Super Full Moon In Scorpio - Rituals and Meaning

Super Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio - An Ending and A Beginning:

Let’s get ready for the last Super Full Moon of the year in Scorpio. The sign of strength, protection and renewal. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Full Moon Scorpio.

This Full Moon is all about endings and beginnings. Now is a great time to rid ourselves of the energy and people that don’t serve our higher purpose.

If we had hind sight, we wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over. But, sigh, we don’t. What we do have is forethought and the ability to create our own outcome. 

Scorpio Full Moon is about shedding our old coats, cleansing our beliefs.

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What does the Full Moon in Scorpio Mean

Because you are doing the best in this moment. You've seen beautiful flowers coming up through the cracks in the pavement. Life has cracks too. 

Since this is an emotional moon, you may feel it a bit more intensely than usual. Got with it and breath. Breath. Breath again. Bring in that oxygen and release it. In with the good vibes, out with the bad. 

This specific Scorpio Full Moon is transformational and cleansing. This cleansing ritual will help you to release that which is no longer of value.

All of us have some aspects of Scorpio in our charts (highly intuitive and super protective) and we can use that energy to change things up for ourselves. 

Most rituals have us doing a plethora of things. This one is a bit more simple, yet a bit more intense in the feelings that go with it.

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So Go With Scorpio Full Moon, Because It’s so worth It

Here is what you will need for Full Moon in Scorpio Rituals.

  • Post It note pad or small pieces of paper (take a printer sheet, fold it in half and then half again, cut into four pieces) and a pen.
  • Small Tupperware plastic (could be glass) container. A small jar works well too, as long as you can close it.
  • Optional: A small candle, like a votive would do, or a regular size candle too. Please do not leave it unattended. 

Let’s get to Full Moon in Scorpio Meaning:

  • Pick an area of the house you wish to perform this ritual with a comfortable chair and table for writing. Your zen space, if you will.
  • If your family wishes to be included, set the ground rules with them that this is important to you and they need to follow your direction.
  • Clean the area and neatly put everything in a corner to give you room to write.
  • Bring your paper, pen and plastic container and place it on the table.
  • Stand in an area where you can spread your arms. We are going to do 3 inhale and exhale exercises, breathing in and breathing out while expanding our arms from our sides, up to the ceiling. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat. 
    • You are welcome to do it more than 3 times if it feels really good. With every inhale you will say “thank you” and repeat with every exhale. Attitude of gratitude goes a long way with the Universe.

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  • This simple exercise cleanses our minds and fill us up with oxygen.
  • Sit quietly at the desk, table, or wherever you’ve created your zen space to write. 
  • Light the candle (if you have one).
  • Take your post it notes or scraps of paper and write down what you wish to get rid of in your life. Be it bad habits, people who aren’t serving your highest good or thoughts that are bugging you. Your negative intents. Buh Bye!
  • Example: Bad eating habits. Lack of energy. Less time on the computer. Procrastination. A divorce or separation. The hurt (insert name) is causing me. Spending less money. Etc.
  • It can be anything and everything you wish to freeze out of your life, so you can start fresh. 
  • Every intent has its own piece of paper. Once you write it down, fold that piece in half, hold it up to the center of your forehead (3rd Eye Chakra) and say “I release you” and place it in the plastic container.
  • When you’re finished writing everything. Take the plastic container and go to the kitchen. 
  • Fill the container with water about ¾ of the way (with the papers inside), place the lid on top tightly and put it in the freezer and away from where everyone can see it. Scoot it to the back.

REALLY? Yes! Super Full Moon in Scorpio Exercise is Powerful.

Keep in mind that paper comes from trees and trees are beautiful and thrive in every kind of weather and everything thrown at it all year. Their leaves shed in the fall and come back to life in the spring. We are doing the same.

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What Does a Full Moon in Scorpio Mean - Back to the desk we go:

  • On new pieces of paper, you will write down the things that you wish to manifest more of, or something brand new in your life.
  • Example: Exercise. Energy. More time outdoors. More time with (insert name). Read more. A new love. Creativity. Job. Money. A Savings account. Etc.
  • Those are going to be positioned in areas of your home you will see everyday. On the fridge, taped to the mirror in the bathroom, your desk, on the side of your computer or wherever you will be at least 3 times a day.

Conscious Living after Scorpio Full Moon

Rituals are realistic and important. We put a lot of time, energy and effort into our lives and most of the time, we’re not realizing the affects. These practices are purposeful and intentional. We are creating an “intention” in our life and a consciousness behind it.

Just like working out, the more we do it, the stronger we get. These positive and powerful rituals work our memory muscle and it is long. When we create a positive intention and live it, we start living a life of meaning and purpose.

While it is always good to do this during the Full Moon cycle, it can be done anytime, just in case you missed this moon. If you wish, you can wait for the New Moon.

Don’t forget the most important part of why we do this. YOU are worth every moment of love and positivity in your life. As a reminder of our goals from one moon to the next, our Blessed Insight Red String Protection Bracelet will bring you luck, balance, prosperity and protection, while keeping you focused. Good to share these blessings with a close friend too, so we manifested that for you. We hope you got a lot of new information about Full Moon Scorpio.

Super Moon Scorpio

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