, connected to the sign of Pisces (two fish, one swimming to the past – one swimming to the future), she is the symbol of intuition and religious beliefs – all religions.  She “knows all but tells no one.” Is her claim to fame, giving us the distinct understanding that she is divine, she defies gravity, is spiritually gifted and clairvoyant.Blessed Future - 7 Intentions Blessing

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2222 has been deemed at the Miracle Number – and that if we are lucky to see four number twos in a row, positivity and balance are just around the corner, as well as an answer to a specific prayer.

When it comes to the $2 bill, it was first authorized by Congress in 1776, and it remained in circulation until 1876 at that time, it was discontinued.

The bill was reintroduced into circulation in 1862 during the Civil War and again in 1976 for the nation’s bicentennial. If you have a $2 bill, it is considered out of print and rare, especially prior to 2003, the last year it was printed.  It has a mixed bag of spiritual meanings – for one, it is gratitude because you are worth “twice” as much as one. Because of this, some spiritual leaders feel this bill is “blessed” with appreciation.  Many in our generation carry a special $2 bill in their wallet because it is said to be a “magnet” and will attract more money into your billfold or wallet.Serene Existence - Jade Hematite Buddha Bracelet

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