The Fall Jewelry Colors Are Making A Statement!

Just as every year before, New York Fashion Week has not left us without some excitement on the runway. And we’re not talking about the clothing, handbags or shoes either.  The Fall/Winter show was dominated by jewelry!

Fashion was full flush with the maximized mood when it came to the jewelry because it wasn’t just on the arms, ears, and necks. The bags and shoes came with their own jewels too. The look of 90s style that we had in the Spring/Summer line-up have left as new innovative styles blew in this year.

The jewelry designers brought us bracelets in multiple groupings and cuffs to wear over our sleeves, perfect style for the Wrap Bracelets. They’re coming in bright colors with a touch of the 80s coming back, but with a contemporary look of 3-D prints, rubber, and sheet metal.

And speaking of sheet metal, punk is back in a modern-day black look. It’s here with a hard-edged, urban look with black hearts, chains, and pins. The Spring/Summer trend was like a nineties revival that produced rebel jewelry. The Infinity Collection in Black Onyx fits this style with chokers and necklaces of layered silver-dipped chains, perfect with that leather jacket or a hoodie.

And The Ears Have It!

This year’s fashion show was all about the ears! Earrings came in pearls as single earrings or in gathered groupings. They were layered and in safety pin style. While the styles stayed contemporary, they were shoulder length or simple ear cuffs. They are graphic, simple hoops and fit across the entire ear giving the lady that adorns them additional character.

The jewelry designs this season are all over the place. From the allusions of the 80s to the romantic Victorian era with an excess of conservative modern and even some arctic tribal influence. The motifs that were key on the runway this season included fringe, tassels, and leaves.

Cherished Dream - Gold Plated Feather Earrings

Cherished Dream - Gold Plated Feather Earrings
Cherished Dream - Gold Plated Feather Earrings
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Black Is Still Strong

Black was a main focal color (punk is back!) and often mixed with crystals (with class). The look that was often bold and oversized became the refined class with delicate, small pieces. From the ears to the necks and along the arms, layers are where the style is this season. Mixing colors with black and mixing metal colors is more than just an experiment. It is the statement to make.

But the classic look of the pearls is present, maybe more than it has been in decades. You’ll find pearls on chokers and ear cuffs, on bags and on shoes. Perhaps it is from Queen Victoria, giving the brash look a gentle and romantic era, even in black.

Grounding Serenity Necklace

An Autumn Foliage Theme

Foliage and leaf motifs will lead us from Spring/Summer into autumn next year as an over-all trend like the Sterling Silver Tree of Life bracelet. Assorted types of fringe will evolve with beads and silk in Y-necklaces or on neck wires. Another motif that was the runway this year was feathers, giving fashion statement of a wintery tribal mood.

From the classy look of crystals and pearls to the modern look of raw stones today, the necklaces and pendants are all natural like our Multi-Stone Bracelet. Earrings made from radical stones that have bracelets and necklaces to match.

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Jewelry Will Rule The Fashion Industry

With jewelry coming in all shapes, sizes, and styles, it is going to rule the fashion industry come Spring/Summer.  It isn’t just on the body either. It is going to be found on bags, heads, shoes, and just about anywhere else that it can be fastened. The post The Fall Jewelry Colors Are Making A Statement! appeared first on Karma and Luck.

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